Monday, April 09, 2007

Breaking news:Court releases major newspaper publishers

The court in charge of the treason and genocide trial of political dissidents today ordered the release of five major newspapers including Serkalem Fasil and her husband Eskinder Nega. The The court also ordered the release of prominent journalists Sisay Agena, fasil yenealem and Dereje Habtewolde.
Meanwhile, the court said the prosecutor didn't show enough evidence proving the charges of attempted genocide and high treason(different from treason) against CUD leaders.
(more on this and other ruling later)


Anonymous said...

I think it is better to say the news Meles Zenawi released major newspaper publishers because there is no court in ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

This is just an attempt by the ruling regime to show a free court drama while permanently jailing the most important political figures CUD leaders. They gain nothing but condemnation by holding journalists where there is no free press to speak off at the moment. The media coverage for the so called Breaking news is amazing. Those media's who were silent on last wednesday are all over to announce this news to make a nicer image of the regime and its Kangaroo court.The journalistic cover the Addis Ababa based foreign press is totally biased. Specially Tsegaye Tadesse (Rueters) and Amber Henshaw(BBC) comes to mind. The others are represented by notorious TPLF operatives masquerading as journalists-- But, we expect a higher standard and integrity in the stories that come out in the name of Reuters and the Associated Press (AP)written by their local stringers who should be working under the supervision of professionals whose allegiance is to the truth and not to Meles Zenawi and his criminal ruling party.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I completely agree to your saying. Let's continue our effort to enforce this butcher release our heros.

Anonymous said...

This is very good news. In the interest of peace and stability in our country, I hope both Mr. Meles and the courts would release all the prisoners.

Unknown said...

"An Ethiopian judge freed 25 journalists Monday charged in a treason trial involving more than 100 opposition figures that has drawn international criticism as being politically motivated.
"The prosecution has not proved the charges leveled against the 25 journalists," presiding Judge Adil Ahmed told the court, before ordering prison authorities to free them immediately. "

What that means is - the oppositions were right all along, and they have established their claim was true and legitimate. That is another extra nail in the Woyane’s coffin.

Anonymous said...

holding the politicians of CUD and letting the journalists...doesnt need more proof to show the political motives of the judical process and how the court is staged by Melse Zenawi.While as an ETHIOPIAN I WELCOPMED the return of the innocent journalists back to their home n loved ones, it is deeply disturbing since the rulling confirms the melasious motives of the whole process to kill or cause the highest damage possible against the CUD leaders, politicians. This is once again a hit on the neck to any possible democratic resurrection in the country.

Anonymous said...

It's time to free all the poletical prisoners.

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