Thursday, August 02, 2007


After two weeks of absence, here I am. Granted, I have been recovering from the sometimes debilitating effects of the fatigue of Ethiopian politics. But more importantly, I have been thinking of the direction this blog should take now that the leaders of the pro-democracy movement are back with us.
My attempts to make EZ Post a vibrant community blog has so far been half-successful. But that is what, I have decided, the new trend should be. I challenge people in the pro-democracy camp to contribute to a civilized discourse on this blog on all issues pertinent to our country. It is better if the contributions follow the informal blog format with links and, sometimes, controversial points without the infringement of discourse ethics. I don't see why some aspects of this blog won't resemble the Guardian's famous blog Comment is Free(CiF). I am, however, instinctively resistant to imposed restrictions. I welcome contributions that do not necessarily follow the sample format.
A word of blogger wisdom: As CP Scott wrote "comment is free, but facts are sacred". So EZ Post still continues to relay the news it has been famous for.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be forgetting that there are still political prisoners and Kinijit leaders being held at Kaliti. The group charged under the folder of Kifle Tigneh are still "inside"---we should not forget them!

Anonymous said...

what about Elias Kifle who is lingering around to initiate a trouble in Kinijit?
Qulit adirgotal
This guy has to be dumped along the way.
Ofcourse everybody is free to express his own idea. The problem comes when he want to drag us in his direction.
my way or highway.
Be cool man.take time.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are SAFE. We thought you became one of our 'Debteraw' (Tsegaye). Please watchout. KEEP your self out of this daily hynas on the streets of Addis, especially arround 4 killo area. They eat every one that look Ethiopian.
Be safe.
With great LOVE,EZ

Anonymous said...

Wel Come Back
I hope you will give us up to date and reliable information as usual.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to concentrate our efforts on advocacy for justice to the 193 innocent civilians killed by the Meles regime. I believe that this should enrage us even more profoundly than the arrest of CUD leaders.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think we need to take different direction just because 38 people are released?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back country man... and still "la luta continua" We have a long road to go. Let us keep faith in the struggle and do our individual share.

Anonymous said...

I wonder you people are concerned only about 200 Kinijit prisoners? Have you ever heard that > 20,000 Oromos languish in that dirty empire for the last 16 years? For you people, it seems that only Abyssinians matter! This makes us Oromos not to be one of you! Go on till you see things will be irriversible and you leave Finfinne and Oromia towards B/Dar and Meqelle!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Buddy,
I thought you occupied Kaliti when they are relased. We highily appreciate your exciting informations when highly needed.I hope that you can update us in critical informations as you came across. About the CUD leaders, let them decide the way they want to advance democracy, if they get the space to do something there.

Anonymous said...

To the Annon above. Please do not make such hasty comments.
1. We do really are concerned about all prisoners. And the reason why most people talk all day about getting Kinjit leaders out of prison is so that these Kinjit people lead the struggle and get all political prisoners out of jail and all our citizens out of repression.
2. Oromos are Abyssinians! Do not fall for the false propaganda you have been hearing for the last 15 years.
3. Kinjit is an all Ethiopian party. Prove me wrong by concrete evidence. Do not repeat the false propaganda we are already tired of.

Anonymous said...

EZ the great! Welcome back Buddy!!

It is not even fully one month since the CUD leaders were released from Kaliti prison but the Diaspora Ethiopians lead by Andargachiew Tsigie and Elias Kiflie are restless by waging a propaganda war against the CUD leaders and their supporters.

I couldn't believe my ear - when Andargachiew called Eng. Hailu Shawel a dictator. Listen to his paltalk interview on

Althoug the CUD leadership gave a directive for all Diaspora Ethiopians who organize themselves to lead the Kinijit movement, Andargachiew refused to accept the directive and he is on his way to Dallas to make a speech behalf of Kinijit. Andargachie also rejected KIC as unacceptable. Who is he?

What a shame? Elias Kiflie has completly lost his mind. Instead of taking Shaleqa Yoseph on the alleged corruption scandal to court, he is poisnioning the Diaspora movement to the point of destruction.

I believe the KIC should be the future. If Tsigie and his group of five have a concern then they should directly address it to the CUD leaders instead of spreading false propaganda on the internet and paltalk. The KIC can be restructured.

But I don't think Tsigie should be allowed to operate in the name of Kinijit after calling our heroic leaders - dictators.

Anonymous said...

For Anon. above,

You can omment on what Andargachew or Elias are saying for the time being. But I am wondering why you forgot to raise the issue that KIC is not listening what they are told to do: to dissolve it. Unlike what you said, Andargachew group (KIL) has accepted to message and disssolved itself. Don't you think that KIC is against the decison of Eng. Hailu, chairman of CUD? Why do you think the reason be this time?

Anonymous said...

The above anon 10:03 am.

If the directive says to the KIC to dissolve (which it didn't), then I believe that is the matter to be dealt with by the CUD leaders but not by the jury of Elias Kiflie and Dawit Kebede. After all the CUD leaders have said they will appoint a team in the near future to address the issue of Diaspora conflict. Why can't they wait?

Whatever the CUD leaders decide the KIL group of six have no choice but to abide by it or else they can simply form their own party.

It is irritating the fact that Mr. Tsigie a resident of London, England with a British passport - who visited Ethiopia in the early '90s to serve the TPLF government and write a damning book which a normal human being can't possibly think of - to call our heroic leaders - dictators. It is very disheartning.

Yes we know there is a serious conflict between the KIL group of six vs the Council - but let the real leaders of the party resolve it. Cool down and wait.

Anonymous said...

Anno 10:27
Did you ever doubt that Eng is dictator. I never doubted from the beggning. And his buddies at KIC are trying to keep that. " Ke Guad Hailu Shawel Amerar Gar we defit". I think this is the slogan of KIC. KIL dissolved once a clear message comes.

Anonymous said...

To pro-KIC puppets, do you know that the so-called KIC group of courapt, immoral unreliable lead by Shalequ Yosef, Ato Mogues of Los- angeles and Ato Solomon robbed CUD supporter mainly in Washington DC area. The Auditor exposed that they have robbed about 1.2 million U.S. Dollar. So how come you people support the gangisters (KIC). in the name of kinjet. I advise people not to give thier money to KIC unless we get our money back; I know the case is under investigation by IRS, U.S. Federal government. I hope Our leaders CUD will know every thing when they arrive in DC; keep yourself updated.
Ewnetu yewtal

Anonymous said...

To anon 10:27 above

I hope you are an Ethiopian who can read Amharic very well. The letter (directive) doesn't mention KIL or KIC. But it says to all groups organized with the name of KINIJIT. Don't you think this includes KIC also? I may not spent time arguing with you about the crystal clear issues around KIC.

Whether you like it or not Andargachew and his co who are against the Shaleqa groups are full of energies and new ideas about how to lead this nation to the future. I don't think Andargachew should be blamed for serving the country in the early periods of EPRDF regim. They were fighting together against Derg. Don't forget that many CUD members including Dr. Berhanu fought together with the individuals of the present government for the same idea. What is important is after Andargachew identified the problem, he did not allow them to use him for the objective he does not believe. I think this will make him a hero.

Bye the way, if some one is acting like a dictator in CUD, he should be told, who ever he is. I believe all the members of CUD believe in this. We are hoping to create the most democratic political party and one should not be afraid of such things. Otherwise, where is the democracy? This is the main reason that CUD has millions of followers.

Anonymous said...


Here we go again - name calling the KIL way. I am not a puppet and I am loyal to no body but to the CUD leaders. And who are you? The owner of CUD?

I don't want to get into your dirty Diaspora squabble (and I don't want the CUD leaders to get into this). If you have an issue (corruption) with Shaleqa Yoseph then please settle it in the US court instead of spreading a divisive propaganda over the internet. You said the case is under investigation by the US government then wait until it is proven by court. Cool down.

This is the replica of 2005 - June where Elias Kiflie of ER teamed up with Lidetu Ayalew to spread a false propagada against Dr. Berhanu Nega.

KIC was not formed by my directives. It was formed by the CUD leaders and if you have a concern about KIC then the CUD leaders are the right people to address it but I don't think the internet do you any good except distrorting the image of Kinijit. After all we are all fighting to support them - so why don't you leave it for the real leaders to resolve it.

If you keep calling our heroes dictators - then you are crossing your boundries. In that case I strictly advise you to take your support else where.

I don't think there is an iota chance of Mr. Tsigie joining the Diaspora movement after all this nasty name calling and squabble.

Anonymous said...

To anon 11:58 am

You may have a point. When I first read the directive, I also thought it is going to apply for KIL & KIC.

But why can't we all wait for the CUD leaders to address it instead of name calling by going over the internet.

What I don't agree with you is that Mr. Tsigie does not have a right to go out in the internet and insult our leaders when ever things are not on his way.

If he doesn't like what they are doing then he can leave the party. If he is a member then the CUD have a proper channel to address this kind of issue. He is now doing what Lidetu was doing in 2005.

Anonymous said...

Who are these KIC. Self-appointed and reminants of 1970's? There is only one Kinijit i.e Kinijit in Ethiopia and supported by Ethiopians, who imprisioned, tortureed and killed back at home and not the so-called Maoists of the 1970's who live in the west and have nothing to do except sabbotaging and what not as if we are in 1970's. you people very well now who I am refering to.

Anonymous said...

To the anon above and to the many detractors of Elias Kifle:

We all were concerned with Elias’ so called expose during the early days of CUD and spring/summer of 2006, that his inflammatory comments could be used as ammunition to divide and weaken the party. We all were hoping that the internal division within CUD Diaspora is nothing more than personality clashes and generational conflicts that could be resolved in time. Now it turns out the so called division was nothing more than a mask to cover up corruption and misappropriation of funds raised by generous hard working Ethiopian men and women in the US, to help out our brothers and sisters that are directly affected by TPLF crimes. We are just learning thanks to Elias and group that we do have worse enemies than TPLF amongst us, who cheat and steal our hard earned money thus effectively killing the Kinijit movement, by depriving it future supporters.

We are glad to learn that the US authorities are investigating these two corrupt individuals and lots all hope and pray they will do some prison time longer than our heroic leaders. Thanks to the likes of Ato Elias Kifle and Ato Tesfay, these two crooks are exposed and will no longer hound current and future Ethiopian organizations. Yosef Yazew and Mogus Brook deserve our condemnation and contempt for what they did to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. These two greedy and cynical individuals used the images of our dead and the wounded brothers and sisters to pick the pockets of the Diaspora and there is no excuse for this whatsoever.

Chairman Hailu Shawl has sent a clear message to all Diaspora CUD affiliates that now they are out of prison and assuming the leadership of the CUD party, all so called representatives such as KIL and KIC need to dissolve. PERIOD! KIL members, true to their word as keepers of the faith have heeded their chairman’s order and dissolved themselves. KIC, we all know who these groupings are, still trying to morph into something that they are not, and trying to annex Hailu Shawl as their chairman (what happened to Dr. Taye?). Obviously they have a lot to hide and the only way they could obfuscate facts is by creating smoke and mirror and even try to create the appearance a nonexistent division among CUD leadership in Ethiopia and abroad;and the vilification of Andargachew Tsige fits into their scheme of things. The amazing thing is, Engineer Hailu Shawel is a very humble and unassuming individual and does not think even for a second that he is above anyone else. The KIC followers are trying to present him as nothing less than the Almighty himself and that is silly. Let’s hope the CUD delegates coming here will have the wisdom to see through these wolves and get rid of them once and for all.

Anonymous said...

guys guys ....hello .eskii teregagau.....sema beka dewelelet ende ...alabezachehutem ?
we should welcome our brother ez...habesha abero mebelat enjii abero meserat ayakebet ...eskii zim belu ...our leaders r free so
dont u think they have no idea about this diaspora mess? i hope they know what to do about it and ppl r with them so pls pls ....u guys make happy aiga( weyanes ) and hodam (hager kedetu)
any ways ...ez how u been man ? glad to c u back ....

Anonymous said...

Ez glad u are back!! Can you enlighten as the economic debelopment by province? for ex. Gojjam is not whole amara? adama is not all oromo. We would like to have a grip in terms of progress!! We know tigray, homeland of the prime misery of ethiopia gets a lion share. Not surprised the pm is using the concept of build and construct manthara as a foreign occupier does. It is a proven way! Nazis did!!Enligten us ! where is the beef????

Anonymous said...

For anon 12:21 one more time,

"Majority rule" and accountability are corner stones for CUD. So, I don't see any problem if Andargachew questioned the decision of Eng. Hailu (if at all the letter was signed by him, I personally don't belive until I hear from him). This is very healthy to establish a democratic party. We all love and respect the chairman; I am sure Andargachew also do the same.

I was in Ethiopia during the election time and I was arguing with myself how can CUD leaders are so frank and tell every thing to the media until I understand it. To establish a democratic society every thing has to be open to the public. It is up to us to decide based on the info.

As you and me don't agree on the message of one letter, what is unique about if Andargachew questioned the decision of the chairman . He is a human being but more importantly, he is in line with the rules and regulations of CUD. I am happy about it to make his feelings open for the public.

My friend, I don't want to talk about Lidetu (Kihdetu) now, but he and Andargachew are very different persons. Andargachew is a kind of person very important to make changes in the party and the EPRDF people knows his strengh and they are running here and there to ruin his name. I hoping you are not one of them.

Anonymous said...


Welcome back dear. On my part, the entire Ethiopian population within the country is in prison, under tyranny.

To those Wogenoche fighting on KIL/KIC: Wudoche! our struggle needs both sides. Let alone those courageous Ethiopians of KIL/KIC, I say we should be open enough to accommodate Woyanne supporters except those have blood on their hands. Just humble, brotherly opinion and stand to be corrected too.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the CUD leaders will ever allow Mr. Tsigie to damage their party's image by letting him join the KIC. He is on a rampage because he was left out to dry. Today he is calling CUD a collective of dictators. Tomorrow he may sign in with his old friend Zenawi. He is another Lidetu. At least Lidetu in Ethiopia & has his own party. Tsigie has nothing except his sharp tongue.

Anonymous said...

EZ welcome back.

Anonymous said...

My Dear brother EZ
I don't know how I felt when I saw you come again
It is a great news to me personally...
I will participate atleast by reading what is said in your blog
I have wish I could say a lot about my idea regarding Ethio politics
My english is poor and I am not politically matured to speak about..
But you people will hopefully enlighten us with concret information and analysis
No hate politics no more! please

EZ I am very happy to see you again

God bless you