Friday, September 14, 2007

Organizers of the ceremony in honor of Birtukan Mideksa arrested by the Yeka woreda Police

Three members of the team which organized the ceremony to honor Kinijit VP Birtukan Mideksa were arrested by the Yeka Woreda police on Tuesday. Head of the History Department of Addis Ababa University Dr. Abebaw Ayalew who chaired the organizing committee  and Wondimu Teshome were arrested on Tuesday night while they were celebrating the eve of the millennium at the home of Dereje Haile, another member of the committee. Two other individuals who were present during the arrest were also detained.
Police claimed the arrest was not connected to their political involvement, and allowed some friends and family members to visit them yesterday. But neighbours and friends said that the three had previously received warnings to refrain from political activities from unidentified individuals. The arrested will appear before a remand court on Monday. 


Anonymous said...

Here we are again at square one! New millennium but old dictatorial mentality and repression. What a sad story. I think the TPLF/EPRDF never ever learn from its mistake. Old rusted minds will never change! Dictators never change their behavior. The new millennium will not be different from the old one. SAD SAD SAD SAD!

Fikre Hizb

Anonymous said...

I think woyane will never ever act good and do good. I sometimes feel desperate on Kinjit's attempt to dialogue with woyane cause it is like pouring water on a stone.
on the Millenium day they release prisoners in thousands, now they start doing it again.

Are they worried because prison cells are "empty"? This is ridiculous. what a bunch of moron and evil people!!!
God save ethio. I don't know how...

Anonymous said...

This shows that it is only the year, the century and the Millennuim changed while the so called leaders are still behind the change. It is unfortunate!! but not a surprise!! It is the typical character of dectators. Their mouth is different from what their inside is believing!!
Therefore, Ethiopian needs not only change in Millennium but also change of leaders.

Anonymous said...

how long do they, weyane leaders, think will stay in power with stalinst rule ?
From history we know that when God judgement came on dictaters, they went from bad to worest. That is how Mengistu and the Dergs received their due punishement. Now it is weyane's turn and the weyanes are doing all evils with full power and we know already the destiny of such doers.
I am sure no one member of eprdf leadership,like the dergs,will escape the judgement when God shines the light in ethiopia.
Meles and his team are doing things for which their daughters and sons will be ashamed of their parents.
How fathers do things with out considering the future of their kids ? is shame and refuge camps what they are wishing for their kids ?
Weyane leaders will never enjoy their old days in peace ! they will share the same fate like Mengistu and King Haile.

Anonymous said...

Aye,Woyane!"Qnat" eco new! Buwaa.

Anonymous said...

The Days changed but Meles remains. Don't believe only what you want to be. the reallity will never change unless we uprise and struggle against them. if you think it helps only dance with them in millenium ceremony to change thier mind then arfachuh tegezu! Dedeb hulu

Anonymous said...

It is not a surprise for me. All fictious political easyness by releasing prisoners has its own suspicious side. We'll see more after millenium celebration the real face of woyane again.
The opposition is still at ease making potential mistake by not smart out the woyane deceiving act.

Anonymous said...


In a new millenium the rampage, the arrest and the human right abuse is continuing. This is a clear indication that the struggle for peace and democracy must be intensified.

Until we get an Ethiopia where all its citizens can live freely without any harrassement and intimidation, we must not sleep. For long we have been suppressed in our land, forced to live in exile, bow down our head and lost our dignity.

I think the regime have been showing some flexibility mainly to avoid some disturbance in the millenium. Once it has passed, here we go again ....they are going after our innocent brothers and sisters.



Anonymous said...

I never believe after woyane leaders did all these crimes they come to genuine dialog. People uprising is the only way to bring woyane leaders to justice and make Ethiopia Free and Democratic country!! Melese has blood on his hand for the last 35 years. He never trust any one until he dies.

Anonymous said...

Guy`s Dont be Blind plz, Open your blind eye`s to see the reality on the ground !! if the police want them to arrest becouse of there devotaion to award Bertukan --why didn`t they arrest them before Or after the Ceremony?? My blind ppl, ask Yourself ! just STOP blaming every thing On woyane !!! read between the line what has been wrote on EZ,--it says like this Police claimed the arrest was not connected to their political involvement, and allowed some friends and family members to visit them yesterday,
late`s just wait & see STOP judging before reading the bOOK -----

Anonymous said...

Don't be a fool. Most of the organizer and contributors of the ceremony are well connected to the TPLF. Annon 7:48 am is right for saying read between the line.I am glad Hailu the true son of Ethiopia is coming to America.

Andargachiew Tsigie who a few years ago shared a table with the likes of Bereket Simon and Adisu Legesse on the EPDRF Amhara wing party - who a few years ago wrote a book ridculing one selected tribe in favor of Zenawi is basically in charge of the Kinijit dissenter group. And that includes Birtukan Medekds. Perhaps Nega stopped over in London on his way to America tells you how desperate this people are to conspire against Hailu. Yamamato is in close contact of this bandits. What a shame!!

Hailu as the leader of the CUD and he has to take a bold action by weeding out the opportunists.

Anonymous said...

the two anonomus posters above, go fool idiots like you. Weyane will never ever divide Kinijit. Take that bitter pill and swallow. Kinijit bigger than Dr. Berhanu Nega or Eng. Hailu Shawol. Both are our true beloved sons of Ethiopia. They want nothing but good things for Ethiopia. We support them all the way.

Anonymous said...

people becareful, weyanes and some left over EPRP goons are out in full force to divide Kinijit. Don't be fooled by these hyenas. We trust our leaders, they have been through together in thick and thin for past 2 and half years. If there is any problem, I have no doubt they will resolve it democratically. So tell these hyenas to go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I am pretty certain that Ato Abebaw Ayalew infiltrated the group organising the ceremony and that he acted as the TPLF insider informat in the arrest of himself and the organisers of the ceremony. Ato Abebaw Ayalew is an Agew (Libu Zetegn) who comes from Kosso Ber in Gojjam.

It should be recalled that Ato Abebaw Ayalew has been serving the TPLF Governmnet as a spy from his student days at Addis Ababa University. Ato Abebaw Ayalew played a crucial role as a TPLF spy in the quashing of the student movement at Addis Ababa University in 1996/7 University students led by those from Gojjam staged a revolt against the Government's exclusion of opposition elements in the land distribution of Eastern Gojjam.

I can confirm with absolute confidence and beyond any reasonable doubt that Ato Abebaw Ayalew, of the History Education Department at Addis Ababa University, is a member of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) cell within Addis Ababa University. He has been acting as a double agent for the TPLF cadres within the University.

Many members of Addis Ababa University's community know this to be a fact pretty well, that Abebaw is indeed a double agent. I do recall reading through a piece in April 2005 in Genanaw, one of the then private newspapers, an interview in which Ato Abebaw pretended to be a member of the CUDP. I am very shocked to learn from this that the Woyane have infiltrated the organisers for the vehicle award ceremony to W/t Birtukan Mideksa, the Vice Chairman of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party. That Ato Abebaw was arrested together with the other organisers is of course to dupe the others. That they have all been released so soon is also perhaps an indication that TPLF had one of its spies arrested and he needed to be freed at the earliest possible time.

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