Friday, June 23, 2006

Prosecutor through with video evidences against Kinijit leaders

The Kangaroo trial to end before December
The public prosecutor today finished presenting its video evidence against the Kinijit leaders, journalist and civil society members who are accused of bogus charges of treason and genocide. The evidences so far have been an embarrassment to the the prosecutor and the government. According to diplomatic sources here, the trial observers from Western embassies have been baffled with the prosecutor's presentation of the evidences. Most of the video documentaries showed the Kinijit leaders arguing for peaceful and lawful struggle. The one evidence which the prosecutor claimed to prove conspiracy to commit genocide displayed elected MP Ato Bedru Adem calling the TPLF government a "minority regime" and criticizing the limited representation of Oromos in the government.
The prosecutor will now present witnesses. Sources said that Meles Zenawi has promised Western diplomats that the trial will be wrapped up before December.
The government has started an intensive campaign of fining motorists in Addis Ababa to raise revenue. Traffic police men were instructed to fine drivers who commit minor violations of traffic regulations. With the hike in petroleum prices, motorists have already been suffering the brunt of the country's economic problem.