Saturday, April 29, 2006

Update on Birhane Mogesse
The lawyer for kinijit leaders who was arrested two days after he me commissioner Louis Michel, Birhane Mogesse, was charged with conspiring and attempting to bring down a constitutionally elected government and destroying the constitution. Part of the evidence that was adduced against him was Birtukan Midekesa's first letter from kaliti. It is official. If you download an article from Ethiomedia and is caught with the soft or hard copy of the downloaded material, EPRDF's prosecutors will have their lucky day


Anonymous said...

Those who know the full story must inform Commissioner Louis as to the fate of Birhane Mogesse.

Desperate people taking very desperate actions.You know what this is a sign of the downward slide of a tyrant regime.

Anonymous said...

EPRDF rank and file is just as guilty as Meles for letting their leader do away with all common sense and law.

It is a sad sad time in Ethiopian History!

Anonymous said...

What alternative did you offer the co-perpetrators...

execution (burning them at stake)


life in prisonment (in manners of the Derg Officials)


Public hearing (in manners of what they have done in early days of their control)


Pardon ('yiker legiziabher')


Peace (through some sort of 'Peace Commission')

What do you offer them...

Shumet Menywab said...

Public hearing is the answear.Let the public decide not a party or a government or any judicial system which is not for the public by the public. Mengestu distroid correctible human assetts, Meless is doing the same thing but the next one should be a correctible human progressive action. No more for revange tactics and strategies.

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