Sunday, September 30, 2007

HR 2003: The Final Push

The arguments that HR 2005 undermines Ethiopia's sovereignty by EPRDF-supporting media and the some well-intentioned Ethiopians are misguided.
Please write a letter to Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, expressing your support to the legislation. Get a sample letter here.


M said...

care to try and convince this well-intentioned individual? :)

Anonymous said...

Can some one tell me why we need US lawmakers decide our country's fate? Ethiopia must remain sovereign!


Anonymous said...

This is not a bill of Ethiopian Parliament. It is a bill drafted and voted to its passage by US Congress.
If you are impartial, every country can draft a bill to support or disport a foreign nation. It is not invading the sovereignty of a country. It is how to use its resources based on its principles.
When EU picks Ethiopia to receive a good portion its assistance, the decision had to be passed based on the underlining presentations on good governess and human right.


Such kind of bill is not new for US congress. Similar bills were presented before to the house, as applicable to other nations.

In fact such an argument will facilitate the passage of the bill both houses,
As the Gov't lobbies helped a swift vote at the foreign relation committee.
The only merit of the bill probably is challenged, by the US President as the result of State Department's relation with the Ethiopian Gov’t.

The difference between the Ethiopian constitution and HR2003, MAINLY, is
the constitution is only on paper.

This bill will cruise through its hurdles and become the low, JUST BECAUSE OF ITS MERITS.

Don’t forget the bill is not only valid until the end of the life time of the current Ethiopian administration.

Anonymous said...


You are a true son of Ethiopia!!!
Thank you for all your effort!!!
It is expeced that the bold snake, Meles, will go to Washington DC to begg for the fall of HR 2003. But, he will not be able to return back.

Let God bless Ethiopia,

Anonymous said...

We hope when melese come back to ethiopia that some real ethiopian out of woyane will overtake his chair and the real democraty to ethiopia.

Who is a real ethiopian man? Do it now!!!

Anonymous said...

Ato Girum

I feel sorry for you for being ignorant. Read the bill first. If you understand what is outlined on the bill, I mean. There is no connection Ethiopia's sovergnity and the installment of democracy. If the government you support believes in democracy, then, there is no reason to fight against the bill. You cannot give the population measured by a tea spoon and then take for yourself as you pleases. Domocracy for one valids democracy for the other person of the same country. You got it Aigas Ato Girum.


Anonymous said...

The Bill is a bad idea. First, Prof. Efrem Issac will be angry. Out of anger, he will no more be involved in the effort to get the release of those remaining in prison. Weyane will lock the prisons and throw away the key. The CUD still claiming that there are prisioners, that should not have been allowed to happen at all. The CUD lacks care in this matter

Is the Bill applicable to the CUD leaders too? They had said they are responsible for the June and November, 2005 violence in which hundreds died and wounded. They have not told us about their role in the volence. If the Bill passes, then they should be taken back to Court ( a different court from the previous one) and get their due.

I have not heard people that are responsible for the death of several hundred run for office, win elections and form a government. The current CUD leaders should resign and new leaders take over so that another violence is not repeated or they get rewards without impunity for their confessed crimes. If I were them I would have resigned my self before I am challenged on this issue.

Anonymous said...

EZ, I want to thank you for bringing our attention to this important civic duty.

My dear fellow Ethiopians:

I believe there are two types of Ethiopians. Type I Ethiopians believe there is democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights. Type II Ethiopians believe that there is lack of democracy, lack of rule of law and lack of respect for human rights. One type is no less Ethiopian than the other.

I happen to be type II Ethiopian and I believe HR2003 is one of the remedies. Many of us believe so. This bill holds the current Ethiopian regime accountable for its actions. Ethiopia heavily relies on the US for its foreign aid. If Ethiopia is economically self sufficient, this would not have been an issue and we would not be having this conversation. We, Ethiopian American tax payers, believe that our tax dollars should not be offered to a government that violates the human rights of its people. This is contrary to our American democratic values and to our American human rights values.

For millions of Ethiopians who live under fear and tyranny of the current Ethiopian regime, HR2003 brings some hope and relief by holding the goverment accountable and requiring it to improve its governance. No doubt, the passage of this bill is likely to introduce some inconvinience to the ruling regime. So, while I feel the pain of the government for experiencing some inconvinience, I am going to act in favor of the majority of the Ethiopian people whose lives are at stake due to the reckless actions of an irresponsible government.

I encourage all Ethiopians who believe there is lack of democracy, lack of human rights and lack of rule of law to contact their congressional delegation to support this bill.

For type I Ethiopians who do not see the plight of the Ethiopian People and who do not appreciate the disinfrachisement of the type II Ethiopians, I encourage you to use your influence the ruling party to create more democratic space for the opposition and consider their legacy.

For the current regime of Ethiopia, I pray to God to open your eyes to see what we, type II Ethiopians see and to have compassion on the Ethiopian people. Let me advise you to stop fighting HR2003 and stop fighting the people of Ethiopia. Let me advise you to stop denying the elephant in the room. I also advise you stop wasting public funds to improve your international image. It is not working for you. Let me advise you, instead, to repent and start doing good and create a democratic space, similar to the one you created prior to the 2005 election. Let me assure you that once you focus your attention on doing the right thing, you do not have to worry about your international image. You do not have to worry about fighting HR2003. The civilized world and the Ethiopians in Diaspora will soon be on your side. We will soon be singing your praises.

God Bless Ethiopia. God Help type I and type II Ethiopians see eye to eye.

God help the current Ethiopian regime to repent from its current denial and help them to bring all Ethiopian stakeholders to create a united Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

No matter what do you think HR 2003 give you democracy::: democracy is prosses and ethipia is progressing

We don´t need imported democracy:..

CUD dosn´t even know what democracy is they can´t even solve their problem hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

It is not CUD/Kinjit's problem; it is rather personalities within the party, which is a normal process of making a strong party.
Kinjit is a party embraced by majority of Ethiopians at home and abroad regardless of individual issues.
You need to see Democracy in a broader sense, so that you have the grasp of democratic process. This Kinjit leaders were abused physically and mentally for the previous 21 months by the EPRDF government. They were isolated so that their communication is
is limited among each other. Now, they are in process of sorting their differences of opinion for the betterment of the party’s direction.

Anonymous said...

I would like to remind everyone that Ethiopia still depends on foreign donations to meet its expences. Before the election, donated money used to be directly injected to the countries budget. Things changed after the 2005 election. After seeing Meles and EPRDF crack down on the oppostion, everyone including the United States Congress has been monitoring the situation with great interest. The United States has a right not to donate its tax payers money to an Ethiopian dictator that does not respect the rule of law and the human rights of it population.

As an Ethiopian American tax payer, I am glad the bill (HR 2003) will be voted on Oct 2nd. Tax payers in the United States should decide where the money goes especially when it comes to donation to the Ethiopian government.

I pray that this bill will pass in the house and move on to the Senate to be signed by the president very soon.

I would like to thank Congresman Payne and Smith for their effors. Ethiopian Americans should be proud of their achivments too.

See democracy is in action!
God Bless American
Ethiopians Unite!

Anonymous said...

The bill will pass at the Congress and Senate. I would hope the President will sign it with out delay.
We will probably need some push on the white house as the state department has a positive relation with Meles Administration.
This is going to be a one Victory for Ethiopian people


Anonymous said...

The bill will pass at the Congress and Senate. I would hope the President will sign it with out delay.
We will probably need some push on the white house as the state department has a positive relation with Meles Administration.
This is going to be a one Victory for Ethiopian people


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lealem for your detailed explanation of the bill. By the way my question was not laughable! It does not make me pro-EPRDF or pro-CUD. It simply makes you a concerned ethiopian who wants to learn more. I am sorry I did not read/understand the bill. Even that does not make me ignorant. I hope I will see more civilized discussions among ethiopians.

THERE IS NO STUPID QUESTION. Just learn to ask if you don't know.