Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kinijit's Humanism and the Homeless People

The AP reported that homeless Ethiopians on the streets of Addis Ababa will be moved from the capital. This is surely a forced removal. They did it during the AU summit five years ago.
One of Kinijit's plans during the election was to establish feeding and housing centers for homeless people in Addis Ababa. According to the plan, the centers would only give very limited service to the homeless to reduce incentives for rural-Addis Ababa migration. Homeless people who beg and live in the streets would be forced off the streets and live in the centers. The plan didn't see the light of the day because there were moral, political and economic worries about it within the party. That, I think, more than anything else(ideology including) represents the difference between Kinijit and the EPRDF. Kinijit's promise is its humanism. The EPRDF stands just for power - Power for its own sake.


Anonymous said...

Aye EZ. It is truly wonderful to see you drowning in your self-imposed tragic existence. You remind me of a teenager who has suddenly found a conscious and will refuse to eat his dinner because the Chinese are starving. So he will only have his chees cake desert. God save us from the likes of EZ, the self-imposed protector. Deretishene eyemetashe betechohe, Ethiopia will continue to grow and you will continue to choke in envy. I would urge you to change your address to :

P.S., Enjoy the millenium. Hagos.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we be starting the process of canonization of the CUD towards sainthood?

Could you lend me your eye glass, so that I could also get to see the wonders CUD could have brought in all facets of Ethiopian life?

I hope it won't be like the green eye glass given out to the cows.

Anonymous said...

Power for its own sake! not really, power to control the economy and wealth of the nation that necessitates enslaving Ethiopians. They could have gotten a lot more wealth if they allowed to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of the people for everyone's benefit.

Then again, for this, you need to know the laws economics not the laws of the jungle (TPLF)- make money mafia style (the TPLF gangsters).

Indeed, they have to maintain power for eternity otherwise they will loose all their ill gotten loots and will go to jail for all those crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

CUD the miracle maker. what a pathetic idea and attitude to have. One can see where this is leading us. Can't you see CUD fragmenting into smaller factions or fifdomes as we see in Somalia. EZ. I use to think you were a straight shooter but also neutral. Shame on you.
Enjoy your freedom to be what you want to be.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad for the lies of Hagos who try to see good in something which is more bad than good. It is no secret, or it is ye adbabye misteer, that there are thousands upon thousands begging in Addis. And, the number is staggering. Yes, as Hagos wants us to agree, there are skyscrapers and a few rich, flithy rich, people in Ethiopia. There are also those Hodam, like Hagos, who go there and spend money like crazy and cause the prices of items to shoot up.

Ethiopia's problem is complex. The death of EPRDF won't bring prosperity to ordinary Ethiopians. Ethiopia needs first and foremost God's Grace and then a leader who is a visionary. The nonesense of Hagos and Co that all is all is insanity.

Anonymous said...

There are ALREADY more than 50 difference feeding centers and housing places in ethiopia. many many NGOs have also been doing a lot of work with this.

i hope you try to check more information before you post. thank you

Anonymous said...

the economic,social and political problems of Ethiopia are aggravated by Tplf,peasant mentality,ethnic political structure and feudal- like land tenure system.Tplf is grossely indulged in real estate development and equate development with the rise of buldings which is at the expence of agriculture.The present hyper inflation is the continous agticultural out put decline which, will sooner than later, bring most city dwellers to untold starvation and misery

Anonymous said...

LOL! I didn't know CUDerg was Mother Teresa's party.

Anonymous said...

CUD may have announced the "humanist" plan during its campaign. But we know at least from existing democracies that politicians and political parties keep very little of what they promise during election campaigns.

We have seen some of the efforts by TPLF/EPRDF carried out to create jobs in Addis. The city hires a lot of people for street cleaning, maintenance and landscaping work, for instance. The facilities earmarked for street vendors and the construction boom itself are some of the sectors that are abosorbing people who struggle for survival at the edges of society. Despite all efforts homlessness is growing.

Homlessness is a sad state of reality everywhere in the world. No "humanist" party may be capable of tackling the problem as effectively as our humane wishes.
A plan such as suggested by CUD may or may not work in this respect.

What would have worked in the long term was a comitment for a genuine democrarcy and true democratization, not the token "revolutionary democracy" upheld by TPLF/EPRDF. True peoples' power is the cure. Because TPLF is a minority an unelected force on the helm, whatever socio-economic problem, (such as homlessness, unemployment) it tries to address would not be successful or the situation will not improve. Where there is political hegemony, people tend to resist; they won't be part of any solution. As a result broader sections of society suffer.

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Anonymous said...

EZ we all know that you are Kinijit sympathizer and so do I, but please let us not make a mountain out of a molehill for the sake of showing our loyalty to the party. Kinijit plans, if there was one, to establish feeding and housing centres for the destitute of Addis, was what they called a policy on a run. They have to do or say something about it in a hurry and put everything (including Kinijit itself) together in a rush and beat the deadline. For now Kinijit have the trust/sympathy of substantial section of the Ethiopian people, and I think this is mostly because they stand against the Tyrannical rule of EPRDF. As their policies, however, we have to wait till they get a chance and put them in practice.

As regards to EPRDF there are nothing secretes about who they are or what they stand for. Many individual and organizations have scrupulously documented their commission and omission for the last 16 years and it is bare for anyone with human-eyes to see it. The Ethiopia people have already had passed its verdict in 2005 election and EPRDF had disregarded that with contempt. What is going to happen next is anyone’s guess.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia is cursed with too many critics and not enough doers.

Anonymous said...

I bet the homeless will all return to Addis for the next Great Run or Taste Of Addis at Meskel square if it is rescheduled. I will bet my $25 shirt that they will cancel the concert at the temporary hall being built for 10 million birr because they will find out that 20 thousand people will not show up for security reasons.

EPRDF's temporary solution is not the answer nor a lasting one. After 16 years in power, they will fail to convince the majority during the millennioum condominum fiasco. The millennioum party propaganda was used as a great political diversion for the past year. When African leaders came to Addis in the past, Meles and his gang moved the homeless to cover thier A****/behind. Don't let them play you again.

Instead of wasting 10 million birr on concert hall, it would have been wise if they used the money to help the homeless in a real way. Who are they trying to impress by wasting that kind of money for an evening with an American rap group. Not me.