Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Muluneh on hunger strike
This message sneaked out of Kerchele prison. Muluneh eyuel is in a solitary confinement there. He is also on a hunger strike. He is forced to solitary confinement because:
-He talked with his visitors at kaliti in non-amharic(kenbategna mostly)
-He wore a kinjit t-shirt
-Last week he strongly rebuked those who asked to form the teletafi Kinijit in front of visitors (what would this prove?)
Click the document to see his hand-written message.


Anonymous said...

Dear editor,

Muluneh Eyoel is my friend. The picture you posted is not his.

Thak you

Anonymous said...

What a drama

You said he is in solitary confinment, isolated, and yet he managed to slip letter,
one day the heroine was Birtukan, when people got tired of it you tried to make berhanu and then again this poor soul who seem to have not understand in what kind of mess he has put himself in.
Who will be next Befekadu. I will be waiting for the next episode in the soap in title "CUD and kaliti prison"

Anonymous said...

dedeb woyane,

That is how smart our people are.
These are real educated patriots
with degrees in Law, Econonmics,
Engineering unlike your ignorant
masters with fake internet bought

Burn in hell scumbug!

Anonymous said...

My comment to the second comment made by the doma ras guy. I just pray for God to give you the wisdom to have a little bit of sense ... remember what goes around comes around too.... there will come a time when your deeds will haunt you down to grave (I mean If God ever decided to give you some brain)

Anonymous said...

Dear Meles zenawi the BITCH,
Eyoul or who ever it was , I do not care at all. I just know that you are liar, asshole, Woyane, Tigrawi, Amharawi, and not Ertrawi.
Friend of Devil

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