Monday, April 10, 2006

Fake CUDP formed
Shame on Temesegen Zewde
Temesgen Zewdie, Dean of the New Generation University and Ayele Chamiso, former Meta Brewery employee took the initiative to form a surrogate CUDP on Sunday. In a meeting chaired by these renegade former members of the real CUDP, some MPs who joined the parliament against the decision of their party and elected city councilors backed by the EPRDF decided to form another CUDP against the will and permission of the jailed leaders. Temesgen’s action was particularly offending to the real CUDP’s loyal members. Even though he joined parliament against the decision of the party, the imprisoned leaders didn’t out rightly denounce him. He was taken as legitimate CUDP leaders in parliament. Yet he hadn’t uttered a word calling for the release of the party’s leaders when he got opportunities in the parliament to do so. He then went on orchestrating the formation of a fake CUDP. This surrogate political grouping is expected to get a license from the election board at the end of this week. It is also expected that the government and US embassy will fund the fake party. This is an attempt by EPRDF, Temesgen and co. to kill the political lives of the jailed leaders.
Ranking members of the fake kinijit:
Temesgen Zewde- chairman
Ayele Chamiso - V.Chairman
Mohammed Aki-Secretary


Anonymous said...

Please, again, let's not be so quick to judge. It is a very difficult atmosphere for all these people. Let alone novices like Temesgen, even veterans like Merera were put in situations where it was difficult not to capitulate.

Don't forget, these are people who were 'on our side', that is on the side of democracy. They may have their weaknesses, they may not be as strong as we would like them to be, but they are one with us.

We must not be quick to alienate people. We must cultivate empathy and understanding, and give people the benefit of the doubt. These are the kinds of behaviours are lacking in Ethiopian society and that is why we have tremendous problems acting collectively and cohesively. Any time someone does something we don't like, we quickly label and alienate them. This makes group work very difficult, and this is a root cause of our society's troubles. We are a society where even people on the same side can't work together unless forced to by some power structure (eg. EPRDF, Dergue).

In the meantime, let there be no doubt - the imprisoned leaders are already immortalized. No fake CUD, EDP-Medhine, or anything else is going to change this.

In addition, without significant political movement from the EPRDF, the likelihood of armed revolt fuelled by the poor masses will keep increasing.

The formation of fake CUD's is not that damaging to the cause for democracy, or for that matter, to the prisoners.

Redeem Ethiopia said...

This is EPRDF's standard mode of operation; it courts illegitimate parties that are most often creations of its own and dissolves any real challenges to it. This is indeed a sad day!

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