Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Expulsions of Diplomats as New Gag Techniques by Dictators

The VOA has an insightful analysis about Ethiopia's expulsion of six Norwegian diplomats.

Officials and observers from nearby countries say they have become worried by
the recent behavior of Sudanese and Ethiopian leaders, who have shown increased
willingness to expel or hinder both foreign diplomats and aid
Analyst and occasional presidential adviser in Uganda, Aggrey
Awori, says expulsions are an easy way to get the international community's
attention if a government feels it is coming under too much pressure.
Awori says the expulsions may also serve domestic interests. They send
a chilling message to groups at home that work with international donors and aid
"That is the normal route for a dictatorial government when they
run into roadblock of similar nature," he explained. "It is really a
message for the internal opposition and other recipients of similar aid from
abroad. Conform or else you will starve to death."
Foreign diplomats in
Ethiopia have complained in the past that Mr. Meles's government makes it
impossible for them to speak openly about human-rights issues. Some have
been warned the government will not allow them to deliver aid or do unrestricted
work if they speak out too much.

I think the Ethiopian government used the technique on the Norwegians because it had tried it before on EC personnel and found it remarkably successful. In October 2006, it expelled two EU diplomats. There was an objection from the European Commission for a day or two, but the EC took no retaliatory measure. Instead sources reported that the head of the commission's delegation in Addis Ababa, Tim Clark, was called to Brussels and told that he should not offend the government. Months after the two diplomats were expelled, the EU succumbed to Meles Zenawi's demand that Mr. Clark be removed from his post in Addis Ababa.

Tsegaye Tadesse Disgracing Reuters

On my July 16 entry, I exposed how the Reuters correspondent in Ethiopia, Tsegaye Tadesse, made the life sentence of the CUD leaders by the Federal High Court appear a "happy" story. Today, his report on the expulsion of diplomats starts with Ethiopia's accusation rather than the central theme of the news; the expulsion of the diplomats. The first three paragraphs - which anyone with the slightest familiarity with news knows are the most important paragraphs - all talk about Ethiopia's accusation that Norway is undermining its national security. This man certainly knows how to spin the news in favor of the EPRDF. A reputable media outlet is being used as an instrument of propaganda for a dictatorial regime by Tsegaye Tadesse. The bell is ringing. Is Reuters hearing?


Anonymous said...


Why do you support the dictator in Asmara while accusing the Ethio government of every crime under the sun? Are you ERITREAN? Anonymity means in cyber anybody can pretend to be Ethiopian, including EZ (not to mention the vast majority of commenters in your blog.

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Anonymous said...

we are here trying to oppose the government and make it look more bad everyday. by doing so, are the pro-opposition media acting responsibly??? No.
we are doing just what tsegaye tadesse is doing by taking sides. let all of us be an example of independent media and then free press and free media will have a better chance in our country. we are shouting at someone for doing the same thing we are doing.
that does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

EZ Keep up the good work - You are simply one of a kind - The three comments above or rather garbage is spewed by no other than TPLF cadre who is intellectually challenged -The source of the writing is one and the same - a WOYANE CADRE ENGLISH with signatures of "Open University Correspondence credential" written all over it - the degree or credential that is bought for Woyane/TPLF cadres paid for by Ethiopian Treasury - Thank God the pseudo Education is surfacing for the world to see!!! In any case EZ KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AS YOUR WRITING IS TOUCHING NERVE...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tadesse might have his own ulterior motives and spin the story one way or the other. However, doesn’t the ultimate decision and the final word rest upon the editorial board of Reuters? If so, can’t we do a letter writing compaign to the said entity? Just a thought!


Anonymous said...

You are being far-fetched on this one.

Anonymous said...

Let me begin my comments by asking you one SIMPLE question , E Zagol.

You have accused Tsegaye of Reuters of being an intrument of TPLF. It may be true.
If you were a member of EPRDF and you owe your current job of being a stringer to Reuters, a reputable and a well paying job at that, would you do any thing different from what Mr Tadesse is doing?

I doubt it.

It is the nature of human beings of all varaieties and persuasions.

Leave him alone!

Tsegaye is an opportunist because he is a human being. He provides to his large family. That is more important than anything else in today's Ethiopia. Let him feed his wife and children.

Anonymous said...

My love to EZ is like a morning coffee!!! Some anonyms especially the 1st and 3rd comments, please wake up and smell the coffee. We are in the 21st century and we can tell your spin targets even within the first three rows. "Dula wedih kizimzim wediya...", if u still have anger on his genuined posts, time is over. Make your brain to think for the subject than "any one against my power ... you evil power mongers !!!" The topic is something important here. EZ, we are in a narrow line whereby Ethiopian democracy is on the toughest challenge mainly from the regime but equally from remenants of old ideologies of power. Ethiopia more than ever needs you now. Please promise to yourself to use your wisdom and digout each piece of information for your nation - forget about the deadfishes like anonym @5:02 and 7:13, he is one but trying to clone himself behind the screen.
Aluta conitnua!!!!!!! Bravo EZ!!!

Anonymous said...

The anonym who suggested a letter writing campaign to Reuters needs to be heard. However, I don't know if that will bring any results. I have complained several times to Reuetrs SA but they don't seem to listen.

Tsegaye has been working for Reuters for a long time; I think he predates Melles. He is about 60 years old. I am not sure whether his motives are "opportunistic". It appears that he is doing this out of CONVICTION.

Anonymous said...

"Tsegaye Tadesse Disgracing Reuters"

Tsegaye may have disgraced Reuters, but EZ is disgracing Real-Ethiopians.

It is fuuny how EZ wants us to buy what he is selling, he wants to be the only media that has the license to lie. EZ, get it over with you have no patent to lying, other media have the right to be just as liar as your company. Just because Tsegaye is your compitator does not mean you want everyone to hate him and like you, to us Real-Ethiopians both of you are LIARS!!!