Thursday, September 20, 2007

Made in diaspora

(by Meqdela and Ethio-Zagol)
Perhaps, Hailu Shawel's biggest contribution to Kinijit is his almost stealthy mobilization of teachers and peasants in the remote corners of the Amhara and Afar regions. During the election, EPRDF had doubts about its ability to win in the cities. But they took the rural areas foregranted.  A surprise defeat in those areas led to the massive cheating, and then to the country-wide protest. And I believe EPRDF's caricature of the man is due to that and his indefatigable commitment to Ethiopia than anything else.

During the election, Hailu wasn't in the forefront. He wasn't seen in the debates and public gatherings a lot. As a man who isn't adept at electrifying crowds or scoring points against opponents in debates, that was probably a good decision on the part of Kinijit, and Hailu didn't seem to complain. After the election – when Kinijit started to contest the ballots – Hailu started to be seen in press conferences and newspapers more and more, giving defiant interviews and outlining Kinijit's plans to instigate popular protest. His trip to NA in August was chronicled daily by Addis Ababa based newspapers. But it was at that time that his first major conflict with some of the top Kinijit officials started. In one of the speeches in NA, he said the party wouldn't join parliament. The party had not made the decision. A lot of Kinijit supporters applauded him for that. But in the party, there was anger. A lot of Kinijit officials thought the debate was hijacked. Kinijit didn't enter parliament, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The first three months in prison was the moment of solidarity between Kinijit leaders. Decisions were debated and taken together. EPRDF sensed that and dispersed the leaders into different cells. The troubles started then. In January and February 2006, massive crack downs led to the total incapacitation of all layers of Kinijit's leadership. Kinijit activists in Ethiopia lost leadership and direction. During their meetings in court, the leaders started discussion about the leadership gap, and on May 14, 2006 a letter was sent appointing six people in the Diaspora to fill the gap.  This letter prompted a serious row between two groups. A group led by Shaleka Yosef Yazew raised serious objections to it. These were the objections:

-The letter isn't authentic

-The appointment of the six means Kaliti leadership is replaced

-Some people who had been mobilizing the diaspora even before Kinijit was created weren't included in the leadership, and three out of six who were assigned to the position were Dr. Brehanu's friends

-The wording of the letter doesn't reflect Kinijit's leadership.

Shaleka Yosef and others have also expressed that there was no need for these committee as Kinijit NA can do it.

On May 26, a clarification letter was sent to NA from the prisoners. It says this:

This political leadership committee is by no means a replacement of the Ethiopian leadership. It is a delegation of authority to fill the leadership void which has been created locally and internationally. It is no more than a power of attorney which can, at any time, be revoked.
There has been a serious misinformation and disinformation regarding this matter. Therefore, we plead the above individuals rectify the divisive and damaging campaign immediately. Any dispute in the designated committee should be resolved internally and based on democratic ideals of Kinijit.

But the letter did more than that. It asked the six to add six more persons based on party lines (the three parties as EDL has no representative in the diaspora)

A day after this letter more clarification request comes from NA. The request was about:

-specific responsibilities of the committee
-and the committee's institutional relationship with Kinijit NA

On May 29, the reply to the request was sent from kaliti. This was not communicated via third parties. It was written by the chairman in his own hand writing. These were the issues that were addressed:

 -The method of selecting the chairman of the committee
-quorum rules
-number of members of the committee (again)

A week later another letter was sent from Kaliti asking the committee to start its operation. Still with a lot of protest from Shaleka Yosef, the committee which was called the Kinijit International Leadership (KIL) started working. Shaleka Yosef continued writing to Hailu Shawel with claims that Brehanu's group had the grip on KIL and, therefore, Kestedemena(the party of Brehanu) was controlling Kinijit. While that was on, Brehanu Nega's Book, Ye'netsanet Goh Siked was published.

Brehanu criticized the democratic procedures of AEUP(Eng. Hailu's party) in two places. Ato Hailu couldn't read the book because of eye sight problems. It was left for Bedru Adem to read the book to him. In the book, Brehanu had written about how Bedru Adem left the party when he wasn't elected to kestedemena's executive committee. Bedru had before being imprisoned told journalists that it was Brehanu's opposition to him that made the Kestedemena members not elect him to the executice committee. Those who were in the same cell as Ato Hailu said that Bedru, the foe of Brehanu, wasn't reading the book to Ato Hailu; rather he was interpreting it.

With Ato Hailu fuming about the book, and with disgraceful letters carrying gossips coming into the prison from some diaspora activists, the personal feuds were aggravated. EPRDF sensing the problem made court breaks shorter and shorter so that the prisoners wouldn't talk to each other and sort out the problems.

Then appeared the problem in KIL. Shaleka Yosef who was stung with allegation of corruption etc(which we have no knowledge about) left KIL with three other members and they formed their own KNA. Two mediators were by the leaders who were in Eng. Hailu's cell. This led protest from the other cells that weren't consulted about it. Upon arrival in Washington, the mediators sent a recommendation to the cell that sent them to add 12 more individuals to the international leadership. Even though Hailu Shawel accepted that recommendation, the other leaders opposed it. Then the one that prompted the biggest explosion happened. When Hailu Shawel was taken to the Police Hospital for treatment, he sent a letter confirming the addition of the 12 recommended individuals. Kinijit International Council ( KIC) was formed. Six KIL members protested that the decision wasn't taken collectively by Kaliti and, thus, wouldn't accept it and didn't join KIC. Hailu Shawel's decision to accept the recommendation of Shaleka Admassie, one of the Shimagles, was probably the last straw in the relationship between him and some of his colleagues. His endorsement of Dr. Taye Woldesemait, a very popular figure in the struggle against the EPRDF, but nonetheless, one who on all occasions during and after the election opposed Kinijit's strategies and leaders didn't go well even among some of the chairman's strongest allies. The chairman, however, claimed he has emergency powers to make such decisions. Kinijit's internal working procedural law doesn't address emergency conditions. Hailu Shawel argued that this power comes naturally with chairmanship. The argument didn't persuade a lot of his colleagues.

Not long after the Formation of KIC, the leaders signed EPRDF's paper of apology. Just before they were released, they agreed to deal with the problems behind closed doors. They also agreed not to give any interviews to journalists before they met and solved the problems and other outstanding issues. But these agreements were unwrapped the day they were released. Hailu Shaewel's interview to the Associated Press infuriated some members.

From then on it was down hill in Kinijit.

Among the imprisoned, the members of the council started to have meetings and making decisions. Hailu Shawel didn't attend all except one of the meetings because he was sick. In the first meeting, the council decided to disband both KIL and KIC. Hailu Shawel signed that and was sent to the members of both groups and the media. But later on, KIC claimed that it wasn't disband.

The second decision was about constitution of groups which would travel outside of Ethiopia. Even though Hailu Shawel didn't participate in the meeting, what he wanted wasn't exactly what the council approved.

The chairman then changed his mind and asked the council not to go before the millennium. The council rejected that by majority vote. Then the issue of legalization was raised. The Hailu group claimed that because of there are problems in legalization, former parties (AEUP, Kestedemena etc) should form a coalition. The others group rejected that. The council decided against Hailu again. More, in the reconstitution of the council, the Hailu group wanted some of the former council members who weren't imprisoned and who showed suspicious behaviors not be called back. The other group suggested that there is no basis to evaluate suspicious behavior and the council should be reconstituted by all people who were members before the November crack down. Again, the council decided against the Hailu group even though the vote this time was very close.

In the past month and half, the chairman unlike the old days has persistently found his views in the minority in the council. With some people in NA calling and telling him that a coup de'tat is being orchestrated, he didn't want to accept the council's decisions. For example, he didn't want to join the delegation leaving to NA. His former party opened a bank account at the Abyssinia bank.

I have to say that a lot of the problems would have been solved had Ato Hailu been allowed to receive symmetrical information from all groups. All attempts to communicate to him from the non-Shaleka Yosef group had been unsuccessful. He was constantly told by this group that Brehanu was plotting his coup. There is no way Brehanu could replace Hailu because according to the organization's rules, only executive committee member of Kinijit can be a chairman. Brehanu isn't the member of the executive committee. He is just a member of the Kinijit council. According to the organization's rules, Hailu has twenty more months as a chairman. These are the kinds of facts Hailu Shawel is denied from getting.

(More on this to come)




Anonymous said...

EZ aka Adenagrachew Tsige,

Hailu Shawel is not going any where. He is staying put. Your coup d'etat has faltered. Ethiopians smelled what you were cooking and didn't like it one bit. Give it up!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ato Hailu,

we want you just to be a chairman who chairs the executive committe meetings but by no means a King.
A chairman with the status of a king and above all in side popularly elected people's party, namly Kinijit, is absolutely unacceptable.
Because Kinijit has no position of a King, please leave your position for some one who can chair as chairman.

Dear Ato Hailu: you can't cooperate with KIC, which is dissolved by Kinijit Lay Lay Mekerbet's decision.
Ato Hailu you are making a coup'deta against Kinijit lay lay Mekerbet.


Anonymous said...

Hey you anon@4:39. Better be warned to rush so much to show your arrogance. These are the unfortunate facts we Ethiopians have to face. Its people like who even doesn't know the organizational structure of KINIJIT murmur about coup d'etat. Its about a cultural revolution that KINIJIT Leadership trying to bring. If you have ears, listen that Dr. Berhanu can't assume chairmanship as he is not executive member. No one can snatch the democratic desire and struggle of Ethiopian people, even including the furious chairman who is disgracing himself day by day and you people who mislead him all the time would be hunted and accounted for the great divisiveness you are tempting.

Anonymous said...

I am sad about the chairman who is acting like an Atse. I don't think he understands that we are done with Atse, king of Kings... and all that. Please give Democracy a Chance! Listen to the majority voice. Stop the dictotership.

Anonymous said...

Ambageneenente should be over in Ethiopia. To be hounest I rather have EPRDF in its dictatorial form if the opposition is the same. Hailu was never inspirational any way, but to add insult to injury he is also turning dictatorial? What is the use then? Stop being our king and start following our people.

Anonymous said...

who has benefited from this internal feud? Woyane! woyane is dancing that is The realse 'pardon' of the kinjit leaders has done the mightest job instead of keeping them in prision that will unfortunately destroy Kinjit!

CUD was people's hope and lots of people died for what was promised. Internal Power scramble outweighs its objective, the usual Ethiopian opposition custom, many people thought CUD was immune from it.

It is unfortunate that some people has trying to put priority for thier ego instaed of public cause. Kistedamna party and its leaders smartly abused thier position to encircle future power in CUD in thier cliq. It is unfortunate to ignore the leader Eng. Hailu at this state. We need tougness, detrmination and action than talk of pretty superlative sensation but windy talk.

We are not in democratic levelled field only beautiful speech can make difference. It is rather detrmination, hard work, action that matters.

I hope the two groups reconcile, but seems unlikely, to wok together just to revive the hope the Ethiopian people strive.

Don't forget Weyane can reconcile with people on your weakness.


Anonymous said...

Hailu will be replaced by Taye and sheleka will remain the Pope while Mogus Brook will be the driver. Ye azwontoche kebebe will remain a party in diapora and will die there.
Kinijit will live forever in Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...


Your words tell that Unlike the “city boys” Hailu is a man of courage who passed most of the election period in the rural Ethiopia to mobilize the main force of the country!

Where ,How and why the urban centres voted for CUD, it is simply clear!!! The debates might reduced the fear but all the arguments aired at the time were known for urban dwellers since the promulgation of the Weyane constitution!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever the case may be, currently there are only two solutions for the merged party (without legal status): total divorce or Separate beds!

If what you said is accurate, Hailu’s suggestion is the least catastrophic: under the same house but with separate beds (to nullify the merging and form a coalition)!!

Anonymous said...

Ato Hailu you will never see the inside of minilik palace and if just in case you get in you will never sit on the chair. We have been listening your mad son(the Crown prince)opening his big mouse on a radio as if his dad was a king. The fact is the election is in about 3 years and you will be 80 years old you will be worst by then.My advice stay home.

Anonymous said...

The informative anlalysis of EZ looks closer to the truth. Following Ato Bedru's interviews closely, it isn't difficult to understand the role he (Bedru) played in spoiling the relation between the leaders.

The role of the Shaleka clique was clear from the very beginning. Some time in the summer of 2006, Ato Moges Bruk was interviewd on Negat Radio and his replies match with what is reported by EZ here: he rejected the formation of KIL on the ground that the letter of delegation was a fake one. He even went further to claim that the messenger was a person who was held at gun point by TPLF soldiers to send this 'false' message. It was also clear that the Shaleka group failed to cooperate with KIL: refused to hand over the web site to KIL. On that occassion, Ato Moges was bold enough to say that he does not accept 'order' from KIL.

After the release of the prisoners, Hailu continued to be associated with this group, addressed meetings organized by this group only, etc. It now became very clear to me that Hailu was trapped and the 'devil' managed to successfully drive a wedge between him and the rest.

Regarding the decision he made about KIC without consulting his colleagues, I may still agree with him on one point: since it was not possible to deliberate on the issue with the rest of the prisoners given the circumstances they were in, it may be still be the only option at the time. In my view, the grander mistakes of Ato Hailu on this decision were the following:

1. Although he can delegate duties to members, he cannot in anyway bring an outsider (Taye) to be part of KIC let alone to take the chairmanship.

2. After the decision to disband both KIL and KIC were passed and the decision was communicated to both groups via a letter signed by none other than Ato Hailu himself, he should have been able to stop the wild KIC from messing around in his name. He simply lost control of KIC.

In my view, by now Hailu has felt the pressure from the public that the Shaleka group is judged as incompetent by majority of the CUD members and supporters given what they achieved (if any) compared with those of KIL is null. It is possible for him to show Shaleka and crew a graceful exit from the crisis without further damage.

Hailu's problem now is Dr. Taye, whose obssession for power is unbounded, which goes to the extent of abandoning the great Association which earned him his 'name', only to be at the helm of CUD, a party he hated and attacked most just over two years ago. It is extremely embarassing to the ego of Dr. Taye to pack off within weeks of his appointment, without getting anything to gratify him. (Yemoke betun tito guazun teklilo kemeta behuala wedet yigba new yemitlut?!!)

I think, we should see Ato Hailu's problem in this context. I am sure that if enough time is given for the dust to settle, CUD will be as strong as before. Both sides should thus refrain from intentionally or unintentionally hurting the feelings of the other side until sanity prevails.

Anonymous said...

God bless you!
I was totally confused by what was going on in Kinijit although I tried to gather as much information as I can.
I do not see anything wrong Ato Hailu (or any one for that matter) did. Of course there was some information asymmetry which led to all the issue in the coalition…But with the caliber and strength these people have, I have no doubt that they will surmount the obstacles in no time. People in the Diaspora think they know everything there is to know about democracy. But I will bet you many of them don’t even know what their cereals are made from.

The people like the guy who runs the Ethiopian Review are disgusting me more and more (and I do not belong to any of the 'support' groups in NA). People with genuine concern for the development of their country should not allow our brains get contaminated by immature individuals from both ends.

Anonymous said...

ብርቱካን ገዝቼ ፡ ጓጉቼ ብቀምሰው
ኮምጣጤ ሆነና ፡ አካሌን ቀመሰው።
ምነው በቀረብኝ ፡ ሳልቀምሰው በቀረ
ብርቱካን ነኝ በሎ ፡ ጣእሙን ከቀየረ
መልኩን አሳምሮ ፡ ውስጡ ከመረረ
ምን ተግዴ ታዲያ ፡ እራሱን ቀበረ።
ብርቱካኑ ሁሉ ፡ ከሆነ ኮምጣጤ
እንኳን አተረፈን ፡ አልተባሉ አጤ።

Anonymous said...

Z: Just based on your article, I have found new respect for Ato Hailu; like him or not, one has to admire his feisty nature. I am left with utter amazement at "the council's" inability to contain and manage a series of explosive and damaging events. It seems Ato Hailu called the game and "the council" reacted at every turn.

Anonymous said...


Nice - that's what we pay you for!

My question is: Didn't the council see this coming? Could they have avoided voting against Ato Hailu's position on every issue? Could they have met at this home?

I hope that in your next post, you'll discuss what lessons could be learnt from this and how the conflict can be resolved.

Anonymous said...

Ethio Zagol,
please don't expose yourself about your support to one group in CUD. try to stay independent for the sake of diaspora who have no other means to get information minus propaganda.

otherwise you become just like others. once you become like others, you will see people abandonding your site.

Anonymous said...

Hailu has become more of a liability than an asset to KINIJIT. Due to his hardliner stance, KINIJIT is, from the start, portrayed in some parts of Ethiopia as a hardliner. Now he is messing around with embezzlers, like Yosef, and persons full of prejudices, like Taye. Some people have started thinking that what Lidetu said about him has some grain of truth. Despite all of these, some of us have still great respect for him. Thus, he should wake up and come into his senses. Otherwise, we will say “adieu” to him, like Lidetu and Alamoudin, for we have stopped believing in personalities. Besides, Ethiopia has seen leftist hardliners like "Derge", EPRP, "MESON", and "Woyane". So it does not afford anymore hardliners, even from the center right. Now the time is for "moderates"!!

Anonymous said...

EZ, allow me to decode again:



Anonymous said...

Dear EZ - I wish you publish the so enlightening and inspirational speech Dr Berhanu gave at the last Virginia meeting of the Kinjit delegation with supporters. The speech is a stand-alone testament for Dr Berhanu's stance than the rumors and garbage thrown around by Woyane, Yesteryear EPRP and DERGUE leftovers. I believe Kinjit is going in the right direction under the able leadership of the likes of W/t Birtukan, Dr Berhanu, Ato Gezachew, Dr Hailu Araya etc. The time has come to unload those who have personal agenda to fulfill rather than the wish of the majority - I believe time has come to ask Ato Hailu to voluntarily step aside and play the role of ADVISOR similar to the role of Professor Mesfin. I don't want Ato Hailu's past contributions to the struggle be stained by all means. Heros know when to stand up and stand down - I hope he does the right thing sooner than later!!

Anonymous said...

Who could forget: September 9, 2007 was one of Ethiopian Diasporas finest hours. On the morning of that new day, the highly awaited “visionary CUD leaders” arrived at Dulls airport, more than 10,000 kilometres away from home. Washington DC rose to a morning of bliss .Every Ethiopian Diaspora became inches taller.

Thousands congregated at Dulls airport to welcome the released Woyane hostages. Joy swept through the entire American states. Who could possibly forget? Then, all of a sudden, from among the thousands who screamed for joy, Birhanu Nega appeared. B-I-R-H-A-N-U, B-I-R-H-A-N-U , roared the crowd, cheering him on their hands and breaking out in dance.

Birhanu, of course, only wanted to join in the delegation when he suddenly found himself at the centre of the reveling crowd. Those who asked, "What is he doing here?" and "what does he have to do with the success of CUD?" almost risked their lives. Birhanu, Birhanu, roared the impassioned crowds – and the media(ETN,ER) aired the images live to the entire world. Eng.Hailu, the man who made CUD a success arrived later on ( Sept.15), but it was too late. Birhanu, the man who had nothing to do with the CUD success, had already taken the entire kitty.

Truth is, Birhanu's sin is not terrible and many politicians may have, perhaps, acted in the same manner. However, his supporters, particularly his aides, should tell him that this is an exact copy of the "old Birhanu EPRP," an image he wanted to get rid of so badly – that is, jumpy and taking credit for others' achievements

Anonymous said...


Eng. Hailu had a significant contribution for the existence and success of Kinijit being a party of all. That is his legacy, period. From now on, as the struggle against WOYANNE is more complicated and challenging, Kinjit has to change the Horse. We have enough history to tell us that how distractive and disastrous the Kings, DERG and WOYANNES were. We shouldn’t call for another of similar behaviors. Let the Kinjit council elect a better leader.
Eng. Hailu, with all his health issues beyond the unhealthy relation he has with other leaders, needs to step down for the benefit of Kinjit and our struggle. If he does this he would be remembered as a HERO and allowed to solidify the party sooner than later.


Anonymous said...

Here is the two groups arguments and prayers

BB group: “We don’t care about the father and Son; we care only the Sprit: the core principles of the religion! If necessary we will crucify Jesus (the son) on the cross!”

BB group pray: Father don't forgive H-group; they know what they're doing

H- group: “We care not only the core principles of the religion but also the father, son and even the face of Jesus, etc”

H-group pray: Father, forgive BB group, for they do not know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Great interview with Eng. Hailu on Tensae radio.
Neither berhanu, nor Bertukan, nor Eng. Hailu said the party is in disarray since each is nt able to work with the other... And the role of the diaspora need only be limited to 'supporting'. We shouldn't try to make decisions through a $20 internet connection. And some of our 'betbach' 'journalists (?)' need to shut down their $7 websites and return to the parking lots.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:07

Berhanu's contribution is leading the election campaign of may 2005.Now tell me, who among KIC people can match that?What kinijit's campaign team did, from nov 2004 to may 2005, has never been witnessed in Ethiopia even by parties that use all government institutions and funds let alone EPRP and other elements with their archaic political approach.TESADABI HULA.The sad thing is no one in Ethiopia knows all these vocal minorities, whose contriution for the Ethiopian political scene is non other than being spoilers.

Anonymous said...

If this is a smear campaign it is backfiring. I am not the only one who just found new respect for Shawl. Just read the other comments.

More to the point, what does "All attempts to "communicate him" from the non-shaleka Yosef group had been very daunting" means? Apart from revealing your poor grasp of the language and your cronyism, you made no effort in convincing us when and how they made those "daunting" effort.

And why didn't you mention how the Birhanu group prevailed upon Hailu to sign the document accepting guilt?

About his stance regarding the exclusion of former suspect members(in spite of the verbal on-slaught), I'd say it was heroic.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the Birhanu Nega group is working underground to reconstitute the executive committee members of CUD. Birhanu Nega and his CUD faction are all going to be members of this new executive body.

Birhanu Nega himself is going to be the new head and chief executive of the party. The former KIL members, including Andargachew Tsige (un anabashed opportunist) and Birhane Mewa (known loafer and embezzler since his Gomma kuteba days)are to be included in the executive body.

Anonymous said...

Zagol, You are dangerously on the verge of Elias Kifle status. Diposing Hailu is a dream because he is a fighter. He has been fighting for Ethiopia with Mengistu. He will do it until he dies. More importantly the ethiopian people understand who never gave in to Woyane. Berhanu did, Hailu did not.

Anonymous said...

Selam Meqdela and Ethio-Zagol,

I very much enjoyed your artices over the last couple of years. However, I have a problem with this statement "...left KIL with three other members and they formed their own KNA". KNA is not formed by any member of KIL. That is an insult to KNA. An Apology and correction should be in order.


One of you daily reader.

Anonymous said...


Thank your for detailed info. Well said.

I have big respect and love for Eng. Hailu Shawul. However, I disagree with his recent moves. Why only listening to Shaleqa’s group. How about me? I have been with Eng. Hailu’s organization since its formation. Is Ethiopia only for the “chosen Ethiopians?” My only role here is to facilitate a plain field for democratic Ethiopia, so my voice is not good enough Sir?

Please my respected father, Eng. Hailu listen to my voice too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ for the detailed update. I applaud you also for recognizing the great contribution of Ato Hailu Shawel. Indeed, had it not been of some evil people in the Diaspora and some poisoneous guys lke Shaleja Admasse, problems would have been solved peacefully.

I have just had a chance to listen Ato Hailu's interview on Tensae Radio. If you get a chance please do listen to it. From his voice it seems he is well. Thanks to God.

Now back to some of the points he raised.

1. He mentioned that Kinijit is democratic and have principles. He said that no individual is above the party. He declared that KINIJIT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE and that there is no other option for KINIJIT to follow what the people want.

2. He said that Kinijit is one. As there are problems and differences in any problem, he says that there are also problems within Kinijit. He explained that in a democracy there are disagreements, differences and heated exchanges. That must not and should not consider as "division". According to him all these are normal. He says:” two or three individuals may create problems". "They will be dealt" he says.

3. He emphasized that all accounts must be audited by independent auditors and investigated in detail.

4. He at the beginning of his interview announced clearly and unambiguously that there will be no appointment and that chapters must be organized independently and democratically. (Though at the end he contradicted himself)

I honestly like what I have heard. If Ato Hailu truly believes in this, I cannot comprehend why it was difficult to solve outstanding minor differences with his colleagues. If what he said is truly what he believes in then , then was he afraid to come in the same house and discuss with his friends from Kaliti ? Why does he limit and surround himself with individuals that has been violating for the last two years what he just said ?

What we all wanted from the get go is for the people's money be audited and returned back. What we wanted from the get go is to establish democracy within our chapter and within or North America Chapter Association in a democratic and transparent manner. What we wanted from the get go is for the consorted attacks on other Kinijit members be stopped. It is not us who have been regularly attacking individuals on radio and on renegade websites(like, debteraw, ethiolion ..). It is not us who have been attacking strong Kinijit Supporters as "weyanes". It is not us who illegally patented the name “Kinijit” and Kinijit logo and sue those who voluntarily support Kinijit for helping Kinijit.

By the way when I say I like what I have heard, I do not mean I like it all. There are one minor item and another major item that Ato Hailu mention that I reject.

Let me start with the minor item. He mentioned that some Kinijit leaders want to come to America because they have not seen America before. To quote him " be weret mekniyat". I think he may be referring to w/t Birtukan for the others at one time were all out of the country. I call this arrogance and "tiebit". That can be considered also as an insult to millions of Ethiopians. Because he is rich he may have come to America multiple times before. However, who gave him the authority to talk with disrespect against those who have never been out from the country like this ? SHAME ON HIM.

The major item is his endorsement of the group that calls itself "KIC" but many calls it "Keyissi". :) Ato Hailu after telling us that we will have no-one to be above us, that chapters must be organized on their own democratically, he makes a shift and tell us that there is KIC. WHAT IS KIC ? He said that the political leadership will be in Addis Ababa. So KIC is not doing any political work. If political works are not done then the other work items that is left are supports. That are the roles of Chapters, which Ato Hailu explained that they must choose their own leader.

I AM CONFUSED HERE . I think At Hailu is mixing everything and must correct the fact. He cannot have it both ways. I think he must be honest and announce that there is no KIC. This way one of the major differences he has with the other Kinijit delegation will be solved.

Other than that relatively speaking, I give a C to Ato Hailu speech. It was not confrontational and deteriorating. I applaud his attempt to calm the people. I applaud his confidence that problems will be solved. I will share his optimism and pray for it.

Will Ato Hailu do as he says ? I do not know. His separate schedule to address Ethiopians is a clear indication that he may have chosen the "go it alone" approach. He will have meetings in 5 cities organized mainly by EPRP folks. I think he must scrap this non-sense and immediately join his colleagues. "Ersu binekachewoum ye etiopia hezb yakebrachewal. Ersu ke enersu guar bale mesratu erasun newou miyawaredewu".

Last I would like to say few words about the tensae radio interviewer. The radio host, Ato yewarkaw Mengistu, was intentionally probing Ato Hailu so that he can give sparking and divisive comments. Their intent was to get something bad from

Ato Hailu against the other leaders and widen more the crisis. Fortunately Ato Hailu was calm and except of couple of minor guffs were very civil. This is telling me that there are some groups (out of which the Tensae radio reporters and producers and those who sponsor them, who may be up to not the strength of Kinijit but its demise. THEY WILL FAIL. WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT THE PEOPLE KNOWS ABOUT IT AND BE VIGILANT AGAINST THEIR POISONOUS AND DIRTY PROPOGANDA CAMPAIGNS.


Anonymous said...

I read the following testimony on one of Ethiopian forums :

ይድረስ ለቶ ሃይሉ ሻውል ,

አንድ የሰማሁትንና ከህሊናዬ ሊጠፋ የማይችልን አንድ ነገር ሊንገርዎት :: አንድ ጎጃም ውስጥ ደጀን አካባቢ የሚገኝ የቅንጅት ደጋፊ በወኛኔዎች ድብደባ ጉዳት ይደርስበትና እሞታለሁ ብሎ ስላመነ የልጀን ነገር አደራ ለአቶ ሃይሉ አድርሱልኝ አለ ብሎ የቅርብ ጓደኛው ነግሮኛል ::……………………………………………………………..

I asked myself why the man from Dejen gave the responsibility to Eng. Hailu! The answer is simple! This poor man had confidence on the man who passed by his village and talked him about kinijit ……

From EZ statement we get this: “Hailu Shawel's biggest contribution to Kinijit is his almost stealthy mobilization of teachers and peasants in the remote corners of the Amhara and Afar regions. “

Unlike the “smart city boys” who run to Ethiopian television stations, Eng. Hailu was busy in mobilizing the gross root in the remote corners of the country!!

Anonymous said...

Selam yeKeshefew Coup Plotters, collectively known as Semina Werq aka Betinachew Tsige, $$Birrish Nega, $$$Birrish Mewa, Sabotage expert Fiqade Shewaqena, Elias Kifelew, Tamagne, Abebe belew, Fetenech Mideqsa, and etc....

Here is the real scoop: All your votes will not count didley because, you voted every decision only between 22 of you kicking out the other Laelay Mikirbet members (Council) on the basis of not being arrested in Qaliti.

So 22 of you woyane moles minus Haliu Shawel and some strong non-banda detainees voted on your shirshir abroad. 22 does not meet quorum in a member of 60.

Why so fast on the shirir by the woyane moles? Before they officially join woyane as a loyal opposition, they have to rip the diaspora out of his pocket just like Beyene Petros and Merara Gudina did.

Proof: Listen to this fresh interview given from Ethiopia by Laelay Mikirbet member and Kinijit Public Relations Officer, Weyzerit Mesebowerq Kitaw on


Yenantew Neqe ende Assefu Debalqe

Anonymous said...

With all the plots to get rid of Hailu, I can see all the brilliant writers and speakers have been really thinking and strategizing.
Now we have no way to pressure Meles.
Now the Ethiopian people will have to start from zero to organize.
Now we have no bargaining points or mandate from the people and it will take a few election cycles to get it again, if ever.
Now Meles really has a true ally in the 'new kinijit' because of the new philosophy of 'collective bargaining'.
Now Meles can degrade and dehumanize Ethiopians with no fear.
Now the US Congress will not even take our cause.
Now the current and the next US administration will completely drop Ethiopia from its radar because the "elected" representatives can not even get along and pressuring the present government will not work for the 'terror' policy.
Now the EU will appoint even weaker people to manage their 'aid' money than Tim Clarke and there will be more looting.
Now OLF will make a deal and possibly Meles will allow the Bantuization of Ethiopia.
Now Meles will declare war on Eriteria, kill Isays and unite the country and have Eriterians control the 'Amhara' Empire.
Brilliant strategy, the Ethiopian people can not wait to vote for Berhanu and Birtukan or is it Meles and Bereket

Anonymous said...

GZ 10 :10Am

You wrote :

“Ato Hailu after telling us that we will have no-one to be above us, that chapters must be organized on their own democratically, he makes a shift and tell us that there is KIC. WHAT IS KIC ? He said that the political leadership will be in Addis Ababa. So KIC is not doing any political work. If political works are not done then the other work items that is left are supports. That are the roles of Chapters, which Ato Hailu explained that they must choose their own leader.”

What is wrong with that??? If you accept that the role of the Diaspora is support and not a political work, why do you mind if there are 100’s of chapters and KIC’s willing to provide the party with material, logistics, intellectual, public relations and diplomatic support in a coordinated manner??? As far as they live by the direction, priorities and instructions given to them by Kinijit’s leadership, where is the problem?? Do you know how many donor groups support Ethiopia??? Do you know how many Juif support groups exist in US???

Ato Hailu said KIC is not doing any political work. It coordinates support groups that have confidence on the KIC leadership! You can revive your KIL but limit it to the support work! Period!

Anonymous said...

Oh EZ,

Is it a damage control strategy because now the COUP has failed?

Didn't you say a week ago that Eng. Hailu Shawel is going to make a mistake by opposing the five star fools? Can you look back and find out who made the terrible mistake? Wtih all the HOPELA! with Elias Kiflie and Tamagne Beyene they totally lost it - not a single one of them showed up at the Airport to greet him. And then their ugly gossip on a teleconference was caught on tape - oops what about the thundorous speech of at the DC townhall using selective words like "leaders but not a leader", "extremist","collective leadership" --bla!bla!bla!

You & Andy have no credibility. Ultimately - you have no where to go. The strategy of the 5 star delegates was to shoot Hailu Shawel but they ended up shooting themselves.

Now they will go back home with nothing but a couple of thousands of dollars.

They can't resolve the crissis because they are not neutral.

They cann't form a new party because they have no followers.

They blew it! There is no hope for them to survive!

Ethiopia will previal!

Unknown said...



Ethiopians at home and abroad are worried the way things are progressing, they want all this childish squabling to stop, and we have TPLF devouring us as KINJIT members are fighting. We gave our voice to Eng. HAILU SHAWEL, he is the elected leader of 60-KINJIT members and until we have properly elected leader we would like all the TPLF Spies and media to work together under our beloved leader.

KINJIT has its own constitution, its constitution states that we can only change a leader after the mandate is finished, and if there is unfortunate circumstance the deputy leader will take over and lead it to its final mandate. What the childish TPLF Spies are doing is wrong and uncalled for, they have only gathered the members who have been jailed for two and half years and made decision to dump the chairman, this is wrong and "UNCONSTITUTIONAL!" The KINJIT party constitution calls for the presence of all the 60-members to re-elect or dismiss a CHAIRMAN.

According to KINJIT MEMBER Bedru Adem: Only 15 jailed members get together to take out their anger on the chairman. All the 15 members are wrong and need to be severly punished. Because, according to the KINJIT party constitution, the Chairman has all the power to dismiss mis-behaving party members, hence all the 15 party members who are infected by TPLF VIRUS need to be treated by strong DDT. Just because you have been imprisoned does not give you more voting power to dismiss the Chairman. The Charman (HAILUE SHAWEL) remains to be the leader and has indespensable power to suspend, demote, and even fire party members from the party. We would like Engr. HAILUE SHAWEL to excersice that power and show some leadership here. The word KINJIT cannot be used by renegade few party members to their own advancement.


Anonymous said...


We all know it is a Diaspora made crissis.

But that is not the point.

The point was how they handled it and how they tried to resolve it.

The Delegate who is now touring North America would have resolved it with out any doubt by staying neutral and by involving Hailu Shawel. But THEY BLEW IT. May be due to lack of expirence.

Like it or not - Hailu Shawel or anybody who is involved in the creation of KIC - did not exclude anyone from the council. So what the heck? The main trouble makers: Shaleqa Yoseph, Mewa and Tsigie they are all in the KIC list of memebers. This is not a dictatorial work! Abolishing or restructiing it was a matter of debate and compromise.

Eng. Gizachew Shifiraw was the stupidiest of all. You don't give that kind of one sided interview 2 days before you travel to a trouble zone.

You shold see all supporting commitees and memebers equally. As they are equally important for the struggle.

What happened in DC is a catastrophie. No doubt - using his expireance and charisma Hailu came out as a winner.

The five star fools have now to live with the aftermath - if Kinijit divides they will be responsible, they can not resolve the Diaspora crissis because they are not neutral, they will even be denied the chance of looking at the finacial report of supporting commitees. They will go home with nothing and they have no one to blame but themeselves. The Elias and Tamagne will look to another crissis to make a business !!

Anonymous said...

Supporters of Knijit, be careful!

Berhanu and co are brilliant, strong and courageous, but they are URBAN. They will do very well for the party in URBAN centres. 85% of Ethiopians are rural dwellers. Ato Hailu knows these ethiopians far, far better and is why CUD can challenge EPRDF (EPRDF wants country dwellers that are under its orders). God willing these great leaders can restart their very promising partnership once everything is reasonably sorted out. Other than bruised egos, I have not seen anything substantive that would be in the way. Followers have to be resilent as well as leaders.

Anonymous said...

Kinijit committed suicide officially!! Ethiopian people are left alone for tyranny. May God save us from Meles’s “Stick”. As to the Diaspora self-centered politicians and so called prominent Ethiopians, I will say “Go hell!.

Innocent supporters of Kinijit: we better not waste our time and money before this division is resolved. Listen to Tinsae, read what happened in Canada etc. It is all mess!!
Hailu Shawel started to stink real bad!!!!

Yagere sew endih ale: Yelij neger andu bisil andu tire, Ye shimagle neger andu bisil lelaw bisbis.

I rest my case!!

Anonymous said...

It is sad Kinijit leaders come out from prison more devide than they went in. I hope and pray that they will resolve their differences pritty soon. If not, I urge all Ethiopians in Ethiopia and diaspora to support not those who talk the talk but those who are tested in the past and proofed their trustworthyness towards the struggle for the unity and democracy in Ethiopia. Talk is cheap; let's remember that now one talked more than Lidetu and we have to be carefull in identifing our true leaders - their past history, associations, perosnality, etc. should be considered in scrotinizing the "who-is-who" in promoting our leaders. No process will be perfect in identifying the true leaders but if all of us open our eyes and observer their action (not the cheap talk), we will definitely succeed in finding our true leaders.

God bless Ethiopia!
Ethiopia will be free and democratic by the united struggle of its children!!


Anonymous said...

In my view Eng. Hailu has lost the plot and many of his friends from AAPO have deserted him. I am shocked to learn Eng. Gizachew, who was part of AAPO team has shifted alegence to Kestedament to lead the campaign to discredit the party president. Eng. Gizachew who is known for changing side at short notice thought the future is with kestedamen to give a good kick of AAPO as he did to EDP when he left EDP to join AAPO. Sad and a very trajic. I am ashamed!

Anonymous said...

Dear EthioZagol,

Thanks for providing us with such a valuable information....I am a supporter of CUD....I do not like whatever is going on right now... Hailu Shawel may have some problmes (though I am not sure)...but the others should not be treating him the way they are treating him right now...He deserves their respect...They should have, for example, welcomed him when he arrived in the US

Anonymous said...

Here is my main problem with Ato Hailu's stand. If he is not willing to abide by the decision of the majority in the Kinijit Council, how is he different from Meles? Why are we spending our time, money & effort to replace one dictator with another.

Dear Ato Hailu, if you love Ethioia and its people, please learn how to abide by the majority's decision before trying to "teach" democray to the people as you have said in your recent radio interview.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Meqdela and Ethio-Zago. This is Great article.. Eagerly waiting for the next Article,


yehilina dewel said...

mekdela or some body wrote about engineer hailus' contribution to the struggle.i am coting him or her she wrote that engineer was active in two regions those regions were amhara and what do u want more? if ato hailu manages the master minded amharas to get them to his political party ,at the same time if he manages to get afars the back bone of ethiopia and ethiopianism .it means that most of the jobs have been done baby .u like it or not that was his skill made this party a party.
with grace

Unknown said...


Is that not interesting? People yesterday "enardachihwalen" "eneqortachihuwalen" silu yeneberut, Zari Birehau yeshalchihuwal yelem Hailu new yemishalen Silu.

What a nice day for Ethiopians!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks EZ and Meqdela,

This is what we need to talk about. CUD needs to get a grip on the problems (real or imaginary), which cause the division between its leadership. CUD must deal with those problems and restore its unity if it wants to be a party to have a realistic chance to challenge EPRDF/TPLF.

EZ your blabber and platitude about indispensability and deliberative democracy will not take us anywhere except adding more fuel to the fire. You don’t need to go far to find a proof for that, just see the comments,

I think, In order to positively contribute in solving CUD problems, first we need to talk about the problems. I don’t understand why the CUD leaders are dodging equations about the division. This posting talk about the CUD problems, which I believe is an important step on the right direction.

Secondly we need to focus on the problems not individuals or groups. EZ, my understanding of your previous few postings persuaded me to believe that you are a partisan to one of the CUD factions. I think you need to focus on the problems and be objective, rather than advocating a group position, and please also don’t be emotionally (you said “I have sacrificed my security, property and freedom”).


Anonymous said...

you dont need to be rocket scientist to see the failure of CUD entirely lies in Hailu. Ethiopia is lucky that he was not prime minister.

Anonymous said...

we will never get anywhere as long as we continue to deal with personalities as opposed to principals...

Anonymous said...

STOP this silly chatter and DEMAND YOUR LEADERS to come to the table discuss their problems.
If one of them is not willing to come then pressure should be exerted.
Otherwise talking about airport,mirtcaw's radio and etc would not take us nowhere.
Ethiopia has much bigger problem than this petit skirmishes

Anonymous said...


How Dr.Birhanu's book reached in prison cells while it was banned from selling in town. There is something fishy there!!!

Anonymous said...

Are we Ethiopian That Dam?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A small problem magnified by personal ego!

Point your finger to: Andargachiew Tsigie. Have he joined the KIC this problem would have been resolved by now. The KIC may or may not be good but that will be a problem of the CUD instead of all of us involving to kill the party.

Anonymous said...

niftam naftanya hulla.........

Anonymous said...

You ann@6.52

Meles is egocentric, street smart and arrogant.
You can’t tell me that a person should be a leader of a country just because he is educated. Rather one should be elected by the people.
Meles, what ever background he has, he is not the elected leader.
In a recent poll conducted by the TIME magazine 75% of the Ethiopian people
favor the opposition party. Meles knows very well that and that is why the country is
Like a prison camp. How could you have 17000 political prisoners at one time in a poor
Country like that? If you talk background, Meles is the most arrogant personality in Ethiopian politics. This is the guy who said, one time at the parliament, “If you can find a batter person I would resign”. You can also check his 70’s student movement history, if you are not aware his nasty upbringing manifested then.
Learn from the past, use your gray matter a little batter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @11:03AM & 11:30AM

You refer to KINJIT delegates to the U.S. as "the five star fools". Why are you trying to make it look like ONE-against-FIVE? How about those KINJIT delegates who are currently touring Europe as well as South Africa? How about Dr. Befekadu's urgent appeal to the Ethiopian Diaspora to welome KINJIT's delegation & to support the party financially so that it can intensify the struggle. How about Prof. Mesfin's recent speech not to focus on or worship individuals? Did you read the last report by KINJIT's delegation welcoming Ad Hoc commitee. What does it tell you where the problem lies? Certain elements of KINJIT diaspora supporters such as 'The PATRIOT' here are ethnicists no less than the TPLF attack dogs. As far as they are allowed to intimidate other well-meaning democracy activist Ethiopians, the struggle to liberate Ethiopia from TPLF would face greater hurdles. With ethnicist morons such as the one hiding under the name 'Patriot' TPLF would have easier time to rule for long, long time. Instead of adopting the strategy of peeling supporters from the TPLF regime one by one, these morons bark on everyone who may have slight difference from their backward ethnicist outlook. How about that for a winning strategy?

Anonymous said...

Above Anonym (11:07AM)

Who are you calling ethnicist? PATRIOT is a genuine Ethiopian who believs in ONE ETHIOPIA. He is challenging ethnicists and TPLF ethnocentric regime who can only exist on the division of the Ethiopian majority. Do you know that Tegres account for only 5% and they have now controlled almost the whole Ethiopian resources? How did they do it? They baought people like Kihdetu, Gizachew, Berhanu, Birtukan, EZ, ER and all the other sellout Ethiopians.

Patriot is speaking his mind and I agree with what he says, we have to go under our elected leader HAILU SHAWEL, the most feared and hated by TPLF and all TEGERES. Because they know they are losing their benefits. Go and speak to a Tegerean and you will find out how terrified they are of Eng. HAILU SHAWEL. He is the only person that can bring Ethiopia back to the proud nation she was and deserves to be. Eng. HAILU SHAWEL is the elected leader of the CUDP, he is the one that received the voice of Ethiopians, all Ethiopians except TEGERES. TPLF has been working for itself, even when there was war with shabbiya TPLF was organizing her economic sucking machineries, we ETHIOPIANS die for TPLF war against Eritreans, and at the end we come out empty handed. TPLF COMES OUT AS WINNER IN ALL FRONTS, THEY HAVE THE COUNTRY AND THE ECONOMIC POWER.

They ask us to vote and we participate in voting, they realized they were losing the election and they stop the counting. Then they get mad and murder Ethiopians in the city as if it is a battle front, their TEGEREA ONLY AGAZI ARMY were aiming to kill and they killed hundreds of innocent Ethiopians. They remain in power, they claim to be democratic and hopped to get the voices of Ethiopians and when they lose, they murder innocent students because they protested the rigged election.

Blaming PATRIOT is not the solution to the problem TPLF-WEYANNE created. PATRIOT is saying lets come down and listen to HAILU SHAWEL, KINJIT'S properly elected leader. If it was not for TPLF CUDP would be in power today. But now we know B&B are the problem in the party and they are trying to take over KINJIT without the permission of the 60-kinjit members and the consent of Ethiopians. That remains to be a dream, an empty dream. We will not be tricked twice, you know the old saying: "Cheat me once shame on you, but cheat me twice SHAME ON ME!"

Anonymous said...

Anon @11:07,

I care less for individuals like "Patriot" or whom ever he/she is. For all we know, it could be you or TPLF in disguise. But the problem here is not agent provocateurs per se, it is people like you who claim to know everything and try to dictate things their way while belittling others. The arrogance with which you pontificate while taking sides to the ever-brewing debacle is the real problem here. As I see it, certain divisive elements that add fuel to fire are not the only problems we have. One has to watch the slick ones too.

Traditionally, we have a tendency to overlook the cunningness of good speakers and orators. And we tend to belittle those who could be doers but not good public speakers or writers. The secret is identifying who is who. I think the measure of one's sincerity to the struggle should not necessarily be oratory or penmanship. As much as we want solutions to our problems, it is doubly important to watch those in our midst who articulate their point eloquently and yet who are sinister to the bone. Those are truely the dangerouse ones, as has been witnessed in the recent episode.

Just like you, they throw buzz words much like what TPLF does and try to pretend to be on the people's side. In real terms however, narrow partisans are only interested in getting to power through "yarada cholenet".

Speaking eloquently and professing to be on the peoples side while showing selfish and elitist attitude is a thing of the past as well. That should be noted. There are those who talk and those who get things done. It is best to identify who are the doers and who the talkers are.

It is one thing to be neutral and provide unbiased opinion on how to bridge the differences between the different 'philospohies', 'approaches', or individuals and/or groups, but it is another to pretend to be fair, and at the same time inject a partisan twist to the arguement.

God Help us all!

Anonymous said...


Lately I have been observing some development within Kinijit. I support Kinijit for its values and principles. Kinijit values and principles are listed in the manifesto of Kinijit. One of the principles of Kinijit are transparency and accountability.

Kinijit belongs to the people. It is us who defend and protect Kinijit. It is us who are the source of Kinijit power. Kinijit does not have an army not was it supported by super powers. We are the power of Kinijit.

20 month ago the EPRDF regime failed Kinijit leaders and unleashed an unprecedented campaigns against Kinijit. They vowed to destroy Kinijit once and for all. They failed for Kinijit dwells within the heart of the people and is the symbol of the struggle Ethiopians are doing for the Unity of their country and their democratic right.

Now Attacks on Kinijit are coming from a different direction. This attack on kinijit is coming from those ferocious and brutal group of people who embezzled the people's money, undermined the struggle, demoralized Ethiopians and crippled the momentum. Tens of thousands came out to support Kinijit en mass. Many returned back to their closet being demoralized.

These individuals are behaving in this evil acts in the name of "HAILU SHAWEL". It seems Ato Hailu may be on their side.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the truth come out. It is time to hold Ato Hailu accountable. HOW COME ATO HAILU DOES NOT ACCOUNT FOR HIS ACTIONS ?IS HE ABOVE THE LAW ?

Some may not approve this message for fear it will erode further Kinijit. There is nothing worse than can happen to Kinijit other than seeing its supporters and leaders continuously attacked. I think we have to tell it as it is and say enough is enough to all sort of craps. For those people who are telling us to calm down for the sake of peace …..I say go and tell that to friends of Ato hailu. Don't tell us to be quiet when our dignity, respect and ethiopiawinet is questioned. IT IS BETTER TO TELL THE TRUTH AND DIE. FOR SO LONG WE WERE SILENT… IT IS ENOUGH.

1. Ato Hailu giving his back to the delegation

Ato Hailu is not willing to work with the other Kinijit leaders. He has released his own schedule, talk to US lawmakers and release statement on his own. Some of his trips are intended to basically undo what the other leaders plan on doing. His supporters are releasing statement and fliers telling the people that the other Kinijit leaders are "weyanes".

As an example, I will list below a statement from Eng Mogues Brook a long time friend of Ato Hailu and the one who has currently sued Kinijit Supporters in Canada for using the logo and name of "KINIJIT". It is to be remembered Eng Mogues moved more than 60000$ raised for Kinijit by LA Kinijit supporters to an account that is solely controlled by him.

This statement says that the other delegation is rejected by Ato Hailu Shawel because the others are selling the long term interest of our country. WOOOOWWWWW

"Ye kehdet Sibseba begna ketema ayedereguem" says the statement calling the other leaders "kehadiwoch". Ummmm . Is Judge Birtukan Mideksa "keyadi" ? Is Eng Gizachew Shiferaw "Kehadi" ? Is Dr Befekadu Degefe "kehadi" ? Is Dr Berhanu Nega the elected mayor of Addis Ababa, "kehadi" ? Is Dr Yacob Haile mariam , the great lawyer, "kehadi" ?

In the first place this statement shows that the individuals who released it have no idea about democracy. What are they going to do about the meeting? Are they going to block the way to the door ? Haven't they forgotten that people have the right to assemble in Los Angeles? Or it is only their body that is living in America but their soul and mind living in the middle age?


2. Is Ato Hailu behind the evil attacks on other Kinijit leaders?

As many of you know when KIL is formed by Kinijit leaders (including Ato Hailu), immediately this group is attacked. Some of its members are immediately characterized as "weyanes". Particularly the attacks of Ato Andargachew have been fierce. This attack has been organized and coordinated by Commander Girma Bekele, a gentleman who knows nothing but "slander" and "neguer". This gentleman with his comrade in chief Abebech from London, and heavily supported by Dr Getachew Haile, a man I used to respect but lost all of it now, unleashed attacks beyond my imagination. Fortunately Ato Andargachew has a thick skin.

They brought the past of Ato Andargachew where he used to be a deputy mayor of Addis Ababa. They brought the old book he wrote on "amhara nationalism". What they are not telling you is that since then Ato Andargachew has written many books, changed some of his old views, contributed more than half a million birr to Kinijit, was jailed and beaten up for supporting Kinijit, is one of the 60 council member of Kinijit, organized chapters mainly outside North America, represented Kinijit in various media and above all came up with the design of Kinijit structure.

Again these individuals are mobilized to do the same thing on our elected mayor of Addis Ababa, Dr Berhanu. They are sending to their supporters a picture that Dr Berhanu took with Tamrat Layne and Meles Zenawi back in 1991. They are not telling you what the meeting was all about. They are bringing old articles from ER that contained views highly critical against Dr Berhanu.

What they are not telling you is that Dr Berhanu was jailed in 1994 because he promoted democracy. Was Ato Hailu jailed before by the weyane? When Major Getachew , Ato Wondayehu many years .....was Ato Hailu jailed even for one day? Wasn't Ato Hailu at odd with professor Asrat our hero? Hasn't he left Prof Asrat and continued his business? TELL ME WHO HAS SACRIFICED A LOT ???????


Ato Daniel Kassa is the webmaster of the renegade "" website a forester chilled of Eng Mogues Brook. Ato Abate kassa is a gentleman who is editorial board member of the "" website. Attached is an e-mail exchange directed to attack and blemish our elected mayor Dr Berhanu Nega. Aren't these people worse than the "weyanes" ????? IT IS THIS THAT ATO HAILU IS NOT PUTTING AND END TO !!!! SHAME ON YOU ATO HAILU.

If you want hardball, we will surely bring all those pictures you took with the killer of thousand of our young sons, dictator Mengistu Hailemariam, when you were one of his cabinet. If you want dirty games , Ato hailu, you will surely get it.

3. Why is Ato Hailu avoiding other Medias and major big chapters?

Ato Hailu is chairman of Kinijit. Kinijit is an open transparent organization. A Kinijit leader cannot shy away from the public and the media. EMF, ER, Netsanet Radio, Addis Dimtse had a teleconference interview once with Secretary Muluneh and once with Judge Birtukan Mideksa. Ato Kinfu of EMF complained that he could not have access to the chairman of Kinijit.

In a similar way ethiomedia repeated attempt to reach Ato Hailu and get objective clarification about the mission of the delegation has failed.

Ato Hailu is only being interviewed on ethiopiawinet radio. Maybe he could also address the Diaspora paltalk room. So why is Ato Hailu afraid of? Why doesn't he face the media? Is he hiding something? Is he covering something? Or is he controlled? Why does he want everything hidden and conspired?

From what I know Ato Hailu when he had repeated meetings with the Shaleka folks, had never once addressed the majority Kinijit chapters in North America. Had he contacted the largest chapter of Kinijit, the DC chapter? Has he contacted the Atlanta chapter? Has he contacted the Oakland Chapter? You see Ato Hailu does not want to face the public .........


On aigaforum I read :" CUD versus cud". What aiga has posted , I am afraid is 100% right. Kinijit Supporters are accused for supporting Kinijit. Ato Hailu Shawel was informed about this. He did nothing about it yet. When he has authority to stop this, for him to be silent is considered as being an accomplice of this. Ato Hailu is coming after Kinijit Supporters, though his friends Eng Mogues.

We are all coming to Kinijit to support the struggle. Many Kinijit supporters were persecuted because they are Kinijit. Now the persecution continues in the Diaspora and Ato Hail is condoning it by failing to stop it.

Ato Hailu has been repeatedly telling us different stories. He has been embarrassing himself by not acting as a leader and a statesman. He has shown to be a great flip-flopper with no capability to make firm decision. He has been going east to west north to south in seconds being influenced by crooked people who are around him. He refused to listen to his old friends. He act and talk with arrogance. His credibility is going down to the ditch day by day.

I again call for the chairman to immediately take decisive action and correct some of his unfortunate actions. He must know for sure, that Ethiopians knows everything. They can read and are more politically savvy from a western educated political scientist. If Ato Hailu thinks he can mislead the people with his cheap interview on Tensae radio, he is deceiving himself.

Instead he would better open his eyes, abide by the principle of Kinijit and work with his colleagues who were in jail with him.

As to the other Kinijit leaders, I call they do not reply in kind with all those nasty assault against them. As they ignored the "political propaganda" of the EPRDF, the equally undemocratic slander (possibly approved and tacitly supported by Ato Hailu) does not deserve their reply. I suggest they focus on their mission, let Ethiopian knows what their vision for the future is. As to Ato Hailu, if he comes fine. If he does not come let him is whatever he wants. "Who cares about the dead fish except the fisherman"

More and more questions can be asked. Ato Hailu's friends are constantly attacking the VOA Amharic service reporters, the Ad Hoc Committee members and all that object to what they are saying. They are easedroping teleconferences, looking for dirt on individuals, and blackmailing people. Ato Hailu , if he want his legacy to be preserved (whatever it has remained ), must apologize Kiniji Supporters and immediately join the delegation team. His place is to lead the delegation not eat kitfo made from the flesh of his colleagues with crooked old friends of his.

With Disgust and Anger,



Anonymous said...

I did not expected that Berhanu is just like that whom I thought a principled man and democrat. Why with all his difference failed to wel-come the Kinijit leader Hailu Shawl who ever he is and what ever he does? Is he joking with democracy or tolerance? Where is his position? OH! Now I start to doubt...
Let God Bless Ethiopia!

Anonymous said...

What a stupidity you all are talking these people were released just recently. So what! I did not expected that Berhanu is just like that whom I thought a principled man and democrat. Why with all his difference failed to wel-come the Kinijit leader Hailu Shawl who ever he is and what ever he does? Is he joking with democracy tolerance? Where is his position? OH! Now I start to doubt...
Let God Bless Ethiopia!

Anonymous said...

My only question is the money source for this so called Shaleqa corp. and their associates, because often Dr.Bezabeh and Maj. Admassu are seen on shopping sprees in diffrent shops and malls.Are these people living beyond their means? If so where does the financial coverage come from?

Unknown said...

Recycling mistakes!
Do you remember when the 15 organizations (of curse at least 5 – 10 of them EPRP mutants) created a union?. Didn’t some of us predict the demise even before the ink of the signatures dried? Well that didn’t demand any special expertise to predict that.

For the second time, did we predict the recent union of Kinijit of the 4-opposition party will have problems after the election was over? This prediction needed more intelligence than the first one, because the 4 opposition parties had more or less similar political programs and we assumed our educated leaders had a well-deserved PhDs. However, our prediction was based on analyzing the government pressure (by using individual ego, spreading false information using the mass media, by bribing individual, by using spies to distract it from inside etc, etc,), and the fastness of the time consumed to create the union. The only positive that held them together so far was the unexpected successes in the 2005 election and the general atmosphere that was created by the 2005 election. In fact, these second class Ph.Ds also needed some time to manipulate unsuspecting and innocent Ethiopians like Bertukan Mideksa as ladder to propel them to power.

Another and third deadly and easily predictable mistake is the one we see now. The mistakes they are now making is very similar to the first one if not worse. They are now trying to accommodate even opposition groups and anti-Ethiopian elements which are diametrically opposite to their political program, that just to pretend they enjoy popularity. I believe, this approach is very deadly one. I am sure the Ethiopian people will turn their backs on them and their political career will die once for all.

To see this in coming requires no political knowledge. Just imagine anti-Ethiopians supporting an Ethiopian Opposition group that stand for unity.

Anonymous said...


The logic of your argument is that you make the final political decision for the Ethiopian people on behalf of the Ethiopian people on your own volition with out due respect for the intellect and judicious decision of the general public. It is worth to mention that your philosophy is no different that the elites of Haile Sellassie, Mengistu Haile Mariam, and the TPLF central core of today. It is political philosophy whose net effect had hindered the progress in Ethiopia and shackled it to an immobile force and rendered the Ethiopian people to back wardness and poverty. If Ethiopia has to move forward, those thoughts have to be dealt with and move to a more progressive popular movement. I want you and your likes to know that Me and millions of others have made the decision that we will not be cowered nor intimidated in this environment and we will fight to the end to free the Ethiopian people from political elites who have caused so much deprivity in the country. In civilized countries such as Canda, Great Britain, France and others there is no denial of rights be cause of one's political standings even when parties fight for cessation of a group from their respective countries. In those countries all sorts of poltical groupings are allowed to fluorish with their programs and all are treated the same under the law. What matters most is the decision of the general public at time of elections. You want to assume the law unto yourself to make the decisions for the general public. My EPRP friend, time has moved forward and things may not be the same down the road. Liberation movements did not come out of the blue. They came as a result of unfairness and injustice that have been perpetrated for a long time. It is not a feeling of the few. It has been a systemic problem advanced by the powers when they had the machinery. You need not have to create OLF or ONLf and many more for a cause for CUD's internal fight. EPRP has been given a much more cyber poltics than it deserves. It feeds itself on turmoil of others when it cannot produce any useful thing to the Ethiopian people. It is a club of loosers run by few.

Anonymous said...

Your reasonable comments to clear the ambiguity are applauded.
In this saga i want to express my contempt on Eng Hailu shawul.
As all of us remember It was the pro hailu website that announced for the first time the coming of kinijit delegation to america in a few days after their release.As he himself annonced he asked for visa 15days in advance than the delegation who came to america.
What shall these leaders do to him?!I dont think he deserves the kingship in Ethiopia.Because kinijit belongs to ethiopian all ethnics Gurage ,oromo tigray somali afar,tigray, all ethiopian.
i think he is thinking in AAPO way.ofcourse that is his right but not in the name of kinijit.He should better go to hibret where AAPO & EPRP are members.
please please dont drag us.come forward.
and dont be like that donkey who cursed the land not to give a grass when she die.-

Anonymous said...


You (+ Diaspora) might support Kinijit for its values and principles. Do you think that is the case in Ethiopia???? Please get informed that more than 85% of the Ethiopian population is illiterate!

One has the right to doubt anyone’s “Ethiopiawinet” !

You asked :”are Birtukan Mideksa, Gizachew Shiferaw , Befekadu Degefe , Berhanu Nega, Yacob Haile mariam “kahadi”?

Why not??? I am not sure but the can be “Kahadies”!

You said :“ Particularly the attacks of Ato Andargachew have been fierce. They brought the past of Ato Andargachew where he used to be a deputy mayor of Addis Ababa. They brought the old book he wrote on "amhara nationalism". What they are not telling you is that since then Ato Andargachew has written many books, changed some of his old views, contributed more than half a million birr to Kinijit, was jailed and beaten up for supporting Kinijit, is one of the 60 council member of Kinijit, organized chapters mainly outside North America, represented Kinijit in various media and above all came up with the design of Kinijit structure.”

How you ever heard the attacks b/n Republicans and Democrats! They evoke about any bad behaviour during the Vietnam war let alone the behaviour of someone who was working with Woyane ,and hence share a responsibility to the death of the Gallant Prof. Asrat Woldeyes, who wrote Amhara bashing book, and still work hand in hand with woyane??? To tell you frankly, like Osama bin Laden is the enemy of Americas, Andargachew is the enemy of Amhara people !!!

You said: “They are sending to their supporters a picture that Dr Berhanu took with Tamrat Layne and Meles Zenawi back in 1991. They are not telling you what the meeting was all about. “

Please get informed that Dr. Birhanu returned to Ethiopia just to invest, to make business! Why Birhanu wanted to be Mayor of Addis rather than a parliamentarian??? This is an indication that he is only interested to make business!!!

You said: ”If you want hardball, we will surely bring all those pictures you took with the killer of thousand of our young sons, dictator Mengistu Hailemariam, when you were one of his cabinet. If you want dirty games , Ato hailu, you will surely get it. “

Please get informed that Woyane has already done that! Look for something new!! Please read the article written by your friend EZ about Hailu Shawel: Hailu Shawel, less rhetoric and more truth (

You said: ”Ato Hailu is chairman of Kinijit. Kinijit is an open transparent organization. A Kinijit leader cannot shy away from the public and the media. EMF, ER, Netsanet Radio, Addis Dimtse……….”

These are self proclaiming pro-democracy media outlets engaged in blackmailing people! Besides the Diaspora is not Kinijit’s electorate! He is accountable only to his electorate, that is why he accepted to be interviewed by Tensae radio!!


They are not kinijit supporters! They are supporters of Andargachew Tsige!

"Who cares about the dead fish except the fisherman".

I do agree!! Who is dead?? We will see it in 2010!!

” if he want his legacy to be preserved …”

He fights for his country not for his legacy!!

Finally, don’t forget that CUD became victorious under his leadership! CUD has got a popularity under his leadership! No one can change that!!!

We will see you in 2010!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Ato Hailu Shawul,

The worst thing is if you reactivate AEPO/AAPO again.The Ethiopian people sacrifice his blood for Kinijit.So if downgrade your legacy,it is upto you.Keep yourself from dying spiritually .I thought you spent your time in the West and have exposure for democracy.But now proved that you are naive.Come out and debate on publicly.Do not hide your self on the shoulder of the corrupted people.Corrupted leader is always surrounded by corrupted people.

Anonymous said...

come and talk to him on the 30th of Sept. at DC about the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Hailu Shawel and his cronies in the US are old guards who are stuck in the 1950s and 60s Ethiopian mind set and don't deserve any respect any more from Ethiopians who want to see a democratic Ethiopia where its citizens have the liberty to live their lives freely and in peace.

Any person who still supports a man who goes on shabby radio stations and calls his colleagues names should have his/her head examined. Ato Hailu Shawel, with all due respect, you make me sick everytime you say your unintelligent and shauvenist "ashmur" about your colleagues who still address you with respect after all the damage you have caused to the struggle. You no longer represent the Ethiopian people and please declare that your "Ye Melaw Amara Hizb Dirijit" is back and those who don't believe in the superiority of any ethnic group will simply move on without you.

Anonymous said...

What a drama!

First came the ad hoc clarification. Then came CUD deligates to north america clarification note.

The ad hoc committee shoved their stinky feet in their mouth when they started fleeing in all direction at the first notice of the imminent arrival of the party chief executive.

When their plan blew up in their faces, suddenly, everyone is in panicked disaster control mode.

Well, friends, any backlash is amply diserved.

Unknown said...

Shaleqa Admasu and Bedru Adam are close friends.All Paltalk interview is organized by Shaleqa Admasu.Still I wonder why TPLF allowed him to go everywhere while others were jailed.Who spent all his accommodatins and expenses in America?They have still a good contact with Bedru Adam on the phone.Why Dr.Taye and Kifle Mulat have been attempetd to be trapped on sinful act of TPLF Bereket plan.
Actually,Dr.Taye has already given his hand to TPLF by Joining Kinijit becasue he was known by international community as a promoter of civic organizations.But Kifle Mulat is wise and escaped the trap.I request the public for further invetsigations of the two people, Admasu and Bezabih's journey to America.I can smell something.

Anonymous said...

Nonsensical talk (and writing) is cheap for armchair politicians like you. Your most important activity of the day is to sit at your computer and think of who to spread malicious slander on, since your brain is incapable of rational thought.

Anonymous said...

Lemma and the annon before him who has written all a long littany of rubbish nonsense: Listen, and listen up good. Your tactic of repeating the same rubbish is nothing new. It is designed to brainwash and make your fabrication stick in the minds of the unsuspeting. This leftist propaganda tactic is nothing new. Your motto is to run around Internet and repeat the same malicous lie ove and over again in the hope your empty rhetoric gets any believers. But that old leftist tactic is known by most and anything you say, actually TURNS intelligent people OFF... that is where your ignorance lies. "LELA BILLA" said yarada lij.

Please spare us from your empty pontification, becuase we know better!

Ethiopia has no room from CONSPIRATORS and elitists.

This is the age of DOERS and NOT TALKERS.

Anonymous said...

“Then appeared the problem in KIL. Shaleka Yosef who was stung with allegation of corruption etc(which we have no knowledge about) left KIL with three other members and they formed their own KNA.”
Made in the diaspora (Seminawork)

I believe Kjinijit North America already existed and the fact that the logo/trade mark was registered in December 2005 and was the one only official web source of information since as long for CUD.

To my knowledge, the new KNA was started since the Atlanta conference in the presence of Andargachew and some other KIL members which chapter elected Boston’s Lemneh Aklog as the newly formed chairman in November 2006. You might know and in case it is a typo error, brought it to your attention.

EZ and Mekdela,
Thank you for trying to provide us with information. In the end a written release statement in the future from Chairman Hailu Shawel would hopefully put a balance.

EZ, you were precisely right in your prediction that some people will make error. To make mistakes is human, but some times result in irreversible damage. It is very obvious and some people might be commercialized, but will never hold that special place they held in our psyche. In the end, what ever the truth shall set some free.

Anonymous said...


No individual is above the party and all are governed by the rule of the party?.

The closest written disclosure proceeding public statement yet to come from chairman Hailu Shawel (tentative travel plan/open public meeting in his presence scheduled for Sept.30 in DC.) Is posted this morning on”for you file.”/9/24/07

To be honest, thank goodness that there is some standard in Kinijit, and it seems to evolve into a lesson in Democracy, politics and much more. Again, this goes back to principle and a lesson in what should be principle and

I think the Ethiopian public in Ethiopia or the diaspora including my self will continue to mature in the process. In a way, Kinijit has not failed, it has just challenged some factors that will make a difference and might even shape its direction.

Anonymous said...

Kinjit as a party has faced, at its inception, significant challenge.
Such a party will overcome all its hurdles as it has a popular base
Unlike the dictator ‘WOYNE’. What is going on around and with in kinjit
Will help mature, refine and strengthen its leaders in the process.
Let’s think of next year’s election, we have some knowledge of the personalities