Monday, June 19, 2006

For now we have Ethiomedia

As I was writing this update, the country's favorite website, Ethiomedia, has started to be accessed in Ethiopia without anonymous proxy. Could it be the campaign the helped? Let's wait and see.
Birhanu Nega's condition and others
The mayor of Addis is still in hospital, awaiting the result of the medical tests that were carried out. One of the tests was cardiac related. Doctors wanted to make sure that whether his heart was okay. He was moved with love and affection hospital staff and patients have been showing him ever since he was hospitalized.
-Muluneh Eyuel had been in solitary confinement for more than three month's now placed with other prisoners in Kerchelle. Some weeks back, Aiga forum had claimed that Kerchelle did exist no more. That was a lie. Famous Kinijit leaders like Kifle Tigneh and the lawyer Birhane Mogesse are placed at the kerchelle. Muluneh is a recent addition.
-Power and Interest News Report has an interesting take on the new reality in Somalia vis-a-vis Ethiopia. see
Coming up....Murders and Disapperances at Wolliso....A Seminawork contributor has done an investigative reporting

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! If those sorry jackasses at AIGA ever told the truth they would choke.

Kudos to the NES guys! Their article is right on target
and we are going to come out swinging to free our leaders from jail and get rid of this miserable wretch.

He has become public enemy #1 even in Somalia, his bosses are mad as hell for all the garbage he was feeding them, the twit is fast becoming a liability and a de-stabilizing force in the region.