Saturday, April 15, 2006

Muluneh's pics forcefully taken
Muluneh Eyuel, the secretary of CUDP, was taken out of the cell he was put in solitary confinement and his photograph was forcefully taken. According to kerchelle prison sources, the photograph was taken by Eftin newspaper which might try to publish Muluneh's picture to prove that he wasn't in a dark room.


Anonymous said...

Did he said cheeeeezzzzzzz when they tppk his photo?

Anonymous said...

Meles is given the chance to contract out all oil explorations to the Asians mainly but also to 'sewyew'. We are not sure if the Americans are hiding behind the Malaise or the Indians. For sure the American companies in Southern Sudan are not officially here. They are definately watching the developments in Somalia since Djibouti is already an ally.

Why are we allowing all these to happen? Why are we complacent in the face great and eminent danger to national unity. It is oil friends ... it is more divisive than religion or ethnicity. It is 'be'inkirt lay joro degif'

Are we scared of joining the CUD leaders? Isn't it better to be in jail after recording our disapproval of scarping of natural resources with no respect for the people on the land? Is this less evil than colonialism itself?

Cry Kushland, cry... for you are joining the fate of Congo, Angola and others.

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