Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The way forward

(By Meqdela and Ethio-Zagol)
ER suggested that Kinijit should think seriously about the mid-term election that will be held here in seven months. Good idea. But we don't think it is practical.   First, Kinijit has to make a decision about legalization. We don't think the Temesgen group which has the license will settle its internal differences and make a concession with the leaders of Kinijit. Even if it does that, the election board has already shown that it doesn't want the Temesgen group to be led by those who were released from Kaliti.   The option, therefore, is a name change. For sentimental reasons, the kinijit leaders have refused to entertain the idea of name change. We don't think they will decide on that in the next few weeks.   Second, the party has to open offices all over the country. Without the first question being solved, that won't happen. Third, Kinijit has to reorganize its supporters and mobilize its base in Ethiopia.  There are two impediments for doing that quickly. Legalization is surely the first. The second is it is yet unknown how EPRDF will react.

We think Kinijit should start preparing itself for the main elections in 2010. To do that:

1. The leaders should avoid sentiments and change the name to avoid the legal obstacles

2. All of them should return home as soon as they finish the trip that has threatened to destroy the party. If the top leadership can settle their differences, it is good.  We believe though that without each party leader firmly committed to the principles of democratic leadership, the settlement will just be postponing the problem. If they can't settle their differences, both groups can compete in the next election. To be a strong opposition doesn't mean pursuing the instrumental value of unity at the expense of all other values. In fact for one of the groups, we think this crisis is an opportunity to create a more inclusive and representational (in ethnic, religious and gender terms), more democratic, less confrontational and more resourceful political organization.    

3. They should start working on alternative policies and programs. Kinijit had a manifesto during the election. That was that – an election manifesto. Now is the time they should come up with detailed policy alternatives on land, agriculture, education, health, media etc…

4. They should reorganize their base at home.

5. Start dialogue with the EPRDF if it is willing and use the slightest of political space it opens. They should make sure that they dialogue with caution but with optimism. There is no supporter or politician in the Diaspora who suffered as much as the supporters of Kinijit at home. There is no need to shun away dialogue and reconciliation when the ones who suffered significantly here are ready for reconciliation. Don't fear getting the "Woyane" and "Kaladi" labels from the most vitriolic of "Kinijit supporters" for stretching your hands for reconciliation. Leadership needs tough decisions.

6. Root out the cynicism that is creeping even among the most moderate leaders in Kinijit.


We thank ER for starting the debate. EZ Post doesn't want to lend credence to the kind of ugly discourse that is going on in some of the websites. Thus, we won't post anything relating to the internal problems of Kinijit. We apologize for not posting the second part of our article on the problems.


Anonymous said...

Kinijit must use the current situation as an opportunitty to reform the party and include those who show their struggle after the 2005 election. Like prof. Al. Mariam and Obang metho.
Specially muslims must be part of kinijit. The % of the population must be mirrored in the party leaders to justify that the party is for all ethiopians!!! Which is mot the case now.

I was sespecious about the release of the leaders from kalit. Now I know that melse let them out to see their fight out side kalit. If they don't went to be the toy of woyane, they have to agree now!!! Specially hailu Shawel must accept the appeal soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ, you are correct you don’t have to “lend credence to the kind of ugly discourse that is going on in some of the websites”.

May God bless all our leaders!

Mick and the colleagues, Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ for all your service. I just want to throw one idea regarding the name and issue of legalization.

If the Temesgen's group of kinijit is ready, why not the former parties (Rainbow, AEPO, EDL which still have their own legal existence) form a new merger with Temesgen's Kinijit and retain the name as well as the leadership. I think legally speaking, the election board will not have anyway of prohibiting parties from merging. The advantage is besides retaining the name, the party will still be stronger by including those who joined parallement due to EPRDF's pressure.

Anonymous said...

ez as always very interesting and constructive ideas.unfortunately not all kinijit supporters are not like that especially some diaspora politicians.some are stubborn and if it does not include them they believe it is not good enough to continue to exist. some don't have clear vision for the party and what it should stand for.working as one strong kinijit was the best option as can be seen in 2005 electiopn but if it is not possible to continue to work with these individual and groups i belive it is wise to discuss the issue and separate peacfully and continue their own ways without defaming one another like what we saw in lidetus case.

Anonymous said...


Finally you come to your senses! You accepted Hailu's suggestion:

"The Hailu group claimed that because of there are problems in legalization, former parties (AEUP, Kestedemena etc) should form a coalition. The others group rejected that."

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ!
You have said it all. Kinijit needs to reinvent itself and be inclusive to all. I have no problem if it takes a reconciliatory stance towards members that joined parliament due to TPLF pressure. Besides, the leaders in Kaliti and their supporters at home are the ones who suffered most and not the Diaspora Kinjit capo wannabes like Dr. Taye. We don’t have to listen to any of the diehard EPRP crowd or the EX-Derguists that are hell bent on destroying anything and everything in Ethiopia, unless they are in the lead which is not going to happen if they live another thousand years. You had your chance to do good in Ethiopia and you blew it, so get over it!

Anyone who is a true supporter of Kinijit should stop listening, reading and propagating all the negativity against the Kinjit chairman or any of the other delegates being propagated by sides sympathetic to one side or the pther and of course TPLF cadres.

Anonymous said...


Safe to say that Kinijit has always been first and foremost a pro-democracy movement and only second a political party.

I think it was Yacob Hailemariam who underlined this point a couple of days ago in his speech to the EU.

(I know I'm making an obvious point - opposition parties in an undemocratic environment have dual pro-democracy and power-winning roles while the ruling party has dual repression and power-winning roles.)

A pro-democracy movement requires somewhat different resources and strategies than a party in a democratic environment. In particular, to be successful a pro-democracy movement must be a broad and united front robust enough to be able to function without the rule of law.

Just consider the 'eight points', or even the points you mentioned in your post - offices around Ethiopia, registering the name, 're-organising their base' - all this would be obviously trivial tasks without an accompanying struggle for democracy.

I think this is why all this conflict within Kinijit concerns everyone so much. Unity (on pro-democracy) is quite important.

The exercise of getting to unity, which involves learning, understanding, and practicing democratic culture, is absolutely vital. It is THE necessary condition to any sort of progress Kinijit hopes to make.

See on the importance of democratic culture.

Anonymous said...

Clarification: By without the rule of law above I refer to the current situation in Ethiopia where there's no credible rule of law because the EPRDF breaks the law whenever it feels like.

Anonymous said...

Ethiozagol is woyane!!!!






Anonymous said...

Peaceful dialogue is very important as kinijit has no army to figth Criminal dictator Woyane.If by now Kinijit is well organized,it would have held power from Woyane.First open door for the dialogue,organize your people and fight the enemy of democracy.Sitting in America and declaring war like barrel noise is nothing but lengthening the existence of Woyane.Some political party like EPRP and individual is scared of the establishment of democracy and justice in Ethiopia because they have an income in America from Ethiopian living and working there by declring war on Woyane.They prefer to stay like this so that they can enjoy in states and Europe

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the problem is!
You have a (legit)leadership group that is in the USA now. There is also the renegade group that has been messing up things. And there is Hailu Shawel that no one understands what the hell he is doing.

The solution is simple!

---The leadership delegates have to call for an urgent meeting and agree to vote out Hailu Shawel.

---The current leadership must send out a message clear and loud that the NA radical idiots like Ato Aklog of abugida itself and the shaleqa,Temesgen,Taye etc... are not Kinijit leaders.

---Most of the above mentioned have messed up at least once already -they need to go- send them a Thank You card!

---Send out a clear statement that this has nothing to do with them...This is entirely about the people of Ethiopia!

They can be welcomed as active members and supporters but they cannot continue to SNOWBALL...SNOWBALL!

GET RID OF THE RADICALS shaleqa,taye,getachew,aklog,berhanuetc...


Anonymous said...


It has been a revelation as the sky gets clear.The struggle is comeing to critical point

Berhanu nega,Andragache ,Mewa, ETC dark secret plan is coming to our face let face the emeny and who slept with TPLF and is in love with it.

Anonymous said...

Selam Wegen!!

Aye Ethio zagol!! Beqa leyelih endezih. Besaq :)

While agreeing with some of the 6 or so suggestions mentioned; we have a new dillema to resolve at our hands based on a new revealing audio information.

According to W/R Ayalnesh Chanyalew who is the Vice President of KIL North America, the five delegates (Dr.Birhanu, Judge Birtukan, Engineer Gizachew, Ato Brook, and Dr.Hailu Araya) have signed a pact with woyane agent Lidetu Ayalew. Source: or .

Per this audio, Ato Aklog Limenih, President of KIL North America, was being briefed by his assistant that a deal has been struck by the 5 delegates and woyane informant Lidetu Ayalew. As we all know Lidetu Ayalew, Dr Beyene Petros, Dr Merara Gudina, Dr. Negaso Gidada, Dr Bulcha Demeqisa, Ato Ayele Chemiso and etc. are in the USA. Source: Eye witness Cachaw_3 of Current Affairs Room and

So what is the dilemma? The Berhanu group wants to join the so called "bandas and traitors" and work under the EPRDF directives as an opposition. On the other hand, the Hailu Shawel group wants a dialogue on the 8 points with woyane such as access to the media or free media and free non biased election board, and let the voters (Ethiopian People) decide who should govern them every 5 years in a free and fair election.

Furthermore, the 5 former Kinijit, current Lidetu 3rd way advocates, have been busted and caught red handed, especially,Engineer Gizachew and Brook Kebede Campaigning against passage of HR 2003 the same way like Woyane Ambasador Samuel Assefa. Source:

No wonder that you suggested for the delegates to change the name of the party on item # 1.

Well the choice seems to be clear now. Did Shibire Desalegne and the 198 innocent victims shed their blood to work with woyane as a loyal opposition like Lidetu or to see a free and fair election every 5 years, regardless who the winner might be? That is what Democracy is about.

Not comprehending and fighting for this basic value of free and fair election, and instead tearing Kinijit apart in the name of "collective leadership" to be a 3rd way loyal woyane achebchabi opposition, makes Dr Berhanu, Judge Birtukan, Chemist Berhane Mewa, TV and Data Cable Installer Ato Elias Kifle, and Self Claimed Life Long Unemployed Ato Andargachew Tsigie --DEMOCRACYN YEMAYAWQU DEMOCRATOCH.

Ayzon Wegen!

Anonymous said...

You have accomplished the mission assigned to you by Andaragachew Tsige and Brhane Mewa. You could be one of the two, who knows? If that was the plan, why you guys have created chaos in Diaspora with character assassination and inhumanely attacking some good Ethiopians. Why Ethiopia breeds so many traitors, only God knows!!

Anonymous said...


You have been a dividing forec and center of confusion to divert the stuggle .

In some ways you confused and destracted the population with your posions smear and propoganda .

You have been dark agent and diving fore you can be can be TPLF,Shabia or Angardgchew or Mewa.

Thank to our leaders you sneak is found and the scorpion is cought.

Anonymous said...

EZ you post the following:

"EZ Post doesn't want to lend credence to the kind of ugly discourse that is going on in some of the websites. Thus, we won't post anything relating to the internal problems of Kinijit."

Come on!!! You did perform cheerleading to Andargachew's gang. That is in the open. The fact is the people do not buy your propogand. Last note: As to taking part for the next "election" be happy to dance with your employer, Meles Zenawi, at 4killo palace. We have seen your click, Dr. Birhanu, laughing out loud with the Killers Meles and Tamirat. You can take a look of ther photo at the following link.

You can not fool as twice!!!


Anonymous said...


Oops - the Coup has failed so you have now to stop bashing Hailu Shawel.

ER is doing your job that is why you are praising him.

Listen to Hailu Shawel on Abyssinian Radio - the man has nothing to hide. When you hold the truth nothing will break your will.

Shame on you EZ!!

Anonymous said...

Meqdela and Ethio-Zagol

I think you took the right decision for not posting on the internal problems of Kinijit. I believe there is already enough information in public domain and the leaders have acknowledged the problem and are already taking appropriate steps to address it.

I have full confidence in CUD leadership to deal with the party internal and as well as Diaspora support groups problems. I think it is time to give the leadership a breathing space to do their job.

In the intervening time, while the leadership doing house cleaning and fence mending, we have the right and duty to debate about CUD future and polices.

I may also like to take this opportunity to thanks ER for starting the debate.


Anonymous said...

"we won't post anything relating to the internal problems of Kinijit" Hmmmmmm. Did I not read an article from Gizachew Shifreaw and Made in diaspora in Zagol? Clearly you have insider info but choose to point out things that support what you believe in. This is OK. Please tell us about the rift between Prof Mesfin and Berhanu. What caused it? Please tell us the money Berhanu raised that is never accounted for. Since you want to quote a reliable site person like Elias Kifle: Please tell us why Ayalnesh (the Vice chair of KIL) was doing in Ethiopian 8,9 months ago trying to line up a management deal of a major gov't hotel with Baghdad Bob. If you want your readers to trust you, then tell the goods about everyone.
Zagol you are playing a dangerous game.

Anonymous said...

ER & EZ have attempted to break KINJIT and take a chunck of it hostage, and they filed miserebly. Now B&B are having a change of heart. They realized how cold it can get without the umbrella of our beloved leader Eng. HAILU SHAWEL. KINJIT has its own constitution, in its constitution there are some reminders which should not have been violated by B&B, but sometimes you have to learn the hard way. They tried to take over by cuop de tate and when it fails they are asking to be taken seriously again. This is a dream baby, you can only have your own fmilies to elect you, no one will elect you under the name KINJIT. Because KINJIT = HAILU SHAWEL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Your comment is timely and is a good base for discussion for the near future in the ethiopian politics.
The name callers and the habitual liers should not discourage us.
Kinijit leaders will sort out the minor problem between themselves and Kinijit will be much stronger.
And we know who will be left out hanging like KOLET.

Anonymous said...

EZ aka Adenagrachew Tsige,

How low can you go? When you failed in your coup d'etat, you start bashing the Honorable Hailu Shawel. You are sick.

Anonymous said...

""If they can't settle their differences, both groups can compete in the next election. To be a strong opposition doesn't mean pursuing the instrumental value of unity at the expense of all other values.""

well said, that is in black and white exactly what I am expecting to happen tomorrow.They have already been divided and we better expect to see them competing for election as two poletical parties. who was to blame for the division? I would say No one's hand is clean, be it Dr Birhanu or Eng. On the top of that, Election Board has just warned Kinjit to register now. Sounds like woyane is using this moment to make the division between them real. I know they won't make it. visit Ethiopian reporter about this news.

Let alone registering Kinjit as one, they even haven't managed to talk face to face in US and A.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone ask to abandon Kinijit as a party and go back to a coalition of parties unless the aim is to give legitmacy to parties already disolved witht the creation of Kinijit.

If Ato Hailu is dreaming to revive his old party, he will be making a huge mistake. We know who made Kinijit the most popular party it is and we will continue the struggle with them.

Anonymous said...

I think Engineer Hailu should differentiate between “Engineer Hailu the ‘MEAD’ leader or Engineer Hailu as an individual” and “Engineer Hailu the ‘KINIJIT’ leader”. He should not forget that we carry his photo/portrait in various demonstrations in Ethiopia as well as abroad for the sake of the latter, but not the former.

Anonymous said...


Have I sense that you are advocating for the loyal opposition?

Anonymous said...

EZ,your posting above is pretty much what a U.S Press Statement on Ethiopia would have been. "I smell a rat."
As to Ethiopian Review- The most destructive force on Ethiopian politics. He is pro-Lidetu, and a stounch hater of Ato Hailu. He is Totally confused or out of his mind. How can one in all sanity call a Kinigit leader who just came out of prison a Dictator. This is entirely divisive and does not help the struggle against the brutal woyane. Incidentally, I felt ashamed for Addis Demste Radio host Abebe to present such a divisive person in such a critical time last Saturday. The news from Ethiopia by mastewal was vey one sidded.

Anonymous said...

Our injured Kinijit by internal problems still have the political assets. One of being,
the majority of people in Ethiopia, who are always, feel Kinijit is their alternative
for their struggle for freedom and democracy.

What ever going on within the party is a process, any strong popular and political Organization went through in History.

I agree with EZ, though I have some reservation on the suggestion of changing the
Party’s party.

Anonymous said...

It is now becoming obvious for whom you work. Your access to insider information was what makes your blog attractive; your adventure of trying to shape opinions is definitely back firing and you are loosing it fast.

You and others are trying to build the image of Andargachew Tsige who has a long history of sleeping with the enemy at the time of the genesis of dividing Ethiopians on ethnic basis. Elias Kifle has been another one who to try to salvage a leader out of the "Kehadi" Lidetu. It is surprising now EZ and Elias (ER) are quoting each other to carry out their mission. I will not be surprised if EZ and Elias work for the same boss.
Intrigue, back-door deals, etc. may delay but will never stop the democtratic movement of Ethiopians. We will succeed with the leadership of the true Ethiopians like Hailu Shawol. Believe me, we Ethiopians have learnt a lot from our experiences leaving under weyane lies/mischives and it will not be hard to separate the grain from the chaff of among the Kinijit.

Ethiopia will prevail over its internal and external enemies.


Anonymous said...

Yur are just being a crumb.

You were one of the protagonists in the drama: "refusing to eat the cake", now you are begging for the crumb. What an irony.

So, now your are in the good comapny of ER. There is a saying in Amharic which you should know very well, "Gudegnahin nigeregna mann endhonk enegrihalehu". You stooped incredibly low.

And regarding the "ugly discourse", well, you are the budding source of "ugly discourse", my friend. Read what you just said: "In fact for one of the groups, we think this crisis is an opportunity ..." Unless you are just out of Grammar school, the phrase " for one of the groups..." is a divisive "ugly discourse"

You talk about synicism? Try disgust. I am disgusted, like thousands of others, by people like you - who, with their muddy thinking, crap up the most potent ideas and institutions that crop up once in every generation.

Anonymous said...

Everything was handed to Berhanu Nega, and he still manages to mess it up:

His Father Ato Nega is a well respected, prominent businessman in Addis. He is also very patriotic and well regarded amongst his peers. Berhanu came to Ethiopia in 1991 from the United States to "invest," but in really to spend his father's money. We all know about the picture with Meles and Tamrat Layne. Berhanu started a Corn Starch business that went down, then a Glucose company that too went down, then opened a Real estate company (Addis Real Estate) that too went down, then a Radio Station (ABC) that too went down.

As an Economist, he managed the Ethiopian Economic Policy Research Institute and he was accused of incompetence and neglegence (Not too bright). He was abusive and divisive - even then. The only thing he succeeded on is the Bar/Cafe his father established and left it for him, and his PhD (Congrats). What has he done professionaly that prepares him for the leadership position he so covets besides reading books?

Berhanu Nega is like George W Bush, he good at doing nothing. He is finding his forte, and so far he has not found it yet. We do not wish for him to take Ethiopian politics as a new practice to see if it fits him. We do not want our politicians to be discovering themselves at the job. To be a politician one needs to have nurturing character, Berhanu Nega has nothing of that. He is still searching for himself, and we do not want him to discover himself at the expense of Mother Ethiopia and her children. We think he does not have the skill or ability to be a politician dedicated for long term. We think he is bad at it and takes course that is too risky. The recent attempt to divide KINJIT by disrespecting the Chairman of the party is a point in case.

I have advice to Dr. Berhanu Nega, please leave KINJIT nd go into business, especially the cafe your father left for you. People always do what they are good at, and you are not made for politics, you can be a good teacher. Better yet, you can expand your father's cafe or open another somewhere in Addis, but leave politics; it is not your forte!!!

Anonymous said...

You mean Hotel, Semen Hotel, right?

Anonymous said...

To all character killers! Your poisonous words are every where over the Internet where EPRP & The Shaleka group (KNA) are. Shame on you! Shame on us all(for that matter). I am so sad and angry about few character destroyers increasingly working against everyone including themselves! What shall we do about these weird human beings that swear in the name of Ethiopia and promote every evil idea to kill the country. Please, Please, Please, play by the rules or join Woyane as many of your coaleagues, or Shut your F*** mouth.

Anonymous said...

As, stated by Zagol,


Remember always this:


That Is The Slogan And Order Of The Day. Repeat It After Myself

Anonymous said...

Is it a chance or is it a dirty deal with the DEVIL

The leader of TPLF wyoyane coming to the US while Ledetu,Merrara Gudina,Beyene Petros and Berhanu Nega CUDETA lead delegate are in the US smells Bad very bad.

The Great grand generation of Yohanes Melese/TPLF after putting Ethiopia back to precolonial state and dividing and posioning peace loving and tolerant people Ethiopia is here in new york.

Is this a pre planed Memagles deal with Brehanu Nega cupe detant to prolonge Ethiopian misfortune by prolonging the life of a killer who is going to be tried at human right tribunal for civilina massacure .

We will wait and see

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

Do you censor or what? You have not posted my comment. Do you select only that suits your apitite? Or a comment has to wait for some time before being posted.

Anonymous said...

As a legally established and registered party Kinijit is supposed to run for election in different constituencies at different level means federal and regional. If a certain registered party does not take part for I am not sure three or X # consecutive elections it loses its legal status. Now adays such a peaceful way has become the best language in a bid to fight tyrants i.e. it is the most understood and accepted form of struggle. We will keep on our peaceful straggle.

On the other hand regarding the Woreda election due soon; it seems very difficult for CUD to take part. This is true for a number of reasons.

1. Meles has meticulously destroyed almost all offices and jailed members and even supporters.
2. In the country side many have run away from their homes and are forced to became homeless in small towns and cities.
3. When our leaders come out of prison though we thought they will come out united and strong what happened was the reverse. Besides, they are out of communication with one another.
4. The situation that followed their release have left most of their supporters confused and divided.
5. Though Melese says as always that the coming election will be fair and free; nothing is done on the part of Meles to indicate the change in the selection of electoral board, election procedures and etc which are so important.
6. Meles when he wants takes control of everything. He has his own guards such as Agazi that is run by government budget which at any given time can kill or destroy anything standing against Meles.
7. The secret Agents under Meles and the national security are working for Meles than the nation. These are national institution run by state budget to serve the ruling party.
8. Now to bring to attention the vote rigging is out of question. Leaving that there as it is; nothing is done regarding the innocent and unarmed supporters of Kinijit who were killed. Something has to be done to show the presence o f the rule of law .
9. People have suffered a lot just because they have elected what they wanted. What guaranty do they have not to face similar fate again?
10. No critical private media; institution that promote democracy are under attack. The state media is used to serve as a public relation office of EPRDF.
11. Etc ....

We have all the above problems, then what? This will be considered later by CUD once it finishes the urgent task at hand. The first thing to do for CUD is resolve the internal problem it is facing; then design strategies based on the objective situation..

Anonymous said...


Well written and well stated.