Sunday, April 16, 2006

Prison update
The leaders of CUDP who are in jail will start a three-days hunger strike tomorrow in protest of Muluneh Eyuel's solitary confinement. According to sources, the leaders who asked prison security the condition of muluneh and his whereabouts were told that it was non of their business and if the would protest, they would face the same condition as him. They were also told that they might even be denied of water. Despite the threat, the prisoners decided to go on with a hunger strike in solidarity of Muluneh.
Muluneh's condition is worsening. He was told that if he continued his protest he might even be denied of water.
Concillors submit withdrawal letters
Some CUDP city councillors who were registered to take over the Addis admin. submitted applications of withdrawal after they learnt that the move had no blessing from the true leaders of kinijit who are in jail, Election board sources informed this blogger. Election board officials didn't think that enough CUDP electees would take over the admin, according to the sources. The number of councillors who are registered to take over Addis is 66. If the withdrawal applications are considered, it will be less than 60. The needed number is 70.
The Teletafi Kinijit leaders in disarray
Temesgen Zewde and Ayele chamiso who agreed last week to form a new CUDP are now bickering over who will be the boss of the party. It was decided that Temsgen would be the temporary chairman of the party last week. Ayele, who got the vice-chairman position, was disappointed as he felt he started working on the formation of the party before Temesgen. On Friday, Vicki Huddlestone, the US charge d'affairs and the french ambassador tried to mediate the two. It was learnt that the diplomats told temesgen that as Ayele worked hard to form the party, he deserved the chairmanship. Temesgen who nodded to the diplomats changed his position and claimed the chairmanship the next morning.
Ethio-zagol's Verdict: Imagine what would have happened if the two had their own armies. ...Compare them with the real CUDP leaders like drs. yacob and Birhanu who let two youngsters, Birtukan and Muluneh, assume the most important positions in the party. This Teletafi kinijit is not only an imposter but also more anti-democratic than EPRDF itself.


Anonymous said...

Both Ayele and Temesgen are nincompoops that are being used by both the West as a life jacket for the Meles as a last hope. The interesting thing is WHY? On one hand we are told from some agencies in the Diaspora that the US is getting tired of Meles's shinanigans yet they are doing things that would throw the country into deeper chaos. Why is Kinijit's Leadership not amenable to these governments. This is what we should qestion? I have even heard in some circles that they are and would be interested in a national unity govenmnet that could
be organized, of course without Kinijit. This same games were played on the Kurds in the 90's we should be very careful.

I have lived in the West for a long time and have followed world affairs, invariably the West has always wanted to install govenments that it can control not only financially but intellectually to their own benefit and not for the nation and people of that country. My assesment is that they realize that this leadership is about Ethiopia and for a better Ethiopia this is not acceptable. This idea could grow and mushroom all over Africa that would be a threat to the interest of the West, it would loose its massive ecnomics gians that it has been looting in Africa. We are constantly told of the Aid/Debit that is given to Africa but not the wealth that is extracted from Africa. The West needs dictators that can exploit and rule the people by force and maintain poverty. That is what the Ambassadors are doing. Otherwise why would Ms. Huddlestone or other Western Diplomats waste their time on nincompoos, in Melese they were assured of an egocentric psychopath who hated his country and the people, they are coming to a realization that he is at the end of his rope so they are now trying not to loose control. What they are not realizing is that Kinijit is become an enigma and the Spirit of Freedom. What we need to do is keep this Spirit burning in the hearts and minds of the people. Kinijit is the Way.

Anonymous said...

And the horror show in Addis
continues unabated..........

Poor souls they musat have taken the teachings of Lidetu to heart,


The Leaders of Kinjit are a class Act! They are incomparable.

Anonymous said...

If you stand for truth you will join the CUD leaders in jail. I mean the integrity of us, standing aside, is clearly questionable.

It is better that 'iftin' takes our pictures in prison than to buy 'iftin' on the streets of Addis.

So, before I join them, is there anything else you want me to do? Is there anything else than being truthful to yourself?

Mele! There are many of us our here rejecting you as a leader! and 'inshallah' to capture you. No! no! we are not interested in killing you or imprison you in the 'kaliti' of our own. We just wanted to save our lives from the human atrocities that you and your friends purpotrated agains us. We will be free to face the sustainability of our lives that is paused by nature and international geo-politics.

Mele! I hope you agree... it does not matter if you don't for you would surely go. The people has voted you out and out you are from the future of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to hear the news about the failed attempt of Woyane in creating Teletafi Kinigit. I hope they won't secceded. I can't believe what these collections of evils doing.

enaseb said...

you know, for a loooong time i could not get on the hate the lidetu / ayele bandwagon. the reason was that i had no idea what their intent was. was it that they were interested it salvaging of the struggle whatever they felt could be salvagable ? was their decision (despite the fact that what they had to compromise was democracy itself) in step with being true leaders?

as time claws on and blogs like yours appear...i find myself making a stance. not one based on uninformed emotion (believe me i had one of those in the beginning too) but instead one based on facts unfolding over time.

huddlestone's lurking to khaliti was for "the sake" of america not democracy. democratic processes take place under one umbrella: THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. if america's stance was to "spread democracy" they would have pushed HARD for things like... oh i don't know how about a (true) count of the votes, the release of all political prisoners, an open investigation into the killings of the fourty some odd demonstrators minamin....

the cudp's existence did not come about because of ideological differences. it was strongarmed into existence by those whose seek everything BUT democracy in ethiopia. but emeye has spoken.....

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