Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ali Sero's non-sensical claim

Ismael Ali Sero, President of the Afar region has this to say about the release of the eight Ethiopian hostages.
The hostages taken by members of the Eritrean armed forces were released after
Afar elders from Ethiopia crossed the border and spoke to Afar elders in

Does that statement makes sense? If it was the Eritrean army which kidnapped them, why would the talks to release them be made between Afar elders?
And six weeks after the Europeans were released, why hasn't the international community taken Ethiopia's allegation that the Eritreans kidnapped them seriously?


Anonymous said...

Zagol Thanks as Usual !!

This only shows how the Tplf regime put its own unquestioning pupets in its PDO factory (such and such peoples democratic organization) in the ethnic balkanization of Ethiopia. These days the regime is becoming the loughing stock in the international arena. According to Ali Sero, the Tplf regime negotiated with Shabia to release the hostages. Does this make sense? If the Eritreans abducted the hostages, then why is British Foriegn secretary Margaret Bucket still praising Eritrean government even after the remaining Ethiopians are released? Is the regime in Menilik Palace this much desperate? In a related story today, the Tplf appointed Somali regional state president denied the existance of any armed struggle in the region when asked about the massacre that happened along the Somali border today.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe that the hostages were directly kidnaped by Shabia.The fact that the Europians ,after they secure the release of their citizens,have sayed nothing about the source ,the Ethiopian hosteges themselves not mentioning any nothing about this case ,leaves no room but to conclude that it was done by some groups.Perhaps the presedent of afar(Ali Siro)is playing politics in support of Melese's allegation .The Minority government is expert in keeping its Pm's and regional governers in its orbiet through bribe and nepotism-a strategy that worked effectively thus far to keep Melese in power.

Anonymous said...

From the begining, the Kidnapping was committed by the Woyanes/Meles Zenawi's government. He released the Europeans much much early, because Britain paid secret ransom to get them released. Meles tried the same tactic of making money. His wait was not matched by another pound coming from London, so he released them.
It is funny, on the first news of the kidnapping , an eye wittness clearly counted 25 Eritean commando wearing this and that type of Uniform took the Tourists. How on earth, on a middle of Kidnapping someone has the accurate knowledge of the kidnappers unles Meles and Government of Addis Ababa is involved! Secondly, the coincidence of not just any Tourist Abduction but high Profile British officials. Ahh good money making means.

But now why can't we see kidnapping in Ogaden or Somalia of a British official, may be next time another diplomat ventures the Sad Meles might try the stupid game again.

Unknown said...

"Does that statement makes sense?"


You are surprising me once again. Have you ever heard Woyane making sense? I am serious. Tell me a single thing in the past 17 years, that they made sense to you. Everything they do is short fix and damage management. They have never had or were capable of making sound long-term strategy. Challenge me on that!!

Anonymous said...

You are just getting it and getting it, aren't you ethiozagol? You are really smart and on top of things. Smart as a whip ... smart, smart, smart ... just a really smart person, truly. H


Anonymous said...

Here's your brilliantly deduced answer EZ. Maybe the international community doesn't give a flying shit about Eritrea OR Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

I like Sony's response,

Have you ever heard WOYANE manking sense in what they say? WOYANE were telling us how they have destroyed the Shabian army during the senseless war with Shabia. According to WOYANE information minster at the time Salome Taddese they killed and captured 374,250 Shabia soldiers. Well, to this day Shabia continue to send nightmares to WOYANE everyday, is they have killed and captured 374,250 how come they are not able to remove Shabia and replace it with other friendly government in Eritrea? Instead of crying day-day-out, I am at loss. TPLF has never told the truth, they don't even know what truth is. They know one thing very well, how to suck Ethiopian economy by standing at every key places in Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the last anon.What tplf needs is not so much what to be heard ,for any explantion that she has to come up, for its own foul deeds,rather she really needs to be punched out by the popular resistance.There has never been any any convinent time as the one before us.Let us get irrational,get mean,and throw every body his/her

Anonymous said...

You don't make sense either this time. From day one, this guy claimed Eritrea gov is responsible for the kidnapping and we didn’t read/see evidence to prove /disprove the allegation from either side. So he wants to keep his words by repeating the same bluff.

But think about this: if the kidnapped where not in Ethiopian territory, then they must be in Eritrea. And without Shebia’s knowledge and support these people couldn’t be kept for 52 days in Eritrean territory. The people who did the actual ride and kidnapping could be the rebels but that does not make shaebia out of the picture.

As much as I like your critical view about woyane, your silence and sometimes-positive comment towards the Eritrean gov make me wonder if you are for real. I mean if you are someone who really fights for democracy and freedom and justice in that part of the world or a "wolf in sheepskin". The answer is upto you but for me sensed a double standard towards woyane (compared to shaebia). Bu any standard, shaebia is not better than woayne if not worse. Both are enemies of democracy and justice and ever worse both are dangerous for the stability of the region.

Anonymous said...

Its time to request for help from Eritrean government to rid us all off this dispicable evil taking mother Ethiopia by the storm. TPLF deserves to be removed, I am sure Eritreans would help if all Ethiopians asked genuinely and fulfil our duties first. Fist we should make ourselves prepared for the duty they will ask of us. If they ask we organize, then we should do it. AFD is ready to take the responsibility once the removal is achieved.

Anonymous said...

The Ethiopian government is knowingly or unknowingly making Shabia the super power in the horn of Africa. They are making it look like any and everything that happens from Darfur all the way to Kismayu is in the knowledge of Shabia. The Ethiopian government is doing everything under the sky to blame Shabia as terrorist but they result is the opposite. In the western world they interprate what shabia is doing in Somalia as a way of frustrating the government in Addis due to the border impasse but not due to ideological or any kind of affinity as the government in Addis would like them to believe. Today Condolizza Rice gave an instruction for Seyum Mesfin to accept the border ruling without any precondition to appease Eritrea and get the help they need from Eritrea because Ethiopia already failed in Somalia. Also Eritrea may succeed in holding the Darfur peace process in Asmara soon. The EU is reapproaching Eritrea after a long isolation. This is all due to the failure of the Ethiopian government's policy and its bizzare propoganda that made Eritrea the maker and breaker in the horn of Africa.

ethio-Zagol said...

For the anonymous who wondered about my double standards:
Sorry, I am Ethiopian first and foremost and I work to make the Ethiopian government accountable. If the Eritrean dictator is a real threat for Ethiopia, the only way to counter it is to strengthen ourselves internally, by letting freedom, equality and democracy reign supreme. It will be, in fact, morally wrong to point fingures at the Eritrean government for Ethiopia's problems when our own government acts as our enemy.

Anonymous said...

According to EZ's logic, the Eritrean government, that is fanatical about control of every element of eritrean life, lets loose these Afar rebels to do as they please without its knowledge, where it has thousands of soldiers as a result of the impasse with Ethiopia. Just a bit hard to swallow. Let alone you EZ, the Ethiopian, the Eritreans themselves don't believe what you say because they know he is a control freak. But keep on beating that Everything is Weyane so when I catch a cold, I will blame it on Weyane.

Anonymous said...

Ethio-Zagol are you really Ethiopian? It is sad and pathetic to read your analysis. The only thing that you want to see is the fall and demise of Ethiopia to prove your point. I ask you for what? And for whom? For all we know you might be a European disguised as a concerned Ethiopian. People like you just make me sick. Puppets of European's. Disagreeing with the government is one thing but to hope for the total destruction of the country to prove your point is totally sad. This is the 21st century it is time we African’s unite and agree to disagree. Stop being EU’s Bitch.

Anonymous said...


I am not saying it, we all are witnessing this very fact. TPLF willingly engaged in peace with the Eritreans, then when the justice went against the wish of TPLF, they refuse to abide by it. TPLF blamed "Shabia first invaded," then when implementation of the resolution came about TPLF said NO! Well we know who is the trouble maker.

TPLF refused to leave the post after the election whish showed clear majority for CUDP. When people protest peacefully, TPLF ordered the massacre of many youth, who were not armed or were not a threat to TPLF's power base, they only requested for accountability, they were met with DEATH SQUAD AND SNIPERS SHOTTING FROM ROOF TOPS USING LIVE AMMUNITION.

TPLF wanted to deflect the world's attention and invaded Somalia under the guise, 'ICU threats Ethiopia.' Well, look at what is happening in Somalia. They are so in tight p[osition they are killing every Somali in Somalia hopping to suppress the Somalians. They are RAPPING young girls, they are KILLING MOTHERS and elderlies and kids. They are destroying homes of poor people in order to show some stabilization, while Shabia is fixing Darfur problems.

They wanted assignement from the US State Department to get into Darfur case, well the Secretary of State Department tells them they are unable to do the Somali job let alone to get another assignment. She told Meles and Seyoum point blank, "leave Badme, let the EEBC implement the Final and Binding resolution reached 5-years ago, and then ask Eritrea to help you stabilize Somalia so you may get out alive." As to Jendayi Frezer, she will be replaced soon and she has a lots of learning to do before she is allowed to venture into uncharted territory. She will be assigned file checking in Washington DC, with a new title East Africa and Horn specialist, so others will learn from her leasson and never repeat the kind of irresponsible mistakes she made.

Yesterday, ONLF has scored major victory to their movement. They killed and captured over 400 TPLF regime led Ethiopian military. Bad for TPLF and good for everyone, finally Americans will see what kind of leader the US should endorse in the Horn of Africa, may be Shabia?

Anonymous said...

For those of you who question the Ethiopianess of Ethio-Zagol, Is the litmus test for being an Ethiopian accusing Eritrea as the Ethiopian government is doing day in day out for anything that happens in Ethioipia?

What is wrong with these people? Can they ever take responsibility of their actions? can they at least aknowledge that there are Ethiopian groups who want to do them harm? Can they atleast acknowledge that they have other enemies beside Eritrea? These repeatative accusation is getting old and boring.

Anonymous said...

For the above anonym, absolutely not. But cheerleading for Islamic Terrorists at the expense of Ethiopian Soldiers does make you suspect. It is one thing to hope for the democratization of Ethiopia and quite another to be a cheerleader for terrorists and the supporter of terroists, Eritrea. ONLF has a base in Eritrea. ONLF was trained and armed by Eritrea. ONLF capacities has increased immensely as a direct result of Eritreas contribution. So based on the above facts, I will hold Eritrean government responsible. That is not some lunatic accusation but one based on facts. By the way, some of your citizens captured are on ETHIO TV.

The Issue is clear to any patriotic Ethiopian. We will not let our political differences help foreign enemies. Especially barbaric terrorists like ONLF.

Anonymous said...

Its time to acknowledge WOYANE IS A FAILED MOVEMENT, its time for WOYANE WILLINGLY to step aside and let responsible governing body like CUDP come to power to find solution to troubles WOYANE has created. Its time to remove the WOYANE ORGANIZATION if it refuses to leave power willingly. They have enriched their members and their supporters, its time to let the prisoners go to their families and its time for all Ethiopians to go out in protest all over Ethiopia to show solidarity with CUDP leadership.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the Interview of the ONLF leadership. He says it openly TPLF is a foreign COLONIZING power. If you look at its true, they say they were oppressed and wanted to liberate Tigray from Ethiopia and at the end they changed their mission. We want them to stick with their first plan of liberating Tigray from Ethiopia. We now feel COLONIZED by TPLF which came to power to liberate itself from Ethiopia is holding us without our will.

Anonymous said...

Last anon,you are a confused man.Mark my word! you will not play this cheap trick on me ,and on all honest Ethiopians-the trick of "Ethiopianwinet."It will not take you any where'tplf was trained and fought along Eritrians to get where they are.They promised they will democratize the nation,on the other hand ,our professionals and civil serevants took the pain of training ,coaching ,how to govern effectively.For all this, you have payed Ethiopians well ;you did what no other man has ever done -for all we know you whould have not existed to be our tormentors ,now, had Minilk stayed in his home town and left you to handle your own matters .Treachery occurs all over,what ever happened to Ethiopians it happened to Somalies to - desertion ,treachery by Melese.He was treated as freind by Somalies in his reble days in Mogadisho.Now he is making all kinds of destruction to Somalias by siding with minority government,that has no publick support.How wicked is the heart of some people that all they care is about them selves ,and they forget about their ac.You and your party bosses have to go on your own.treator!After your party destroed every thing that stands for Ethiopia,now you want to impress me with your new found fondness of ethiopiawinet?
How is that people have hard time of thinking straight?It must be that to be a member of T.p.l.f must breing some kind of mental deragement.I think membership to this party must lead to mental disorder.It is not funy when people have hard time grasping the necessity of being accountable for self act.Get a life!dont live barking like a dog for your master.

Anonymous said...

Here is one more statement that is totally absured.
The following is taken from an AP report about the attack on the oil field in Ogaden.
Tuesday's attackers "were wearing Eritrean military uniforms," Abdullahi Hassan, president of the region in Ethiopia where the attack occurred, told The Associated Press. "We are sure. They were speaking the Eritrean language."

Woyane deliberately lets the Kilil guys make fools of themselves. You don't hear such stupid remarks coming from Tplfites.

Anonymous said...


Up until she came to power in Ethiopia, TPLF was considered by decent Ethiopians as a terrorist organization, we used to call them "Wenbedes"(bandits) Todat they have become a regime to call others bandits and terrorists. Sometimes life is funny, these are people who did not have anything to eat they came to Ethiopia with so much lice and fleas, they removed their lice and fleas in Addis. Now they are trying to act sophisticated on us, we know each and everyone of them.

When Derg came to power all the members were from the city who had decent lives and education. These bandits came from Tigrai and instantly they all became $millionairs$ now they are telling us who the terrorist is and who is not. Life is funny, some times its better to smile at yourself. I have never thought it is possible to have been bandits only 15 years ago and turn around and call others bandits and terrorists. What can I say, there is a Chinese proverb it says, "may you live in an interesting time." Indeed we are living in an interesting time. Time, where a kittle calls a pot black.

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