Friday, August 24, 2007

Five steps to move forward for Kinijit

Now that most of the leaders of Kinijit are released, there are steps they have to take to strengthen the party and consolidate the belief by the Ethiopian people that Kinijit is a viable alternative political force
-Strengthen Internal Democracy: The promise of Kinijit, the promise that made a lot of Ethiopians elect it in 2005, is that the way the party operates is a break from the tradition of authoritarianism in party politics in Ethiopia. There have been set backs in the past year or so. It is time for the leaders to build a party where democratic principles reign supreme within the party. Kinijit internally should have no place for the rule of man. Internal democracy is a guarantee for external democracy.
-Make the party an institution: Kinijit's strength has in the past two years been the profile and dedication of its leaders. Between its formation and the imprisonment of its leaders, there wasn't enough time to establish Kinijit as institution with institutional procedures and mechanisms to deal with issues. This has enabled some people with public trust and high profile to make the party and its members hostage of their will using their capacity to destruct.
-The parties that formed Kinijit are relics of the past: The four political organizations that formed Kinijit were made defunct by the September 2005 merger agreement. They have no place in the minds and hearts of the Ethiopian people. That has to be reflected in the party's leadership as well. The party's internal unity should be strengthened. Line ups based on the old parties should stop. The old parties should be dead in name, spirit and body.
-Kinijit should resemble Ethiopia: As a unity and nationalist party, Kinijit's leadership and membership should reflect the diversity in Ethiopia in terms of ethnicity, religion and gender.
-Be accountable and transparent to its members, supporters and Ethiopian people: During and after the election, Kinijt has done its best, considering the constraints and limitations, to be an accountable and transparent organization in most areas of its activities. When the leadership was incarcerated, it had lost a lot of the accountability culture with allegations of embezzlement and nepotism flying right and left. The leaders have to urgently undo this and create the mechanisms that ensure accountability and transparency.


Anonymous said...

I agree with EZ in many of the points he raised.
Eprdf failed to address the heart and minds of ethiopians, both in eth and in diaspora, mainly because of lack of transparency and accountability. This should be a lesson to others.

Kinijit with its highly respected and even more, highly beloved intellectual leadres should be as transparent as the labour party of UK or the social democrats of Germany.
CUDP has to work more on what it has already, like no hatred, no revenge attitude which is crucial for the future political culture of the country.

God bless emama ethiopia

Anonymous said...

The polits you raised are good but you didn't mention the key issue all parties must adher too. That is respect for the constitution, rule of law and all government officials regardless of their party affiliation. The second major issue is they need to work hard to heal the wounds they intentionaly or unintentionaly created. That is animosity of any thing tigrian.

Anonymous said...

i support your ideas. especially we should be more diverse so that ethnic parties can't insult us and use the Derg rhetoric on us.

victory to democracy!

Victory to kinijit!

Anonymous said...


You are right on the point. Diverse, inclusive, informative leaders are needed. There is a good start in the parliament and that needs to be encouraged.

Anonymous said...

Kinijit does not hate anyone because of his/her etinicity. Those who are airing the hate propaganda targeted to wards one tribe are, those people who are hating the other tribes and live on the cost of others. We are left with few days to sort them out of the population and have a decent society who can live together as a single family member.

Anonymous said...

Let me break it to you guys!

Unitary Ethiopia and Unitary Political belief is no more! Even if CUD may manage to pull off the same feat in major cities again, it cannot get the mandate to form a government, even under ideal circumstances.

The future, is about alliances and coalition governments even if the TPLF will be gone. My advise for the CUD leaders, don't even think of dominating again. Remain content with any support you could get in your strongholds. Try to keep that if you can.

The rest of us will eternally be grateful to the TPLF for changing the mode of thinking and setting the tune for the future.The ghost of TPLF shall continue to define the political life in the horn region, even long after it is gone.

Meles Zenawi will be remembered as the first post-modernist leader of the country. Yes, he did take some lives in the process(collateral damage), but think about it in terms of the challenge he mounted upon the rotten pre-modern (rather primitive) Abyssinian System.

Also forget about Ethiopian nationalism. Nobody heeds your calls except some confused, brainwashed and frightened folks of the cities.

CUD, you will be fine, if you can play along these lines. But, I find it irritating if you try pose as my representative, while you are not. Just don't be a nuisance as you once were. We will be cool if you know your place, and where you belong. You catch my drift?

Anonymous said...

We need a third revolution!

The Derg Revolution (Revolution1)- for getting rid of the feudals

The TPLF Revolution (Revolution2)-for making self-determination a lingua franca

The Third Revolution-to be named in the future- for dismantling the Abyssinian System once and for all.

Witness history in the making. If this does not milassie tsegur yinekel..........

Anonymous said...

anon @5:55 AM said: "Unitary Ethiopia and Unitary Political belief is no more!"

Let me break it to you too, you deceptive woyanne: your fear of 'unitary ethiopia' is understandable, because you are a minority and does not have the will of the people on your side. No matter how you slice it, the will of majority of Ethiopians will reign supreme soon, and you will be left alone with your unfulfiled dream being a nightmare. Meles and gang will promise you and say anything to cover their soiled behind. However, in the final analysis, they don't have the numbers to make it a reality.

So, this selfish and seemingly short-cut approach to staying in power longer is not only short-sighted but will be short-lived as well. It is not hard to see through this misguided and backward theory. The desire to see Ethiopia divided and ally with the primitive gang in power is not going to hold water for too long. Trust me on that woyanne. So, your noise advocating that theory wil be just that -- noise.

Peace to those who deserve it!

Anonymous said...


the last annonymous is an ethinonationalist planning and hoppping the destruction of his own country , as log as his belly is full.

such attitudes are the sin qua non of tribalist cults . their lingo is blame, destruction, irrationalism ,stagnation , anti progress, virulent and violent hatred to other tribes to justify their own misfortunes and ,kill and torture them along their way of looting the the treasures of the target tribe and the nation as a whole.

There is nothing more dangerous than inculcation of blind ethnic hatred to mankind, which is sadly used as a chronic means of survival for tigrean ethnonationalits.

Any government, or individual who does not respect other persons right will not respect ANY right.The abolition of merit , liberty and individula rights is abolition of all rights. the smallest entity in a society is an individulal , and it must be this smallest unit that has to be protected!. The suggestion that ethnic , sex bla bla mix hovers around this oxymoron ethnonationlat mentality which defines human beings by their dna and chemistry just llike other lower animals . I cannot think of any right that would be violated by RESPECTING INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS!

Anonymous said...

Let me re-break it to you again!

I am no TPLF, I am the son of Kush of East Africa. You should have known that. I am on a mission to resurrect the the fabled Kush civilization of the horn. If you can not remake yourself to fit in, you won't feature on my radar. However, I do not understand why you are fixated with this Semetic stuff, while everything indicates that you, yourselves are sons and daughters of few colonizers who crossed the red sea and mixed with the local kush people. Common sense should tell you that, you look more like me than the Yemenis.I wounder if this could serve your causes.

Be that as it may, don't tell me what Ethiopians want, and invoke a shoddy and bogus claims about what the whole population wants. For you and other self appointed mind-readers of the people, I have got this for you.

Karl Shimitt (too bad that he was in the end associated with the German Nazis), said that..."whoever invokes humanity wants to cheat"

You too, by making such grandiose claims about this and that, you are trying to impose what you want on the rest of us. Wakeup and smell the coffee....what has happened cannot be undone...paradise is lost!

Anonymous said...

the kushite philosopher - your sophistic does not warrant a response. good -luck with your delusional grandiosity.

Anonymous said...

Wel well well, look what we have now. So, you are not TPLF, but someone who wants Ethiopia divided? So, I see no difference between you and TPLF. Therefore, whatever I said of the woyanne TPLF also applies to you then. Those who dream to divide Ethiopia and look for its ultimate destruction, have no place in this day and age. Fool, this is 21st. century, in case that escapes your imagination.


Anonymous said...

I do not necessarily want Ethiopia divided, that is not the point. Nor will I lose a sleep over Ethiopia being fragmented in to a zillion kebles. I am actually indifferent.

But when zealots like you come around and preach unity in their own image I get incinerated.

But if you calm down and join me in reconcieving the country we live in, something good may come out of it. But don't take me for a fool. Me and my likes are ready to take you on at any level and wave-length.

What do you know about 21st century? If you knew, you would have known that it is not a century for empires.

Anonymous said...

Fool, no matter how you word it, you are for destruction and division. So, all this going in circles does not provide any solace to you or to anyone who wants to coexist with you. Statments such as, "....Nor will I lose a sleep over Ethiopia being fragmented in to a zillion kebles. I am actually indifferen", does little to your claim of a person living in this century.

If I understand you correctly, you seemed to be flirting with that old and tired, ...(and outdated, I might add) of the OLF line of "empire" as your main theme (although you seemed shy coming out in the open and saying it:)

That pretty much changes the whole disourse we are having so far. This is a subject about woyannes and their clients. Although what you are trying to do is change the topic,...but if you have to know, that too is a minority opinion anyway concocted by few who run around in MN.

Anonymous said...

OLF blah...blah...since when does OLF got a monopoly over the word Ć«mpire? What has changed in Ethiopian political life since Minilik?, save the two revolutions (Derg and TPLF peasant revolutions). To even make it worse, your CUD is attempting to resuscitate a system which is on all sorts of life-support.

Rather, labeling is a tired approach to ducking a debate. TPLF blames it on Shabiya...Neo-Naftanyas blame it on OLF...Can't we get past these pre-defined strictures? There is life in between all these.

I am just a man, may be opinionated, nonetheless, with a perspective. You can't get rid of me that easily, nor does OLF or any other, which you might think I might be sympathetic of. Think again, and out of the box!

Anonymous said...

So what is wrong with one of EZ points...?, which states:

"Kinijit should resemble Ethiopia: As a unity and nationalist party, Kinijit's leadership and membership should reflect the diversity in Ethiopia in terms of ethnicity, religion and gender."

Isn't that accoomodating enough for everyone concerned?

If one wants real solutions for our collective & individual problems, why is division and 'disintegration' an option? This truly buffles anyone 'equipped' with an average common sense, much less someone who wants to live in a 21st. Century nation state.

God save us all!

Anonymous said...

Excellent points raised by EZ. Let me add to the list:-

- CUDP, specialy the ranks and files of it, should stop acting meek in all cases and be decisive in some matters which need decision. The longer you drag things for the sake of keeping the 'grace' of this or that person, the more immersed you get in the problem itself. A party which was ready to lead the country and solev its problems, is expected to make DECISIONS.

- CUDP, again should stop acting meek and expect that Woyane will/can incarcerate them once more, this time for real, for any one reason or another. They should clearly define the leadership, both doemstic and abroad, if and when this happens and save the party from the Roller Coaster Motion it went thruogh in the past two years. For most it is them who are accountable for the mis-deeds of he past two years, and this time arround they should grow out of it.


Anonymous said...

I wish CUDP all the success in the world.

Long live Ethiopia & all Ethiopians of every ethnicity/religion/gender, and from every walk of life....and whatever classification anyone wishes to add!!!

Anonymous said...

the Kush philosopher, please don't speak on our behalf.I am also a kush; a proud oromo and a proud ethiopian.
The failure in ethiopia was and indeed is the responsibility of all.
The success, which we are hoping will come for good , of the furure is the blessing to all.
To call our amhara brothern as a mixed race of Arab and Kush is an insult to all of us.
There is nothing to gain with hatred driven views and attitudes.
Democracy, with individual right at its center, benefits both Oromo and Amhara. We have to work together to achieve this common goal.

God bless all ethiopians

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, how one could consider the Amharas and Tigreans being a mixed tribes of Yemenis and kush as an insult. That is the truth. Live with it. Just come back home, and get rid of the unwanted attachment from across the red sea. As a matter of fact, that was the point professor Mesfin, and Mengistu were making when they said there are no people called Amhara. Only that they were misunderstood, as there are people called Amharas today.

All the semitic people of the horn of Africa, are overwhelmingly Kusch people, but adopted Semitic language and writing system. Calling them Semitic is like calling Brazil Portuguese and the rest of Latin America Spanish.

This is just for the record, and I have got no problem, if anybody from background does not patronize me.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys and gals,
let's not quarell! Cush land includes all areas at the Horn from Beja land around port Sudan on the north to Mombasa of Oromo land south. Semetic language speaking Amharas and Tigarus are actually the semiticized Agew and Oromo people. Specially if we look at Amharas, peoples of Gonder and Gojam are from Agew origin whereas those in Wello and Shoa are from Oromo origin.

Now we just want our semiticized brothers and sisters come back to their root of Cush and learn the basic cultures and languages of Cush like Gadaa, Waqaa, Afaan Oromo...etc. We Oromos are specially responsible to take them under our umberella and help them find their roots!!!!

Anonymous said...

I see my fellow Ethiopians drinking from the stream of theory dug by the notorious Cerulli and et al, the European 'politico-historians' who intentionally moved our history from its root. Kushin wode Sem...

I urge you to add more points on what our EZ mentioned than renarrate their theory.

Anonymous said...

I agree the five steps Ethio Zagol has mentioned are critical. But I believe he/she has left out one VERY BIG POINT. And that is CUD has to engage with the YOUTH, make the party apealing for the youth to participate. Give the youth a chance after all they are the future ...NOT
THE DEJAZMACHES, ...or what have you !!