Tuesday, September 04, 2007

While preachers of Ethiopian unity are sitting silently, Ogaden is burning!

It is not quite a Darfur. But Medecins Sans Frontieres' (MSF) draws an equally ghastly picture of the Ogaden region in Ethiopia. Here is  the report by Reuters.

"I saw burned out villages. I remember passing a number of villages that were empty other than the elderly and sick," Eileen Skinnider, assistant coordinator for Ethiopia, told the news conference via an Internet link from Canada.

We didn't pass one commercial vehicle ... I saw women and children chased away (by soldiers) trying to collect water from wells ... I saw small groups of men living in the bush.

Now I want to challenge everyone who cries for Emama Ethiopia when protesters are killed in Addis Ababa. Are people living in the Ogaden region non-Ethiopians? Are their lives lesser in weight than the lives of Addis Ababa's protesters? Is our love for Ethiopia limited to some people and the whole geography, or do we love all Ethiopians? Are we still going to tell our Ogaden brothers that we are one when we have stood silently in the face of the cruelty that they are being subjected to ? ...And what is Ethiopian unity? What does the U in the CUDP stand for?  




Anonymous said...

It is hypocracy in the highest degree from pro-unity Ethiopians to keep silent on the on going crime in the Ogaden. This will hunt pro-unity folks for a long time to come. If the regime in power settles the problem in Ogaden by peacefull means, the same regime and the Ogaden rebels would attack kinijit for keeping silent on the issue. This is a clear sign that the opposition is only interested in getting in Menelik palace than the plight of Ethiopians. As much as I hate the ruling click, I am having a seconed thought on Kinijit. Looking at the non-stop internal friction inside Kinijit, one wonders how these people would handel the vast problems in Ethiopia if they get to power.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that the international media talk too much about Ogaden ! where have they been while children, the elderly….. massacred in the capital, in Oromia, Awassa, etc??? Who financed these massacres???

It is the oil game! Wherever there is a talk about oil and gas, you will find the intern. Media and NGO’s running here and there! The action of the government may be indiscriminate & may not be proportional. But don’t forget that ONLF has killed more than 70 innocent people!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the best way to denounce the atrocities being committed in the Ogaden is by issuing a strong statement in one united voice along with our Ogadeni brothers. Remember, Kinjit is a member of the AFD coalition.
Let the Coalition stand up and say something now. It will have more weightt, I think, than anyone of our writings here at the net.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Ethiopia EZ,

I don't believe a word a foreign NGOs with ulterior motive says about Ogaden. Where there is oil, there is western conspiracy. Ethiopians are not fools.

Where was the outcry when ONLF gunned down 74 civilian oil workers? After all, the ongoing military activity in the region is a response to ONLF's terrorist acts. Ethiopians will not come to the rescue of a terrorist organization and its sympathizers. All the drama and publicity by foreign media organizations and Aid Agencies makes Ethiopians even more suspicious of the hoopla.

Anonymous said...

Its clear that the Ogaden people are not ethiopians, they never wanted to be part of ethiopia and will never like to be part of ethopia.

The Ogaden are ethnic somalis, why would somalis want to be part of ethiopia, the same ethiopia that kills and destroys them, the same ethiopia that means nothing but trouble.

Ogaden will soon break away from the colonistaion of the ethiopian empire, with each comming day the ONLF gets stronger and stronger, u people will see soo, already the ONLF has 100% support by everyone in Ogaden.

Anonymous said...

EZ is that really from you?
I have hard time to believe what I read. I know our Ethiopia is diverse, unique, and vast. That is what the so called separatists need to understand. Ethiopians never call for disintegration and if they call simply they are not Ethiopians. So let us ask our selves one question, what is the main cause in Ogaden other than the gangs (in 4 killo) trying to sell it off for what ever they get from China?

Anonymous said...

I salute the Ethiopian Army for elilminating ONLF in the Ogadeni region. The Professionalism of the Army will not be questioned by some pseudo-intellectual blogger with an ax to grind.

As to CUD, well, INADVERTENTLY, you actually exposed your precious CUD's actual feeling when they say: ETHIOPIA. It is just a few Ethiopians that they are concerned about. Mainly, might I say, Amara Ethiopians. You did It EZ. YOU EXPOSED CUD. GOOD JOB.

Anonymous said...

It is really interesenting to read the comments written here.

From CIVIC Organisations, we have heard some concerns regarding Ogaden. The Question is it enough. We have to more louder, and Expose the EPRDF and ONLF in the same manner to what they are doing to the ogadeni ppl.
Let's organise a petition against the Criminal act of EPRDF, ONLF and OLF.
As to CUD, be patient. I hope they are on the right track.

Anonymous said...

British Embassy and American Embassy partaking MURDER SPREE of the Ogadenia and Somali society. British was blocking the independent fact finding mission sent from UN with the help of the EU, but UK & US are in a mission to eradicate the Somalis for they are on top of TRILLION CUBIC FEET NATURAL GAS. They have done the same to the people of Iraq, and told us they were trying to defuse the WMD threat. Today they are in cohoots with WEYANE to kill as many Somalis as they can.

They thought we Real-Ethiopians are naive people, CIA-MIB-WEYANE together planted about 10 bombs in Addis and killed scares of people in order to sex-up the terrorism threat so the people can give them the blind eye when they begun their mass extermination program in Ogadenia and Somalia. It is disheartening to see how TPLF would bomb its own citizens in Addis to sex-up its report for Somali war, then blame it on "terrorism." There is no terrorism in Africa, the only terrorism in Africa is played by the three organizations mentioned above who are destablizing the Horn. We have to eleiminate WEYANE reminants and their finaniciers from that region when we do our house cleaning program or we will not live in peace.

I am so sorry that small babies and defenceless women and elderly in Ogadenia are being set up for mass extermination program by WEYANE with the assistance of the British Embassy in collaboration with the American Embassy. This is a real tragedy for us all to be hearing, no matter what these people are our people, watching them being set up for mass extermination in silence is comparable to partaking in the program. This is wrong, the British citizens readiung this message should know that we will reveal to the world what the British people representatives are doing in Ethiopia to innocent defensless children, women, and the elderly. We know that the American people have been desensitized in eradication of the Islamic believers, but they should know that this is different the people of Ogadenia are innocent civilians who are being murdered for just having to reside on top of a TRILLION CUBIC FEET ntural gas, it is not their fault.

Anonymous said...

There are two questions that must be answered first. The first question is, who is doing the killing? The other question is, who should be speaking up for the killed. We know EPRDF is doing the killing and burning in Ogaden now. Why is CUD being critisized for not speaking up? Everyone including NGO's have been asked not to enter the region. Foreign media is critisized for reporting about Ogaden. CUD leaders have not directly critisized but they have not have had a first hand visit like all other Ethiopians. No body knows what is going on in Ogaden.And if they speak up before the true story is out, Meles will acuse them of supporting terrorists. Are you people crazy or what?

Every Ethiopian who voted for Kinijit knows that CUD supports all Ethiopians and has proven that during the 2005 election. Let the UN mision find out about the true story about Ogaden first. Ethiopians including the world population will know then the extent of the problem. Then people can respond. The truth will prevail.

Anonymous said...


We have come a long way, especially the last two years all of us joining hands on behalf of Ethiopia; we have seen people like Obang becoming Ethiopia's hero by saying let's get past the past and unite for a better future Ethiopia.

We have come a long way, but we still have a million miles left. Like EZ said, our brothers and sisters in Ogaden are being killed, raped, their villages burnt. The most unimaginable kinds of crimes are being committed in the Ogaden these days. WE ALL NEED TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST MELES' EVIL ACTIONS IN THAT AREA BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

We are human beings before being Ethiopians or a member of one ethnic group or another. Our cries to the injustice against ethnic Somali Ethiopians is too little and unfair. It's easy to condemn a group for an extreme stand, but when it's time to do our part to prove to them that they are one of us, WE ARE FAILING MISERABLY.

Let's stand together with our brothers and sisters in the Ogaden and fight against the brutal actions on innocent civialians. Let's fight for equality and justice and unity in Ethiopia


Anonymous said...

This is not new in our history. Ethiopians have been silenced thanks to Mele's government. Oppostion leaders were prisoned for two years. Private and independent news papers have been shut down. Public demonstration is not allowed. Foreign reporters are threatned. Red Cross, Medecines San Frontiers, WFP and other NGO's have been told to leave the Ogaden region. So, who is silencing who?

Different organizations that represent the Ogaden people have been working hard in getting support and they are getting it from individaul Ethiopians in diaspora. U.N. has responded to their request to investigate.
CUD should respond after the UN reports on its findings. The Ethiopian people should not respond to accusations and news based on EPRDF's reporting nor be dictated on when and how to respond.

Silence = EPRDF
Free Speech = Kinijit

God Help Ethiopi

Anonymous said...

This particular blog is a trap for CUD. If you are Kinijit supprter, don't play EZ's game on this one. Once CUD responds, they will be accused of supporting terrorists.

We know how you play the game.

Anonymous said...

Silence is violence, speak out !!!

The apathy in the face of the tragedy unfolding in the Ogaden is criminal. Not just on the part of us, the non-ogaden Ethiopians, but on the part of the international community (especially those countries who propped, armed and legitimatized this brutal government, which turned out to be a terror to its own people)

In is also criminal to talk about an extravagant party (millennium or not), when a large segment of the nation and its people are burning. In the best of times, surviving the punishing desolation of Ogaden is a triumph to human survival. But add to the mix an ethnic oriented army that is rampaging the region, by killing, raping and burning entire villages, Ogaden truly becomes a sweltering cauldron for humans.(in this case the Ogadenies.)

Anonymous said...


Only God will judge on what is going on in Ogaden these days. Meles is used to killings and fighting war for the past 30 years. His brutality in Ogaden is not hard to imagine. I feel sorry for the people of Ogaden and every Ethiopian in the region. Judgment day is near and those who have washed their hands in blood will pay for it.

GOD help Ethiopia

Anonymous said...

Ethiopians are speaking out all over the world. Call it Ogaden, Gambella or Addis Abeba, inocent Ethiopians have been crying for many years.

Could anyone here tell me when Ethiopians stopped crying for help? As far as I am concerned, the last 30 to 50 years has been a disaster.

Help us.

Anonymous said...


if a liberation front that is massacring people and causing bloodshed exists anywhere in ethiopia, i will always support any ethiopian government's action to stop lawlessness and massacres.

what CUD should see from this event is that ogadeni people want ethnic independence and don't care about Unity at all. whether it is Derg or woyane or CUD, ogadeni people will use violence for such liberation and will tell all people,including humanitarian organizations, that they want secession NOW!!!!


BUT .....NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

i have questions...

why didn't the kinijit organization condemn the ONLF killing in abole???

why should kinijit only be accused of keeping quiet during ogaden's aid blockage but not when ONLF massacred people??

Anonymous said...

Like, now, anon,10.08. You don't hear a loud cry over Ogaden, as you did when CUD leaders were imprisoned. When was the last time you discussed with your friends the Ogaden situation?

The Ogaden is a genocide in the making. We either speak now, or risk loosing the moral grounds to speak for other people in Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Folks, we need to pay attention to the less obvious developments befor we make simplistic conslusions.

Insiders say the OLF and the ONLF had been, for some years now, looking into models that can be replicated to advance their causes. They were looking for models from far places until it occurred to them recently that there are such models close to home - in the Horn area itself. The first model they found is is the Somalia model. This model requires the elimination of a central government and reducing the country to regions with a history of differences in colony, socio-economic levels and tribes and clans. The OLF and the ONLF rejected this model since the elimination of a central government in Ethiopia, for certain reasons, is difficult and even counter productive. On top of this, if central government such as the TPLF/EPRDF is eliminated, recognition of independence may be delayed or even not come at all. Independent regions in Somalia failed to get recognition mainly because of the absence of central government. For them, allowing a central government to exist in Ethiopia is not a matter of choice but a necessity. But if a power vacuum is created at the center (resembling the one averted in October - November 2005) they will step in with their armies to fill the vacuum in their respective regions. The second model they found is the Sudan model. This model is dependent on the involvement of the international community. For that to happen, it requires a massive human rights violations by the government and displacements of people to attract international attention. Massive displacements of people happens if a guerrilla war is taken to a level close to a conventional war. Both the OLF and the ONLF cherished this model for reasons of its practicality and pride and glory that it may bring to the fronts but failed to agree on their capacity to pursue it. Despite massive human rights violations, the OLF resigned to the less desirability of this model in Oromia while the ONLF opted to try it. The OLF is scared of the backlash that may follow from massive displacements, exodus and refugee problems. The recent escalation of conflicts in the Ogaden, the withdrawal of the Red Cross, the international outcry about attrocities in the region to be followed by the UN visit and the Norwegian diplomatic crisis is a result of a shift in strategy of the ONLF. Breakthrough depends on the degree of the conflict to which the ONLF is able to take it and the reaction of the international community. If the ONLF takes the conflict to such heights as the southern Sudan movements did, it could force the TPLF/EPRDF or any other government to seriously negotiate. As you may know, in a couple of years, the people in southern Sudan will hold a referendum in which they are poised to declare independence. Now, Darfur is added to the equation. The ONLF's dream is the southern Sudan or Darfur in the Orgaden. The third model they found is the Ethiopian model. This model refers to maintaining a central government that promotes self determination and secession. One such government is the TPLF/EPRDF. After trying for years, the OLF and the ONLF have, nevertheless, given up the hope that this last model will apply to them in a similar way it applied to Eritrea. They resent the double standard.

Now, the ONLF has pushed aside the possibility of negotiation and return to the country to participate in elections. It is resorting to more violence with a dream of Darfur in the Ogaden. The fault of allowing the conflict to reach such heights is that of the TPLF/EPRDF. The invasion of Somalia is at the center of the escalation of the conflict. Nobody is sure if the government can effectively deal with the conflict.

The OLF is waiting to replicate the Ogaden experiment

Anonymous said...

let us stop supporting all violence by condemning

- WOyane




- Shabya




- all rebel groups in our area using violence for their cause


Anonymous said...

Anonym 10:55

you forgot TPLF, and EPRDF

Anonymous said...

I second anon @ 12:18 PM,

Yes, you damn right conveniently forgot to include TPLF, and EPRDF

Anonymous said...

Please do not blame Kinijit for keeping silent. Kinijit has to reorganize it self, it ( the true leadership) just came out of jail. ONLF should put down its weapon and come to the table, Until that happenes, I believe the Ethiopian government has to proctect its people and its country.


Anonymous said...

House calls for raising of flag, with emblem
Addis Ababa, September 4, 2007 (Addis Ababa) - The House of Federation urged citizens to hoist the tricolor along with the national emblem, the symbols of the equality and unity of nations and nationalities, in various institutions ahead of millennium celebrations.

The House told ENA that the flag should be raised within the compounds of all governmental and non-governmental organizations, including civil society and religious institutions.

Since the flag is the manifestation of the equality and unity of nations and nationalities as stipulated in the Constitution, the House said it should be hoisted in its appropriate place.

The House noted that in some urban areas and their environs, the Ethiopian flag can be seen without the national emblem either intentionally or unintentionally, a practice that contravenes the Constitution, which the House insists it must protect by mandate of the law.

The House called upon every citizen or organization to raise the official Ethiopian flag, the one bearing the national emblem.


Anonymous said...

Most Addis Ababans think Ethiopia is only Addis Ababa.
Let Ogaden go, they are all pastoralsists anyway...

OLF leaders are part-time politicians... So Oromos should give up following them and find alternative
CUDP or CUD is impractical political group filled with idealists... Real politicans are sharp and shrewd. So CUD is dead...
Summary: This country so-called Ethiopia will not be there after couple of years!

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ, what can I say! As an Ogaden Ethiopian, I am totally terrified of the current issue in our beloved country. Woyane regime let by Meles is definitely eliminating Ogaden Ethiopians. The situation in Ogaden has now reached to the level of Dafur. Ogaden Ethiopians who truly believe the united democratic Ethiopia need the help of every decent Ethiopian! This butcher must and should be STOPPED once and for all!!!!

Thanks EZ once again!

Anonymous said...


I am totally convinced you are Andargachiew Tsigie - working very hard with Tefera Walwa to destablize and weaken the CUD. Everybody knows the real CUD is not recognized by the government and it's poltical institution the election board. The CUD is trying to survive the legal sabotage. The CUD is legally blocked not to address Ethiopians , make statements against the government and hold any kind of meetings with anybody in Ethiopia.

What did this tell you?

Ethiopians in and out of the country including the CUD is against the invasion of Somalia. We all know it is a proxy war fought behalf of the US. The ONLF is a terriorist organization that also participated in the killing of civilinas in the Ogaden to illegally separate that region from Ethiopia.
Also, we are against mass murder and bombardment of civilinas anywhere in Ethiopia - be it in the Ogaden, Awassa, Gojjam or Gonder.

So what is the fuse about the CUD concerning what it should or should not said about the Ogaden massacre? Is it not important for the CUD to survive first and do the talking after? After all the int'l media which doesn't give a heck for the post election massacre is now busy talking about the Ogaden.

What the CUD should do first is clean it's house by removing people like Andargachiew from the party. Clear the house by removing individuals from it is executive committe who are leaking all kinds of information to TPLF agents to kill the party.

That is what it should do first. Until then - shut the hell up! This is the sixth time you are provoking and lecturing the CUD leaders on what they should do - through ER, Ethiomedia, EMF and Aiga Forum.

Anonymous said...

OLF looooooool,

That is a funny name. Oromo Leboch and Fesamoch: OLF.

Anyways, PM Meles is a smart leader. He will deal with OLNF and all those fantasy libration movements effectively. ETHIOPIA WILL PREVAIL.

Long Live EPRDF!

Jobove - Reus said...

very good blog congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Anonymous said...

EACA is doing its small part to stop a Darfur in the making. Please sign the petition asking the Chairman of the relevant U.S. Senate Subcommittee to launch a hearing on the atrocities in the Ogaden:

Thanks for joining us in moving From Words To Action!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right EZ. Where is the outcry against the atrocity being committed in Ogaden? What zenawi is doing there is nothing short of a genocide. The silence of the rest of Ethiopians on this matter is absolutely shameful. It is time to walk the walk and not just talk the talk of "one Ethiopia". God Bless you EZ. Continue with your attempt to rally Ethiopains against the massacre in Ogaden.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pocking our conscience by challenging us to do more for the people of Ogaden.

No question that we need to do more to stop the atrocities in Ogaden. But it is neither fair nor helpful to suggest that we are doing nothing because it is not Addis Ababa. It is wrong and dangerous to imply that we care more for Ethiopians in Addis Ababa. Why should this be the case since most of us do not come from Addis Ababa? All Ethiopians are the same for the overwhelming majority of us.

For instance, in my city we have appealed to the politicians and NGOs to tell this murderous Meles Zenawi to stop his campaign of annihilations.

Marching on major streets is important but not doing it should not be translated into not caring.

Continue encouraging us to do more. But be careful not to supply ammunition to those who want to see the disintegration of Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

Since Meles is doing the killing in Ogaden, he will be acountable for everything. The people of Ogaden deserve better than EPRDF. Justice will be served. I hope soon.

Anonymous said...


I know you are in Addis and chilling at Sheraton. Why don't you ask your buddies at the office bar why they are being harsh on the Ogaden people. I know they were not able to find oil. It must be for the natural gas. Or is it to finish off the "terrorists"?

Anonymous said...

Meles belongs at the world criminal court.

Anonymous said...


You are indeed right in bringing the Ogaden issue to the attention of the Ethiopian public. But don't come too hard on Ethiopians or on CUD since afterall their hands are no less (perhaps even more) tied than ONLF. You know what happened after May 15, 2005. We were left to shout day and night for the release of our leaders and thousands of prisoners. We are not in a state of luxury to direct our attention to issues than bread and butter for ourselves. We are not even sure where our own CUD is going. Inside Ethiopia CUD is almost lifeless, unable even to call a meeting of 50 people. In the Diaspora, there is still a lot of disturbance.

Look, the Principle of Self Preservation demands that we care for our existence more than others at these challenging times. Individuals from CUD (like Fekade), Ethiopian Reveiw, Ethiomedia, and now, after some lagging, you yourself, are expressing the atrocities in Ogaden. But as they say in Amharic, "libeluat yefeleguatin wof jigra yiluatal," the voices of many in this forum who denounce CUD for not speaking up are actually people without good intentions towards CUD in the first place. CUD is at a difficult cross-roads, with the international wing (KIL) having dissolved following the release of its leaders from prison, and the local situation in a stae of disarray thanks to the constant harassment by Woyane.

The released leaders like any ordinary people couldn't even secure a visa to the US to address supporters here. So please don't come too hard on Ethiopians and CUD.

Moreover, the consistent position of ONLF and its act of killing innocent Ethiopians and Chinese foreigners and its warning for any foreigners not to explore for oil in Ogaden is not a sure sign of a "relaiable friend" for Ethiopians in the future. Hence, be realistic and understand the reservations of Ethiopians towards ONLF in general.

But, whatever ONLF does, the crimes that are being committed by Woyane against innocent women and children and the genocide it is committing against the Ogadeni Ethiopians is inexcusable and all of us should throw our penny's worth of effort to bring these atrocities to the attention of Ethiopians and the international community. But thanks EZ, it is still better for you to be late in pointing this out than never, but don't forget that many individuals and Websites before you have addressed this issue. You happen to be coming with your guns shooting a little later than the others!!

Anonymous said...

The three ferocious dogs of the western hegemons are unleashed on Ethiopia: the media, the NGOs and the exiled community. These are the three unaccountable and irresponsible elements that are always ready to leap at anything to demonize poor countries.

Developing countries still sing to the old tunes of colonialism rehetoric. It is now the time to meet the new guys in town. These are causing as much damage to us as those caused by colonialists.

I hate TPLF and its rule, but I cannot stand these three dogs: the irresponsible media, NGO and exiled community. These are the triad gangsters.

I can not also stand a liberation front that fights for petroleum and gold. Oil and gold is formed on that ground millions of years ago, even long before the dinnosaurs roamed the earth, let alone the first monkey.

I symphatize with those who fight to protect their property gained with their labor and sweat. I symphatize with those who fight for democracy and equality, and fair share of the natural resource of the entire country. I can't symphatize with the greedy liberation fronts that parade their own people to a death front for oil, without adding any value to it.

Truth be told: this is a war about oil. He who fights for oil is entitled to demand an oil law. And if you are fighting a real fight, don't hide under the skirts of the civilian women.....go to the field and that time we will start talking about Geneva conventions.

Anonymous said...

War has been good business for many. It has not changed when it comes to the current leaders in Addis too. How many Ethiopians have to die for the sake of power?

Meles and his boys are addicted to the smell of blood. These people have not only killed their enemies but also friends, EPRDF fighters/ members and anyone who disagries with what they believe. Why is everyone surprised at Meles's brutal treatment of the Ogaden people now? This is what he is known for.

Anonymous said...

who is resposible for the death of the civilians ?
My Opinion is:
to some extent Somali extremists and the eritrean goverment.

we are for democracy and freedom. these includes also out ogadeni brothers and sisters.
For what stand the ONLF ? They are playing whti the life of the ethiopian ppl. in general and the ogadeni ppl. in particular, as it has be done by eplf and eplf in their past struggle.

Anonymous said...

TPLF is a terroris organization that attacks civilians and mut be registered as such. EPRDF is a towel to cover the TPLF all policies are designed to benefit TPLF and her companies, WOGAGEN, EFFORT, TDB and many more...

Anonymous said...

We must all agree that TPLF with EPRDF are responsible for the atrocities in Ogaden now.

After asking NGO's to leave the region, they are doing whatever they want. Be it kiling, burning villages or pushing the population out of their homeland. War crimes in Ogaden should be investigated. Individuals and organization who care about Ethiopians should stand up for what is right and many are in the diaspora communities around the world.

Political parties and individuals who have joined the Ethiopian parlament will have to speak up too. Unless you have legal cover under the constitution, it will be risky for the recently released leaders to speak up now. I ask EZ to direct this question to political leaders in Ethiopia first.

Anonymous said...

Anonym 9:44AM

I am totally with what you have said above, but the main push is not supposed to be directed against TPLF, it should be directed against UK and US Embassies in Addis doing the planning and giving the go ahead, they might deny it but they are deeply involved in this "mass extermination program." They are giving TPLF the green light and the political protection needed so TPLF can go ahead with the program with full impunity from accountability, no foreign journalists are allowed to enter the Ogadenia region, no NGO is operating currently, the conditions are set for the implementation of the program, I leave the rest to your imagination.

Even with all the NGOs and foreign journalists present TPLF is the known for its brutality, now that there is no one to say 'what's up' they are free to implementing the mass extermination program. It is much like giving terrorists all the needed tools to go ahead with murdering innocent civilians, if US gives them all the satellite imaging as to where the most rebel activities are and ensure all the protection and exempt them from any responsibilities afterwards, then what do you expect? It's like a boat full of ax murderers brought to a remote region in the North Pole area, and told to club and kill as many baby seals as possible in order to reduce their numbers. If the killer is not a faint hearted one he can club and kill as many baby seals that are unaware of the danger. The baby seals are waiting for their mothers when the ax-murderer show up and begin clubbing their heads. At the end the killers are given all the legal protection by the state ordering them to implement the program. Consider TPLF as the ax murderers and UK & US Embassies are protectorates, today in Ogadenia; that is exactly what is going on.

You said it, the CUDP politicians are not protected by any law, if they say anything they will be sent back to jail, as you know their release is conditional. The only thing people can do is pressure the UK & US Embassies in Addis to stop giving TPLF the protection and political support as well as the financial support to hire more killers and murderers. If you are an American or a Brit, you should know that your tax money is being used to finance MASS EXTERMINATION of the Ogaden Somalis in the name of eliminating terrorist threat. The truth is Ogaden Somalis are nomad goat herders in a remote location in Ethiopia who do not even know Addis Ababa let lone to be terrorists.

Silence is comparable to participation in the program. In the midst of this entire killing spree and mass extermination program, a normal human being with conscience should say something about it or else we all lose our humanity. TPLF is a terrorist organization that will not back off from murdering an entire ethnic to wipe them out of the region; they have proven that they are capable of organizing mass murder, after the election using live ammunition they killed over 600 citizens just because they protested against the rigged national election in May 2005.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for concerned Ethiopian like EACA. Please visit EACAMOVEON.ORG and signe the petition. I know a lot of Ethiopian worried because ONLF and OLF are libration front but what they don't see around is the TPLF, the current government who is still on power after he lost the election, is a libreation front. Wake up please. We need to start working in different thinking. It doesn't matter how people feel you can't kill them. We need to get rid of this from our culture and learn how to deal with the issues and worked out. You should not give a chance for any one to come and kill another person. Please ou need to open your eye and see children, women, and elderly are running out of their house because TPLF is burrning their house. They are killing them because they were suspected as a support of ONLF. I don't care if you support TPLF that is your choice but you need to stand for truth if any left in your soul.

Anonymous said...

I second and concur 100% with what is being said above. We need to act now. TPLF should NOT BE ALLOWED to continue to destroy our people!!!!!

abbasaambi said...
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Anonymous said...

EPRDF is doing the right thing.

Thank you H.E. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what has Human rights got to do with the existence of the state of Ethiopia?

The abuse of the Ogadeni people is done by WOYANE, and not by he abstract concept of the Ethiopian state.

Why would u want to use Ethiopia as a scape goat when the real CRIMINALS are to be blamed?

such twisted logic makes u no better than WOYANE itself