Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The Meles administration has released 17,765 prisoners,;most of them incarcerated because of their political beliefs. Good first step.
The following and more remain to be done.
-Undo the de facto state of emergency and reinstate the rights of citizens; the right to free speech, assembly and demonstration
-Allow the private press to start operating
-Unblock opposition and free speech websites
-legalize Kinijit and other opposition groups which have been made illegal
-start dialogue with genuine opposition parties
-Stop the crimes against the Ogaden people
Let the year be a year of  reconciliation. MELKAM MILLENNIUM TO ALL ETHIOPIANS!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the deeds the past months and till now, we are proud to get such a determined hero like you. GBU and we all wish you peace and love in the new millenium.

Anonymous said...

Are all the released Ethiopians gonna get compensations for the time they spent in jail? Some of them were in for non other than protesting the rigged May 2005 national election. There are others who were jailed for non other than "suspicious activities" yet not allowed to see the evidence the state has on them. They were simply held because some Tegeres identified them as a threat.

Anonymous said...


May this millennium bring the best opportunity for all!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish for TPLF to vanish of the face of Ethiopia, I wish for them to curve their portion of the killil and get the hell out of our country. May the new millennium spirit kill all weyannes. May this millennium take meles and his friends to hell.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year To All. And Thanks for the Good job you are doing, EZ. May God continue to give you His blessing so you may continue to do your best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ. We also wish you the same and thank you for your incredible contribution to Ethiopia and fellow Ethiopians.

You know, all of us, present day Ethiopians who are communicating through this wonderful medium, will naturally be staying on this planet for only less than one tenth of the millennium, some of us even less. And yet, as those who happened to be lucky to see the turn of this millenium, we should be forward looking and try to do our best to leave the first positive footprints of the millenioum behind us for the benefit of the coming generations.

Happy Ethiopian New Year, and New Millennium!

Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ for all the work you have done to this day.

To all your readers, once George Bernard Shaw said “Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.” So for once, let’s stop bashing each other when ever someone has a view that is so different from our own and agree to disagree. The path to democracy is never through aggression but rather through reasoning and presenting the counter argument!

We may never have one school of thought when it comes to advancing Ethiopia but we can all stand as one through constructive dialog to bring freedom to our people in the new millennium. Don’t underestimate the power of unity to bring freedom and democracy. “Freedom is when the people can speak, democracy is when the government listens.” --Alastair Farrugia

I hope the millennium brings peace, love and prosperity to all Ethiopians.

To quote Theodore Roosevelt “A great democracy must be progressive or it will soon cease to be a great democracy”. So let us be an example for Africa that we, Ethiopians, are progressive and that we can be the change we want to see in Ethiopia and in the world.

Anonymous said...

nothing new will come...woyane will continue to rule and that is it. let the new millennium bring down woyane...amen

Anonymous said...


you say all thousands were prisoners for politics, but most disagree.

then your recommendations are even more FUNNY!!!


you said we should have "the right to free speech, assembly and demonstration "

FACT--> many unions, groups have been demonstrating and practicing their free speech. the only people are those addis ababa CUD supporters crying about defeat by rest of ethiopia. many assemply, including the recent meetings with UEDF, Medhin, the recet gathering with CUD and bertukan's conference showed there are no assemply problems in ethoipia. even thousands and THOUSANDS of ethiopians in the south were demonstrating for opposition ONC...CHECK this video


you said "Allow the private press to start operating"

so which one are you saying?? there are or there are no private press. please choose one!!!


then you said "Unblock opposition and free speech websites"

FACT--> only rebel websites are blocked in ethiopia!! YOU KNOW IT, WE ALL KNOW IT. OLF, ONLF, the pro-violence ETHIOPIAN REVIEW and you (for promoing riot in AAU) was blocked.
almost all free and independent websites are FREEE and open. check addisfortune, check reporter, check capital, check jimmatimes, check, check , check all indepedent websites and they are ALL FREE!!!
you know it, why are you lying to yourself???


then you said "-legalize Kinijit and other opposition groups which have been made illegal"

FACT--> pro-violent groups are the only illegal parties. OLF, ONLF has to deny violence. CUD diaspora can't ally with ONLF and expect legal status. STOP THE VIOLENCE!!! STOP THE RIOTS!!! then you will be legal just like the dozens of legal parties. there are more than 15 legal regional opposition parties like OFDM, SPDP, etc and more than 8 legal national opposition groups UEDF, new CUDP, UEDP medhin etc.

Do NOT lie to yourself??


then you said "-start dialogue with genuine opposition parties"

i can't even reply to this because you think only one opposition party is deserving. this is chauvinism. this is something you should drop before millennium. this is what in fact divided KINIJIT. respect everyone, including other opposition groups..


Stop the crimes against the Ogaden people

FACT- US. officials already said they are only "Allegations" ...obviously you know what ONLF has done and ethiopia will keep her security priority.








Try to be positive and appreciative for the new millennium. please please start the 3rd millennium in a positive mood.


Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ. I wish you all the best, too.
Melkam Me-ete Amet for Ethiopia.

By the way the Ananymous 1:50 PM, are you saying that 17,000 plus people were in prison in a country where there is a freedom and democracy ?
I'm not trying to argue with you but I want you to ask youself and listen your concious. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I wish for all Ethiopians to have a blessed new year/millennium. I also wish peace and progress for all Ethiopians, EXCLUDING TEGERES and their COLLABORATORS. I wish for them Tegres and their collaborators to be visited by the death plague.

I wish for EZ editor to get his head examine.

Anonymous said...

Happy Millennium to all compatriots!! Let this be a new beginning for our wonderful land and courageous people. A time for tolerance, for understanding, for sharing and for a commitment from each of us to better ourself and contribute to the betterment of our people. Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

response to 2:19 PM

in america there are millions of prisoners. almost 3% of american are in jail.

does america lack democracy because of this?

Anonymous said...

Do not listen too much to the one above who commented at 2:37PM. He/she is one of the dictators' messenger. No one tell us how the Ethiopians live together. No one thought our fathers how to live together among several ethnic groups. Even from woyane there are some who think in their minds-not by their greeds.
What we need is tolerance and reconcilation during the new year and move forward with the main goal of achieving democracy and good governance in Ethiopia not only for ourselves but for our children. How long do we want to be loughed at. I believe even the woyanes are tired of it but just do not know how to change, how to conceed,and how to leave their post peacefully.We need to help them how to accomplish it.How long can they be seen as devils when only them stand against all Ethiopians. Even the Tigry people is tired of living in the dark; tired of being told to behave and act the woyane way. The Tigray people wants to get out of this hell and live freely with the other Ethiopian brothers and sisters. Woyane deprived the tigray people from assembling, free speech, from reading or listening to oposition news. But they keep lying to this people as if they are the only party who can keep its interests. Woyane calls such deprivation of human rights as people's interests.
The end should come but we all need to work harder to get it done peacefully and with in a shorter period of time.
May God help us all to resolve this chronic problem!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:50pm
First of all i wish you a happy new year and a healing from the slight personality disorder.
We all read two monthes ago from VOA news that a guy who repaired Dr merara car was attacked.So Leave your arguments aside.
I saw how much you are struggling against your must be honest guy.
If TPLF allow for peacful demonstration,i bet you miazia selasa will be repeated(Peacful demonstration)
Endegena melkam addis amet emegnilihalehu.

Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ for your contribution in fighting injustice in Ethiopia through information. You are the best. Happy New Year and Ethiopian millennium to you and all Ethiopians. May the next millennium bring Ethiopiachin peace and prosperity. May God help our brothers and sisters in Ogaden come out of this human rights crisis.

Anonymous said...

Melese, has promissed an Ethiopian Renaissance.In the contexct of prsent day Ethiopa,It means freedom of speach,freedom of assembly, freedom of the press freedom of internal movement,right and equality before the law,in short the upholding and building of democratic instittons that will gurantee the ushering in of Ethiopian Renaissance.That includes respcting the free will of the people to elect and change their leaders in the new millemium

Anonymous said...

Dear Ethiozagol,

I wish you a happy @ joyful Ethiopian new year 2000 . Yes, let the year be a year of peace and beter understanding among Ethiopians and political groups. Please keep up the good job. You are a very courageous Ethiopian who did great service to his/her country. God bless and protect you.


Anonymous said...

17000 prisoners freed from the samll prison and joined the rest of 80million in the big prison with the same restiriction of freedom of speech and movement. The sturggle continue until the erdication of woyane!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


are you Yousuf Omer, Chairman of Kinijit Canada??? His press release is the same as what you wrote!!

Anonymous said...

yousuf omer - chairman of the Teltafi Kinijit Canada is a good and innocent Ethiopian who was victimized by the Andargachiew ring. It is very sad to see him being used to advance the divisive interest of those who are working with the Woyannies. I believe this intelegent man will wake up one day and learn the brutal truth.

Anonymous said...

it is not yet approved from other source. Goverment medias like walta wrote only about freed 170 prisoners. you multiply it with 100.

Anonymous said...


Thank you! I wish U a happy new year!

Let God bless the new Millinium. Let the Era of Weyane finish by terrable death!

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Happy new year!
To be honest with you, I am terrified by the lack of sophstication by the 5 delegates who are with us here in North America. I mean the struggle back home is dead. Completely dead. The leaders needs a united voice and unity but I found them undicsplined and opportunistic. Hailu seems the target. I am terrified. Eng. Hailu is a wonderful guy but he has a limit of toleration. Although he is known for his wisdom, if the harrassment continues he may strike back by suspending the culprit. That means the end of Kinijit.

We will pray for the leaders to use their sense and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, girl! More power to you in the coming year. I wont give you the millennium that is too long for one person to live, but more power to you for the coming year!