Sunday, September 02, 2007

WFP Asked to Withdraw from the Ogaden

The BBC reported that Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) has accused the Ethiopian government of denying it access to the Ogaden region. 
Read it here.
EZ Post learnt that the Ethiopian Government has also asked the World Food program(WFP) to leave the region. According to the WFP sources the organization has halted food distribution in the region for security reasons. The Ethiopian government used that as an excuse to ask  the WFP to leave the place.


Anonymous said...

This should be an indication to all that British would prevent fact finding mission to save civilians from dying, what if this is our locality? Would the British still prevent fact finding mission if it is our homes and localities?

Anonymous said...

Now Weyane has started the murdering of the Somali Ethiopians with impunity and perhapps with the assistance of the British. The first order of work for Real-Ethiopians should be removing the British from Ethiopia, for they do not wish Ethiopians live. Somalis are our brothers and sisters, there should be no doubt that Somalis are our citizens.

Anonymous said...

EZ and dear fellow commentators we are missing the point, we shouldn’t have any bad sentiment toward the British or the British Embassy. Any Embassy, British or America, in any country has a legal and official mission, which is to promote and protect their national interest. Obviously some time a national interest of any country may contradict with somebody else interest and in such a case, without any exception, the Embassy must undertake its duty to protect its country national interest. At this instant, for example, the British Embassy was thought that their national interest in Ethiopia will be in conflict with UN's fact-finding mission to the Ogaden and expressed their opposition to the mission.

What I believe the EU probably did to make the British accept the mission was that EU argue and convince the British that supporting the UN mission is in British national interest in Ethiopia, which is the Embassy legal and official duty. Of course, EU must already believe that the mission is in its own interest otherwise it wouldn’t bother to support the mission let alone to argue for it and convince the British. Anyway, I think there is a lesson for us to learn from the way the EU handles this situation.