Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hi-tech suppression

Spam, internet blockage, viruses, wire-tapping, tracking money transfers...
The TPLF regime is preparing for a coordinated hi-tech war against its detractors in Diaspora and at home, sources revealed to me. An office is being opened at the old airport area in Addis Ababa to conduct this warfare. Blocking and hacking opposition internet websites, sending spam and viruses, wire-tapping and telephone tapping, tracking money transfers are some of the activities of the office. The staff of the office includes some defense engineers who were sent and trained in Israel in Israel by the regime. The office is controlled by top TPLF officials, according to the sources.
All pro-democracy Ethiopian websites are already inaccessible in Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

Cool-Z, speaking of the computer warfare,few days ago has reported its problem with walta

Anonymous said...

GOD, what frustrated criminals are the mad woyanes, despite TPLFs ETV and radio, they are sleepless to shut the few ... what ever it costs, they shall now freedom for democracy would prevail in our motherland. GOD bless you for uncovering such conspiracies, it means a lot, in my few words.

Anonymous said...

Good info.
We have already know what weyaney mentality is. It is full stopped. It is closed.
Better to contact compatriot web security experts how to protect ourselves
What must be done in general is to draft a strategy of struggle that encompasses all the Ethiopian people (A united one) for a defense against all the misery up on us. Appointed leaders must do more. The regime in power is not sleeping and are trying to destroy any form of opposition.
I was very much angered by what the sub-headline of the so called, "eftin" paper on its front page, which denounces the
hospitalized leaders and journalist by saying sth like "Hikiminawn Mamlecha Adergewtal", imagine for unconvicted prisoners of conscience .
There is also a story trying to denounce the presence of Oromo leader in a fundraising event for CUDP. How thrash are the people working in this newspaper?!

God is watching.

Anonymous said...

Woyanie is history and their days are numbered. There are millions and millions more pro democracy websites and news outlets than their grubby hands could block in time.

Besides if and when we are certain that they are actually sending viruses via the internet, we could make sure that the Internet Task Force hears of it and we could effectively have their domains off line and their E-mails both incoming and outgoing blocked.

It is something to block websites by using a firewall from reaching Ethiopians, it is quiet a different ball game sending malicious viruses through the Internet infrastructure.

There are Vanguard Organizations against such malicious use of the medium and it's an International Crime. All we need is one evidence and we will nail them.

The Ethiopian Telecommunication will have to think hard and fast before it starts playing around with a global resource like the Internet. This is not as simple as stealing local election. This is a high crime and anyone involved with this need to realize they are playing with fire. They surely will be caught and prosecuted and their life as an IT professional is dead DODO!

Anonymous said...

How a regime calling him self as a gov't of a country is doing such gangs work? It is really sad to see Ethiopia being administerd by such mafya group of hopeless leaders for the last 15 yrs.

They can not do any thing with the Disapora let alone to silent it. This makes the disapora even more stronger and more united than before

Death to Disperated woyane
Power to the Ethiopian people

Anonymous said...

Really, it is not such a big deal...If anything, it is indicative of how slow they are! They are just waking up to this!!!! this was supposed to be their move a year ago. All in all, they can not apply their brutality on the net. For all I know, There are always ways to go around their futile attempt of censorship...What did they think we were doing going to school for years, decades, generations...ETHIOPIA will survive these wampires, we can survive so much more, we are ETHIOPIANS!

Anonymous said...

This just shows us exactly why there has been little economic development in Ethiopia in the past fifteen years (average 1% GDP/capita growth according to IMF).

The EPRDF spends far too many resources - material, human, and political capital - to maintain its hegemony on power and not enough resources on development.

Ethiopia today is far worse off than it was in 1991 if only because huge, difficult issues of population growth and environmental degredation have not been addressed because the EPRDF has not had time to do its job.

This is the message we have to keep hammering at. Donors are wasting their money unless they force significant changes in Ethiopia.