Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Riot at Dila,
At least one killed
A 22 year old died today in a government incited ethnic clash at Dila. The clash started yesterday at Dila high school. Eye witnesses said the clash which began between students of Wolayita and Gedo ethnic groups spread to the town wreaking havoc. Looting and destruction insued as the federal police which quelled political protests before observed from the sideline without taking action. A young trader named Fereja was killed by looters.Dila residents recounted that government cadres were inciting people of gedo origin to demand that other residents of different ethnic origin leave the city. "I have no doubt that this is deliberately fanned by government," one observer noted. According to city residents, the clash had religious dimensions as well.
Kinijit got a lanslide victory at Dila in the May election.

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