Friday, August 31, 2007

Ephrem Isaac on another mediation mission

Professor Ephrem Isaac is expected to start his shuttle diplomacy again. This time the parties he wants to mediate are the two Ethiopian Orthodox Church synods. According to sources at the EOC, Professor Ephrem has obtained his go ahead from the Abuna Paulos.
Observers at the church are concerned about this latest mediation effort by the professor as it is believed that the order has come directly from top TPLF officials. There is a concern in the party that after the totalitarian strategy to control every aspect of Ethiopian life isn't working at the Orthodox Church, with the patriarch here facing serious challenges from here and abroad.

EZ wonders: Is professor Ephrem the new trouble shooter for Meles Zenawi?


Anonymous said...

Offcourse we call it an "Evil Messenger". The bankrupt Tplf regime is sprheading all over the world to control every aspect of Ethiopian life through its agents. Watch Out !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!!
All memebers of the church are looking for reconcilations among fathers. I don't see the problem if he managed to do so. Who tried so far to bring a solution? Most of us are fueling the crise from both sides. No doubt that the church is haijacked by polititians from both sides. We are looking for 'shemagle'. We don't need people who want to use the church for their own political benefits!! Forget about TPLE or other parties. Here it is a life not a game. Prof. Ephrem please go ahead!! May God be with you, Amen.

Anonymous said...

EZ you are not being part of the solution but being a trouble maker by splitting hair and trying to create a rift between people, organizations and institutions. What is the problem if the renounced professor tries to mediate between the Ethiopian synod and the run away church officials? We should appreciate this noble deed? What is the professor succeeding to bring the two parties and avoid having two separate churches? If something is not done about this we will have a separate church soon. People are going to different churches because of politicizing religion and luck of tolerance wisdom and ethics of religious leaders.
So EZ please don’t be part of the problem and foment poison that will affect all of us in the future.
Prof ISAAC should be praised for working so hard for the peace and reconciliation process between the government and the opposition. He has the best of Ethiopia at heart and no one denies his patriotism, his love for his country and his people. We should all think about our actions.

Anonymous said...

Whatch out for Prof. Ephrem, Aba Paulos and EPRDF in Addis.

As far as I am concerned, a church leader should not be replaced unless he is dead. There fore, the synodos that is outside the country is the legitimate leader of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. According to Prof. Ephrem, he beleives in the long tradition of all aspect of Ethiopian history and traditions. This should include the history of the church. There fore, he should convince Aba Paulos to step out of his palace to let the true church leader to return to his home land and lead his people.

Anonymous said...

Looking positively, i dont think there is a problem of mediating the Holy Synod in Ethiopia and some priests and monks in America. Infact the unity of the Orthodox Church is a base for the unity of Ethiopia.

I , expect from EZ, to let us know the news and leave the judgment for the readers.

But i personally dont think the monks in America would say OK for this reconciliation, after they are used to travel by LIMO and start to eat sushi, why they go back to Ethiopian Monastires and eat KOLO and drink water?

Believe me , they will think of any kind of excuse to say NO. And i suspect it would be something like .. "we dont want to work with killer woyanne etc.) ...

Anonymous said...

To anon @7:46 AM (above),

So are you telling us "Tagay Paulos", the fake & illegal pope is eating, as you put it "KOLO and drink water"?

FYI, it is Tagay Paulos who rides in "LIMO" with armed bodyguards around him and who is living lavishly in Addis and not that other way around.

No matter how you spin it, it does not make any sense. Give it up... we have heard spins like that before, and this one is not any different.

Anonymous said...

How many times have I told you EZ, Prof. Ephrem Isaac is an insider, you did not believe me. By now it should be clear that he is an insider and he will have your head in the middle of TPLF-CC luncheon table with all the TPLF-CC holding knife in one hand and fork on the other. Meles the gang leader will start by poking your eye out with a fork, I know Kihdetu Ayalew will go for the tongue, while Andargachew (Betinachew) Tsige goes for the ears.

You will see, Prof. Ephrem Isaac will end up with a TPLF-CC masters degree passing Kihdetu Ayalew for full membership. GUARANTEED!!!

Anonymous said...

If tagay Paulos is willing to step down, since he is the one who breaks the church's rule, the idea of the prof is welcome. However, if the prof wants to do like he did with the CUD leaders, it doesn't work this time. There is no any compromise with our religion. We don't accept killers to lead our church. Tagay Paulos and his associates have to step down, leave the place for the legal synods in exile.

Anonymous said...

Go for it I support you profesor Efrem.God bless you.

Anonymous said...

The Papas with the gun as he is called in Addis, wanted to accomplish Meles's divide and rule political policy through the Orthodox church. After the 2005 election, this policy has been accelerated due to the danger (loosing power) they faced at the time. It is not only the church they have devided, many institutions and political parties have faced the same threat. It might have worked initialy, thanks to God and the Ethiopian people, none has. The fact that EPRDF is initiating (if it is for sure) dialog now shows that the Ethiopian people have prevailed again. The direct threat to EPRDF and Meles's crew is the Unity of Ethiopians.

God bless Ethiopia and her united people. History is on the side of the people not with Aba Paulos, Meles and all the hodams. I am sure of that, if not, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

no matter what the motive could be, I hope and pray he succeeds!

Anonymous said...

I this this is a very good idea.Please go for it.We,have to support such cases.Those of you who do not have any idea about the case,please wait and see

Anonymous said...

to Ann. (9:09)

Thanks for you comment. I Never, and ever said Aba paulos is doing the right thing. But let me ask you, to remove aba paulos, is USA the war zone?

Our leaders are fighting and lingusing in jail in ADDIS, to remove dictators. Why this monks want to hide in USA? Can we forget Abune Petros who died in his home country? his death was like a gas on the fire for the struggle to chase Italians. So this monks, need to go back and continue their struggle. Yes they might be arrested or something. That is fine, they are monks eko. Being a MONK (Menekuse) means dead. They said they are dead for this world, so why they afraid and sit in The USA in a luxury life?

If Aba paulos doesnt eat kolo or drink water, that is his problem. He should not be the "meter" to judge others. I only mention what true monk does.

So i hope you are with me my friend.

Anonymous said...

what is the differnece between Aba Paulos of Addis and Aba Markorios of USA?


Aba paulos support Woyanne, Aba Markorios supported Derg.

Aba paulos kept quite when Meles kills , Aba Merkorios kept quite when Derg kills

Aba paulos sent his representative to meles parlament, Aba markorios sent his to Derg Shengo.

Infact Aba Markorios kept quite when derg denies the existence of GOD, ...

We, as a layman might have a moral to talk about ABa Paulos (bad or good) ...... but Aba Markorios and his supporters (the other bishops in USA)have NO moral to denounce Aba paulos. Because they are much worse than him. They pretend as if they are Kinjit supporters, but they are smart to use current hot issues and individuals for their evil cause.

Remember they were Nigussie w/mariams good friend once. They just want media, who ever gives them like the ER guy, he is their GOD!!

Putting aside all this facts, i support all kinds of reconciliation. who ever initiated it. Some people say it is Woyanne's sira of this reconciliation thing, Please Let's not give credit of this to woyanne.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Yehuda (Judah) mediating the devil and Jesus. We know whose side Judah is; the only thing we don't know how many pieces are involved. Should be more than thirty!


Anonymous said...

What is the price of peace?

John F. Kennedy once said, "Don't negotiate out of fear but don't fear to negotiate", so my friends on both sides of the political spectrum do not have to fear any type of people who ask to be the bridge or the means of communication or negotiation. All you have to do is pay attention so that you don't lose your bearing. Even during war it is always beneficial to keep communicating with the enemy. Oh how insane not to believe that communication is alway the best thing that could happen during peace or war. Negotiation tested on the process, and if it seems to have possible ways of dealing with the real issue that requires mutual agreement of the parties, whether or not currently acceptable to the parties it is a winner. As a country at the bottom of all acceptable charts, My beloved country needs any type of seemingly good negotiations going to ease her burden of unacceptable and harsh suffering. Again cross your fingers and take risk. Fear should be feard for it is the character that only accommodates paranoia. Positive attitude could save this once beautiful nation.

Gedle Kebede

Anonymous said...

We are witnessing one of the most turbulent periods in the history of the Ethiopian Church. We need true Apostles in the tradition of the prophet Isaiah, the prophet Elias, St. John the Baptist, St. Paul. What we need is Apostles who are outspoken and voices of the Holy Spirit to teach the Gospel, and to stand for the common people who are being victimized by the rampant corruption of these false church leaders. Apostles who will say: "What need have I of all your false worship?, says the Lord... Put your evil doings away from my sight...if you cannot devote yourselves to the Gospel and my justice; Uphold the rights of the prosecuted and the orphan; defend the cause of my Church”

In the prophecy of Elias, Elias said to Ahab and his followers as the "troublers of Israel." by allowing the worship of false gods. Elijah then berates both the people of Israel and Ahab for their acquiescence in Baal worship. “How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal then follow him” (1st Kings 18:21).

And today the question for us is, how long are we going to go on “limping with these two corrupt camps of “the synod in exile and the synod appointed by the government?”
Reconciliation comes only when we CLEANSE THE CHURCH FROM THESE CORRUPTS, when the faithful demand these corrupt bishops, priests and deacons to leave the Church.

· Both patriarchs, the one who came here to the USA (and those with him), instead of looking after the faithful defending the true teachings of Jesus Christ, even to the point of sacrificing themselves in the tradition of the Apostles;
· And the one who went back to Ethiopia from the USA, became patriarch and now sit on a throne, wear gold and crown, live like a king, collect money that should be given to the poor, silence those who spoke against his corrupt synod.
· All those who claim to be bishops here in the US, and in Ethiopia, collecting money, and continue deceiving the faithful instead of looking after their spiritual welfare.
· All those who got appointed bishop in the last 30 years only because their loyalty to government or individuals – including those who bought the appointment of bishop with money – one monk allegedly gave thousands of dollars to the patriarch in return got appointed bishop against the voice of the true believers and church leaders.
· And those priests, and deacons who use the name of the church to enrich themselves.
Force them to leave the Church. If they repent SEND them all to MONASTRIES, with a ONE WAY TICKT, to a life of prayer and atonement.

After all, for thousands of years, the church did not depend on bishops to teach the Gospel. Those bishops, who came from Egypt in exchange for gold and money, did nothing for the Church, didn’t even speak the language let alone preach the Gospel. And as for those appointed bishops in the last 50 years are burden to the church, save the pious Patriarch AbuneTekele-Haimanot, It is time to seriously examine their contribution to the spread of the Gospel in Ethiopia.

As in the time of Elias the Lord has kept for him and his Church those “who have not knelt to Baal, worshiped or Kissed his altar”, those who are not corrupt and do not worship money and power. They will come out heed the call of The Lord Holy Spirit to teach and “tend and feed his sheep” Voice of Wilderness

Anonymous said...

This was posted on another blog of EZ

It is our lack of knowledge that is causing all the hate. Most of us don't even understand what politics means. We really don't. We don't know how the country exist. Like for example how many of us really know what inflation is or why Ethiopia is getting poorer and poorer by the minute. Honestly think about it. We have no clue about so many issues because we are simply and utterly ignorants.

Since we are really dumb, anybody who has a different opinion than us is our enemy. When we fail to argue rationally and convince others, we start to attack everything and everyone that are against us. You know I see myself in the mirror everyday whether it be here or in most forums. I am an Ethiopian and I am one of the people who actually insult and treat others badly just because they are not on the same page with me. I do that because I am literally dumb.

I am emotional. I hate saying I don't know and I often find myself arguing about things that I have no clue about. I sometimes laugh at my arrogance and stupidness. It is a sad thing but it is true. It is like a disease. EZ, If you are worried about people like myself, i think it is time you know the facts and that is we are not going anywhere. It probably takes another generation to change us. All you can do for now is pray, we will grow up and be humans again.(I am not sure if we were before)

Anonymous said...

Voice of Wilderness

Walking down the street, the preacher asked: "aren’t we all children of the same Eternal Father?"
The multitude agreed.
And the prophet went on: "and if that is so, why do we betray our brothers/sisters?, why do we betray each other?"

A boy who was watching asked his father: "what does betray mean?"
"It means to trick your brothers/sisters in order to gain a certain advantage."

"And why do we betray our brothers/sisters?" insisted the boy.

"Because in the past somebody began all that. Ever since then, nobody knows how to stop the wheel. We are always betraying or being betrayed."

"Then I won’t betray anyone," said the boy.
And so he did. He grew up and suffered a lot during his life, but kept his promise.

His children suffered less and endured fewer hardships.
His grandchildren did not suffer at all.
~~ Adapted from Paulo Coehlo