Friday, August 17, 2007

EZ on Ogaden

Ethio-Zagol Post will be publishing series of information on the human rights abuses in Ogaden soon. Eye Witnesses who contacted us claim that the abuses are far worse that it is reported on the international media. It is time to stand up for Ethiopians in Ogaden.


Anonymous said...

Stop the genocide.

Tell Meles that No one can ever stop OGADENIA from becoming a free country.

What meles is doing in Ogaden is the kicks of a dying horse. I am from Kebri-dahr and we refuse to be part of anything called the Ethiopian Empire.

Down with bogus Ethiopia!

Free Ogadenia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now, that(above anon)wasn't quite the reaction you expected, was it?

So much for your evasion of the hot topic about Girma!. You probably figured talking about Ogaden would be less emotionally chared.

Well, may be you should drop this "publishing" thing about ogaden, too.

Anonymous said...

From Yeneneh

The Blind lead the Blind when is all this ludicrous talk about Ogadenia, Oromia etc.. going to stop.

You who talk all this independence are a small minority but seem to be heard the loudest.

Divided we fall. and fail and are failing


Anonymous said...


you seem to think "only the minority talks about indepedence" of Ogadenia, you are dead wrong.

If you happen to do a real fact-finding mission in Ogaden, you would be suprised to find that the most of us want to have our own free country. No more of this Ethiopian colonial baggage weighing down on us! Enough is enough!

Each month,I send half of my income to support the Ogaden freedom fighters. We mean business.

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous, you are Wayane not an Ogaden. I am an Ogaden from Jigjiga and truely support the existance of one strong, democratic and united Ethiopia, where we are all equal.

Ogadens all are supportive and proud to be part of Ethiopia if democratic system is lied out, not seccessionism brutal fake system like the one of Wayane.

I love EZ, please continue to support our cause. I am an Ogaden and truly love my country, but this Wayane wants to divide us along our ethnic lines and rule us at will.

I am 100% sure Meles is on mission to eradicate the people of Ethiopia one by one, today Ogaden tommorow Oromo and next day Amhara.

Let us unite to protest this monester.

Truly believer of Strong, Democratic, United Ethiopia, let us standby our brothers and sister in Ogaden.

Anonymous said...

What sad comments (from TPLF agents pretending to be from Ogade) I read above.

All these talks of ogadenia and the rest will not do anything good for the the people in Ogaden; for all you who talk of freedom for these group or for that need to make first yourself free from the virus you got from EPLF; look at Ertrea today - a harsh prison for its people who are being subjegated under the worst form of dectatorship. Honest Eritreans will tell you dictatership constituted by the few individuals who came to power claiming to lead the freedom fight are many fold worse than their predessor - the Derg. Much the less for the people of Ertrea, even indviduals who were brother in arms and the brainwashed to fight the so called freedom fight did not escape the wrath and concentration camps of Mr. Afeworki and gang.

The Afeworkis of Ogaden are trying the same scheme to subjegate their people in their small enclaves. Eritreans were too let to understand who Afeworki and gang have been really upto. But for us in Ethiopia the majority have rejected the ethnisists like TPLF and others who claim to represent this ethnic group or that.

Whether you like it or not, the promising future of our country Ethiopia, even beyond in the region and in the whole Africa, lies on three principles - Unity, Unity, Unity under true one-man-one-vote democracy.

I am an Ethiopian and an Ogaden; I oppose the current brutilization of my people in Ogaden by Meles and gang/agazi army.

God bless Ethiopia!


Anonymous said...

Ogadenia? Well, it smells like Issayas the mad man's homework. You stupid people should stop wasting your time and energy on this kind of shit and let the people of Ethiopia live in peace together.

The first anonymous:- you probably live here in the US and enjoy the freedom of moving from one place to another without no idiot asking you for "ye kebele metawokia". Now, you talk about Ogadenia. Listen, this Ogadenia of yours doesn't even have basic necessities like "shint bet", "mebrat", etc. You want independence, go ahead and apply to join the UN or join your mentor Ato President for Life Issayas Afeworki who in a short period of time after "independence" brought prosperity and freedom to Eritreans. Good Luck and leave Ethiopia alone. The sooner you go, the better it is. Gosh, I am sick and tired of these kinds of people.

Anonymous said...

Quit saying I am goint to write about so and so, and write the damn thing!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting about the Succession.
Now I have to wait about ougaden.
Anyway more and more should be written about the tragedy taking place in Ougaden.
Massacre in Addis,Rape and killings in Jijiga.Both happened to ETHIOPIANS in a country called ETHIOPIA,OUR MOTHERLAND

Anonymous said...

EZ, it is true that gas is abundant in Ogadenia, the American department of energy calculates the figure into TRILLION liters of gas under the Ogadenia hot desert like land. Now we decided to advocate for their rights, because we want them in the union. Few months ago when GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION was being reported by a Young Ogadenians' Angel name Jeffrey Gittleman (New York times), EZ did not pick it up, nor Addis Voice. In fact Addis voice gives outlet to all the opposition organizations but ONLF is not one of them. Even EPPF has an outlet, but ONLF does not have an outlet. Why is that? But now since there is billions of dollars underneath of them they will get an outlet from Addis. See the hipocracy? You are only needed if you have something to offer.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about Ogadenia, Independence, not being Ethiopian, oil, ONLF, terrorism,... etc are coming from Woyane cadres trying to divert the very important and timely issue you have raised. That is the crimes committed by Ethiopian troops in Ogaden

All of us, no matter what our political persuasion is should stand by the very people that are being abused because they happen to be in the 'wrong place at the wrong time'.
Lets suppose what the Woyane cadres, all the anons above, wrote is true. Do the people in Ogaden deserve the inhuman treatment they are receiving now from our fellow Ethiopians in uniform?. I say no! EZ says no!
The issue is ' human rights for residents and people of the Ogaden

Read Dagmawi...he has come to his senses...We shoul all follow his suit. Thanks EZ for doing soi. We all need to speak up. Otherwise what EPLF used to wrongly say about what the King say regarding Eritrea will become true of the Ogaden of the TPLF era.
Igna Marietun Inji Hizbun Anifalighim

Anonymous said...

From Yeneneh

Anon at 10:17 if you remember a few months ago the big news and issues was surrounding the CUDP leaders. It is not useful to nit pick. Understand the context.

Also remember that Eng Hailu prior to the elections of 2005 went to most corners of Ethiopia including the Ogaden Region. The Ethiopians and Elders who wanted unity understood him and the goal of Kinijit.

Anon at 3:20 I see you must be commited to support your cuase but the evidnce of seccesionism is all aorund you. Point in case Eritrea. Look at the poor people in that country. This is a blog, I will not write a book so I encourage you to research on your own the situation of the the Eritreans.

Please try to see the benefits of unity as opposed to separatism. The US (North Vs South), Spain, England (United Kingdom). Unity is power even ants and termites understand that. We should as well.


Anonymous said...

EZ is absolutely right in making us aware of the humanright abuse taking place in Ogaden.

There are separatistis everywhere and it is something that is a reality in almost all multi-ethnic/multi-language countries of the world, it is not unique to Ethiopia.

There are Oromo, Amhara, Sidama, Tigre, Afar and other separatists; it is just a fact of life. But the great majority of Ethiopians don't want Ethiopia to be chopped off any more.

When Derg was abusing Eritreans, most Eritreans turned into radicalism/separation. And in Ethiopia it was only EPRP which was raising awarness of the humanrights abuse in the northest province Eritrea at that time. Former politburo of EPRP, Kiflu Taddese, in his book THE GENERATION I wrote that Derg's red terror which devastated the whole Ethiopia within months started in Eritrea as early as 1975. Dawit W/Georgis too said in his book RED TEARS and his other recent book in Amharic that it started evem earlier with NETCH LEBASH militia killing cows of Eritrean nomads to only eat the liver and leave the rest meat to rot and that the the red terror in Eritrea never stopped until the decorated Generals Hussen and Abdulahi took off from Asmara's Yohannes IV airport on choppers in May 1991.

Right after he returned from THE RED STAR CAMPAIGN in Asmara in early 1980s, and he wasn't even Eritrean, Ato Beaalu Girma was killed by Derg for writing the truth about the long history of humanright abuse in Eritrea in his last book OROMAI.

What I learned from the Eritrean experience is: Abusing centain segment of the population makes the most patriotic Ethiopians in that particular population join separatist movement.

Again, following in the tradition of Ethiopian writers/journalists/bloggers who stand for the truth, EZ is absolutely right in making us aware of the humanright abuse taking place in Ogaden.