Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vicki, the Fake CUD and AA admin once again
The fake kinijit received its license from the election board today. On Tuesday, they hadn't got half of the 1500 signatures necessary to get a license for a national political party. In a day, we are told they made up all the deficit. What a joke!
The number of people willing to take over of the AA admin. reached 68. Election board didn't accept all but one of the withdrawal requests. So three people left. The only problem for Ayele chamiso is that a lot of electees wouldn't appear in the meeting to take over addis eventhough the number by some magic reaches 70.
An investigative reporter(I won't mention his name and country for now) did a superb job of interviewing tens of councilors who signed to take over the city under duress. I was told it was a damning compilation. When the report hits the media, I wonder what Vicki Huddlestone will say or whether she will still keep her job.


Anonymous said...

I like you man, God bless you! You're delivering pertinent information and insightful comments. A. Chamiso will not be successful whether NEB registered the fake CUD or not. Any passerby knows what they (TPLF & A Chamiso)are doing is illegal and filled with intrigue and deception. What kind of legitmacy will they have when no single Ethiopian believe them. Even their wife and children recognize that they are deceptors and pathological liers. What kind of low life they is that, rejected ppl. Wait for the judgment day to come, they will be hiding in a mouse hole.

Take care

Anonymous said...


Bless you! You are doing a great job.Addis Ababans have to say
Hell No! This is the mother of
all highway roberries in broad
day light. Woyane lost in a
land slide and was utterlt
rejected by Addis Ababans.

Ethiopians should take over the
US Embassy and evict the witch
in 24 hours. She is nothing but
a slimy hired gun.

Anonymous said...

What a biatch!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job.
We're following you almost daily.
Keep up the struggle by informing us.
"Certainly, Allah is with the steadfast"

Anonymous said...


keep up the good work...we used to get the inside information about addis from Addis fernji till TPLF kicked her, thanks to you, you have filled the gap.

Anonymous said...

Ayele Chamisso does not matter--the creation of surrogate/teletafi/ CUD would not change the course of Woyane downfall. Woyane is desperate and would give the Ayele group the city admin of AA whether they meet the required magical number or not. But that would not stop their eventual downfall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your updated information. Probably, this lady assumes the position of 'teletafiw kinijit' so that she will receive a golden plate from her intrigued & devil boss -'meles'. Every one should watch out this futile exercise orchestrated by the regime with close supporters.

Anonymous said...

taking over the city administration is a good idea. the woyane will fall eventually, so why in the world do you think its a bad thing to take over the city administration? it would simply be the first step toward kicking out the EPRDF. This year the city, next year the woredas and kebeles, then take the majority in parliament in the 2010 election. when berhanu is released from prison, he can take over as mayor as everyone intended, but first we should get control of this horse (the city) before we can put berhanu in the saddle.

Anonymous said...


It does not matter whether the counciliars did accept or not forcefully to put their signature to take over the AA administration.
Off course all will claim they were forced so as to not being accused of not being loyal to their jailed masters. With time as they get power and money in their new jobs, do you think they would mind so much for taking their post.
EPRDF and US embassy is giving them perfect cover, and for the jailed CUD leaders, well slowly but surely they will be forgotten and will rote in jail

enaseb said...

can't wait to read it! again...much respect to you investigating reporters.

to the anonymous right above this comment,

ayzogn ayzogn...eskezi deres merohal? shahee TeTeteh tegnabet. sehtenesa...negerun leweTen eneTebeKehalen. hehe.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason to give some sympathy to those signed a request given by an illegal govt in purpose to eliminate CUDP forever. The CUDP high officials are in jail refusing to accept TPLF conspiracy against the people. They have chose the people interest before they are themselves.

So, these councillors that are signed to join the TPLF regime are not reliable, competent and good enough to trust them. Why don't just say No. As long as the people right are not respected, the oppositions are not freed and the CUDP 8 point preconditions are not met.

We don't need to give them ant credit but they must be seen as part of the enemy.

Anonymous said...

"We don't need to give them ant credit but they must be seen as part of the enemy."

This is exactly why Ethiopia will continue to make no progress in politics. Everyone is either an ally or a hated enemy, with nothing in between. In democracy, you have to work constructively with your adversaries, even when you don't like them. If you don't want to work with the EPRDF, distasteful as they are, then don't talk about wanting democracy. Instead, you should talk about simply overthrowing them like you want to do and just call yourselves the latest incarnation of Ethiopian dictatorship - because that is all that has ever existed in Ethiopian politics. Good luck to you all and let me know how that works out for you.

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