Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yacob's Call

Dr. Yacob Hailemariam, one of Kinijit's top leaders, says this to the European Parliament:
We hold no grudges against our jailors or any body for that matter. Our only wish as always has been, together with our compatriots at the ruling party EPRDF to devote our energy to the betterment of our country and people and rededicate ourselves to the cause of democracy , respect for human rights and peace in our country and even beyond. Our journey may be long and our task hard. But to paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr. again we are confident that the long arch of history will eventually bend towards justice in Ethiopia.
That is the spirit! 


Anonymous said...

the most peaceful opposition of the world.
the most democratic party
the most educated leader
the most successfull party
the most people (more than 90%)
the most ...
Party of the world!!!

I am proud to be a memeber

the most corrupted
the most criminal
the most uneducated
the most not elected leader
the most killer
the most laier
the most unpopullar

Party of the world

I am ashamed that they are ethiopians too.

Anonymous said...

As a long time supporter of the EPRDF I am encouraged by Cr yacobs comments. Moderation is the best and only way for the continued political existence of Ethiopia. Furthermore the existence and strength of the CUD has made the EPRDF a better political movement it has jolted the EPRDF leadership, I have observed a new dynamism within the EPRDF, hence I hope the CUD quickly solves its internal difficulties and joins the political life with a sense of responsibility and humility.

Anonymous said...










This is the problem we have. everyone wants to be praised and hugged. let us all give honor and respect to each other instead of to ourselves. talking like and saying that you are martin luther king a million times will not make you a martin luther king.

appreciating others and NOT appearing self-righteous will help all groups in ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Selam 2 U All :)

Aye Ethio zagol!! Beqa leyelih endezih. Besaq :)

While agreeing with most of Dr Yacob's comments, I hope Dr Yacob meant that we should have dialogue regarding the 8 points with woyane. If not, when he said "Our only wish as always has been, together with our compatriots at the ruling party EPRDF to devote our energy...", then it is is a clear indication that he has sold out to woyane and has decided to be a loyal opposition, if not a mole from the begining.

His statement reinforces the new dilemma that needs to be resolved based on a new revealing audio information.

According to W/R Ayalnesh Chanyalew who is the Vice President of KIL North America, the five delegates (Dr.Birhanu, Judge Birtukan, Engineer Gizachew, Ato Brook, and Dr.Hailu Araya) have signed a pact with woyane agent Lidetu Ayalew. Source: or

Per this audio, Ato Aklog Limenih, President of KIL North America, was being breifed by his assistant that a deal has been struck by the 5 delegates and woyane informant Lidetu Ayalew. As we all know Lidetu Ayalew, Dr Beyene Petros, Dr Merara Gudina, Dr. Negaso Gidada, Dr Bulcha Demeqisa, Ato Ayele Chemiso and etc. are in the USA. Source: Eye witness Cachaw_3 of Current Affairs Room and

So what is the dilemma? The Berhanu group wants to join the so called "bandas and traitors" and work under the "EPRDF directives" as an opposition. On the other hand, the Hailu Shawel group wants a dialogue on the 8 points with woyane such as access to the media or free media, and free non biased election board, and as a result let the voters (Ethiopian People) decide who should govern them every 5 years in a free and fair election.

No need to be kissing smootching with woyane or "
Our only wish as always has been, together with our compatriots at the ruling party EPRDF to devote our energy " as Dr Yacob puts it.

Further, the 5 former Kinijit, current Lidetu 3rd way advocates, have been busted and caught red handed, especially,Engineer Gizachew and Brook Kebede Campaigning against passage of HR 2003 the same way like Woyane Ambasador Samuel Assefa. Source:

EZ, no wonder that you suggested for the delegates to change the name of the party.

Well the choice seems to be clear now. Did Shibire Desalegne and the 198 innocent victims shed their blood to work with woyane as a loyal opposition like Lidetu or to see a free and fair election every 5 years, regardless who the winner might be? That is what Democracy is about.

Not comprehending, and not fighting for the basic value of free and fair election, but instead tearing Kinijit apart in the name of "collective leadership" to be a 3rd way loyal woyane achebchabi opposition, makes Dr Berhanu, Judge Birtukan, Chemist Berhane Mewa, TV and Data Cable Installer Ato Elias Kifle, and Self Claimed Life Long Unemployed Ato Andargachew Tsigie --DEMOCRACYN YEMAYAWQU DEMOCRATOCH.

Ayzon Wegen!

N.B.... Oops! The U.S. House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee today passed H.R. 2003 with all members voting in favor. Ay Engineer Gizachew and Brook Kebede.... when you were trying to kill it with woyane style behind the scene drama, it blew up on your face. :) Ay DEMOCRACYN YEMAYAWQU DEMOCRATOCH!

Anonymous said...

Yur are just being a crumb.

You were one of the protagonists in the drama: "refusing to eat the cake", now you are begging for the crumb. What an irony.

So, now your are in the good comapny of ER. There is a saying in Amharic which you should know very well, "Gudegnahin nigeregna mann endhonk enegrihalehu". You stooped incredibly low.

And regarding the "ugly discourse", well, you are the budding source of "ugly discourse", my friend. Read what you just said: "In fact for one of the groups, we think this crisis is an opportunity ..." Unless you are just out of Grammar school, the phrase " for one of the groups..." is a divisive "ugly discourse"

You talk about synicism? Try disgust. I am disgusted, like thousands of others, by people like you - who, with their muddy thinking, crap up the most potent ideas and institutions that crop up once in every gen

Anonymous said...


I think it looks like Dr. Nega and cohorts are bitterly angry on Hailu Shawel for going to prison. They regretted their decision for not joining parlamient.

The problem was they pretend to be a hero for what they are not. No need to attack Eng. Hailu Shawel by fabricating conflicts. Go ahead sign your pact (if it is not already done) with Lidetu and the EPDRF. If you believe, serving the Ethiopian people with in the EPDRF system from with in, then nothing is wrong with that. What is wrong is to try to pretend for being committed to the 8 points. That is a crime. It is even worst when you target innocent leaders like Hailu Shawel to cover up your weakness.

It will be a good fit for Keste Damena to join Beyene Petros and Merara Gudina. There is a closer similarities between Doctors: Beyen, Gudina and Berhanu.

For christ sake leave Eng. Hailu Shawel alone. A person like him comes only once in a century.

Anonymous said...

Who expects a hero from........

Anonymous said...


I can not believe this. We all betrayed by our what we said were our heroes. But it took me 2 weeks to know that we had only ONE true hero who stood up against injustice in Ethiopia and said NO NO NO. Some followed him either did not know what to do and where tio stand at the time or their asumption was wrong.
People: We have one true leader and that is Eng. Hailu.

Anonymous said...

Is the biggest issue "who is best" or "what is best" for Ethiopia? All I hear is clash of personalitites. Alas! How sad for this unfortunate country!

Anonymous said...

Kinijit's fandamental problem is HATE!!!!!
They talk unity but practice hate. EPRDF calls them opposition but they call EPRDF enemy. EPRDF puts them to jail but if these guys (specially Hailu and his Shaleqas) were in power, Shooting squad would be busy collecting corpuses.
It is sad. We, Ethiopians don't really know what we want. We want change but what kind of change? We do not learn from our past and that is why we repeat the same mistake again and again like fools.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:27 PM,

If you want to be taken seriously, don't stereotype and ... leave Hailu alone, and out of this. He is not for HATE!!!!

If you truly want to know the truth, EPRDF/TPLF has always BEEN and STILL IS for HATE. So, my friend get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...


Is it a chance or is it a dirty deal with the DEVIL

The leader of TPLF woyane coming to the US while Ledetu,Merrara Gudina,Beyene Petros and Berhanu Nega cu deta lead delegation are in the US smells Bad.

The Great grand generation of Yohanes Melese/TPLF after putting Ethiopia back to precolonial state and dividing and posioning the mind of peace loving and tolerant people of Ethiopia is here in new york.

Is this a pre planned Memagles deal with the above named individulas and Brehanu Nega cupe detant to prolonge Ethiopian misfortune by prolonging the life of a killer who is going to be tried at human right tribunal for civilina massacure .

We will wait and see and Ethiopians will not stop fighting for a momment.

Anonymous said...

did'nt think u were woyanee as other's claim u r...

Anonymous said...

Kinijit has no armed forces.The only way is to bring EPRDF to the table in peaceful way.At the end the people will judge on the issues.Those who refuse and reject peaceful struggle are selfish . They have great desire to climb up to power by the blood of poor people.Be the front like Mandela.Fight the dictator in peaceful way.The HR2003 is passed to the full floor.This is one way of peaceful struggle.There are groups who need unstability in Ethiopia because their income is depend on Ethiopians living abroad by collecting money in the name of freedom fighters.Stop cheating people and come to the front to fight face to face like Mandela.Stop thinking to climb up to the power on the shoulder of poor Ethiopians!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Obesrtation to make up your mind

Fot the last two years we have seen the kinijit support group fighting one another instead of working together to bring down a dictator. Ethiopians has endured and are living under the worst dictator in the countries history .

All the effort to start dialogue and reconcillation has failed even though our country men and women are living under constant police state .

I am not tring to be a revisionst but it took me a while to find out why one group is against the effort of united struggle and per suading a campaining of name calling and character assacination for a long time.

After the release of elected leaders I hoped and prayed things will change for the better but they did not infact they are getting wores.

Like majority of Ethiopians in Diaspora we have to stop for a while the following and come up with decion what is best for our people.

1.Why is that Andargachew Tesgei and Berhanu Mewa worked so hard aganist reconcilation two years ?

2.Why is Dr.Berahnu early and took over the leadership position ?

3.Why is the Ad-hoc committe did not want to receive the chairman of kinijit ?

4.Why are they envoled in smear campaing against the chairman and Dr.Taye ?

5.Who is behind all these ?

4.Why is Ethiopian review,Ethiomedia and Ethio-zagol are acting as a mouth peice for this tragic situation ?

5.What is the motive behind all these?

You make up your mind

Thank you