Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why the danger of the "teletafi kinijit" should be taken seriously
EPRDF's recent plan seems:
-Let a new CUDP under its control be formed
- Give the city government to councillors under the umbrella of this teletafi party
-Engage this teletafi in a dialogue
-tell the international community that the opposition is governing the capital...that the government is engaged in dialogue with kinijit...and that the democratic process is going on.
-it will make the diplomatic effort of the real kinijit, tegbar et all more difficult.
-threaten the passing ethiopia freedom, democracy and human rights act
-make the leaders rot in prison
I think we should take the threat of the teletafi kinijit very seriously. Make sure that it doesn't reverse the victories we have so far acheived. It isn't about isolating people. It is about protecting the gains and defending the leaders who are paying for democracy.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me!

Where are the Ethiopian people in all this equatio? What happened to
all thoise voters who stood in line
from sun up to sun down to vote for the party of their choice?

The people of Ethiopia need to rise up against these thugs instead of burying their head in the sand. What is going on
Ethiopians? You let your leaders get jailed, you let your sons and daughters get killed, maimed and hauled off to concentration camps. When are you going to stand up for yourself and say ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone has the courage and foresight to see that the opportunity to effectively take on the elected responibility of administering a city of 5 million people was closing fast if one didn't come up with plan B to get some traction. The international community is already engaged in ensuring the trial of the opposition leaders is transparent and speedy. While you are concerned about your ego of possibly losing imaginary gains, the people on the ground paying the real sacrifice have made a difficult and heroic choice. I say to them Kudos! we are proud of you and have full confidence that you will continur to make progress grounded on democratic principles. Don't listen to the winerers and cry babies who measure their success and failure by air time from foreign politicians lobbying for their own election instead of by how much they have improved lives in Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a bona fide woyane frifari lekame.

You are incapable of runnning
ye kebele sook let alone administering Addis. Time is
up, you better load up your loot
and get the hell out of our city.

Anonymous said...


-The Case of Alien ‘gods’-

As am writing this post, the ‘ALIEN gods’ and their fake angels, sponsored by EPRDF and the US embassy in Addis, are busy cooking to RECREATE a new CUD in the image of the popular CUD. Actually they have left with only two working days given by Meles, the ethio-BIG BROTHER in action. No Addis Ababian will support or recognize the cooked CUD. We need and deserve something original. Unfortunately the ‘alien gods’ can not read what Addis is in need. Rather they are misreading the reality.

Alien gods 1 - CUD elected members (former?)

The alien gods 1 are those elected and warming up team members. All of these guys were nobody before the imprisonment of CUD leaders. Most of them just joined CUD at the rush hours of the election. And the public vote for them only because they represent CUD.

Now, they think, the time has come for them to assume the leadership and to be popular in the name of CUD. They completely forget that it was the public who pushed the jailed leaders to come up with the decision to join the parliament with preconditions. Disgracefully they think that for the mare reason of establishing a fake CUD, they can represent Addis and legitimize their lust for positions. That reminds me of one popular dictum: Ganoch Alekuna Minchetoch Gan honu! Unfortunately many addis ababians do believe that even if the main leaders are /ganochu/ in prison, there are many more best and potential as well as legitimate leaders out there. It is not really a good time for the Minchetochu!

Anyone can paint a man and can call him ‘a MAN’. However, the man on the painting can not possibly be a real man with soul and mind. The same applies to the recreation of CUD by the alien gods. They may, EPRDF willing, come up with a new party called CUD. We can assure anybody however that their fake CUD can not have the soul and the spirit of the real CUD. Addis Ababians KNOW the REAL CUD INSTICTIVELY! After all the REAL GODS that created CUD are Addis Ababians!


Unfortunately, the new charge’d affair came to Ethiopia at the critical point of the election. To my surprise, she rushed in the crisis without even becoming personally familiar with the key issues and individuals. I don’t dare to question her diplomatic experience but she looks just a fool to rush in where angels couldn’t dare.

The US gov. and their embassy in addis look perplexed on the reality. In most cases the reality in Ethiopian looks beyond their comprehension or not willing to read the reality as it is. At last, of course, both Vicky Huddleston (spell it as u wish for I never consider reminding spelling) and Yamamotto (?) came to their mind to spell the shift in their position unequivocally.

Like Alien gods 1, the US also can not read the reality and accept it for long. They know the fake CUD can not represent Addis legitimately. Further more, they know and finally acknowledge the significance of the issue of jailed leaders. It is not only about the leaders themselves. It is also about the whole political process of the county. Alien god 2 pls come to the real play!

Alien god 3- EPRDF

It has been so for the last 15 years. No need to explain about the alien strategy EPRDF plaid against ONC of Dr Merera and others. The formula is still the same, only change of chemistry! Changing Tolossa of the fake ONC with Ayele , Temesgen and the like to come up with a fake CUD.


There is no short and fake road to democracy!


Anonymous said...

You don't need to jum to peronal attacks because you don't know me and I don't know you. I am expressing my opinion as a fellow Ethiopian. If you have an alternative strategy and you can articulate how it will benefit the people, please share it so that we can all benefit from it. Otherwise, don't flatter yourself too much because you can quote Alien Gods....

Anonymous said...


If you don't mind me saying so, I much prefer this post than the one before. In the previous post, you went after Ato Temesgen and the rest and personalized the issue. You created an us vs. them scenario. This is what I view as destructive behaviour.

In this post, you stick with the substance of the matter. You try to explain objectively why the formation of an surrogate Kinijit could actually set the democratic process back.

If I may add to your points, the main problem with the (donors') thinking behind these maneuvers is that the belief that the people's attitudes can be submerged through machinations at the top. It's the same short-sighted thinking that's brought us to this stage. Unfortunately, the surrogate Kinijit is too removed from the people's wishes to be considered representative, and so the root problems of alienation and disenfranchisement will remain.

Even if this is a ploy to further narrow the choices of the CUD leadership once they are released, it won't work because even they, with their huge reservoir of political capital, have to stay within striking distance of the people's wishes.

So the main point is - people can do what they want - if they think this is the best way to re-start the movement towards democracy, fine. But, to the donors I say, let's not delude ourselves in the same way we did before May when we thought the EPRDF would actually register significant support in Addis! Time to admit some of our fundamental assumptions were wrong. A surrogate Kinijit will not improve, but worsen the situation at the grassroots.

By the way, let's not question the motives of the people who want to form the new CUDP. Giving people the benefit of the doubt; that's another thing we need to learn as Ethiopians.

zegabi said...


Giving people the benefit of the doubt can only work in cases where the penalty is not significant. In cases where the penalty is quite significant, it is no longer called benefit of doubt, it is called foolishness. This is not a game, the action these people take has a significant impact on the political process, on the role that Kinijit (and any other significant political force that comes hereafter) takes, on the imprisoned leaders both personally and on their political roles. At this point fragmenting the party to the liking of Meles is the wrongest possible strategy that anyone can adopt.There are cases where you can give the benefit of the doubt to people and there are times you just can't. I think this is one of the latter times - the latest smuggled letter from Kaliti prison suggests the prisoners feel the same.

Anonymous said...


Motivations and Actions, these are what I'm trying to differentiate. When someone makes a mistake or chooses what we think is the wrong path, we should say, 'What you are doing is incorrect', not, 'You are a bad person'.

By benefit of the doubt, I meant let us not impugn their motives. Let's assume they are doing what they think is best. They may be wrong, yes, and we should argue that forcefully, as you have done, but that does not mean their intent is bad.

Consider all the CUD MP's who are now sitting in parliament. Are they all greedy or traitors? If so, what does this say about CUD!! Obviously, that is not the explanation.

Circumstances are difficult, people are weakened, and there are factors many of us are unaware of. What we can say that given what we know, they may have been better off boycotting, but we cannot castigate them further and create unnecessary friction and alienation. Beyond the ethical ramifications, we can't afford, as a movement, to keeping splitting up into at every intersection.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on its head when you said that we couldn't afford alienating people. Yet this is the bitter truth. Some of Kinijit's candidates for the election weren't the sort of people many of us would have wanted as our representatives. As kinijit was only ten months or so old, it failed to select the best people for candidacy and that is now haunting the party. The leaders were so brilliant and promising that we followed them and voted the party without eventhough we had serious misgivings about some of the candidates.

zegabi said...

I would agree with most of what you said gooch, but if someone wanted to shoot a bird and missed and killed you, I don't think, as far as you are concerned, the motive really matters. In this particular instance I don't think the motives are really pure, and even if they were, the consequence doesn't justify the path they are choosing.

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