Friday, April 21, 2006

Prison police "Gimigema"
Letters were smuggled out; Prison security informations were widely leaked and so on... EPRDF officials are angry at prison police men. For three days this week, the police men were under "Gimigema". Obviously, they were blamed for leaking infos , smuggling out letters and facilitating the transfer of messages of the CUDP prisoners for their supporters outside. Last weekend only three police men reported that the political prisoners were planning a hunger strike eventhough it was known by most police men. On the "gimigema", even the most loyal police me were told that they weren't seriously carrying their function of watching the CUDP leaders.
I was informed by prison source that Birhanu Nega is getting amazing popularity among the security men there. "Birhanu doesn't blame the security guys there. Instead, he always tells them that he and other prisoners were there for the sake of freedom to all Ethiopians including them and they love that," my source said.


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed!Unlike TPLF,He is well known freedom and love advocacy professor among all Ethiopians,even government bodies!

Anonymous said...


You are a God send. Thanks!

How can they not love all of them. They see them day in and day out
and they are all a class act.

And of course , our knight in shining armor, the charismatic
and bright son of Ethiopia, Berhanu Nega how can they not
love him? Their bosses preach hate, he shows them love. These poor souls have put two and two together and reached their own

God bless them all!

Anonymous said...


Keep up Keep bringing it out brother. You are doing a great job
just be careful

Have a wonderful Easter, Tensae is around the corner

All the Best to you and All

Anonymous said...

you doing a great job bro. watch out your self from thos killer woyane. you are giveing us a good information. Ethiopian will be free soon. De La Ethiopian Hizeb

Anonymous said...

Drama Continues

First the Prison heroine was Birtukan, then came Muluneh and now Berhanu. I have heard the next hero in the new episode "CUD and Kality Prison" series will be the God Father himself Don Hailu.
According to my source Hailu will even do something more fantastic thing by organizing a big escape to Menelik palace.

Wow! Viewers, bring your popcorn and watch the next episode

Anonymous said...

"Their bosses preach hate, he shows them love."

Well said!

We get the government we deserve. If we could all do this, what a government we would deserve!

Anonymous said...


The Government we deservedly
elected to lead us is locked
up in Kaliti jail temporarily.

TPLF has been squatting at the
Palace illegally since that
historic day MAY 15, 2005.

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