Saturday, June 10, 2006

Breaking news:Birhanu Nega hospitalized; but in good condition

Addis Ababa's popular mayor, Birhanu Nega, was admitted to hospital for minor breathing problem. Police hospital sources confirmed that the physicians who checked up Birhanu thought the problem was minor but decided to hospitalize him as a caution. "It wasn't serious but we should take caution," one source told this blogger. He is still in hospital; but in a good condition.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! what did thy do to
him? Please keep us posted.

Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we love u bro,stay with us we need u, our prayers are with u.

Anonymous said...

Can you please disseminate the information. According to a trusted source He does have an elevated blood pressure and a weak heart. He had shortness of breath which lead to his hospitalization. He had a check up in indonesia and here in USA before the election and his heart function is weak with ejection fraction of 35%. Ethiopians need to do more to get him out of the country to get treatment.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!
This is really bad news!!!!!
He has to get better treatment. How can one believe the woyane physicians?
The rubbish regime officials might complicate matters and every effort should be applied to take him out of their hands at least for management.
Little prayer to Jesus Christ our Lord:
Dear father! please keep your
determined child alive and
healthy. He is so much for the
helpless Ethiopians at this
critical time though he is still
in the jail. We believe you, our
Lord! that you will take him
out of these situations
so that he will lead our struggle
once more. You know that we love him very much.And may your blessings be on all of us! Amen