Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Democracy in action

Ethiopian American Civic Advocay(EACA) has created a wonderful website for democracy in action. Be part of political action. Click here to see the site and here to read and sign its urgent petition.


Anonymous said...

Recommend a list of its founders and their background to be disclosed?. A piece was posted on about a DC based founder some time back.

"Ethiopian American Civic Advocacy(EACA) is a non-profit, non-partisan community-based civic organization striving to empower Ethiopian-Americans and Ethiopians to fight for the respect of human rights, promote democratic governance, and demand donor accountability in Ethiopia."
EACA web site

It sounds all good, but it will be hard to believe the quate from their web site entirely true( NON POLITICAL AND NON PARTISAN?.) with out involvement in actual meetings of EACA, and get more familiar. Interested but in doubt, although we voted for them as the ACTIVISTS OF THE YEAR FOR 2006 ON ER.

Anonymous said...

One hopes that EACA has legal professionals in its membership who bring Ethiopian law experts on its board.

We have signed petitions for differnt causes including the release of the prisoners of conscience in 2006. The aquital of the 111 people from the charges of attemted genoicide and high treason has some what brought the ETHIOPIAN JUDICIARY to a new development. How proceedings go and the way media, Ethiopians in the country, abroad and Ethiopian Americans, AI,EU and the world observes, is entering ANOTHER CHAPTER, bringing us to the PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE. A civic org. like EACA can play a big role, and the timing of its official web site is good. lEGITMACY,CREDIBLITY etc. will be important to gain trust...

Ethiopian politics can go so up and down, and although I believe there are so many seasoned politicians, the very identity of its own political history, people, class, economics etc., has made it less difficult to surpass that factor for any Ethiopian leader to be the best for all.

Civic orgs. that will build good reputation and Human right orgs. like the one Prof. Mesfin started could have a good future in time and will be very essential especially in our counry. The trust could be rebuilt through these orgs.

All best wishes for both organizations and in the hope of coming to a final decision to look more into these types of organizations specially after observing the recent dilemma a major political party faced among its leaderships, no matter how recently formed and under the world's screen.

Anonymous said...

Today is April 12,2007 and the day is not quite over yet at 3:40 pm in North America. The oppositon web print media seems to have melowed down atleast for this day, regarding Ethipian politics).

If civic orgs' prority is Ethiopia and Ethiopians and its interest and place in the world, we might be entering a time period for them to have a great place and start to become strong institutions. This, with the aknowledgement and application of its principles regarding human right,rule of law etc. It is hoped that any proper representation of the country or its national security and interests, and there by the actual leadership that keeps such representation will be given as much credit and recognition without bias to tribal origin or partisan politics.

Anonymous said...

The day's seach was complted by this afternoon, by on of the websites,'s post

April 12, 2007

• Fundamental laws vs political crises in Ethiopia (Fita Challa

It was precisely the kind of knowldge we were seeking for. Thank goodness it is not in pdf format and we were able to copy and save it. Signing petitions could be easy, clear or done with out reasonable knowldge of what one is asking for. When it is done full heartedly with good knowledge it goes a long way.

Dear Ethio Zagol,
Comlments to you and ethiomdia also post it at thr right time.

Anonymous said...

Open Question for clarity. We are not much of e-mail types, and we also want to cofirm this statement if it still holds true as of April 14,2007. If this person was included amomg the 111 people whose charges of "attempted genoicide" and "high treason", EACA might have to update its petition statement to Congressman Donald Payne of USA, regarding HR5680. Infact, to our knowledge "attempted genoicide" charge aginst all the political prisoners was droped.

Here is an exerpt from that specific petition request on EACA's web site.

...However, as you are also likely aware, very recently the politically non-impartial court stated that there is sufficient evidence to pass a verdict of treason and attempted genocide against the prisoners of conscience.

Anonymous said...

To the credit of today's message from Dr.Mekdis Mesfin,"A critical appraisal..", we were more aware and mindful to browse through the web page of Qaliti Qal Kidan. In response to our inquiry, we were able to refresh our memory there as we clicked on Ethiopian-American Council and found
"Ethiopian-American group tries to raise profile on Capitol Hill"
By Jim Snyder

One wonders if EACA and EAC are cofused to be the same or different, and in what ways.

Anonymous said...

We are members of the general public who relay on print media. The Amharic report on this trial observation stated the charges of "high treason" and "attempted genoicide" has been dropped for all prisoners of conscience. we hope we read it correctly and it is from a source we consider reliable (Yared from Sweden for Ethiopian Media Forum).

“The court in charge of the treason and genocide trial of kinijit leaders, civil society members and independent journalists has today ruled that all council members of kinijit including Hailu Shawel, Brehanu Nega and Birtukan Mideksa should defend their case in the treason charge.
The court ruled that the council’s decision has a direct cause and effect relationship with the June 8 and November one disturbances. It also ruled that the prosecutor has produced sufficient evidence to prove that they have committed treason...” EZ/April 4, 2007
“An Ethiopian judge has quashed
controversial charges of attempted
genocide and treason against 111
people arrested after election protests...’”BBC/ April 9, 2007
Dear EZ,
As you have noticed,it has been suggested above, that EACA updates its petition to Congressman Donald Payne the comment regarding a portion of the statement. Can you and/or any one else give out the final word on the charges to defend, (Is "high treason" and "attemted genoicide" charge still expected to be defended by CUD leaders?).

Thank you

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