Monday, April 02, 2007

Scene from Women's Great Run

Runners flashing Kinijit's "V" sign and calling for the release of political prisoners at Women's Great Run on Sunday. The faces are covered to hide their identity.


Anonymous said...

Yes,Yene Arbegnoch!

Anonymous said...

What a scene!
Kinijit is real sprit from within.

God bless you EZ

Hope to hear from you as usual about todays trail

Mercy to Ethiopia
Let them be free


Anonymous said...

Kinijit is in our mind and heart. it is love. kinijit love also it's enemies. kinijit hopes it's enemy will it's Friends. love ethiopia!

Anonymous said...

Men, please let free kINJIT leaders. Models of leaders..let them free....
U men and women stand up ...

Let them GOd bless all our heroes

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