Saturday, August 25, 2007

Homage to Andargachew Tsgie

In Ethiopian politics it is often a rule that the best, the brightest and the dedicated would end up humiliated and indignified. After the imprisonment of Kinijit leaders, I know none-none at all- who has worked so tirelessly for justice, democracy and freedom in Ethiopia as Andargachew Tsgie. His stature, name and love among the kinijit activists at home is testimony to his works. It is unfortunate that such a hero is the number one target of the smear campaign in Ethiopian chat rooms and blogs - and all that from within the party.
All Ethiopian writers of EZ Post(EZ, Meqdela, Roha and Tis Abay) say...Hey man, Thanks for what you have done. We would certainly like to have coffee with you in a free Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

Why lie!

Most of Ethiopians knows Andargachew while he was working with weyane. We didn't even know that he is CUD. Is he CUD?

He is more

Anonymous said...

Is that the anwer from the Eethio-Zgol? What do you mean by siaing he is more?
Did you mean he is more than CUD?
We ethiopians in diaspora knows him as a divider and x-weyane period.
thank you!

Anonymous said...

well you are right, I met Andergachew for the first time in British famous Parilament to lobby the members of parliment(MP) to request Tony Bliar's government to stop its support to Meles and urge EPRDF to release the CUDleaders and respect human right.

It was cold freezing day, probably nearly 50 people in that freezing Brtish winter time.

Andergachew was firm, principled, very articulate and intelligent man. He was the one who speaks with our constituients MP in very intelligent way that the MPs can understand. I was impressed by his dedication when it things seems frustarting.

He is bit distant and cold when you approach him but very well mannered and hard working. I thought at that time this man is real poltcian and probably he can be one of the good leaders CUD can contribute to Ethiopia. Bear in mind at that time there wasn't KIL.

He is also wrote a book probably one of the first in amharic in self and others critcism and very accurate analysis of Ethiopian student struggle since 1950's.

I think he is very dedicated man, unfortunately some of the North America CUD "polticians" couldn't work with him and wasted thier time in accusing him instead of the real weyane.

Thank you for what you done Andergachew

Anonymous said...

Ye hagere sew siterit
" F.... Yalebet zilay aychilim yelal " huletachu kene befit comment yesetachihutin new le malet yeflekut !!!! Andargachew ye ethiopia yekurt ken lij new esti lekeki adrigut
viva CUD tigilu yeketilal

Anonymous said...

those who are killing their time accusing Andargachew,... yea, I take them as the prior reciepients of our saying...'sira kemifeta, lijen lafata'. Let they push their routine. It is the only task they have to accomplish. Nothing else, nothing more. Let they gossip while the flag of the CUD is flying high in the sky of Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

I can only say as a member of the new young generation .. thankkkkkkk you ato Andargachew for your transparent preparation of kinijit support groups in diaspora...i know you have a huge wish to go back to the dimocratic emama ethiopia and i say , i am 100% sure you bring all of us who wish to be old and end to emama ethiopia back ...your hard work in last time shows us that we definitive believe in you
yeweledechih enateh tekurabih ato andargachew!!!!

Anonymous said...

EZ---you touched upon a very important issue. I am almost converting to believe that it is some disease residing in our psyche which goads us to go after anyone who tends to excel in some enterprise which we consider to be our private turf. As far as I know Andargatchew has committed himself wholly over the last two years to the cause of CUD and he deserves to be thanked and encouraged. You rarely find such qualities of perseverance and endurance amongst Ethiopian politicians and intellectuals. Some write articles if their mood is right when they jump out of bed in the morning or get enervated by an argument with a Woyanne supporter over a beer counter. But, taking a focussed direction--the writing organising and campaigning as one's duty--- I bet the full time paid employees of political organisations themselves wouldn't come closer within the miles of Andargachew's efforts. Even if we disagree about the politics--as I may have mine, this quality itself should have been encouraged and showered with accolade.

I was dismayed to listen to Merchaw Seneshaw's incoherent demagoguey directed against Andargachew over a strand of an argument taken out of context from a book he wrote 12 odd years ago. As I said above, it is because of the "disease in us" that such comments get attention and provoke a comment from more sober minds like EZ. Had ours been a bit saner society, the views of Merchaw Seneshaw's type should have disappeared into the vacuum before the broadcaster gets off the air.

Anonymous said...

we do not have many people as deciplined, hardworking and firm as Andargachew. I think we should commend him all for the job well done and be on his side to continue the good work

Anonymous said...

I think Andargachew is a good actor he made us belive he stood with us as Ledtu did and I find him more dangeress.
ethio-Zagol is campaing to revive the TPlF agent. As far as I know ez belong to Andarg.. and don't pretend we know it is you. if you are taking a servey to see how many of us you can still full cont me out.

Anonymous said...

Ato Andargachew!

Shame on you, ye amaraw tigel yet derso new degmo kinijit lemkfafel defa kena yemtlew,


Anonymous said...

No wonder someone a few posts ago said you lost the "appeal".

Look, first you tell us what CUD should be doing, now you are telling us that Andargachew is good for us.

who appointed you to be the conscious and mentor of us and CUD, anyways.

Just because you have contact doesn't mean you know it all. Why don't you just shut up and report what ever your contacts are telling you. We can think. And we can judge ourselves what is good or bad, and what we should be doing next.

If you want to be the mouthpeice of one dumb tongue-tied opportunist, go ahead. But don't try to influence us. Some of us know him better than you do.

I don't even understand why you have this hankering for something controversial. You used to be all about informing us, but now you are all about influencing us.

I am repeating myself here, but I got to tell you this one more time, your blog is popular not because of your "intelligence", but because of your "sources".

Learn the difference.

Anonymous said...

andargachewu is a hero?????????????
whaaaaaat?? hahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!

he is the traitor inside kinijit, just like lidetu ayalewu was!!!! wey gud!!! lekas seminawork woyane newu!!!! hahahaha!!!!

Mr. Andaergachew spent most of his life serving Woyane, no you claim he is Ethiopia's hero???


thank you for exposing yourself ETHIO-ZAGOL!!!

Anonymous said...

EZ whatever is said about Andargachew is simply none-sense, its all an ego and short-sighted friction. He is a hero and the true Ethiopians are in millions to rally behind him and his likes, whatever moves are done we are with him.

Anonymous said...

Andargachew is our modern man! I respect and admire his firm stand for democracy. Those bands can keep on trying to destract his attention but that can only add his followers and his popularity among ethiopian around the world.
Thank You Ato Andargachew for your honesty.

Anonymous said...

Andargachew is really a man who has to be protected from expired politicians !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Andargachew - just keep up your good work!

Those hate mongers and rock heads will do whatever they want to demoralize you. However, those peace loving people pray, protect and support you to bring everlasting equality, peace and democracy in Ethiopia.God bless you, Ethiopians and Ethiopia!

Anonymous said...

It is not a surprise that some are trying to devide Kinijit International. Woyanne will do anything to weaken its enemy.

Be aware of Shaleka, Dr Bezabeh and Dr Taye's camp. Ethiopians know the truth and if you don't yet, We will all find out when our leaders arrive in the States.

Andargachew will prevail so as the truth. God Bless Ethiopia and thank you Ethio Zagol.

Anonymous said...

All this blow comes from EPRP.I am too young to comment on EPRP past deeds.Now looking at pro EPRP website; I would say EPRP is like "yemender muaretenga Arogit" who is at the verge of the logo in the official website says "Man yawura; yenebere"
They are busy to insult and criticize any activities of opposition camp. But When some success is gained in the oppsition camp, she claims the credit as front liner. CHAUVINIST!

When someone criticizes her;she came out with all her old litters & backfire with all her energy.
According to EPRP no one knows politics except in west or east,EPRP has the crystal ball to solve the problem of ethiopia,and the world.(Le`teqemete semay qirbu newu)
Looking at her defunct leaders , Addisu Legesse, Tefera walwa,berket simon,One can easily judge the profile of EPRP.
As conclusion EPRP is a cancer to ethiopian struggle.
Long live CUD

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

I hope you are not Andargachiew himself or his close confidient.

Oh No! Please stop this BS. During the Diaspora crissis you have been throwing your dirty comment against the others in favor of him. And then when the truth started to come out in a bunch,a couple of days before you posted another piece in the form of directives to the CUD leaders. That is right after praising the doma ras Woyannie Samuel Assefa. Who the hell do you think you are? For whom are you working for?

In the early '90s Tsigie was a memeber of the EPDRF Amhara wing working closely with the likes of Bereket Simon, Tecola Hagos, Tamrat Laynie and Addisu Legesse. Oh yes he was appointed deputy mayor of Addis. We have a photograph of Tsigie attending numerous party's with Zenawi. We have an audio of Tsigie making fun of the late Asrat w/s in front of the TPLF gangs at the same period of time. Above all we have copy of a divisive book called: "Ye Amhara Hizibi Keyet wed Yet" written as a present for Melese Zenawi. No normal humanbeing specially of an Ethiopian will ever right such fabriction and divisive book. So I don't think you know what you are talking about.

In 2005 the Diaspora movement was in good shape. But ever since he surfaced on the Diaspora movement, we have division and a serious problem. Why?

The CUD knows how to handle the Andargachiew file. Just leave it for them. If they let Tsigie remain in the movement then they will have endless problems that will be financed by the TPLF.

They just have to get rid off him.

Stop your non-sense.

Anonymous said...

I am not poletical supporter of Andargachew. I am also against Ethiopian UNITY he preaches. I am sceptical concerning the motive of CUD. But I just want to say Andargachew is the brain and talent this organization does have. It is clear: "nebiyyi be-aageruu ayikebberim". You Stu'pid Abeshas just don't know your asset. Rather you want to admire the qefoo-raas people you just want to lead you!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Freedom loving Ethiopians in diaspora,

Why have a division when we are going to start the next chapter? Our unity is more important than our division over Andargachew Tsege. Our true leaders are out of prison thanks to Ethiopians in diaspora who were determined to move forward. Currently Kinijit International is disolved. The leaders in Ethiopia have assigned an ad hoc cometee to organize their travels in the United States. A new party structure will be set up while our leaders are with us. Further investigations on individials who have mismanged the funds will be conducted by the United States Government. Ethiopians Unite.

Anonymous said...

TPLF is the best medicin to Ethiopians, we now know that we are the enemy of our own people. How can we allow TPLF to create a fabrication and separet us like that? Andargachew Tsige is a TPLF SPY who has been working with CIA to help save Meles and TPLF from crumbling. Thanks to him the momentum of our struggle has lost the necessary force to give it the necessary push to overthrow TPLF and their Ethnocentric ruling.

Andargachew was enjoying plane trips and luxury hotel stays paid by CIA in order to convince the Ethiopian people everywhere that we have to go for peaceful struggle instead of fighting fire with fire, his aim was pretending to be working for Ethiopia and at the same time working for WEYANE and he managed to successed in doing so, right after the CUDP leaders were released CIA and all the TPLF websites including EZ went on the offessive to undermine Yoseph Gzaw, who is the True-Ethiopian fighting for Ethiopia.

We know Andargachew was told to let go the power vested on him in the name of CUDP, and he refused, while all other CUD party wings assured the main leader of the party (Eng. Hailu Shoal) that they are putting down their guard for returning all power to Hailu, only Andargachew and Behane Mewa refused to do so. WHY???

Now The CUDP representatives are trying to come to the US to give a briefing, and they are going thru many scrutny and all kinds of gag-order. Even if they come to the US they are told not to say many things, don't expect they will say anything more than they have been saying. TPLF is sending some spies along the group to come to US.

EZ, Ethiopian Review, and other CIA financed websites are working hard to save Andargachew's name in order to bring him deep into our party and be a TPLF informant, Andargachew is a TPLF INFORMANT!!!

Anonymous said...


Andargachiew is a TPLF spy. Pure and simple.

The new comers, the Tsigie group said Shaleqa (a long time contributor of the struggle - finicially and morally) has stolen 1 milloin dollars. According to them the case is at the court of justice. If what they said is correct, then why can't they wait until the court prove him guilty? No they can't wait, because this is the hottest strategy of the TPLF - they demoralize their opponents by talking about corruption. For example when they talk about Shaleqa as a corrupt leader, it doesn't mean that the community will run to the Tsigie group with their money. Instead they stop all together supporting the struggle. Alas! that is what the Tsigie's group mission is. Tsigie, ER and EMF are well aware of this and they are doing it to kill the struggle.

I don't think we in the Diaspora and the CUD leaders can afford wasting too much time and money talking about Mr. Tsigie.

Grab him by the neck and throw him out of the struggle. And then we will have peace.

He is a TPLF mole.

Anonymous said...

keep your eyes on the Ball. Don't let EZ confuse you once again. There is a force somewhere that is trying to delay the planned visit by Kinijit leaders in Addis. The State Department is playing a ctrutial roll in it too. Our question is why? Is the truth about to come out? Will we finally find out who these different actors are starting at Shaleka Yoseph, Berhane Mewa, Andargachew Tsege, Dr Bezabeh and more? Keep your eyes on the ball. Don't let some distract you.

Anonymous said...

Most of the negative postings against the modest Andargachew Tsege are the work of the new committee setup by the Shalekas group. These visionless individuals have intensified their negative campaign by bombarding the blogs and the airwave of Ethiopia and the Diaspora with untrue and recycled propaganda that we heard three years ago. Their strategy is to expedite Andargachews' pitfall with CUD leaders.
One of these self appointed cadres of the smear campaign is a none Kinijit member and an armed struggle advocate whose primary interest is to wipe out any Ethiopian political organizations with non-violent struggle advocacy. This little man from Nashville, Tsehay Demeke, is known in the EEDN community as a division architect and lately he is working hard to gain status in the closed circle of Shaleka Yosef friends. He has appointed himself to lead the negative campaign on former KIL members in support of the Shaleka group to foster division inside Kinijit Ethiopia. Tsehay was never seen around Kinijit prior to the division in the Diaspora.

Anonymous said...

Kinijit international is desolved by Eng. Hailu Shawel, period. Let us wait until a new leader is voted in.

Anonymous said...

EZ a.k.a Seminwork a.k.a Andargachew Tsige, a.k.a. yeTefera Walwa, yeBereket Simon, yeBerhanu Nega conspiracy Dimtse,

Why didn't you post my earlier comment? yeCensorship bad habbit aleq alachihu ende? or is it because I post gudachihun yemiawetawn link Anyway I don't except anything more from the Lisan of the Special Advisor (Bereket).

Any who "Egnam Neqitenal Gudguad Misenal". Go and eat another Farra.

Neqie ende Assefu Debalqie

P.S. Don't think we don't know about your other woyane mole Yared Tibebu. Aye yeDiro Aradoch

Anonymous said...

Come on, all the woyane et al. EPRP and the newly belly minded people like Tsehay demekde (refer above anonym) seem to run around internet cafe with the money that we contributed and is now in the bank account of Shaleqa. You better go and give your mind to think about all evils in your mind. A devil can write 1000 comments but can never change the truth and the fact telling EZ's pride.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ethio-Zagol,

I completely agree with you idea. Andarigachew Tsigie is someone who should be honored. He has contributed a lot to the struggle for democracy.

Andarigachew....I am one of yoru admirers....keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

IS Ethio-Zagol Andargachiew ?????????????????????

Andargachew was woyane's condom before and he is still woyane's condom + secret agent.

Definition of Woyane Secret Agent:

A woyane secret agent is a person that is brainwashed by woyane philosophy completely and has worked/hopes to work for woyane. The first stage of a secret agent is to be fired by Woyane. The second stage is to attract woyane's enemies and reach the top level of the anti-woyane movement like Kinijit, UEDF, EPRP etc. Then his/her job is to wait and stay a powerful anti-woyane figure until the anti-woyane movement gets too powerful. During very important periods or when the anti-woyane movement is VERY CLOSE to getting victory, the NUMBER ONE job of the woyane secret agent is to use his/her power to divide and destory the anti-woyane movement.


1- Lidetu ayalew (became very powerful anti-woyane figure but used his power to break the anti-woyane movement like CUD when woyane almost lost)

2- Elias kifle (helped lidetu ayalew for many years and defended lidetu to rise high in his woyane-agent position inside CUD; at this time elias kifle is promoting a new woyane-agent named andargachew because lidetu's job is already finished.)

3- Andargachew (currently has high position inside anti-woyane movement; he is getting promoted by elias kifle and ethio-zagol, the secret pro-woyane promoters controlling our media)

Anonymous said...

You are right EZ. Thank you Andargachew.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news @

Anonymous said...

We Ethiopians have a tendency to go after people who we envy. People go after Andargachew because they can't handle him. They can't match his political skill and ability. The sheleka gang and others get intmedated around him. I have seen them lose words of what to say. He is what we got. Bravo Andi! you got the nuts twisted up in their back yard.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! Andy the sleek is one shrewd woyanne agent that had infltrated Knijit. This dude had worked with TPLF since he went to Assimba to join EPRP's armed wing and took a detour. Even after he left Tigray and went to Sudan, he was their agent. He went on to London and he stayed their agent. For his continued service, he was called to be Addis' deputy mayor when they took over the city.

He quarreled with them, when they didn't give him the power he craved. That family quarrel has been mended since he was appointed to be a mole within Knjit.

EZ, what's your role in all of this?

I invite you all to watch sleek Andy interview and watch him do his slippery thingy @

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: The breaking news is @

Anonymous said...

I can only agree with EZ. Andargachew is one of the brilliant men in CUD, who is struggling against any form of undemocratic culture even if it is within the party. Many CUD supporters doesn't understand the central idea of CUD. Most of them are simply AGAINST woyanee and doesn't understand the subtlety of creating a democratic culture which starts from within the party itself. It think Andargachew, as few of CUD supporters, understand that it is almost impossible to a party to bring democracy in a country, while it doesn't practice democratic principles as its core culture. I can only join EZ and thank Andargachew for his insight and commitment. He is one of the few political architects with a far sighted understanding, who are badly needed in these days. Blind haters with no clue about democracy are not the answer.

Anonymous said...

Weine Emama Ethiopia you ended up being a ball for WEYANE HOOLIGANS, I am so sorry this happened to a country that is so rich in resources and history. Wei Gud, Min Yibalal backahcu, yemiasazen gudai ecko ew.

I am so dissapointed over EZ and ER, twoof the most attractive websites were found to be TPLF finaced, this is indeed a tragedy. I use to see some people calling EZ (Zagoleye, Zagoliyiye) What a tragedy. Do you guys know that ER owner (Elias Kifle) is the owner of EZ?

Anonymous said...

Ato Andargachew a man of new vision at the right time! learned from his mistake and move forward while most of those critsise him stuck in there own destructive idiology. Now they are so jelouse of him they are busy of organising campign to try and isolate him. There behviour back fire Ato Andargachew become more popular by the day and he deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Andargachew is a man of principle. While the moron chuvinists that have incircled Shaleka Yosef have no strategy or brain to solve an 'Eder' problem not alone Ethiopias' problem.

Anonymous said...

KIC is a complete shame to CUD. I wonder if I (for that matter many Ethiopians) will ever support CUD if they KIC keep on making non sense smear campaign. Tsige is a politician , the KIC are ye " Kebele" chairman.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Andargachew. God Bless you. You have spoken for the poor farmers in that country. You have seen them at their worst hour and you never forgot them.
Thank you for exposing these AEUP hipocrites and Dergists who will speak to no end about democracy and freedom, not knowing that the right to live is the number one freedom the number one right.
Tell your friend Berhanu Nega to remember the farmers that saved his life and stand up to the AEUP hate politics.
Tell these Mengistu children that Tigre is not an alien from the Northern mountains.
You have earned my respect and others to praise or criticize ideas as you see them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:02,

Tsigie is a poltician hatched in the incubator of the TPLF. A sick man who singled out a single tribe and break it down in to so many pieces crowning one as the king, the others as a soldier and pop so that the TPLF gangs can play with it on their chess board.

Dr. Taye is a proven Ethiopian who will never sale Ethiopia and its interest to her enemy. 6 years of prison and a loss of a close associate to a TPLF bullet has never break down the will and detrmination of Taye.

If you have the brain then go figure who is the Kebele chairman. I will tell you the answer since you are brain dead: It is the opportunist and former TPLF memeber Andargachiew Tsigie. Who has been partying at the Arat kilo palace at the expense of the "Amhara Hizib". Taye will never ever do that. He knows the TPLF. He hated the TPLF as the Lion hates the Hyena. You must be a moron to compare Taye with Andy.

Anonymous said...

Andargachew and EZ
Smear campaigen has become an Ethiopian political culture since The Revolution.Thirty three years after we are witnessing the same mistake.Most probably with the leadership of the same old guard? I did not have the opportunity to meet Andargachew,but I have follwed his political campaingns for the last two years and have read his book.He is simply one of the best democrat politicians the country has produced.Do you want to destroy him as you did the best sons and daughters of Ethiopia in the ninteen seventies? Go ahead and do it and complete your vicious circle

Anonymous said...

Ato Andargachew!!! woow what a name agreed with his action. He is the man to unite Ethiopian and expose evils those work day and night for their own ego in the name of Democracy.We are proud of Ato Andargachew Ato unity and shame on the likes of gudu taye

Anonymous said...

Are you still talking about the dead fish Andargachew (Betnachew)??? You must be retarted or something! He has already congragulated himself for dividing kinjit diaspora and gone with his so called KIL. We have said Goodbye for ever. Thanks lord !
It seems that some of you are hynotized by him, come on guies week up and do some research on him , "Betnachew keyte wode yet".
Ones woyne always woyne.
I hope and wish for the coming new year Ethiopia will get read of hodme woynewoche like yourself EZ and your friends Betnachew, Berhane Mewa, Elias ,Dawit, Kedtu, Selmone hodmu and all woyne co-operatives.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

Yes Andargachew Tsgie is not a seasoned politician. His leadership in KIL for the last two years was significant. Angargachew has a clear idea on what he is doing. He is practical, hard worker and knows well the ins and out of Ethiopian politics. This man can beter understand the right way to go forward. True he has some "confused enemies", but he has millions of friends who love and respect him. The smear campaign waged against him will not hold water. Those who are againt him do have no clear vision on how to wage the struggle for freedom. They are so called po...scientists who are always keen to talk a lot rather than doing some thing concret. Thank you Andargachew for your unwavering stand against tyranny. Please keep up the good job.

Anonymous said...

Although Andergachew's sister is married to the EPRDF official, Tefera Walwa, who is Capacity Minister in today's Ethiopia, I think he has done a decent job for Kinijit.

Thus, I think he has played more of a constructive role in building Kinjit than the Shaleka group.

However, I have my reservations about Andargachew as he has a very close relationship to a number of EPRDF officials.

Despite, my reservation of Andergachew, I prefer him than the Shaleka group who has not done a single task in terms of promoting CUD's platform and campaign to get the CUD leaders released by contacting US and European officials.

Thank you for your attention.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Andargachew Interview with ETN: his first degree was in Humnaity.hmmmmmmm no wonder he is so polite loving and respectful even to his critics

Anonymous said...

I had not known Andargachew that much until I saw his interview with ETN. He is a very articulate and level-headed person who can be a good leader.

However, he can have an uphill struggle to unite all factions within Kinjit which are now polarized -- thanks to some individuals or groups who don't seem to want to see a united front against Meles Zenawi. Just look at the comments in this forum.

The only problem Andargachew might have is if he too is prejudiced against other members of Diaspora Kinijit such as Dr. Taye, Shaleqa Yosef and others. He can overcome these problems and can work for the unity of all Ethiopians if he agrees to sit down with the Shaleqa group and discuss the problems and try to find a solution for the good of all.

Anonymous said...

About Tsehay Demeke,

Oh yes I know the back ground of this guy who early on started EEDN. He is a son of a late feudal lord from Sidamo. His primary mission after the collapse of the derg was the re-institution of the Neftegna system under the cover of "AND Ethiopia". He had been working day nad night to effect that change through manipulation of the the Ethiopian discourse. It should be remembered that there are people waiting for his kind of philosophy to take hold. When he sees his plan crumbling becvause Ethiopia needs to come to compromises amonmg its stake holders he creates all hurdles. Let the truth be known. People like him and organizations that spouse people like him will not succeed at the end. I think you are right on this EZ.

Anonymous said...

Old habit die hard! Not only in politics but also in other deciplines, it is difficult to accept "change". Those people who open their heart for new ideas and want to impliment it are very few. That is why it becomes so hard to accept Andy by some people and the Shaleqa group who are now working hard against him to coverup thier problem. He is a new breed Ethiopian politician with new ideas based on his expereince. He trusted people and respect for what they stand for.It's his wise decison to join EPRDF at start since he trusted what they are telling all Ethiopians that "they stand for - equality, accountability, ......). It was the 1997 election campain that opend most people's mind and exposes EPRDF's politcs. However, Andy was a single person who said "no to the dictatorial rule of EPRDF" and all of us should be very proud of him. Let us open our mind for new ideas and change. All what has been done by previous politicians did not not bring the change we are dreaming about. Have you noticed that EPRDF is still implementing all the plans of Derge?

Andy, I am very proud of you and there are many people with you to bring the change in our country.

Anonymous said...

what made you think it's time to talk about BandaArgachewu's hemorrhoids publicly? It isn't like we can cure him. His doomed!

Anonymous said...

After watching Andargchew Tsege's interview on Ethiopian Television Network (, I commend him for his honesty in sharing his views on Ethiopian politics. Personaly, I find him very credible and a person who has grown from the time he was a student to his current political position in Kinijit as well as Kinijit International (recently disolved). As mentioned on pervious comments, some have doughts about his commitment to Kinijit. I am convinced that his political stand is the same with the majority of Ethiopians in and out side our country. I would rather support Andargachew who is positive and has shown maturity than the once that are negative and always try to divide us than unite all Ethiopian. I recommend that everyone watch the 3 part interview on

Andargachew we are behind you and I thank you for all your hard work in orgainzing Ethiopians in dispora and most of all for the litretures and interviews on behalf of Kinijit.

Anonymous said...

Those who try to devide us are the once we have to watch out for. Unity is what will disolve EPRDF. The worst nightmare for Meles is when Gurage, Tegre, Oromo, Amarah, Afar, Gambella and all the rest are united. We are on our way to that. Maybe we can free ourselves sooner than later.

I support Andargachew Tsege and Kinijit.

Kinijit menfes new.

Anonymous said...

Please watch Andargachew Tsege's ETN interview before making any judgment.

To have an educated dialoge,one must know all point of views. As I read the comments above me, I wonder how many know who Andargachew Tsege is? I bet they will know him more when they here from him. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ! You are always the best!
Regarding Andargachew (KIL vs Sahleqa ):

I have to tell you EZ, I was really sore and still am, with these two groups, for ruining the Diaspora movement/unity for the last year and half. We still have no clues (money?) as to why they were fighting against each other and dividing the Diaspora into two camps, while swearing in the same Kinijit manifesto and pledging allegiance to the same group of prisoners in Kaliti. I am still mad that these two groupings couldn’t summon enough wisdom and patriotism in them to resolve their differences and work together.

In the name of open disclosure, I have never met Andargachew Tsige, he is not a relative and didn’t even knew he existed before 2005. Now that said, if we have to choose the lesser of two evils, I think the Andargachew group wins hands down, and this is why:

1. While the dimwitted ShaleQa group was playing the casino game by moving funds from one bank account to another, Andargachew and co. was hard at work defending the cause of Kinijit in worldwide forums, like the EU, UK Parliament, BBC, DW radio etc.

2. While the retarded ShaleQa group was busy registering the Kinjit name and logo as a private trademark, Andargachew and Co. was busy building Kinijit Support Groups the world over, like in Europe, Canada, Australia, US, Africa etc.

3. While the senile and corrupt Moges Brook (L.A.), the behind the scene mentor and sponsor of ShaleQa, was holding the Kinijit website hostage, Andargachew and Co. was building state of the art website to inform and server Kinjit Supporters worldwide.

4. When the eminent release of the Kaliti prisoners was being announced on all respectable media outlets, from BBC to Zagol, the dingbat ShaleQa group came up with the brilliant idea of KIC, to further confuse and divide Ethiopians using the same old trick, ‘The Letter from Kaliti’.

5. At the release of the Kinjit leaders, the Andargachew group (KIL) immediately dissolved itself, handing power over to the elected leaders, and the hypocrites in the SaheleQa group are still trying to keep KIC with the help of life support; and this despite the expressed order of Chairman Hailu Shawl, to cease and desist.

I am glad that the Kinijit delegation to the US, lead by Chairman HAilu Shawl, has chosen a neutral group of respected Ethiopians to facilitate their visit, thus effectively reuniting the CUD grassroots with a single bold stroke.

Viva Kinijit!

Ethiopia will survive TPLF!

Anonymous said...

To Shaleka Yoseph, Dr Bezabeh and Dr Taye,

I am not sure if you have heard us yet, Kinijit International is no longer with us. You guys should return to your private lives ASAP. Our leaders are free.

Andargachew knows that the truth will prevail. EZ keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Shaleka group don’t jump here and their. Associating Andargachew with EPRDF doesn’t work. Common sense is enough to evaluate who is Andargachew.We know EPRDF they always try attract the likes of Andargachew to work with them in Ethiopia. In addition if Andargachew is working for EPRDF for money, he would be benefited much if he work officially in the EPRDF. We know EPRDF ministers are Millioners. Especially in the Amhara side EPRDF has no any person who has good convincing skill.

I couldn’t understand the aims of the Shaleka group after all if our leaders accepted Andargachew as an innocent person we should support him. Kinijit should be proud having the likes of Addagachew. Disciplined, very informative consistent.

Shaleka group why you wasting much of your time by insulting others. Your Andnet Radio full time job is insult, blackmailing. Shame on you! We are fade up of such irritation things from Derg and EPRDF.

Bravo Andy,

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

Thank you for your nice analysis. I love it!! For those of us who live in the diaspora the last two years were very trying years. KIL group honestly allied with the prodemocracy movement and were the backbone of the struggle for democracy. They worked hard. Thus KIL has passed the tough and rough exam with a big "A", while the shaleka & Taye group did not appear at the examnation hall at the right time, so their name is already discarded. I want to tell Shaleka & Taye that please leave us alone, the diaspora prodemocracy movement.
We don't need you anymore. You are already out of the game and had failed miserably to appear at the tough and rough exam. You were not doing your home work on tiem. God bless Ethiopia
Shame on Shaleka & Taye group.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


Are you an undercover for CIA too?

Anonymous said...

People please stop it.
Those of us who are not taking sides in this 'infighting', but love our country and do support the opposition struggle should have a say in this as well!

I think supporters of either group are NOT helping the struggle one bit. What you are doing is actually fueling the differences between different outlooks and/or groups of people who see the path of the struggle through their own lenses.

IMHO, the honarable thing to do is to bring about a process by which both sides heal the wounds inflicted so far; and not add fuel to the fire by injecting the division to be even more potent than it already is.

These childish exchanges of "my group is better than your group" or "Individual x is more trustworthy than individual y" mentality will only benefit the enemy -- the traitor woyannes and their cadres who frequent our sites!

I think the best route to achieve a lasting resolution is for both sides NOT TO ANTAGONIZE the other. This issue/problem will hopefully cease to exist when our leaders come here.

In the meantime, the best we can do is stop the 'animosity' and explore positive ways of getting us closer to our goal of achieving victory over the TPLF regime aka enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet.

The spirit of CUDP will reign supreme!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oromoia police coomissioner Demelash Gebremichael woldeyes is the tigrigna speaking family.They appointed him as Oromigna speaking family to camouflage and siguise the people.

Anonymous said...

EZ what's going on? You did not post what I wrote.
I said I am writing from Addis. Is that the reason that I was denied the privilage of expressing my opinion.
EZ this is a double standard!

Anonymous said...

To the anon above,

I don't think it is EZ's fault. It has happened to me too. What you need to do is before your click on "publish your comment", click on "preview". When you do that, it asks you to put the "word verification" for the second time.

After you did that you still need to click on "preview" before you click on "publish your comment".

Right now that is what I am going to do.

I hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

About Tsehay Demeke,

Well, some one told me that my
name is mentioned in a tabloid
communique. Here is my brief

I am Tsehay Demeke the son of a proud neftegna.

I am proud of my father, who,
defended the mother land from fascist Italy at the southern front. The children of shumbash, buluqbash and munTaz may not appreciate what the likes of my father did. The lesson that I learned from my father is to be forthright and to stand up for the

Only cowards hide behind screen name and ride their Trojan horse.

The struggle continues ....

now you may go back to your fruitful discussion ..

Tsehay Demeke

Anonymous said...

Andargachew is Weyane to the bone His sister who helped him to leave Addis Ababa during the election GIRGIR is married to Weyanew Tefera Walwa (the TPLF elite). He doesn't have the credentials to be glorified as an Ethiopian hero. If you applaud an ex-TPLF this way, I wonder what you'll be nominating our elected leaders for. If you dont know much about Andargachew Tsegie, please take a trip to London and you'll get more than you bargained for.

Anonymous said...


Few comment my country men

Are we following people or are we following ideas and principles?

Are we looking for people talk or people walk of life ?

Are we still locked in friendship and loyalities or are we thinking out of the box.

Questions to be asked.

1.Did Andargachew appologize for hid bed relationship with TPLF in the past?

2.Did he exaplined how he get out of EThiopia while others are put to jail ?

3.What was his dream when he establish kinijit international leadership?

4.Last but not least why he refused to work with others and refuse all the mediation effort?