Wednesday, June 21, 2006

News from kaliti

The number of political prisoners suffering from health problems due to the vile prison condition is increasing. At today's court hearing, Debebe Eshetu, kassahun, Professor Mesfin, Muluneh Eyouel, Sileshi Andarge, Major Getachew and Birhanu Nega were all absent. Prison police stated that they were all sick. Major Getachew was admitted to hospital. Birhanu Nega has been in hospital for two weeks now.
Prison sources said that Kaliti prison is at its worst during the Ethiopian rainy season. Wild mice invade cells to avoid the harsh weather and bring with them several contagious diseases. Some of the cells are made of corrguated iron and they become terribly cold when it rains.
The imprisoned journalist and publisher of Asqual, Satenaw and Menelik newspapers, Serkalem Fasil, has given birth to a baby boy. Serkalem was detained with her journalist husband, Eskinder Nega and her brother, Dawit Fasil, late November.
Two days ago, I wrote that Ethiomedia was being accessed in Ethiopia without anonymous proxy servers. It seemed those who block and unblock websites here were testing something. Ethiomedia is re-blocked today.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that serkalem gave birth to a baby boy.I hope he will be as brave Ethiopian like his parents.Serke,you will be free soon.I am praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Woizero Hadas native of Erob & the mother of serkalem fasil was preparing a birthday party to serk', to her surprise she got a new grandson on serk's birthday.May all the family stay healthy and I hope the new boy when grown up will be a hero like parents.

Anonymous said...

Enquan Mariyam Maretchish Serkalem !!
Also, Mariyam beshelim tawitashi !!

Cool-Z thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Enquan Mariyam martchish Serkalem.Egziabher be selam yitebikish. Kehadiwochinin ena woro belochin egiziabhere be fitnet ayqetu qitqt endemiqetachew andachim tirtir yelegnim. ye anchi hiwot gin eyader tilemlimalech.Ye woldishiwu wond lijim Jegna yihonal,le hagerum tagay yihonal.


Anonymous said...


Enkuan Maryam Marechish!Ye Qidusan Amlak Ersu Birtatun Yistish.

Though there is no such thing as a 'bed' in jail, Wogu Endayqerbish I say it-- 'Alga Siberi, Maryam Be Shilem Tawutash'

Anonymous said...

Serke, Enkuan Mariam Marechish.Emama Hadas enkuan deas Yalot.Eskender I am happy for you.For everybody in 05 take good care of emama Hadas and the new baby.
Freedom is coming tomorrow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well it's just the tip of the ice burg. What we should have dealt with long time ago to come clean with ethnic situation. Those who consider themselves Ethiopian should stand up for their right and fight, fight, but those eritrean should leav our country immediatly because they will always be a concern of our countries security. How come they are coming back as refugees and let them stay and infeltrate within us who make the dicision who would have interest on their existance in Ethiopia..let me guess meles NO! I guess we have not learn a lesson how many more have to die inorder for cleaning up this mess.

One Ethiopia free from enemies..

Anonymous said...


Enquwanem mariam Marches

I wish virgin mary and God to be with you and your baby