Saturday, September 01, 2007

British Embassy opposed UN Fact Finding Mission to Ogaden

The idea of UN's fact finding mission to the Ogaden region in Ethiopia was opposed at first by some embassies in Addis Ababa including the British Embassy, EZ Post learnt. British Embassy sources told this blog that the embassy was first resistant to any independent mission to Ogaden as the Ethiopian government opposed it. The position of the British Embassy was supported by other unnamed western embassies .
Some diplomats in Addis Ababa who feared a Darfur in Ogaden were shocked with the resistance of the embassies. It took the EU's insistence to make the embassies finally accept the decision.

Read Alisha Ryu's story on the fact finding mission here.


Anonymous said...

Long time a go the people of Israel asked King Solomon's son if you become our King what do you do?
And he said let me check with my advisors and I will let you know. First he went to his father old advisors (to the elders). They gave him a good advice, and hen he went to his gang friends, they gave him a bad advice. He went back to the people and followed the advice of his gang friends. And the people of Israel departed from him. What a surprised to see in 21st centuries to see similar kind of advisor. The senior advisor to Meles, Bereket Simon, a pathological liar. He doesn't fill a thing for other human being. He will burn and celebrate with a suffering of another human being.
I now this is not his first time but it is disgrace himself to accuse the human right defenders as a liar. A pathological liar thinks always he will fool other people. He doesn't understand that he is revealing more his personality and his act. The crime committed in Ogaden he said it is “a far-fetched story circulated by the human rights organizations," We can lie once because the support we have from the western country to keep their interest guard. They did it in many countries in the past and they are the one who turn back to them. We don't have to go far to check this out. If we GOOGLE “Sadam" U-Tube will show you a picture of Sadam hung with the rope. Unfortunately, dictators don't have a brain because they sober with their power of crown and forget they are a normal human being. They totally forget they are nobody and someone from the street can walk in and get ride of them. The outrageous crime will expose them further how they are in human and ruthless people. I used to think they will learn but when I see back their journey for the past 30 years what I can see only the flood of blood they poured on our land. Even if they did good thing in the past if any their distraction is paramount and the world will be the judge soon like the same thing theyare watching Darfur.

Anonymous said...

EZ, aye EZ. Anchi be heart attack erashegen endategeye. As you contineously wish the worst for Ethiopia, Ethiopia keeps on marching on to a better future. I know that eats you deep inside. Sweet Lord knows how happy that makes me. You screamed about Somalia, the operation was a success and You infantile statements were absent. Now, my AMARA Liberal Hero is crying about the OGADENI. Weslata. Tekateye, WE JUST OPENED A UNIVERSITY IN JIJIGA. I AM SURE THAT NEWS ESPCAPED YOU RIGHT? KEFIT AFE. KETELE BEYE. A NEW HOSPITAL IS ABOUT TO BE BUILT. KITILE BEYE. MESERE DEFAR WINS THE 5K RUNNING AROUND THE STADIUM WITH THE MILLENIUM LOGO. KITILE BEYE ANCHI WESLATA. KITILE BEYE.

Anonymous said...

Anonym 10:21 (Hagos HARD-CORE-TPLF-CADRE)

The university you bragg of has no teachers nor students, any building can be desegnated university or college, the real problem is filling the university/college with real techers and students not to mention all the labs and research elements. TPLF has lied to the Ethiopian people for the last 16 years, and Ethiopians are not FARA bunch, we ate TPLF's real agenda, I say go eat another FARA. The Ethiopian people are not FARA no more, on year 14 Ethiopians gave it the boots. We Ethiopians know what is good for the country and for our children's future, when we were given the chance to prove our understanding of what TPLF is made of we proved it with a balot. We choose real leadership that is capable of bringing of tangible change to the future of the country, but your TPLF refused to get down. Don't worry, we are working to get it down by force. You are the FARA WESLATA! You have no right to insult EZ, for it is working to save your TPLF regime.

Go eat another FARA, we are neneqi ende Asefu Debalqe!

Anonymous said...

I am not suppressed by the stand the Brits took.
I also remember that they were the only nation (PM. M. Thatcher)
who opposed the call for embargo on the then apartheid government of S. Africa.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at the British for not supporting the UN and its mission to Ogaden.
If they do, it will expose all the wrong stands they have taken for many years. The dilemma for the Brits is dealing between Ethiopia’s domestic issues vs. Ethiopia’s foreign policy including the East African region which is one of the most volatile region in the world. Britain and United States understand the situation fully well.

Meles has the upper hand on domestic issues. Since the Brits don’t want to be seen as meddling in Ethiopia’s internal issues, they have been quite until recently. Other than trying to improve governance and human rights issues in the country, the Tony Blair government poured millions to Ethiopia’s budget directly. On the other hand, Ethiopia’s strong military and dominance in the region was an important relationship between the two nations.. They don’t want to shake the boat at the moment. The “war on terror” in Somalia has strengthened the ties further.

After the 2005 election and the bloody aftermath, things have changed. Blair distanced himself from Meles for the first time. Since human rights were violated, the British were forced to be involved in the internal issues of Ethiopia and against Meles Zenawi. They have stopped giving millions to the countries budget directly. The Brits have been forced to side with the Ethiopian people which has upset Meles’s crew in Arat Kilo.

In regards to the foreign policy, the UK supports the war in Somalia as long as it is a “war on terror”. It is in the interest of the British with Americans to support it 100%. As long as the Ethiopian soldiers are fighting it will be funded by the two super powers. While some call it a “proxy war”, Meles’s woyanne army, United States and Britain are tied at this hip.

If the UN mission finds disturbing news in Ogaden, it will expose another huge domestic issue that creates friction between the woyanne government and London. On regional and international issues, the fact that war in Somalia is not successful so far, is not helping Ethiopians, Somali or the region. It is a quagmire.

The political balancing act that the Brits are playing between Ethiopia’s internal and external issues is complex. It is in the interest of the Brits to resist any U.N mission initially.
At this point, they have no choice but to support UN and EU than expose themselves to criticism by the world and the Ethiopian people who have shown determination and unity. They have chosen to side with the people not with Meles.

Anonymous said...

United Kingdom and United States are blinded by fear of the rise of Eritrean power. Eritrea is becoming a power to reckon with, she is actively promoting peace and serenity in the region, what they are doing is outside the US wish, US wants a ravaged Africa, a poor Africa and a weak Africa. Eritrea is saying lets take our own destiny on our hand, we do not need the intervention of big powers. The big powers are saying, 'HOW DARE YOU SMALL AND AN IRRELEVANT COUNTRY CAN SAY THIS TO US and UK?' In order to prove their unqualified support for Ethiopia they are giving TPLF billions to piss Eritrea off. TPLF is doing what it is told, hold Eritrea in a headlock; TPLF wobbly for itself would anything to keep its monopoly of power, and exceutes the order coming from UK & US. The problem is while they are giving unqualified support to TPLF, they are also hurting majority Ethiopians.

UK and US are giving TPLF unlimmited financial and political support as well as using their friends they are ginving TPLF the news coverage support making it look good. If it was not for ALJAZEERA, the world media would have been controlled by few and powerful organizations and all news coming out would have been in favor of showing TPLF in a positive light, thanks to diverse ARAB media we are getting the facts from them and when we need unprofessional B.S. and yellow journalism we always have CNN, BBC, MSNBS, ABC, and NBC. I mean there are desent journalistic news media that are working hard to be more neutral and report only the truth, but until they become big and serious contenders with the mentioned liars the status quo remains and our commitments to viewing the truth and fable remains that same.

You want objective journalism go to the Arab media, and compare it with what you hear and see on the mentioned pro western coglamorated news medias and you will find the truth. Surpsingly, almost all of them are owned by one or two persons, they determine what you and I are exposed to. For a change we have the Arab media sprouting higher with truth and facts, THANK GOD.

It is not surprising for some of us, we know UK & US are giving TPLF the POLITICAL PROTECTION and MEDIA COVERAGE SUPPORT IN KILLING A LIBERATION STRUGGLE FOR SELF DETERMINATION. Many factors we have to understand the Somalis in Ogadenia are sitting on top of a TRILLION cubic liters of natural gas, this amount can supply power to the whole black Africa for 20 years. China is very interested in it, so much so they are signing deals with Somalia TFG, a regime it has no ligitimacy yet. TPLF is trying to prevent China from signing the deal with Somalia, and trying to keep China's billions in their hands. TPLF would eradicate the Somali race if it has to in order to keep the Billions of dollars they are sitting on, if it means genocide so be it, they will will not hesitate to eradicate 10 million Somalis from Ogadenia. UK & US are two most despicable natiopns would not hesitate in helping TPLF eradicate the Somalis from Ogadenia. This is exactly what is happening in Ogadenia today. SEE HOW MONEY CREATES WAR AND GENOCIDE.

Anonymous said...

War = Good business for Meles.