Monday, April 02, 2007

Court adjourned for tomorrow

(By Ethio-Zagol)
The court is adjourned again; this time for tomorrow. The briefing continued today with remaining part of the documentary evidence summarized. The testimonies of ten witnesses were also summed up. Seventy-nine witnesses had have testified in the trial. The court said the briefing will continue tomorrow.
The court said it would have continued in the afternoon if one of the judges hadn't been sick. This was the same reason given on Friday for not continuing the proceeding in the afternoon. The sick judge is Leul Gebremariam.


Anonymous said...

THAT IS TPLF my beloved part keep these dedeb amhar gussing till they die don't to get away with chalanging the empire of tigrayans go cry in your pal talk that is what you can do ha ha ha ha hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa god bless the golden race

berhane said...

THAT IS IT TPLF my beloved party keep these dedeb amhar gussing till they die don't to get away with chalanging the empire of tigrayans go cry in your pal talk that is what you can do ha ha ha ha hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa god bless the golden race.

2:53 AM

tekeste said...


yes you are right those who challenge the ppl's empire will die in messery they will not allowed to get away with their attempt but this time we will let them die one by one slowlly and naturally while in prison if they don't die naturally well we have to do it i woneder what those neftege think while in prison they might dream the ppl of addis to save them or the europian union the PM said fernigem abesham ayadenachum bye bye hadgi(amhara) kul

Anonymous said...

why the woyane fear to pass the verdict?
look poor judge leul tormented till to malinger as he had a cold.he acts drama upon himself.
Sham trial is the right name.
Our leaders have won very long ago.still all of us are jailed with them until the day come.

Anonymous said...

ante kurnchache tgre keagreh aeye zelelk yemtchefrew lemne andehone baweke kenu siders dagm andtchefr tderegaleh beterefe kula metbathn ketel


Anonymous said...

"dedeb amhar".. If you call those professors, Doctors and Engineers "Dedeb", then, who is educated?. Is it Your Melse, a University drop out, or your Berket aka Beket ,who has never seen a university door through out his life

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

do you think memar is like your dedeb doctors let them free them self from our intlegent prison system

Anonymous said...

komata lemange tigre hulu...kinjit is on the way soon u are going to dig your grave.god bless ethiopians and my heros in prision.

miss dire said...

kinijit is a sprit. no jail can hold it, no nation can stop it! it is the will of our people. may god save our leders in jail and protect Ethiopia from woyane and her enemies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Berhane
Self-deception is a tricky addiction and watch out! As an independent(not party affiliated, not particularly an Amhara) observant, I know kinijit has many Amhara members but not all of them. For an uncritical mind, Meles's assertion that all opposition tplf faced in the last election is Amhara-induced might be appealing. But it is in reality a lame excuse and self-deception. It seems tplf is ignorant of its own track-record. Do not instigate hate since you do not do tplf a favor that way. Do think positively and how to make probably tplf a worthy party. Emotional and unrealistic self-image leads to only catastrophe! Remember putting oneself too high based on circumstances that are subject to change was the basic error of judgment Nazis, fascists, tyrants and hypocrites did in the past making their own destruction ever grave. Also, please don't forget this is the 21st century that we are living in, where logic is far more superior virtue than adrenaline-driven engagement of pulling a trigger of a gun!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am happy with what U wrote. I have nothing to add. May those blinded with shear love of thier ethic background open thier eyes and see how people in Ethiopia live.

May God bless us!

Anonymous said...


I was curious about who Leul Gebremariam is and I found this about the three judges at the following website

Anonymous said...

Why you guys keep saying AMHARA AMHARA??? If you don’t know about the jailed leaders do some works to find out who they really are before making any statement that make you look fool and dumb. Just so you know…. The leaders who are in jail are not amharas. In fact they are all Ethiopians and went to jail for believing in that and standing only for that. If we look into their ethnic background though, the CUD chairman is ORMO/AMHARA; the vice chair (the honorable judge Miss Birtukan mideksa) is OROMO; Dr. Brhanu (the elected Mayor of Addis) and Dr. Yakob are GURAGE; …. Just to mention the few top leaders.
God bless Ethiopia and those who stand for truth

Anonymous said...

The Tplf regime will announce the verdict of the sham trial sooner or later. I don't expect anything from the Kangaroo court. Our leaders knew what was in store for them. What matterd most for them was to UNMASK the psuedo democrat Tplf regime to the world and they did that. Ethiopians will never forget what our leaders did for us.

Meanwhile the Tplf regime is commiting a barbaric war crime on the Somali people.

What the mercenary Weyane army fighting on behalf of the Bush administration doing in Mogadishu is a war crime. Somalis and Ethiopians must work together to put the Tplf leaders at the Heague (ICC) for war crimes against innocent civilians. If this is not a war crime then what is? Is these being done in the name of Ethiopia?

Here are some qoutes of news wires from Mogadishu

A doctor told AFP on Monday that Ethiopian troops had raided the
hospital in Ali Kamin, which has also been hit by mortar shells.
"The Ethiopian forces broke into the hospital. They broke the doors of
the offices. They have collected all the medicine and they also detained
one of the doctors," said doctor Muhamud Hassan, from the Al Hayat
"We don't know why they are doing this but we are not involved in the
fighting. There are a lot of patients and some have been wounded by
artillery shells that landed in the hospital," Hassan said.

Two men and two women were shot by Ethiopian troops Monday while crossing a street in Ali Kamin, where Ethiopian soldiers and tanks held their positions, residents said.

"They were told not to try to cross the street but the four ignored it," eyewitness Ali Hasan Adan told AFP.

The bodies were left in the street, adding to dozens of others reported killed since the Ethiopian army launched its anti-militia drive last Thursday.

"We cannot take the bodies from the area because everybody is afraid of the shooting," said resident Ahmed Nur.

Anonymous said...

for whom you want to kill.
why you tigre brothers and sisters hate us too much. you hate Amhara, you hate Eritreans you hate oromos, you hate Somalies. you kill every body but howlong? ask yourself pls. Meles is also the good example of you. he wants to kill every his opponent. after you kill us who is the next? the sudans,kenyans or even Americans

berhane said...

our self ha ha haaaaaaaaa the killing will stop as soon as the world is clear of our opponent who chalange our rule like ya besebes hailu or mesfin or brehanu or fucken bretukan mideksaaa by the wayu we have notting with american they respect our supiriority in so cold ethiopia they also know the amharans are shemuta (prestitue)stupid who can't be trusted so go to hell wedi sebeyty

Anonymous said...

u really sick, trash man. Why don't you spit ur trash other place.

brehane said...

ARE YOU ANGRY GO TO HELL YEMENGISTU ETABY besbes amhara or dedeb gala

Anonymous said...

Dear Berhane,
Would U please come to UR senses? Do U really know what U R talking about? Don't judge people by putting them in a basket. We don't hate Tigray. We rather question what people like Meles and Co. R doing. Got it?
U R stupid and one can easily see that from what U R writing. For God's sake I, once again, appeal to U not to use provocative words.
God bless U Berhane!


Anonymous said...

To all Ethiopians,those who are making diffrence in a small matter every day of your moment to the cause of your country, This is high time a sobering moment! Our faith does not lie in the hand of any man but,in the hand of the Living LORD. The moment calls for us to break loose from harish emaotional exchange ,which serves only those who have come to believe that an omines sign is hovering over the horizon. We Ethiopians,at this very moment need to hold our peace.Please, if you dont have ideas to share don't post any other thing- to do this will only harm our cause specially, at this critical moment.We are patiantly moveing forward not without a clue to what is coming ,but, being fully aware of what is likely to be. Our concern neds to be now to devout this forum for exching of important ideas in the coming days.Unfortunatly, the T.P.L.P rouge individuals are senseing of what is coming and are aming with this in mind.So let us be aware this ,and beahave by bearing high standard.

Anonymous said...

see you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

berhane, tekeste and any other lekimkami woyane cadres on this site..

Well, i have always wondered how murderers, thieves and lunatics sounded like. Now i know. They comment how people should free themselves from prison (thereby admitting that the whole court thing is a sham), they gloat about killing people (like all serial killers) when they don't even have the courage to confront a cat and they are comment on "dedeb professors and engineers", while they can't even spell..."iltelgent??????". And also, please explain what you think is so intelligent about the prison system?? a kangaroo court?? If this is from "educated" woyane, and if these are the people who we can look forward to in Ethiopia's future, God save us. I cannot say i would rather be in hell, as ethiopians are already in woyane hell

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