Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I promised to come up with more info. on Vicki visit to Kaliti. Here is some.
Vicki's meeting with Birhanu Nega was exceptionally confrontational, according to my prison sources. Birhanu expressed to her that she was working with forgerers(Ayele Chamiso et al) after she confirmed to him that some of the signature of the councilors were forged. When she told him that Democracy takes hundred years to mature,he angrily called her "Racist" and asked her to leave. Watching were the french ambassador and the US embassy first secretary. Vicki, however, refused to leave asking Birhanu to bless Ayele Chamiso et al. Birhanu refused. She also asked him to rejoin the judicial process and defend himself in court. " We won't join a fraudulent legal process. We will be okay staying in prison as long as it takes" he was heard replying.
Zagol's verdict: Vicki was bitter when she left the meeting. She said Birhanu was rude. That is what happens when a diplomat loses credibliity.


Anonymous said...

What a gentleman he was? He should have slapped the lights out of her.

It is nauseating to hear that all
this shit is taking place in Ethiopia. A goddamn yankee bitch is running around to literally reverse the election and Addis Ababans are just watching?

Ere Bey Agere!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here comes ... again! Yes, Addis Ababans are watching! What else is there for us to do...

We are watching and watching it closely. The only thing that we are allowed to do is to watch!

Any 'wrong' move... you will see the agents all around you! You should feel it!

It is not Meles anymore. It the agents from the US that are taking the lead role in the forgery. They wanted it more than Melese's friends. They are going against all odds.

Closing the US Embassy in Addis was the best that could happen. But we are all imprisoned. 'Tire arachewn iyarubin new'. A time will come, though!

Anonymous said...

Of all people she (Vickie) shouldn't dare to say 'rude’ to the man who is standing for his people's right and freedom. Go to hell with all what she has and in fact she is the surrogate of meles, unprofessional & unethical, above all she is chauvinist. However, the fight for freedom will never be reversed in Ethiopia. God bless Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

I'm mad as hell. My blood is boiling readin the comment about the wicked third rate diplomat and that chamiso guy...

where are the EPRP guys when we needed them to put bullets in the chamisos and the lidetus head.

Anonymous said...

Well we know who Vicki Hudelston is this is not her first dirty job.
Thanks to Ato Fissehe's article on Sundan Tribune this is not her first shenanigans and it has been documented by others in the past. Please read Ethiopia's Kingmaker.

Anger is not the answer, every Ethiopian mostly in Ethiopia should flood the State Department,
Congressmans Smith's office, The White house, The Washington Post, The New York times with letters asking for her removal, the letters should be written politely expressing our grievence and how we are disgusted by the act of an American Diplomate who sees no wrong with Forgery which is considered a Felony in the USA. Other news outlets should be also informed of her action.
If it is done on mass the papers would pick it up ultimatly, remember this is and election year and scandel is something American papers will pick up. We need to stop reacting and start acting this is part of the peacful struggle. Peacecorpsonline should be contacted on this issue also, since they already know who she is and what she has done in the past.

Lets do what what we can..and stop living in fear. Together we can do it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, to supplement the above comment - LETS TRY HARD TO NEVER SHOW ANGER WHICH MIGHT COME ACROSS AS BRAZEN AND ULTIMATELY HURT THE IMAGE OF THE OPPOSITION IN THE EYES OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. Instead, exposing the hypocracy in a conserted manner is what ought to be done.

Let's view this in context: The US is increasingly insistent in the demarcation of the Ethio-Eritrea boarder as the hallmark of stability in the region - this is policy with priority number one! The American Embassy's push to assist Meles could be due to his shrewd argument presented to them as to why he is reluctant to settle the demarcation. He is arguing, with some purported evidence, that w/o internal stability he can't since kinijit had been on record for critiquing the regime's policy on Eritrean independence and particularly the result which left Ethiopia land-locked, which has garnered significant support from the Ethiopian people. With out the removal and replacement of the "hard-line & extremeist old guard" of kinijit, Meles' arguement concludes, demarcation will only provide fodder for more instability. So in essence, Vicki has taken it upon herself to help Meles' & do his dirty job of creating a surrogate kinijit so that he can then be pushed on to demarcate the boarder swiftly.
Indeed, it seems to be a troubling juncture for the Ethiopian people & its elected/jailed leaders.


Anonymous said...

First and foremost the Teletafi's cannot be called KINIJIT we have to make sure. They can be called CUDP as she (Vicki) calls them. That stopped being the name of the coalition once they had there meeting in September and agreed to be one Party. The new group is called CUDP so please lets not make them more than they are, they are an apendage and part of the Alphabet soup of Melese.

I wish we could stop making excuses for the USA, they know what they are doing, and it is not about Eriteria or any border issue, they like him because he is willing to jump when they ask him he is their boy and is willing to do any dirty work for $$. They realize with a genuine Ethiopian govenment we would not get our hand dirty all over Africa for them that is what they are afraid of loosing.American foreign policy
never has been for democracy any where in the rest of the world. That is why we have an Charge'Affare who tells it take years for democracy to florish cool dowm we tell you what is democratic and how much of it you can have simple. If we want democracy we have to go and fight for it and that is the process what is or has taken place in Ethiopia has blown the US officials
they had hoped we would coytow to all the games that they have been setting for us. I have heard alot of diplomats in the past saying that if you want change you have to go out and demand it they never believed Ethiopians would - I have been told your government is a reflection of you. So what we have to ask of ourselves is this accepable for us if not then what do we need to do to make change happen and it is incumbent not only the young and the youth to put themselves on the line but all Ethiopians have to start taking responsibilty inside and outside for this change and it can be done through peaceful resistence, IMIBITA. For right now this is all I would say.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Birhanu Nega! A displined, compassionate man, and yet a moderate, who can stand up to the west!!!!! His kinds are what we need!

As for the woman, isn't there a man left anymore? What are the support groups in D.C. doing, not waging a campaign against her?! Such articles as the "Ethiopian kingmaker" is what we need more of!

Anonymous said...

Well Vicky should know that it is no more about the City of Addis Abeba. We want Berhanu and Co to lead the whole country. The African National Congress of South African became more powerfull when all its leaders were thrown into jail by the Apartheid government. the youth then wanted to join its leaders in Robben Island, and that is what we want to do. We will join you Bertukan in prison...but please look after yourselves, we want you alive to take over the adminstration of the country as soon as we are done with EPDRF. Vicky or not the people have spoken and the people shall have what they asked for!!!

Anonymous said...

'Your government is a reflection of you". This is true if the people have the right to elect and reject their leaders freely and fairly. But what we have in Ethiopia is a tyrant who came to power by the support of Ethiopia's enemies, the EPLF and some Arab
countries including Sadam Hussien. Meles is now supported in office by the West that doll out half his budget to pay his network of security apparatchik and murdrers (Agazis). The West is his constituency. So you can say the West got the leader in Ethiopia it needs. Meles recently asked the Western diplomats to debate him. Someone needs to tell him that in a democracy you debate your political opponents not putting them in jail on trumped up charges. The West's response - well, a speedy trial to life in prison or even death.

Indeed, we are the only ones who
need to get rid of him, but we shall never accept the saying that our rulers are our reflection. Our major hurdle right now is the support Meles gets from the West to hire his thugs that are trained to murder children and mothers in broad daylight. Let the West stop that monetary and moral suport
and see if he would last a month.

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