Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Prison condition may worsen Birhanu's health, Doctors warn

Doctors fear that living with 400 people in a cell might exacerbate Birhanu Nega's condition. The mayor of Addis Ababa who was admitted to hospital on Thursday has suffered a shortage of Oxygen in his body. A police hospital medical staff who spoke to this blogger on the condition of anonymity said that he and other doctors suspect that Birhanu's condition had been made worse by the terrible living environment he was in and, if it didn't improve it might seriously affect him. "His health has vastly improved since he was hospitalized. Part of the reason for that was the treatment. But getting fresh air and proper living environment has helped. Staying with 400 people under one roof is dangerous for Birhanu's medical condition," the staff said.
Four months ago, Birhanu and a few other Kinijit leaders who were labeled by prison security as dangerous were taken to a rat and flea infested cell where 400 people, most of them hard-core criminals, are confined. Prison sources told me that since Birhanu and co. moved to the cell, the other prisoners had tried to keep the place clean and make it as comfortable for the Kinijit leaders as possible. They mayor is the most popular man in the prison.
Birhanu was feeling well today. He told people who visited him that the only thing he missed was being with the other leaders of Kinijit on the trial yesterday. Doctors carried some tests to see whether he had fully recovered from his medical problem this morning.
Ethio-Zagol has seen the letter of clarification sent to Kinijit NA chairman by the imprisoned leaders of the party last Monday on the issue of the international leadership committee. It is hard to believe that nothing (no press release) has come out from the international committee on when it would start functioning as the leaders wished. What really is going on? Kinijit international has to wake up and start doing business immediately. It has to design proper strategies and tactics to lead the struggle here and release the leaders. That should be the priority.


Anonymous said...

Good job ZAG always great to read your comment,on the cud north america issue there is a need to have the role of the support group and the appointed leadership more clearly defined .The supporters need to see a leadership role from the people who are elected by our leaders in kaliti.The role of the Support group should be to support the political leadership in areas the leadership deem necessary not getting involved in the day to day affairs of the party .

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update!It makes your
blood boil to read about the health
problems of the great Berhanu Nega.
Where are the Ethiopian people?
How long is this monstrosity going
to go on?

Erie Bey Agere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is some shenanigan going on
within Kinijt-NA for sure. It'll be wise for some to ship out quietly for the good of everybody.

Anonymous said...

Concentrate on your reporting. Do you remember the saying "asa gorgwari zendo yawetal". The job is going well do not confues ppl.

Anonymous said...

anonymous above,

Let the man tell the truth!

Anonymous said...

Inside sources indicate Kinjit NA is to collapse soon. The people in Kinjit NA are preoccupied to be elected as a leader. None of these people have done any siginificant thing to Ethiopian people compared to our leaders in Ethiopia. These power lovers should make way for other Ethiopians who are ready to serve their country.

Shame on them! We know who is doing what. When the time comes, we will make it public.

Down with power lovers in CUD NA.

ethio-Zagol said...

To "Asa Guarguari Zendo Yawetal" anonymous:
I don't really know about the constitution, organization, and personalities of CUD NA.; and to be honest, I don't care. I care about the struggle against tyranny; I care about the leaders in prison. We elected them to lead us. Unlike past and present political leaders who try to lead by organizational fiat, the Kaliti prisoners have shown us tremendous empathy, inclusiveness and tolerance. When they are in prison; and when people who act on behalf of CUD fail to heed their collective will, I stand to fight. I have seen the letter of clarification and previously, the letter of designation and as far as the will of the leaders is concerned, that is it. I will work hard to make sure it is implemented. Whether the CUD NA guys like it or loath it, I just don't care. There are no if and buts.
If "Asa Guarguari Zendo Yawetal" is a threat, you have to look yourself in the mirror ans ask yourself what your difference with TPLF is. When people muzzle free speech by using threats, they are no different from TPLF. If on a blog comment one threatens people, I wonder what will happen when one puts one's hand on state power.
Be sure that I will be nagging presence for those who are working to fail our leaders.

To the anonymous who asked where the Ethiopian people are:

Most Ethiopians don't have access to a blocked internet. They don't know what is going on. That is why I always write that instead of bickering on whether to accept the leaders' will, CUD NA should support the designated political committee which have home-connections and advance the struggle. That includes giving information to Ethiopians, organizing them at grass root level (in schools, Woredas, workplaces etc). There are a lot of people in Ethiopia who are willing and able to that. What they lack is, with the whole leadership in prison and others under constant surveillance, strategy, communication and money. I think it is for those reasons that the leaders delegated power.

Anonymous said...

Well most of us dont have any idea what you are talking about.

what exactlly is kinijit NA refusing to do?

what exactlly did the leaders in prison want?

make it clear to us and let us decide on the issue. everything is vague now.

Anonymous said...

Please don`t expect a luxury life in prison? People are in jails because they have to pay price for the crime they committed.

Thomas H From Radio....

Anonymous said...

Me again. You are just a blogger, we see you as such. When it comes how to lead the struggle, leave it to the people who are involved in it. Remember, division of labor, ha! Actualy, there is nothing new personality in the new leadership you are talking about, except leaving out some. Why do you want to make it a big deal? Is your intention to get rid of these people from the struggle? I don't understand. The struggle will continue just fine. This is not time for tangancial debate, who leads who?

Anonymous said...

Me again,

Why don't you zip your big mouth?
Are you trying to intimidate Zagol?
It is a big deal when some incompetent egotistical buffoons try to hijack Kinijit. The only leaders we know are those in KALITI and their APPOINTEES period.

People like you have no place in Kinijit, go join TPLF.

Anonymous said...


Dont listen to the this idiots.

You are providing a wonderful service to ethiopians. "you are just a blogger" that supposed to be an insult?...idiot!

but can you answer bomba's question...i am confused too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ethio Zagol:

Because you dealt with an issue that has become a puzzle to us all in the Diaspora (at least to those of us in NA), I couldn’t refrain from sharing my opinion regarding it.
It is a fact that we are on the side of the 25 million plus people of Ethiopia who cast their votes on May 15, 2005 and won the election favoring Kinijit. It’s also a fact that we also favor Kinijit. We’ve read Kinijit’s Manifesto and learned its vision for a democratically constituted government for Ethiopia, and it has won our subscription without hesitation. I, for one, admire the courageous deeds and sacrifices of Kinijit leadership; and for that I can’t thank them enough. During the decades I’ve been away from Ethiopia, it hasn’t been my luck to know a thoughtful group of fellow Ethiopians who decided to use their God given brains with such originality. Thank God, at last, the era of the “parrots” is witnessing its doom. Thirty-one years is such a very long time to endure that strange, deafening, and foreign dialectical materialism chatter.
Now the time has arrived for all of us to stand together and move forward in support of the peoples’ will. Here in the Diaspora we aren’t held back from giving our unconditional support to the people of Ethiopia there by to the Kinijit leadership in Kaliti and all those Kinijit supporters in jails throughout Ethiopia by making our voices heard to the People of USA, the US government, the US Congress, the UNO, via the written word over mail, the Internet, Radio, TV, rallies, etc. Our public activities are being coordinated and facilitated by Kinijit Support NA. The representatives designated by Kinijit who were acting here in NA before and after the election are doing just fine. The majority of us here do not have any complaints against them. We prefer this original group of Kinijit designees to continue as is. Let’s not waste precious time haggling over this new idea of forming “Kinijit International”. Kinijit is only one, and it is in Kaliti prison in Ethiopia. There can’t be and will never be another “Kinijit International” outside of Ethiopia. Kinjit support, yes; but not a new entity,“Kinijit International” outside of Ethiopia. This idea has to be declared moot right now. If there are few with subliminal motives who insist upon promoting the idea, we suggest for them to wait until we win the fight at hand: get Kinijit released from Kaliti prison; work on the new idea, AFD, to be welcomed by all Ethiopians; strengthen our democratic armor and outlook to enable us push the evil ruling group out of the Ethiopian scene.

Anonymous said...

Zagolachin and friends,

While praying for unity keep on tack. My prayer is at

Still praying...

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous with the lengthy

Don't evade the issue, don't try to
confuse people and stop the whitewash. I have no doubt you are an insider, so listen up.

It is an incontrovertible truth that there is only ONE KALITI. Unlike you power mongers who don't give a damn about Kinjit, the Leaders or the Ethiopian people, the true sons and daughters of Ethiopia want the struggle to continue in full force and that is
why they appointed the International Leadership to lead the struggle. Stop the lie! you
want to be the BOSS, the International wants to be BOSSED by Kaliti. It will be a cold day
in hell, before anybody defies Kaliti!

How audacious of you to even think that Kaliti would want to exile Kinijit? Have you no shame,Mr?

Anonymous said...

I know that Kinijit will win. you wait and see kinijit is already at the knoking the door the witing time is very short. Ti hovno ! a churak! We all know You will run down hill and vanish.

Anonymous said...


I am with you. Ignore the people who want to stay in power on the name of support group or what ever they claim to be. Shame on them.

Yo the one with very long response rejecting Kinjit International.

You are a shame to members of Kinjit. Our leaders have elected people who will lead the struggle. But people who are egoist want to get the power through short cut. Thanks to some insider information we have known some of you. And it wont be late before the likes of you will be exposed. When our leaders are freed, you will get the place you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zagol that what you are saying is right.
What went wrong is the people in Ethiopia donot know them well.They must appear on the media and tell how much they are dedicated to the "Ethiopian Cause".
To be frank somany people donot know that international leadership is established.
why?no opposition media outlet in Ethiopia.People in the diaspora and some in Addis really know what is going on.
Please donot blame it on the Ethiopian people.I was even read"jegnenetachin yet hede"on other site,to be victorious a trusted leader must be there.

I was glad to hear from my informant that Dr. Berhanu was at Tikur Anbessa Hospital on Thursday and for your surprise doctors,nurses and staffs all rushed down to the ground floor to welcome, greet and cheer Dr. Berhanu.
even patiantes with "jesso" on their leg were heard sayin doctoriye doctoriye and waving hands at every corner ,federals prevented close contact.
I was happy to hear that the Ethiopian people love for Kinjit is unbreakable.