Thursday, April 05, 2007

Andragachew Tsgie and Elias Kifle are guilty, court rules

In a remarkable precedent in Ethiopian legal history, the court in charge of the treason trial of CUD leaders, independent journalists and civil society members ruled today that Andargachew Tsgie, Mesfin Aman and Elias Kifle are guilty of outrage against the constitutional order even before they are given a chance to defend their case. Although both of them are tried in absentia, they still have a constitutional right to defend their case.
The court either dropped or dismissed the case against other defendants who are tried in diaspora including Tamagne Beyene, Negede Gobeze, Abreha Belai and Brehane Mewa.
Civil society leaders Daniel Bekele and Netsanet Demissie were also ordered to defend their case. Kassahun Kebede, however, was set free.
Ethiopia's greatest civil rights advocate Professor Mesfin Woldemariam was also ordered to defend the charge of outrage against the constitutional order. The court reasoned that eventhough as a non-member of the CUD council he didn't have collective responsiblity, professor Mesfin had made speeches advocating the dismantling of the constitutional order and institutions.
The Kangaroo trial continues Monday.
I will write more on it later.


brehane said...

the hunt will start to cach andargachew tege now he is thogut to be in london.there will be reward of $100000 for any one who help to cach them

jyigzaw said...

The kangroo court is going to rule injustice in elected ethiopian leaders.
What a shame because it is shame government and prime minister.
Once again, mr. prime minister you had already start digging your own grave. God will declare victory to the people of Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

How about Sheleka Yoseph and his partern in crime Moges Brook!

ibrahim said...

I have been following the court drama all along. Thanks for daily accurate updates. When I read the partial verdict, I was filled with frustration and anger.I believe this is the time to stand united against the injustice thats is going on in the country. But it doesnt seem that our so called diaspora political leaders seem to understand this as they are still engaged in the blaming game. Please let's come to our senses and do what needs to be done by mobilizing all of us inside and outside the country.Its time to show leadership quality not rhetoric.We demand our leaders in the diaspora to step up to the plate and focuse on leading the struggle.We are tired of empty promises and rhetoric.We need leaders of action, and we need them now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. But I just read on the "reporter" that some of the journalists and others were released free. Is it true?? you know, after all it is the Reporter and how can anyone trust that paper? Please update us. I know you'll!!

Anonymous said...

'No compromise' has been the motto of TPLF led by Meles throughout their history. Yet, because they are humans, we expected at least an iota of common sense in them evey time they are confronted with something like this. We expected them to do what is right onece in a blue moon.This time, many of us expected them to do something they have never done let the prisoners go!. We were fooled again. I think Meles beleives his 'no prisoners' style of war has gotten is so far and will never let him down. What a fool he is!
Our fore fathers had a saying for this sort of behavior...BeQlo ghemadWan beTesech bilu beraswa layi asaTerech teblWal!

Garedew said...

What did you expect fellows? So far, our voices are no better than muted, and Woyane is always Woyane.
Lam Balwalebat Kuet LeKema! Sorry guys. The fault, this time, lies in us. Lets look look at ourselves. What did we do the last year and half to make sure that what is happening this week will not happen?? Most of us did absolutely nothing. Period. Lets not expect to earn what we didn't work for. I hope this will change.

Anonymous said...

"Logic, Humanity, Love, Compassion, harmony, respect, fear of conscious and guilt have no place in Meles and Sebhat's mind.... They have been succseesful by the principle of Hate, Killing, robbing, imprisoning, torturing..kidnapping, dehumanizing,No guilt and no compromise.....They are who they are ....infact we are stupid to think otherwise as if they are normal human beings....... This is how Meles and Sebhat came to power this is how they will rule Ethiopia. It is a four decade life style wshich has no room for humanity. Let us never forget the saying "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

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