Monday, April 09, 2007

Mobile phones and foreign admirers

(By Meqdela)
The Capital quoted this from the gathering to introduce Nokia Siemens Networks.

Ethiopia’s mobile penetration rate stands as the lowest in Africa, at 1.4%,with
ETC as one of the largest monopolies in the continent.

Ten years ago, Meles's argument against allowing private mobile service providers was that they wouldn't serve the rural areas as their interest is to maximize profit. He said the government would do that. For such a stupid argument, he was hailed as genius by his many foreign admirers.
This year he was praised when he said allowing private investors to provide mobile services amounts to letting them print money. While he is praised for this and that silly argument, Ethiopia is where it is.
Either way the foreign friends won't be affected, will they?

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Unknown said...

What a shame that the weyane government banned SMS (short message service) on Mobile Phones after Kinijit has won in Ethiopian election. No wonder ethiopia is still under TPLF hostage.

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