Saturday, April 08, 2006

The parable of "yefascist Kuncho"
Two weeks after the great Birhanu Nega and co. were jailed, I asked a friend of mine who was well-connected with our rulers whether they believed the imprisonment of these leaders would put ashes on the struggle for democracy. His answer would show how they thought in mysterious ways. "Fascist kunchow ketekorete yimotal," they reasoned out. Instead of killing the struggle, "yetekoretew kuncho" is lending it a lifeline. As in the south africa during apartheid days, the banner that we are now raising high up - Release the Prisoners!-envelops our fight for equality and freedom. It gives us focus and strength. Birtukan Midekesa was supposed to have told her friends that if it would make freedom fighters stronger, she was happy to stay in prison however long it might take.

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Anonymous said...

Looking at the glass half-full, you can say that imprisonment is the best thing that happened to Berhanu Nega. He's bought himself a ton of political capital. Those poor unthinking folks who would be quick to pounce on peacemakers like Berhanu won't be able to do so anymore - he's paid the price.

In fact, this imprisonment has strengthened the bond between the prisoners, and it's a bond that will help them function as a collective in the future.

Poor Lidetu. Probably should have joined them. Oh well!

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