Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Losing the plot

Meles has never been as confused and confusing. Just after the Ethiopian army captured Mogadisu he argued they did that with the help of Somali people. Then the insurgency began and on the Al Jazeera interview held a month ago, he had this to say about the situation in Mogadishu.
In case of Mogadishu, taking into consideration the fact that this is a city
of 2.2 million people, awash with guns, the type of security challenge we face
are not all that unexpected or alarming.

Now this is what he has to say:
There are no mass casualties of the type that the so-called
human rights organizations have been reporting.I would be very surprised if it
were to take us more than a week or two to completely clear Mogadishu.

Forget the facts of the statements. Important here is how his lines kept changing dramatically in the last three months. That is how war are lost. Remember US in Iraq? What is surprising is in Somalia, It took way, way lesser time for the insurgency to pop up.


Anonymous said...

He is certainly doing a good job of clearing Mogadishu .... 1/3 of the city has already left. A considerable number are dead. All for what?

Today he is a friend of the US. Tomorrow, he might be on trial for war crimes. Just look at Saddam ... once a friend. Tried by the very people that gave him his weapons. All is just a matter of time and circumstance.

Anonymous said...

I am always fascinated by the Ethiopian's inability to have a sense of proportion. It has to be one extreme or another. EZ is a continuation of that culture. Her intentions are good, as are most destructive Ethiopians, but our means or process of articulating that interest has always taken an extremists twist. I beg to say that EZ is also a victim of our FEUDAL past. You are either with me or against me. As EZ cheerleads for the defeat of Ethiopian troops so that she could say " I told you so" , Weyane is no good, Ethiopias interest is compromised. It is compromised because her sole focus is on blaming weyanee than what impact a particular policy of hers has on Ethiopia as a whole. You are in prison EZ like most Ethiopians. Stuck in a feudalistic past and facing a very complex present that can't be explained by Shouts of Weyanne at the top of your lungs. The Islamists-terrorists will burn you and your mother alive EZ. All that cute abstract stuff about Abraham Lincoln won't do you any good when the Islamic Terrorists cuts your parents throats. Get real will ya. Stop your cheerleading of terrorists just because you hate weyane.

Anonymous said...

Gebru from Awassa:

I see a bright future for Ethiopia. This Meles`s group is about to pay heavy heavy price for stealing Ethiopia from Ethiopians. The time is very near. Watch out and be aware of any activity in Bole area. Lock all the exits so they can face justice. Kality is too good for this thives. Keep up the heat it is coming.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:43

How do you know EZ has if you're not with me, you're against me attitude?

The defeat of the Ethiopian Troops - EZ never chearlead the defeat of the Ethiopian troops defending the country's sovereignty. Meles made a stupid move in stepping into somebody's territory and I would say without being truly provoked and WE'RE paying the price for it. It's my brothers who're fighting in Moqadishu and being dragged around. EZ never chears the death of the soldiers. But EZ, as we all say, is saying that Meles has been arrogant from the start of teh affair and he's not listening now, either. Invading Somalia is a threat for all of us....Meles should have focussed on intrnal security (such as Ogaden) instead of bemayagebaw megbat.

Anonymous said...

One thing that has been clear from the beginning is that Woyane wanted this war to appease and acquire the badly needed western support for its domestic trouble. At one time the west were on the verge of forcing Woyane regime to account for the human rights violations and the rigging of the 2005 elections. Somalia was never threatening Ethiopia. Woyane wanted to trade with Ethiopian youth blood. We know that Meles Zenawi's children are not fighting in Somalia, but he is trading with the helpless Ethiopian youth. The backing of the US for its mission has emblodened him and he had been exuding the aura of invincibility since. The Somalis are cutting Meles's ego to trashes and prove that his bravery is as good on un armed civilians in Addis Ababa than armed insurgency. Yes he had managed (with the help of EPLF, the major player at the time) to unsit the unpopular Derg regime.
Today there are no more justifications for the war in Somalia. The Ethiopian people across the board (except Woyane thugs) are telling you to bring back our children. Will you listen?

Anonymous said...

#2,above: The fear and BS you are propagting is off the market, remember GWB tried to sell it and it has failed. If there is any terrorists in the Horn its Melese and his cohorts in Bidoa who are massacering people and telling us all is in good hands.

You people have no shame.

Unknown said...

You all should know, Melese can't lie always, but only when he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia is very unfortunate to have this kind of Monster regime. The balkanization of Ethiopia along mini ethnic governments didn't bring the solution as the regime wants to tell us. Rather it created polarization as we are wittnesing now. As Kiniijit advocated during the election, there were more conflicts among ethnic groups than any other time since 1991. Rather than adressing the simmering problems in Ethiopia, the regime massacred innocent civilians whose crime was to demand a change of course. Jailed the very leaders who awakened the regime from the deep slip and the slipery slope. Instead of ddressing the real problems in the country, the regime invaded Somalia in a flagerant violation of international law, just to appease the western world and get political and monetary support. Most Ethiopians warned the regime from entertaining a dangerous adventure that can cause a wide range of problems. Alas, the regime invaded Somalia and is now reaping what it sow. Embroiled in a bloody quagmire in Somalia and facing a humilating defeat, Melles Zenawi is accusing humaniterian agencies of exaggerating the situation. The regime doesn't seem to learn from the debacle in Somalia and is entertaining another bloodbath in the North. The regime is taking our country down the tube.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who question the Ethiopianess of Ethio-Zagol. Is the litmus test for being an Ethiopian accusing Eritrea day in day out for anything that happens in Ethioipia?

What is wrong with these people? Can they ever take responsibility of their actions? can they at least aknowledge that there are Ethiopian groups who want to do them harm? Can they atleast acknowledge that they have other enemies beside Eritrea? These repeatative accusation is getting old and boring.

Anonymous said...

The Ethiopian people ,made up of 200 so lingustic groups,historically rally behind their government in the moment of national threat-that is when Ethiopia is attacked by outsiders.In the last few years what happen in Ethiopia is a very unique feature.This government have been asked to respect the norm and core values of that nation.The people at all level sought accountable gov.,one who respect the constitution and the fundamental rights of its citizens,a gov.that obeys law and order,a gov. that fosters democratic governence.Instead,the Ethiopian people have been unfairly massacred for expressing their views.An estimated 10's of thousends are
already in prision ,for two years now the people are living under a police state of constant fear.It is under this curcumstance of domestic repression that the government ubruptly intervined in Somalia.No one can produce any evidence of known direct threat to the security of the nation at the time of the intervention;neither any one can say the safty of Ethiopia is beter now than it was before intervention.The anon #2 above accuse E.Z for not supporting the gov.'s position in this war;he attempt to appeal national security to solicit our support.We have tried to work ,through peace full means, with this government.You also know ,in the past few years we have patiently endured humilation,have received undeserved pain, and payed great sacrifice. T.P.L.F's Melese have done what ever they want to do unopposed.Get intouch with reality,you can not appel Ethiopiawinet now for us -you must do it your self.What we Ethiopians need to do , the one thing we ought to focuse is work out a shard plan by all opposition groups to take this reckles,chauvinist,and hegemonist clique out;who is commited to distabilize the whole region through its gun deplomacy.We can not reason any longer with this regime,the more we attempt to rationalize with it the further beligerent and irrational it becomes.Maybe we need to imitate some of her beligerent attitude and meet her at her level.Let us get irrational and not be deterd by her foul threat of "atfiche itefalehu" ,we have to tell her,"defreso yetra"is there any thing that we have not lost yet? anon #2 you think you are smart,get ready We are tired of hearing endless lies from the mouth of the dragon.The current strategy is every day Shabia did this.Look, we dont care about shabia or tplf,we dont want to here about the greatnes of your party.Instead, of constantly lieing about every thing your government need to pause and take inventory of the reckless act of its party-admit the mis-deeds ,and amend your ways.Ethiopians are not stupid as you might think;they have no taste for the bully who wants to pick on every body ,and turn around and say ,it is not me they did it-melese is absolutly beyond fault is that what you are telling us! You are a deceived person and apper to be in league with your master by choice.We are firm the leaders of tplf are public enemy #1... and our ! target #1 God bless the opressed people of Ethiopia.Peace1

Anonymous said...

The real intention of Meles's mission in Somalia is to prevent Somalia from being a staging ground for rebels.
If we agree with that, this move was not a choice for Meles.Whether this was a wise decision or not, history will tell.

I do feel sorry for my Somali brothers and sisters who are paying for this by their blood.

Anonymous said...

I say this is the moment to make sure that TPLF pays the ultimate price. Message #2 repeats the Fuedal as if WOYANE WAS A REVOLUTION TO ERADICATE FUDEDALISM in Ethiopia. Mengistu eradicated Fuedalism in Ethiopia but we have a different form of FUEDALISM with TPLF at the helm of Power today in Ethiopia. Todays FUEDALISM is the worst kind of FUEDALISM in Ethiopia its designed to benefit only a splinter clique of TEGRE MINORITIES at the expense of all Majority Ethiopians.

Mr. message #2 please spare us the time we do not need to be revisiting TEGRE HEGEMONY POWER HAGGING AT THE EXPENSE OF ALL ETHIOPIANS. To go to Somalia Meles and his friends received $120 million secretly transferred into their private banks for using Ethiopians to die in the name of fighting terrorism. There are several form of terrorism if you must learn, one and the most destrucrtive one is STATE SPONSIRED TERRORISM and thanks to US TPLF is doing it in the name of Ethiopia to our neigbors to the SouthEast, TPLF knows that it does not have much life span, so its being used as a trojan horse by the few people in Bush administration. They took $120 million and pocketed it for themselves. Who is dying in Somalia today? the poor Ethiopians who joined the military in order to get a job, but their boss is sending them into fire. WHAT A SAD THING!

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