Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here is a comment about the recent problem in Kinijit from a new blogger.


Anonymous said...

Please tell him to do somthing. I don't see a singl word except numeres small boxs. Please tell him to give us link for Ameharic font he use.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for articulating the issues that are causing so much pain among Ethiopians.

The last point (#24) is mute because the Kinijit delegation in the US has demonstrated its adherence to Kinijit’s ideal of having no room for hate. Their exceptional patience and readiness for reconciliation, in the face of baseless and endless attack against them, is a testimony to their interest to embrace Engineer Hailu.

God bless Birtukan and the rest of the delegation for responding with good to the evils of Shaleka and those around him.

Anonymous said...

when are you lots starting to behave like persons of your age. Be measured in your responses to events. Do not just jump at the slightest flicker of hope to shower accolades on your 'heroes' and throw damnations at the same 'anti-heroes' when things start going contrary to your expectations. I think it would be a matured attitute (i.e; if you are over 19) to halt and think at such junctures about your own contribution to the resultant situation. I assure you that you will find tons of them!!!

Anonymous said...

One can not be a saint and an evil at the same time. We have to have a through cleaning to do first before we go outside. Hate is a cancer that needs to be cought as soon as possible. Hatemongers need to be rooted out.
I admire EPRDF now.

Anonymous said...

I think it is an appropriate comment. Although I may disagree with it in some respect, I believe it deserves meticulous attention of both sides.
The font he/she used is "Geez Unicode" and it may be downloaded from:

Anonymous said...

Hello brothers and sisters.
One commentator said above "he was derg" and latter he stated woyane, etc.
Here is the fact: at this time we do not care if some one was involved in the derg or woyane club. What we need is a capable and honest person who can struggle and contribute in the democracy building process. For example, if Saye Abraha, who was a member of woyane wants to participate in the struggle to foster democracy, he will be welcome by any democratic party. So, now we do not have the time to listen to this backward story of "ex-derg member, ex-woyane member." Even the current woyane members are expected to assist this process from where they currently are or leave woyane and join such democratic organizations.
Kinijit has already stated that they want to work with EPRDF. This is the only way to get a better result.
The other issue is "the split" in the kinijit delegation in NAm. I believe, both are working to the same goal. The only problem is that the five-member delegation could not meet face to face with Eng. Hailu because of the Shaleka mafia. The solution would be for the Bertukan group to insist, meet Eng. Hailu face to face, and have even a short meeting without the Shaleka cloud around.
May be Aklog, the chairman for the N.America Kinjit support can facilitate this meeting, which will be very decisive. With out such meeting, nothing can be accomplished. Eng. Hailu cannot even decide where to go, whom to meet, which phone call to answer without the will of the shaleka group. It is VERY SAD THAT ENG. HAILU IS IN SHALEKA'S PRISON HERE AFTER FINISHING MELESE'S PRISON TERM.
Everyone needs to think and work how to break Hailu Shawel from shaleka group so that he can meet with his colleagues and work for fruitful results.
Thank you all,

Anonymous said...

Selam Wegenoch

While agreeing with some of the 24 or so suggestions mentioned; we have a new dillema to resolve at our hands based on a new revealing audio information.

According to W/R Ayalnesh Chanyalew who is the Vice President of KIL North America, the five delegates (Dr.Birhanu, Judge Birtukan, Engineer Gizachew, Ato Brook, and Dr.Hailu Araya) have signed a pact with woyane agent Lidetu Ayalew. Source: or .

Per this audio, Ato Aklog Limenih, President of KIL North America, was being briefed by his assistant that a deal has been struck by the 5 delegates and woyane informant Lidetu Ayalew. As we all know Lidetu Ayalew, Dr Beyene Petros, Dr Merara Gudina, Dr. Negaso Gidada, Dr Bulcha Demeqisa, Ato Ayele Chemiso and etc. are in the USA. Source: Eye witness Cachaw_3 of Current Affairs Room and

So what is the dilemma? The Berhanu group wants to join the so called "bandas and traitors" and work under the EPRDF directives as an opposition. On the other hand, the Hailu Shawel group wants a dialogue on the 8 points with woyane such as access to the media or free media and free non biased election board, and let the voters (Ethiopian People) decide who should govern them every 5 years in a free and fair election.

Well the choice seems to be clear now. Did Shibire Desalegne and 198 innocent victims shed their blood to work with woyane as a loyal opposition or to see a free and fair election every 5 years?

Ayzon Wegen!

Anonymous said...

It is sad that people spread baseless rummours here. Why attack Dr Birhanu when all his deeds prove that he is a principled and smart leader of the struggle against Woyane? Why is it EPRP never fails to be a curse to Ethiopian's struggle for freedom from repression?

Anonymous said...

I am really offended with the so called Ethiopian lovers. Why the hell we eating and attacking each other. Thinking back in 2005 election, I am now convinced these people(CUD) should not deserve to have seats. Do we really get anything by being die hard. Let us be frank. Don't we think it is the right time to learn some important lesson from the past and proceed to the next struggle. As to me here is the solution for the current ugly conflict:

If possible:
1-Come together both Hailu and the other groups and resolve their differences. By the way is there any body with Hailu now?All I know are doing thier business in different part of the world. Hiiiimmm
If not possible:
1-It is not a big deal. Even in the developed countries it is an open secret to defect from one party to the other or else to form another new party: case in point Israel. It all depends on your need. So let both groups form their own party and start struggling for democracy. It is upto the people to decide which group is strategically feasible or goes with the reality of the current Ethiopian politics.
2- Stop bad mouthing each other.

Finally I have one comment on what I read on Ethiolion web site.
This website claim Dr Birhanu's group are trying to work with EPRDF and other oppostion groups. So what is the sin working with EPPDF and other opposition groups? is not it their ultimate goal? or Ethiolion is preparing to unseat EPRDF by force. It is really loughfable article. Zeraf Zeraf doesnot take us anywhere. You guys are way way behind the new generation thinking.

Anonymous said...

As a legally established and registered party Kinijit is supped to run for election in different constituencies at different level means federal and regional. If a certain registered party does not take part for I am not sure three or X # consecutive elections it loses its legal status. Now adays such a peaceful way has become the best language in a bid to fight tyrants i.e. it is the most understood and accepted form of struggle. We will keep on our peaceful straggle.

On the other hand regarding the Woreda election due soon; it seems very difficult for CUD to take part. This is true for a number of reasons.

1. Meles has meticulously destroyed almost all offices and jailed members and even supporters.
2. In the country side many have run away from their homes and are forced to became homeless in small towns and cities.
3. When our leaders come out of prison though we thought they will come out united and strong what happened was the reverse. Besides, they are out of communication with one another.
4. The situation that followed their release have left most of their supporters confused and divided.
5. Though Melese says as always that the coming election will be fair and free; nothing is done on the part of Meles to indicate the change in the selection of electoral board, election procedures and etc which are so important.
6. Meles when he wants takes control of everything. He has his own guards such as Agazi that is run by government budget which at any given time can kill or destroy anything standing against Meles.
7. The secret Agents under Meles and the national security are working for Meles than the nation. These are national institution run by state budget to serve the ruling party.
8. Now to bring to attention the vote rigging is out of question. Leaving that there as it is; nothing is done regarding the innocent and unarmed supporters of Kinijit who were killed. Something has to be done to show the presence o f the rule of law .
9. People have suffered a lot just because they have elected what they wanted. What guaranty do they have not to face similar fate again?
10. No critical private media; institution that promote democracy are under attack. The state media is used to serve as a public relation office of EPRDF.
11. Etc ....

We have all the above problems, then what? This will be considered later by CUD once it finishes the urgent task at hand. The first thing to do for CUD is resolve the internal problem it is facing; then design strategies based on the objective situation..