Friday, August 31, 2007

Hate speech

Sometimes, I feel that my blog is alien to me. I am not a full time
blogger and when I let my eyes off this blog for hours, I find it
flooded with ethnic venoms of the worst kind. My attempts to
discourage hateful commenters are not working. It is difficult to
fathom how some people could have so much hate.


Anonymous said...

Hate has its own source.
An EPRDF supporter only sees devils in the works of its opponenets, and an opposition to EPRDF-such as a fanatic CUD- also feels the same devil at work every time EPRDF did some thing.
Both appear as fanatic politicians but in actuality they are closer to radical sect of a religious kind.
If you oppose either one they are sure that you are CRAZY to do so. They do not see any other political view or do not seem to want to hear anything else other than thier own "correct" politics, hence the hate. Yes, hate has its source and it's ignorance and fanticism boardering "faith" than reason.

Anonymous said...

I hate murderers and child molesters. So i hate EPRDF to the core. To keep themselves in power they slaughter ethios in hundreds if necessary in thousands.To make an omlette the egges has to be crushed attitude. That is evil. They do anything to keep their party in power not to benefit Ethiopia. I couldn't understand when others say don't hate these murderers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ethio Zagol,
People who make hate speech are sick people. Sooner or later they will be abandoned by the majorities. Please ignore those type of minorities and keep up the good work. Your contribution is a lot to us because all free papers are closed by woyane gangs.
Thanks for you good work.

Anonymous said...

Let us talk the very truth. If you do not hate some one who has been killing your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, beloveds,...whom would you like to hate???? Like it or not, you got to accept the hard truth unconditionally. I hate those EPRDF murderers. I just hate them. I wish i could kill SOME of THEM in a day or two. I do not want to kill all of them as some are just uneducated gangs wondering here and there to fill thier big belly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ethio Zagol
I agree with 100 % I believe there is an option in blog manager here you can turn off the comment so no one will leave comments at all

Anonymous said...

Ayee Andargachew (Betinachew) Tsigie yegna blogger with the help of ER, Mewa and now with Dr. Berhanu Nega added, or "collectively" known as Seminawork,

"Ye Zefen Dar Daru Eskista niew" alu. Dinqem!! You guys are trying to get our mind ready for your next trecherous move in the name of hate speech --- "The need to work with woyane (EPRDF as you call it) to move forward"... qiqiq.... Eat another Farra


Neqie ende Assefu Debalqie

Anonymous said...

To eanon @7:53 AM (above):

If there is anyone that fits your "Betinachew" description, it got to be you. You are trying so hard to divide and create havoc here, but you are not going to succeed, because we are way smarter than you or any woyanne mole running around our sites.

Anonymous said...

We all know EZ, EReview, EReporter and AIGAFORUM are sent of WEYANE.

The three top comments on this thread are posted by one person. The message is "eprdf" not "TPLF," ya right! we buy that B.S. You keep on saying the ruling clique is "epdrf," while every Ethiopian knows the ruling clique is WEYANE (TPLF).

With respect to EZ's complaint, there is no hate monger here, the king of hate monger is sitting in Minilik palace and his serevant is in your washroom mirror, if you don't believe me go to your washroom and look at the mirror, you will find the most despicable hitman looking back at you.

EZ tried several times to mis-direct us, and we ate him, Like "Neqe ende Asefu Debalqe" has put it best, go eat your farra somewhere we all are wide awake and we can see you clear.

Anonymous said...

anon @9:53 AM,
I agree with everything you said, but I don't think i share your characterization of EZ. I don't have any proof or anything that can tie EZ to the despicable woyanne/TPLF. On the contrary, EZ is has always been in the business of exposing woyanne crimes. So, please we need more than just "sim matfat" for just the sake of sim matfat. If you have proof present it for all to see. However, if you don't have credible information to your claim, that my friend is nothing but 'hiting below the belt", and should be avoided at all cost.

We live in the age where reputable news and evidence to be as the hallmark of our every move, not alubalta and sim matfat on the fly. In this day and age, painting everyone with the same brush, just becuase you don't agree with what someone has to say is not a virtue that we Ethiopians should follow.


Anonymous said...


As much as I have great admiration for your rapid and inside information especially during the "negotiation' to free the Kinjit leaders, there have been times when I had to pause for a moment and wonder who you really are.

There are certain things that make me wonder. For example, while all the opposition websites and blogs are banned and blocked in Ethiopia, how come yours is not. You yourself told us one time that the government was not able to block EZ.

Second, in one way you seem to be not only an articulate but also an objective journalist. And yet, we find you glorifying individuals such as Andargachew Tsigie, Berhane Mewa and Berhanu Nega, while ignoring other individuals in the Kinijit leadership. What gives?

I also hear, but I can not verify it, that the above individuals are ready to work with Melese Zenawi and that Zenawi prefers them to other individuals in Kinjit, such as Hailu Shawel.

By the way, I have also noticed that the Ethiopian Review and Ethio Media Forum blogs also reflect similar stands, although they are making anti-EPRDF noise.

I really like reading your posts, but please try to be objective.

Anonymous said...

aye edahe...ene anten behone bequlefe getem aderege zegeche...ta'eme yalachewene zenawochene becha aqerebe neber.

Anonymous said...

From Yeneneh

EZ i cannot blame some people for hating Woyanne (TPLF) "lets call them by their real name". They are not EPRDF. Unfortunately hate will breed hate and if the past is any indication of the future Woyanne (TPLF) will always betray Ethiopians becuase they core leadership is not Ethiopian. (Watch Ato Abraha Belai's ETN interview and Meles's interview with Dimtse Woyanne).
The only way to solve our problem is dialougue not hate mongering. However those that are the worst hate mongers are in power and have guns. All I can say is we all need to dialogue not hate monger using ethnicity. All nations have their extremists but most people are not so these nations have survived and prospered. Our continent is not left alone by the West so as long as they are interfering in our affairs and providing guns to some side we will never solve our problems. Sorry I digress.

Whoever you are EZ as long as you are promoting Ethiopia and unity I am OK with that. Listen to Meles and what he is saying about Eritrea and Ethiopia and you be the judge...
For those spewing hate please refrain and look at the big picture. I understand it is hard when you have been victimized but look at the CUD leaders (Hailu, Mideksa, Araya etc....) These are rainbows of our culture.
Also look at Mandela and try to be inspired. You will only heal through self discovery and inner peace.

Beleive me Woyanne is more afraid when we unite. When we hate monger they like it because we play into their hands. they want to divide us

Thanks God Bless Ethiopia
God helps those who are ready to help themselves

Anonymous said...

Brhanu (3:08) You said it brother!

EZ has suggested several other things that were not consistent with our struggle. Instead they all were designed for us to overlook and allow the TPLF-clique (WEYANE) to stay in power longer. He came out in support of the Asian Deragon (Yamomoto), he also called Prof. Ephrem Isaac a peace maker, while we all witnessed the deal to release CUDP leaders is conditional as Meles continue to say. EZ also tried to sell Andargachew (should read BETINACHEW) Tsige to Real-Ethiopians in Diaspora as the savior of the CUDP, while all evidences were pointing him along Mewa were conspiring to bring our struggle to a halt. Unfortunately, they succeeded in doing so. There are several other inconsistencies one can see coming out of EZ. With all these little give aways are we at fault for suspecting EZ to be the mouth peice of TPLF?

Anonymous said...

It is our lack of knowledge that is causing all the hate. Most of us don't even understand what politics means. We really don't. We don't know how the country exist. Like for example how many of us really know what inflation is or why Ethiopia is getting poorer and poorer by the minute. Honestly think about it. We have no clue about so many issues because we are simply and utterly ignorants.

Since we are really dumb, anybody who has a different opinion than us is our enemy. When we fail to argue rationally and convince others, we start to attack everything and everyone that are against us. You know I see myself in the mirror everyday whether it be here or in most forums. I am an Ethiopian and I am one of the people who actually insult and treat others badly just because they are not on the same page with me. I do that because I am literally dumb.

I am emotional. I hate saying I don't know and I often find myself arguing about things that I have no clue about. I sometimes laugh at my arrogance and stupidness. It is a sad thing but it is true. It is like a disease. EZ, If you are worried about people like myself, i think it is time you know the facts and that is we are not going anywhere. It probably takes another generation to change us. All you can do for now is pray, we will grow up and be humans again.(I am not sure if we were before)

Anonymous said...

EZ you mix facts with fiction neftegna style. If you are really concerned about Ethiopia and Ethiopians speak/tell/write the truth. You are 100% against EPRDF that is fine but you should not propogate about issues you don't know or understand because you hate EPRDF. Democracy is telling it as it is not only telling one side of the story.