Friday, April 06, 2007

From lust to survival: how the value and meaning of power is changing for Meles

(By Ethio-Zagol)
Xan Rice, the Guardian's East African Correspondent ended the story about EU's war crimes probe with this:
Strong support from the US for Ethiopia's incursion is another potential obstacle to investigation. But the expert and another regional analyst said it was time the international community spoke out against abuses. "When the Sudan government bombs villages in Darfur, it's called genocide," the second analyst said. "But when the Ethiopians bomb civilian areas...nothing is said. Is it because this is perceived to be part of the war on terror?"

This probe and what he has done at home will make Meles cling to power even more. He knows there is a significant chance of ending up before one court or another if and when he retires. Staying in power is a security against that. Power is no more lust for him. It is a means of survival - man's basic instinct.


Hagos said...

It is sad when you think about the statue of liberty and the symbol of the statue which was planned to reflect freedom to everyone. New York used to be the main entry to America and the main reason of the Statue erected in NY was to welcome the people who were oppressed when they arrived in US. American government used help people from the dark communist government. The communist government during the cold war used to provide weapon and they used to let their followers kill innocent children and women to spread their ideology. And the whole world used to see US as icon for democracy and as a fighter for human right and people freedom. Unfortunately the statue liberty icon of freedom of human being, the American wish of freedom for oppressed people changed with bloody war around the world in the name of terrorism and the United States are now supporting criminals who committed genocide in their own country because they provide military to help US for proxy war. In Somalia the American media clearly states they were looking for three people one Sudan origin and two Somalia who were suspected for terrorist activity. However, the war know creating a disaster in Somalia leaving thousands innocent died, hundreds thousands becoming a victim of the war and left their home and becoming forced to be a refuge without a shelter. Many mothers were carrying their small children and running to save their children from the genocide committed by the Ethiopian government. The prime Minster announced in ETV in 2005 and clearly spoken to the public and said " Addis Ababa was under his control and he will give order to the military to control the people up rising." Of course he did and as a result of his order the military was out of control and killing children, women, and innocent Ethiopian. Many were thrown to Prison, tortured, and the country was in brink of war from November and half of December. Still the suppression and the harassment is going on. The same government gave order to Ethiopian military in Somalia and the worst in African history the military was killing innocent people in the market area. The helicopter was killing innocent people who were running for their life shoot and killed from the air and tank and heavy weapon were used to bombarded the market area which was populated by many innocent children, women and elderly. It is the worst crime against humanity and reminding the Ethiopian people what Italian did to our people and what Eritrean did in 1998. A crime against humanity and it is genocide. While American trying to hold responsible three people against for the crime they committed and as a result the Ethiopian military led by the Prime Minster Melese punished the whole country and killed innocent children, and women. Why American government is using a criminal to achieve their goal undermining the innocent children and women survival. Why the American government is trying to protect the criminals for the crime they committed just to achieve their goal because the criminals controlled the people with their weapon so that they can use them to do a proxy war. The statue of liberty is the icon for human liberty from oppression and shows the American public support for human right and freedom. The statue of liberty protects the innocent not the criminal. The American government should stop protecting Melese for the crime he committed against humanity. They should let the world be a judge. Of course Sadam used to be supported until the rope went to his neck. And time is coming for the criminal to face for what he did for the last 34 years. One American serial killer” Ted Bundy” who killed more than 19 women, when he was interviewed by Barbara Walter, He said "if they late him out he will do the same thing." This reminds me what Birket Simon once said during Awassa crises. He said “you have to kill people to stop the crises." It is unfortunate this is the way how thet see life. And that is why what happened in Gambela, in Awassa, in Gorji, in gonder, in south gojam, in wolega, in Keffa, in wolyeta, and in many different part of Ethiopia, and now in Somalia. They are doing what the serial killer told to Barbra Walter. They are dangers to the society because they are immune to crime. And death of the fellow human does not mine anything to them. We all need to work hard on this if we want their killing to be stopped. I do not hate them but their action against humanity is not acceptable. We know them and we have been supporting them for many years. However, their action and the direction they are taking is dangers to our people and to our country.

Anonymous said...

Everyone need to fight Meles's regime. I say its time to fight TPLF ETHNOCENTRIC REGIME its time for the Ethiopian people to show their muscle. Its time for Ethiopian people to show the enemy of our country the door to getout of Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ
I find this news from Awate..
Did you know anything about it...
Sorry for bothering you

Awate has learned that Eritrean and Ethiopian military forces were engaged in a heavy battle in Tsorona, along their common border, on Friday, April 6.

Eritrea's army, the Eritrean Defense Forces, have assumed defensive postures in the Bure and Tsorona areas.

Tsorona and Bure are located in south-central Eritrea. Both locations were the sites of intensive battles in the Eritrea-Ethiopia border war of 1998-2000.

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