Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Has Happened to Holy Joe?

Once the darling of the center left, the moralistic Joe Lieberman now sounds and acts rather like members of the most hawkish wing of the right.  See his statement in honor of our millennium. There is no mention of democracy, freedom, reconciliation, not even free enterprise, one of the pillars of the Democratic National Congress. Instead, holy Joe talks about improving weak governance, a conceptual smoke screen.   


Anonymous said...

Lost his soul to the war on terror, that is what has happened to him.

When you read stories such as the one found at, and you know that regular lawmakers such as "Holy Joe" are fully behind some of this craziness as a matter of principle, you gotta throw your hands up in total despair-- NOT. Though confusing, their behavior can and should be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Joe has been gone since he lost his democratic candendcy from CT. Claim to be independent going toward democrats but has voted in the side of republicans in most votes.

Anonymous said...

hey EZ,

What is wrong with you?

Two things are happning recently in your blog. The first is you start to sensor comments, and the second is you drifted from comonsense and rational thinking.

What do you expect Liberman to say to the Ethiopian millennium? Do you go to someones wedding and belittle the infidelity of one of the couples in public? No you dont. What you can do is wish them good luck. This is not the outlet for Liberman to talk about democracy. I am happy for the simple fact that he is talking about Ethiopia.

When do we stop whening about what some one said and start checking what actually we are saying?

Happy new year

Anonymous said...

Lieberman is one of the men whose hand was tainted with Iraq war blood. He has been removed from Democratic party, he is in search of a pimp. Republicans will take him soon, for they are lossing many of their men. After all his picture was captured kissing THE DEVIL himself, George W. Bush.

Joe Lieberman is a criminal by association with war criminals. Many Democrats are upset with him and many republicans are weary of him. He was almost elected as the vice president of the Democratic party, so he was one of the top seniors much like Al Gore. But he betrayed the Democratic party and started to flirt with Republicans making him an independent (Demo-Publican). His support to Meles is a show of unity with the Republican party, I am positive that unless he joined the Republican party no Democrat would give him their voice in the next election. So he knows, he might as well take shower with the blood he has tainted himself with. What better way is there other than to sleep with Meles and TPLF who would bomb their people on taxis and busses to show their support for the grand strategy of controlling the world resources and damaging the Islamic society to avenge their Iraq war dead, which by the way created by the very people.