Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Assault on the Judiciary Contd.

The Meles administration continues its daylight assault on the judiciary. This week federal judges are being indoctrinated with the concept of the rule of law according to revolutionary democracy. The chief indoctrinator is Million Assefa, the lawyer who acts as a legal pundit for the ETV justifying the EPRDF's dictatorship. Million is now instructing the same judges before whom he argues cases as an attorney-at-law.
The training is being held at the Banking Institue in kaliti. The premise is owned by Addis Ababa University.


Tesfa said...

who is Million Assefa? Is he a lawyer cadre? What is his background to "train" judges about "revolution"? The law doesnot care about revolutionary democracy or any form of democracy but the supremacy of the rule of law. Thanks EZ, shed some light on this guy and other emerging cadres.

Anonymous said...

ethioinfo: Can someone provide pictures of this guy?

Anonymous said...

Tazabi-from ARBAMINCH.

Dear EZ,
Please allow me to express my admiration and trust on your excellent work of providing up-to-date information about the situation in Ethiopia. It is what it is and I am sure most of your readers are one sided political supporters and that in my opinion needs a major work on your side to make this blog not only an advocate of anti-Woyane regime but also the one that can show the rest of us the right way forward.
Why do we care if any one trains these judges or not? Are they trainable? If yes to what extent? and to serve who? I would like to see more responses on these questions.

Anonymous said...

If this week alleged indoctrination of federal judges is true, then it is clearly demonstrated the undemocratic nature of the government. By indoctrinating the judges with its party political philosophy, the government is overstepping its constitutional authority. Not long ago the prime minister was blabber on and on how his government was respecting the independence of the judiciary in dealing with the CUD leaders. This time again the government caught, may I say while its hand is in the cookies jar, interfering with the judiciary?

Anonymous said...

Hello fellas,

I just wanted to say somethings about the sold out Million Assefa.

He graduated at the bottom of his class from addis ababa university, law faculty in 1995. Subseqentely, he was hired by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) for a couple of months. Apparently his contract with the Ministry was terminated by the instruction of senior government officials on the ground of his anti-government activities during his student days at AAU (he was one of the main organizers of the AAU demonstration against the gov't in 1993). He then became a practising lawyer and started to Getachew Duki, another lawyer whose license was revoked by the MOJ for misconduct. Million took over all cases that were handled by Getachew and apparently struck it rich. In many occassions, Million was heard saying that he has got enough money and his only has political ambitions; he wants to become the minister of justice!

any way, Million is know his low moral and being snoopy towards his classmates and fellow practising lawyers.

Before I forget, Million used to give bottles of whisky to ETV journalists so that they would invite him for an interview on any legal issue. Apparently, his many bribed appearances on ETV helped him to get his material success.

will say more later