Sunday, August 26, 2007

Professor Mesfin warns Kinijit leaders who compete against the interest of Ethiopian people

Kinijit founder and the father of Ethiopian peaceful struggle, Professor Mesfin woldemariam made his first speech to the public since his release from prison last month. The celebrated human rights activist advised Kinijit leaders to stick to the party's commitment to put power under the ownership of Ethiopian people. He made the statement at the occasion the Ferensay Legacion neighbourhood organized to honor their beloved heroine, Kinijit Vice-President Birtukan Mideksa.

"It is great that the Ethiopian people are starting to honor the leaders they want, and Birtukan deserves it, " Professor Mesfin told those who were present to honor Birtukan. "But there is something the Dergue introduced to our political culture. That is applause. We should be careful when we applaud our politicians, because there are those who, drunk with applause, go awry. We have already seen some in Kinijit going there after election 2005. Some will be revealed in the future. Kinijit can only fight together with the Ethiopian people. No Kinijit leader can compete against the Ethiopian people. "

Professor Mesfin's wise speech was a message for every single Kinijit leader that he/she can't be above the people of Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

This is a timely and wise warning from the aged professor. I think the Kinijit leaders have by now have a high status, almost like Mandela and Gandhi, it is good that some one reminds us not to idolize people but stick to the principles of democracy (one man one vote). Other ways we will have more leaders like Lidetu, how miscalculated their status and finally fall out of the grace of the people. We need this kind of warning from time to time because our culture is especially very susceptible to the idea of heroes and Godlike kings, which is a preliminary stage in giving birth to dictators. We should not stick so much to individuals or parties but democratic principles.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful message! This, if the diaspora kinjit has ears, should be a nice reminder to get refrained from what they are doing. In a transparent and open party, there should not be any kind of controversy that is too difficult to understand.
please respect the people of Ethiopia, respect the words of this matured professor and abide by the rule.

Anonymous said...

To: Andargachew (Betinachew), Berhanu Mewa, Berhanu Nega (oh Yes you) and Feqade Shewaqena (The Sabotage Expert)

Incase you did not get it, the message from your former Kestedemena colleague is for you. He is telling you:
"We should be careful when we applaud our politicians, because there are those who, drunk with applause, go awry. We have already seen some in Kinijit going there after election 2005. Some will be revealed in the future."

Ye Qinew "Werqu" kalgebachihu, yetebalachihut... ye Diasporaw chibichebaw ayshewidachihu... kalarefachihu hizbu wede Kihidetu Afyalew camp liasgebachihu niew.... Adeb gizu, aliya Bedru Adem a former Kestedamenean endagaletachihu enem lagalitachihu niew yemieluachihu.

Any who, if you have missed Ato Bedru's interview exposing Berhanu Nega go and listen at

Neqe ende Assefu Debalqe

Anonymous said...

ere bakachihu tilacha tiru aydelem.
Ebakachihu ye tilacha poletika aqumu.
Ebakachihu ebakachihu

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe eprp run a bit faster to get down to the hell of deep rift. Ato Bedru heartedly thanked all those two year heros and it is none of you but those three you mentioned (the hero Andy, Ato Berhane and Ato Fekadeshewakena) are accountable to bring that change. No one can never change the course of the struggle you can call any one who was telling his "kurfia" for letting too many youngsters to top positions (like Bertukan and Muluneh, some might have expected that position but sorry if the interviwee belongs there too). If any body thinks that way like shaleqa Co. KINIJIT soon would be to our kids and not even to us ermachihun awtu. We know how to solve our problems within ourselves and not the eprp's meddling spokesperson who is ethiolion. Mentioning the other name there, hehehe, we see now the horizon of your smearing is like disturbing a LION - never attempt to touch him. We would definitely hear our forefather Prof. Mesfin and with certainty he is a model for the young Dr. Berhanu to join the struggle not like you in IT PC backed interview but in that courageous meeting at AAU. Next time you call another interview and we would tell you how many we are ready to remove and to clean our house, not your house. ALLLLLLLLLLAAASSSSSS KINIJIT wins.

Anonymous said...

As timely as it is the professors warning it will not help the impass. He should have more specefic and to the point. Now every one things the warning is to his opponent and escalates the conflict.

Why are we so afraid of the truth? It is the shortest path to resolve any conflict.

Anonymous said...

I AM SURPRISED!!!! why is WOYANE allowing all kinijit members speak to the public and make public gathering now???????????????????????????????????

is woyane trying to be democratic??

Anonymous said...

What professor Mesfin has come out and said is great and very timely. Kinijit is not about individuals it is about building principals that will last for many generations. Just our forefathers
gave us the principal of country and freedom "Ethiopiawent" Kinijit
is moving us to the concept of Justice, Peace and Understanding. It is not about "ME" and what I have done, it is about what we can do as people with understanding. So to the yound Anon @4:30 please grow up and learn responsibility, it is not only being young that will bring change, it is when you respect others and know yourself and see the totality of what is needed.

If you do not respect others be it EPRP, or any other political entity
that are fighting for the survival of Ethiopia and its Unity. Then you are acting no better than Woyane who tells us that they are the only ones. Kinijit respects the idea of diversity, it also teaches understanding and respect which you seem to be lacking for others. If this is what as you called him "Andy" and the rest are teaching you, then I hate to sayd you are being taught Woyanes philosophy which is where Andy and Berhane graduated from so be careful. Remember KInijit is made of Elderly Ethiopians in their 70's middle aged Ethiopians in their 40's and 50's young Ethiopians in their 20's and 30's and the very young of elementary age. KINIJIT is of women and men it is the ying and yang of Ethiopia. It is about Ethiopianess made of the diversity of its people through intermarriage
living together and learning that within our difference there is oneness and not confusion.

So to come to the point it is great that you are one of the young/ men or women of Kinijit, but realize that Kinijit is about love, respect, understanding and building so maybe you need to sit down and take a deep breath and go deep down into your soul to find out what Ethiopianess and what Kinijit is teaching rather than following what you are told by people who have been confused, and have been about themselves. ETHIOPIA is each one us that is what KINIJIT is teaching us. So young man/woman. Find your own answer and not Andy's or anyone be of yourself and defend only Ethiopia then you will not fail yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to all but I should have thought of extending my comment for the anony@2:38 too for spreading his venomous eprp propgaganda. As KINIJIT supporter I don't support any one to meddle in my party affairs too.

Anonymous said...

Shaleka Yoseph,
you better stop what you are doing. We know what you are up to. No bandit in diaspora is going to divide Kinijit. We are watching you.

Kinijit menfes new.

Anonymous said...

EPRPitis ( EPRP i.e infected ones) please leave us alone. You will never succed in waging your infamous intercine war of the 70's on our party. That time, you succed and that ruined our country. This time, it will ruin yourself. This is the last chance for you to build your image on the face of Ethiopians. Ethiolion, aka ethiojib(Ethiopian Hyna) and other hustlers. Please wake up or else risk being marginalized by the Ethiopian people again and this time,forever. Professor's warning is clearly to Shaleka Admassie, Dr. Bezabih and the Dr. Taye ( Dr standing for Donqor)

Anonymous said...

Wise warning and Advice from professor Mesfin Woldemariam. From now on true sons & doughters of Ethiopia w'll expose the diaspora banda Andargachew-Berhane gang group & the one who back them from Ethiopia. We will see either shabia or weyane come to help them. The game is over now we fight them hand to hand with evidence.. Ethiopians knew each moves of you. Berhanu Nega! the game you tring to play is with a fire. You cant cheet the people of Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

People please stop it.
Those of us who are not taking sides in this 'infighting', but love our country and do support the opposition struggle should have a say in this as well!

I think supporters of either group are NOT helping the struggle one bit. What you are doing is actually fueling the differences between different outlooks and/or groups of people who see the path of the struggle through their own lenses.

IMHO, the honarable thing to do is to bring about a process by which both sides heal the wounds inflicted so far; and not add fuel to the fire by injecting the division to be even more potent than it already is.

These childish exchanges of "my group is better than your group" or "Individual x is more trustworthy than individual y" mentality will only benefit the enemy -- the traitor woyannes and their cadres who frequent our sites!

I think the best route to achieve a lasting resolution is for both sides NOT TO ANTAGONIZE the other. This issue/problem will hopefully cease to exist when our leaders come here.

In the meantime, the best we can do is stop the 'animosity' and explore positive ways of getting us closer to our goal of achieving victory over the TPLF regime aka enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet.

The spirit of CUDP will reign supreme!!!!!

Anonymous said...

God Bless Prof. Mesfin! What a sage advice if only people heed? Alas! We seem to be Tatbo Chika! May the Good Lord save us from ourselves!

Anonymous said...

No one is above the law. No leader is above his people. The unity of all Ethiopians on a common principle is a direct threat to the survival of EPRDF.

Kinijit for Democracy and freedom.

Anonymous said...

I concur with above three anonymous comments. Let us all show to the world that we are One Nation & Indivisible!!!

Spirit of Kinjit is in all of us.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Mesfin's comment is a direct warning to Hailu Shaewl and Shaleka Yoseph. For the sake of unity and kinijit success, I recommend Hailu Shawel and Co to voluntarily resign and let the best and the brightest lead the party. Kinijit should have no room for dictators. By the way, what is with Hailu Shawel sending his children to represent him in public gatherings? Who does he think he is? King Hailu?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @1:59 PM,
I think you are a typical agent provocateur. Why do you have to throw names and try to divide? I have a feeling you are either the same one who uses his website to create havoc within the opposition, or Kinjit in particular. Or you are someone with an ulterior motive and have an 'axe to grind'. If Kinjit leadership feels or wants a new leader, they will confer and will do that in due time. Please spare us your crocodile tears.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Mesfin has warned the CUD leaders to behave themsleves by putting Ehiopian interest first. He warned also for them not to be drunk with the applause of citizens. He gave an example of those who have been drunk in the past --- Lidetu has been singled out as a wrong example.

But once again the Diaspora Ethiopians who reside out side Ethiopia are fighting each other by interpreting his statment to their liking. What they don't understand is that the message is directed to the CUD leaders in Ethiopia. The Diaspora simply do not understand that their role is only helping the struggle at home. It is wrong to assume that you can influence or lead the struggle and CUD from abroad.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Mesfin's message is for all Ethiopians.This includes Meles Zenawi (half Eritrean), Lidetu or Hailu Shawel.

I feel sorry for EPRDF supporters these days. They still don't understand that the struggle is both in and outside the country. Thanks to freedom loving Ethiopians in diaspora, the struggle survived and will continue.

United Ethiopia will win. EPRDF is loosing.

Anonymous said...

Belive me what the professor said is actually true and visible. There are some elements within Kinijit Especially those who joined the parliameint mainly from reminants of EDUP-MEDHIN like Mohammed, Temesgen Zewdie, Ayele Chamiso and so on are trading or playing in the name of people. These people are still meets with Lidetu and are his stooges through him Meles/Bereket-EPRDF play the game. Take my word the professor is the Ethiopian wise man.

Anonymous said...

Belive me what the professor said is actually true and visible. There are some elements within Kinijit especially those who joined the parliameint mainly from reminants of EDUP-MEDHIN like Mohammed, Temesgen Zewdie, Ayele Chamiso and so on are trading or playing in the name of people. These people are still meets with Lidetu and are his stooges through him Meles/Bereket-EPRDF play the game. Take my word the professor is the Ethiopian wise man.

Anonymous said...

EZ the following sentence was posted on the popular voice chat room called Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum... I don't have words to thank you so I let you know what ppl think about you.

"metema_2: EZ men ladrgh ....
hulu lemlkam: yessss
metema_2: if i knew EZ i will give him my car key i sware to God"

Anonymous said...

Prof. Mesfin was the strongest supporter and admirer of Lidetu Ayalew, the arch traitor up until October 2005. I hope he realizes that it is easier said than done. Prior to October 2005, he had conssitently refused to listen to friends when advised about the treachery and duplicity of Lidetu.

Nevertheless, I fully agree that we should not over-do our praise, including those in Kinijit or outside Kinijit. We all have a national duty, an extraordinary commitment to Ethiopia and her people. To do that well, we should help them, but desist from developing a culture of worship which is currently absent in Kinijit's leadership which I know very well.

Indeed, I think Prof. Mesfin's advice is a little too untimely and in the wrong forum, and possibly even damaging since these people have just come out of prison and are trying to put their feet and that of Kinijit on the ground again. Such words in public at this time are not constructive ! EPRDF will love it !

We should be careful not to slow down progress by discouraging this uniquely committed and unselfish leadership that has appeared after a century of waiting !

Anonymous said...

There are three elements here who dosn't want kinijit to succid at all.They are weyane (and the hodams),EPRP(i don't know how many of them left around they don't have a new blood),the good old shaleka and gung, and last but not least Dr Taye with his money thirst.

Anonymous said...

Prof.Mesfin you are my Idol you are the rare crature of ethiopian society let others learn somthing from you let the others dedicat themselves like you let the others find after all themselves,
God bless you
God bless Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

Prof Mesfin's Message is timely particularly for people like Eng. Hailu who took the whole kinijit to drain after the 2005 election. This was due to the power blinded leader refusal of compromising and tolerance of his own political partners. I hope this will be a lesson for all the kinijit leaders and take this wise professor’s advice seriously and take his wish into consideration when they act in the name of Ethiopians.
Best wishes to all

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @1:46 PM above,

why are you so obsessed with the just released leadership of Kinijit in general and Eng. Hailu in particular? Are you really a supporter of Kinijit or of the opposition for that matter? I don't think you are. You are probably a cheap cyber cadre of the woyannes who is bent in making noise, with the hope of creating havoc within the opposition. However, the opposition camp is seasoned enough to see through your futile attempts.

As I said before, spare us from your crocodile tears and keep your cheap propaganda somewhere else... like aigaforum.

Anonymous said...

The message of prof. Mesfin works for all within the CUD and we should be thankful. "Shimagle aytifa".

Ethiopians are more advanced than their leaders. The people of Ferencay Legacion break the silence of the Ethiopian politics and praise their leaders. Thank you!

Lidetu has done the damage in the establishment of CUD. Now, we have another person to watch carefully, Bedru Adem, who has been in prison with other leadership. It is clear that there might be problems with individuals with in CUD, they are human beings. However, one of the major suggestions given by the people to Lidetu at the time was ‘to solve the problem within the party’. There will be time to expose “the problem” if any, to the public later. Mr. Bedru has given an interview within the framework of the Diaspora politics: supporting Eng. Hailu and opposing Kestedemena (Dr. Berhanu’s party). Bedru is trying to divide the Ethiopia’s CUD leadership. I don’t believe that Eng Hailu has any disagreement with Dr. Berhanu. However, Mr. Bedru has tried to make a case against the three parties and supporting the party of Eng. Hailu, which formed CUDP. But he is a member of Kestedamena. Such people are against the hope of Ethiopians to see change in Ethiopian politics. All of them have been in prison for 20 months and we have not finished celebrating their release. But it is very sad to hear his interview at this time. There are many things the people are expecting from them, not their division. Any thing about the party should be reported to the public by the spokes-person, not by any members like Bedru did. Please!!! Mr. Bedru, we are not expecting this divisive interview from you, rather something better to strengthen the democratic process in the country.

Anonymous said...

If professor Mesfin can't speak out now then when?

Professor Mesfin Welde Mariam is indeed the father of the peaceful struggle. He welds great leverage among the active political parties within Ethiopia. His words have a great weight than any of the political party leaders. His sharp criticism to the Kinijit Leaders is in fact overdue. Yes, he was and still is a great admirer of the young leaders of UEDP_Medhin Party. The good intention of the professor in the formative stage of Kinijit as a party was torpedoed by none other than Berhanu Nega as crafted by his political spiritual advisers and spinners in the likes of Andargachew Tsege, Kiflu Taddesse and Yared Tibebu.

Sources are telling us there has been a couple of contacts and meetings between Lidetu and Berhanu Nega at Ras Amba Hotel. Both of them were driven by unknown third person 4X4 car with a business plate number through the back entrance gate of the Hotel around 9pm in the evening and left the hotel through the front gate around 11:30pm for two consecutive days in a raw.

Bertukan and Lidetu has been seen around Bole Medhanialem hugging and engaged in a serious conversation in public.

Stay tuned………….More to come.

Anonymous said...

To anon. above,

You must be a member of the KIC gangs. You are trying every thing possible to divide the leadership in Addis Ababa to make easy hiding your mischief. EPRDF has now got a good ally (KIC) to weaken CUD at home. They are now sitting and laughing at you but you don't understand and never will. Eng. Hailu is a respected leader and Dr. Berhanu and others will not have any problem with him. But you can keep dreaming about it and bark your dream on internet.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Countrymen:

Let us give more attention and less to in-fighting and back-biting. Many in this column are either simply gullible, or intentianally divisive or outright foolish. They forget that Kinijit's leaders are just out of prison, that Kinijit is not even a legally registered party and yet, the local elections are only weeks away !

Both Prof. Mesfin and others that support him are inadvertently busy working for EPRDF. Meles must be delighted, and he probably has quite a few anonymous messages in this column as well.

If you love Ethiopia and Kinijit, then all that we need to do is stop all divisive talk and advise Berhanu Nega to watch his words while talking or drinking in the USA. He did some damage during the television debates in 2005, and he should desist from further damage to the image of Kinijit.

Do not get me wrong. I have high regards for Prof. Mesfin, but he is not cut for politics; I also have some respect for Berhanu as a young man of some merit, but he talks too much and even more so after he has taken some beer and he may then give away Kinijit's secrets.

Those who are close to him should advise him to be careful, and he should stop criticizing member parties of CUD, as he has done in the poorly written early pages of his book from prison. Any divisive talk on his part can only be in the interest of EPRDF and allied elements. I would hope such people as Andargachew Tsighe and Berhane Mewa will prevail on him to be more careful and less divisive. Ethiopia is much more important than imaginary political power !

Knijit cannot gain from any divisive self-centered agenda.

Lastly, what we all need most is unity and better organization both at home and abroad. Cheap talk will hep only EPRDF !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear All,

It is with such heavy heart I read a lot of your comments. I reside in Ethiopia and do the little I can. Where do you get off bad mouthing everyone? Where is your suggestion on how to go forward constructively? Who are each of you to point the finger or bibically, cast the first stone? What have been your individual contributions to the struggle for democracy and freedom? What sacrifices have you paid or are you willing to pay? Only after you answer these questions to youselves HONESTLY should you be 'discussing' on such critical issues like our country's future.
Lastly please note that persons of substance discuss Issues and not Persons

Anonymous said...

A respond to 7:23 AM comment.. the one who is tring to claim that he reside in Ethiopia... you are a typical old fashioned banda, repating like a parrot what tplf cadres saying for past years.
Like it or not professor Mesfin Woldemariam gave us Wise warning and Advice. Conserned Ethiopians, bandas & reminants of anti Ethiopia forces are saying their words. In here you have to choice, either to fight as a brave son/doughter of Ethiopia or siding with weyane-shabia-bandas.
For those tring to write new senario that Prof. loves Lidetu=kihdetu.. this style won't take you far. Prof. Mesfin as a wise man, elder, Father, Teacher & Human right adovocate.. he loves all mankind.

"From now on true sons & doughters of Ethiopia w'll expose the diaspora banda Andargachew-Berhane gang group & the one who back them from Ethiopia. We will see either shabia or weyane come to help them. The game is over now we fight them hand to hand with evidence.. Ethiopians knew each moves of you. Berhanu Nega! the game you tring to play is with a fire. You cant cheet the people of Ethiopia"

Ethiopia & True sons and doughters of Ethiopia are always the winners!!!

Anonymous said...

The prof. Mesfin comment could be nice if he addressed some where else in official kinijit meting rather than at such public place. I do not know Prof. Mesfin intention to whom pass the message. Every body guessing to whom he adressed what other use this messge to attack the whom they hate to see in kinijit as leadership. Let wait Prof Mesfin message his official at kinijit meeting either in Ethiopia or in Diaspora. However, I hate radio interview of Ato Bedru Kemal his comment to his colleagues. It seems to me that just supporting Ing. Hailu and giving a bad name to Dr. Birhanu. I think every Ethiopian know that Dr. Birhanu has a bright vision to his country. He do not have interest hangin in power like others rather than his assipration to give the power for his Ethiopian people. One of his enemies of Dr. Birhanu we all know that EPRDF and others within kinijit who do want to see bright leader like him and Birtukan Medikesa. Stop criticizes the leaders and do not be Hodam. I am sure Dr. Birhanu, Ing. Hailu and others leader, they can discuss and compromise if they have problem. please stop stop stop passing wrong information until we get directily from our leadrs. Please Ato. Kemal Bedru stop you division within the leaders rather you laeve the party peacefully, by they way thanks Ato Bedru Kemal for your scrifies 2 two years in person for ethiopian people freedom.

Peace for Ethiopia and Africa as a whole

Anonymous said...

AH! Dr. Berhanu, Andargachew, and Berhane Mewa are our heros on which we Ethiopians rely on heavily. Don't touch them! We in Ethiopia know who is who! We are proud with the Diaspora; but there are few that are banda - we have to fight them! We have given a deaf ear to Meles le alone such scavengers.
Prof. is only telling us to take lessons from the Lidetu crises - nothing wrong with our KINIJIT leader!! We owe them one!!!
Keep united!!!!

KINIJIT supporter in Addis

Anonymous said...

I think we need to learn how wisely apperciate people who pay price without loosing sight of idolizing them. Dictatorship is going to be born out of it. We supported dergue when they came to power hoping they are better and put their pictures every office; guess what happened? The same thing with woyane and we're living in the result. I don't think so we're matured emotionally yet.
We also know how to torn apart the same people whom we idolize.
Please, let's keep the balance. The people of Ethiopia is higher than the leaders to be praised and apperciated. Let's put our emphasis on people of Ethiopia.
Let's heed the senior peace activist Prof. Mesfin's advice; before bringing incaculable damage to the struggle to freedom.

Anonymous said...

This hereunder is completely wrong as a message to anyone who understands the "reality to be" in Ethiopia. This is a dividing message that some irresponsible guys send to the public. Please aware of listening such message. We need to know that we are prefering any of those points. The points and the association is completely irrelevant. I am sure none of them belong to any. Even Eng. Hailu Shawel??

The message was:
We have to choose among these three
- dictatorial regime with ethnic federalism – that of EPRDF
- democratic Ethiopia with Ethnic federalism– that of Dr. Birhanu group + OFDM + UDEF
- democratic Ethiopia with non-ethnic federalism- that of Ato Hailu

CUD is currently dead! Move on!