Friday, April 28, 2006

Shumete Yadabir Shimeles Adugna
So after the take over of addis failed, the EPRDF is engaged in putting up a care taker gov't. Many professionals who were approached by EPRDF to be part of the care taker admin. rejected the gov'ts offer. But there are some who my informants told me accepted the offer. Some of the names were Shimeles Adugna, Shimeles Mazengiya and Shewandagne Belete. Familiar with the names? All worked for the Dergue. In fact the later two were senior WPE officials. I am not against the idea of putting people who worked for the dergue to important posts if they are competent enough. But EPRDF accuses Kinijit of having people who work for the Dergue. This accusation is parroted by the likes of Paul Henz. What Hypocrites!


Anonymous said...

"yechegerew irguz yagebal"

Anonymous said...

All these machinations just to avoid letting the prisoners out and discussing the eight conditions, perhaps accepting only three or four of them.

All this is going to do is make things even worse for the EPRDF. Too bad they don't listen to anybody but the politburo. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Too badd for the people is probably the right phrase. EPRDF is and always will be what it has been. We will have to talk about the ordinary people instead of this or that organization.

Anonymous said...

For Addis Ababa
You do not want Teletafi Chamiso,
You do not want Care taker,
You do not want Arkebe/EPRDF

For now Berhanu Nega is in jail and does not look like he is going to be free soon to take Addis.

Oromia won't take it either, it is a charter city.

EPRDF is not going anywhere any time soon, at least until armed liberation forces topple it.

What do you suggest for the poor Addis Abebans, whose livelyhood is diretly affected? Should they simply decay until a better day?

ethio-Zagol said...

Gene Sharp said, “Dictators require the assistance of the people they rule without which they can’t secure and maintain political power.” It is this assistance that I am asking or fighting to be withdrawn. Any semblance of stable addis administration running the day-to-day city affairs without people opposing it gives EPRDF pseudo-legitimacy. Dictators like that and use it to maximum effect. Yesterday, foe example, Meles Zenawi was saying that he is a legitimate ruler because the people are doing their daily jobs accepting him. To quote Sharp again Withdrawal of popular and institutional cooperation with dictators and aggressors diminishes and may sever the availability of sources of power on which all rulers depend. Without the availability of those sources, the rulers’ power weakens and finally dissolves.”
The withdrawal of support will pile up agony on the people. The dictator will increase its repression. Poverty and suffering will increase short term. But there are no two choices here. Either you are dead or free. What would have happened if all Ethiopians cooperated with Italy for fear of “decay”? When the leaders choose to decay in prison because of their withdrawal of assistance (in form of not entering parliament), the list we can do is follow them.

Anonymous said...

Hailu Shawel chose to raise his children during derg instead of fighting, whilee many resisted fascist Derg. Many in Kality prison are wealthy people, while theur familly and their business still running smoothly

Would it be a double standard if an Addis Abeban chooses to raise his children and live as quitely as possible until someone comes in blazing guns like Woyane?

Why should a poor family suffer twice, once during derg and now again, to put some one on a palace instaes of another?

Anonymous said...

Working under the Dergue as a president of the Ethiopian red cross society is not the same as being a prominent cabinet of butcher Mengistu (Hailu Shawel), being legislator of buthcer Mengistu (Dr Hailu Araya) or being legal adviser to neftegna mengistu H/mariam.

H.E. Shimels Adugna could have been president of the Ethiopian red cross society during the dergue era and there is nothing wrong with that. Infact H.E. Shimels Adugna should be given credit for not hesitating to serve his country even at the times when Ethiopia was a ground play for neftegna. Our problem is with the neftegnas who worked as machineries of the neftegna regime. Our problem is with those who were legislator(Hailu Araya) and legal advisor (mesfin w/m) of the neftegna regime when Gondar youth were thrown down the hill of Limalimo by neftegna Melaku Teferra. Our problem is with the likes of neftegna Hailu Shawel who served as a minister of the State farms and created a Gebere mahber network through out Ethiopian though which Gojjam and Tigray peasants were massacred.

Anonymous said...

The ananymous above used the word nefegna with out understanding what it means. What Hailu shawel worked for Derg is as simple civil service. He was a minister for a newly formed State Farms. He was chosen by his capacity and excellent performance of as a Manager Wonjy sugar factory. He volunteerily resinged and was put under house arrest for several years even before he is allowed to work. Hailu Shawel's credential speaks plenty if you have been trying to lear about him before you pass you judgment for crucification just like TPLF. You have to identify the TPLF's propaganda from the truth. On the other hand, Shimeles has served in differenc capacity for derg including as an ambassador in India. This doesn't mean that he is not an honorable man as the others. The most hypocracy revealed when they try to appoing the former propaganda heads like Shimeles Mazengay and Shewandage Belete.

Anonymous said...

Both Anonymous 6&7-

Your justification are simplistic. Hailu Shawel raised his children during the Dergue and his wealthy at present- So the people in Ethiopia should eat crow under Meles the Banda is what you are advocating. My dear people voted him out because they could no longer raise their children we have seen 15 years where he and his cronies have become millionars while the rest are living in poverty, we are not talking about your likes who are paid for being accomplicies but the average person cannot meet ends. Yes things are availabel but few can afford to purchase them, education is at its lowest ebb, people are paying a herendous amount just to educate their children and these are the ones who can afford it just under 1% the rest are sent to less than mediocre schools and we are breeding a half educated populace.
Why do you guys compare yourself with the Dergue? One's measuring stick should be higher than what you despise yet it shows your mediocraty when the bar you use is the one that you constantly denounce. The sad thing is I disliked and opposed the Dergue but in its limited scope and financial capacity it tried to do better for Ethiopia in general it had good intentions but no vision and like your present government felt it knew what was best for all- with consulting the people like your present ruler they talked at the people not with the people. The difference with Meles's government is it hates Ethiopia and the people it is trying to rule by force it is a corrupt government that is viel and evil spirited it has no respect for itself and therefore cannot respect others. As far as I am concered we have Satan Jr. ruling Ethiopia and that is why the people have opted to fight back it is not about Dictatorship only it is evilness that the people are feeling and realize that they have to fight. So your sorry excuse of concern means nothing.

As to H.E.Shimles Adugna yes he is a tecnocrate who will work and survive for self under anyone becuase he is about himself as long as he survives he is okay with the status quo Dergue or Woyane, he is a yes man. Shimles Mazengia who you purpously forgot was is one of the most notorious and opportunistic person who also will serve anyone who takes care of him as he did with the Dergue and is presently doing. You cannot in anyway shape or form compare them to the Likes of Hailu Shawel or Dr. Hailu Araya or anyone of the Leadership now in Kaliti. Your B.S. of Neftegna is old and tired. The Neftegna if you ever really understood the meaning of the word, where the Grand Hero's of Ethiopia who fought and kept that country free and are the symbol of Freedom to all Black people in the World. The Neftegna did not bow to the white man as Meles and all you Hodams are doing today, they believed in their country and in themselves. Being the biggest beggar in the world is not something to be proud off when you have nothing to show for it. I am sorry to say the Dergue brought more real change with less money flowing in the country than the present government. All we have seen is corruption and window dressing. All in all Ethiopians are tired of the Mengestu's and the Meleses. We want an Ethiopia that is for all where all can share in its resources and the rule of law that is equal to all, Mengestu and Melese failed the people and the people have a right to ask for a better government, both of the above where never a choice they pushed themselves down our throat and we say enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Those who feel inferior than other Ethiopians will talk about naftegna till the end of their life. I think they have a retarded mentality which is easily exploitable by their likes: Meles and co.

Anonymous said...

I will quote something one of my (I hope he/she are) compatriots said about "Neftegna Melaku" killing "Gondar's children".

My brother/sister, please some of the people whom you despise and call them "Neftegna" are from Gondar.

A schizophrenic cadre!

Anonymous said...

Most of the time we lose track of what the politics is all about; it is about Ethiopians thinking, speaking, working, electing freely and fairly. That is all this entire struggle about; it is not about Meles, TPLF, CUD, OLF etc.

The pertinent question we should ask is this: are Ethiopians free to do all that? Who is currently preventing Ethiopians from achieve that? It is that simple.

The method used was treachery; nowadays it is blatant, as you can't trick people all the time. The people can vote for whomever they want, but TPLF will do the counting and reporting. They did not even allow anyone else to see the counting (stuffing) process.

For the remaining votes they could not rob, they said join parliament and struggle from within. Look what is happening to Merera Gudina who listened to the call. Merera joined parliament to save his party, ONC; see what happened to ONC since? Look at what is happening to Beyene Petros whose sense of freedom is for him to give press conference at Semien Hotle when Meles lets him. These days even that is too risky for Meles and Beyene, the loyal opposition, obliges. Now they are joined by Lidetu - their sense of freedom for Ethiopia is their warm seat in parliament to lament once in a while. They have even forgotten that the struggle is for all Ethiopians, not just for them to sit in parliament and earn some crumps from Meles; it is for all of us to be free to speak our mind and to think freely. In fact, by joining parliament they have legitimized the robbery as Meles is now touting how these elected opposition members are at their seats in parliament and democracy flourishing in Ethiopia while he is raiding their offices and even beating up some of them, the elected parliamentarians, when they venture out of Addis (VOA).

I don't have any problem if Shemeles Adugna works in government as a coordinator for relief aid or something of that sort. BUT administering a city is for the people elected by Addis Abebans. If they have any sense of respect for people of Addis, they must not pose as a substitute for the popularly elected officials who are fighting for the right of the freedom of the people - one only needs to see the 8 point condition they went to jail for and the millions who went out on May 8 - the day of Meles' nightmare.

As to the amazing progress, for example the number of students graduating from high school, see what happened to them, kids now graduate from high school at grade 10. The reason is to make the numbers big, hence the TPLF achievement. Some one has to tell Meles and all his drop out friends ruling Ethiopia by force that people get educated so that they can get jobs, in fact, good jobs. In Ethiopia, students graduate from school just to live on streets. Meles himself admits there are over 300,000 students in the streets. He calls them 'adegegna bozenies'. This has never happened in Ethiopia and we must fight for it to never happen again.

Anonymous said...

I lost you on the very winded essay of how Meles is bad. I thought we all knew that and were past that.

Other than blogging (thanks to the internet anonimity it is quite confortable for cowards like me and you), which seems to have no effect on Meles's rule, what is it that you, me or other CUDisters are doing to bring down Meles? The peaceful way, the insurruction way or the armed stuggle way. Give us something to say ah! here is the light across the tunnel.

We have been whining against meles non stop for 15 yeras and he is still at the helm. Shouldn't we be tired of whining.

Anonymous said...

where have you been...

Meles was the brightest leaders of Africa in May 2005 and in May 2006, he is one of the worst dictators in the world. That is how you 'bring down' Meles.

Why are you unhappy about it?

Anonymous said...

Last Anonymous,

Meles was never the brightest anything...don't believe the ferenj hype - he was just a good kiss ass so they marketed him well.

Anonymous said...

I agree to a point.

The West/Ethiopian media pumped the 'hype' and that was the face of Zenawi to the West - his benefactors. Perception is reality.

Blogs like this keep us informed and in the process do their part to tear down the carefully manicured image (hype). So, we should give them a lot of credit than belittle their work as lamentation. Of course, the struggle is on the ground at home and don't forget these are the windows of information for our compatriots at home that are pumped day and night the 'hype'.

I agree we need to move to the next level of the struggle to oust Meles. The Bloggers are doing their part in the media. If the rest of us envision better ways to organize, etc. lets do it rather than blaming others for not doing it.

Part of the exercise of democracy is to support each other and build on our successes rather than playing the devils advocate at all times.

Anonymous said...

Yes some of you seem to have missed the point. People did not elect the Shimeleses Adugna or Mazengia, ect. (those are opportunist pigs especially the Mazengia one, they had the opporunity to do something for the country during their time...nobody elected them then and nobody elected them now). The people of Addis have chosen Berhanu,Birtukan etc. the very same people who are sitting in jail. So Addis shall be administered by the CUD leaders who are in jail or else all hell will break loose....

Anonymous said...

We Ethiopians need to stand up for our rights. Look the history of South Africa, they were successful not due to the support from the west, in fact the west was collaborating with the regime. They were successful with their blood. Look at the palestinians and their struggle, they are fighting the mighty Israeli army with stones. We should have that courage and we should fight to the end of injustice in our country. The west always stands with some one in power, they don't care who.They told us to struggle peacefully, because the regime is the type they need. Remember the same people were helping Shaebia and Woyane because Mengistu was not the type of person they like. My conclusion, we will be free as much as we need to sacrifice,no better deal from any body, even god has forgotten us.

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