Friday, August 31, 2007

Kinijit leaders heading to North America

The team of delegation led by Kinijit Chairman, Ato Hailu Sahwel, is expected to travel to the United States next week. The delegation's visit was delayed because of visa problems. All except the chairman have today received the visa. Embassy sources confirmed that Ato Hailu will get the visa early next week.

Ephrem Isaac trouble shooting EPRDF's problems


Anonymous said...

Dear Seminwork or "collectively" known as Andargachew (Betinachew) Tsige, Birr ish Mewa, ER, and now Dr Berhanu added with info source from Andy's brother in-law Walwa and, Bereket Simon,

Are you guys the VISA stupid? Engineer Hailu said that they will not leave the country unless they finished their investigation and account for all Kinijit members and supporters in every hamlet of the country.

Listen to his interview on August 27, 2007 at or or

Just in case you forgot, the struggle is back home not at Dr. Berhanu's alma mater in New York. qiqiqi


Neqe ende Assefu Debalqie

Anonymous said...

The above writer (anon@8:22 AM) has to be a woyanne spy planting his/her venomous seed here as usual. Mognihin felig... you can't fool anyone but yourself. Despite some temporary setbacks, Kinjit is united and will be stronger than you think.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There is some people particularly those who have been messing Kinijit Diaspora. These individuals are moved by Dr Getachew Haile, Ato Selemon bekele, Ato Abate Kassa ....These three are the "mind" of these folks. They are using Shaleka Yoseph and Eng Mogues to force their will. They have also "telalakis" like Ato Daniel Kassa the webmaster of and Ato Tesfaye a long time resident of Chicago.

These individuals was joined by the miserable Dr Taye, Ato Yared Tibebu, Ato MEsfin Mekonnen and of course the infamous so called Shemageles, allergic to "hamburgers", Dr BEzabeh and Shaleka Admasse.

The above individuals were hoping the Kinijit leaders would not be released. When Kinijit leaders are released, the only way for them to cover their shame is to get the Chairam Hailu SHawel on their side. By brainwashing family members of Eng Hailu ( Eng Hailu wife is a very close friend of the wide of Eng Mogues), they provided so many outrageous lies and misinformations against some KIL leaders (Andargachew and Berhane Mewa) and few prominent ethiopians from Kinijit Chapters. Ato Aklog Limeneh, Ato Girma Kassa, Ato Yohanes from Canada ...were reported to be falsely accused by these individuals.

The chairman, since he knows very well Ato Aklog Limeneh, could not buy their argument. For a while , since they were his friends, he believed them. Now the chairman knows all and everything.

The attempt of thise individuals to create division between Eng Hailu and the rest was totally foiled.

Lately they started accusing Dr berhanu Nega and playing the "victim game" to create a cult for Hailu Shawel. They did not know that Hailu Shawel is a humble person that does not want to be the leader at all. ( you may visit and see the discussion of Kinijit Council 2 years ago, when Hailu Shawel offered the chairmanship to Lidetu Ayalew).

For this, unfortunately, Ato Bedru Adom is being exploited.

All in all, the end of these individuals in near. In one week all, including the chairan will be coming to the US. I have no idea where these people can hide ??

Anonymous said...

anon 10:31!
You got it wrong!
Listen Eng. Hailu Shawel's interview on Swiss paltalk posted on EMF. Also listen to Birtukan Medkesa and other CUD leaders. The two CUD envoys to North America - Dr. Bizabeh & Shaleqa Admasu - are indeed sent to North America with the direct order of the CUD. The chairman confirmed with a loud voice that they are the true sons of Ethiopia.

It is Andy who is in deep shit! He is still talking about printing more copies of his hate book. He may have also to answer about he said "collective leadership vs dictatorial".

Anonymous said...

I hope everything will be fine. As they have been forgiven, they will forgive all those who done wrong knowingly or unknowingly. Please DO NOT FORGET KINIJIT is LOVE...

Kinijit Shall Win!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unless ex-leaders of the international leadership of CUDP who looted the peoples' money are denounced with strongest terms by Engineer Hailu and the delegation that he is leading, we will consider the latter as accomplices to the day light robery of the former.

Anonymous said...

The engine of KINIJIT is KESTEDEMENA ETHIOPIA.The persons that loot the money from the people come from "MEAD". Engineer Hailu, as the Chairman of "MEAD", is expected to work for the return of our money, or denounce the looters in strongest terms.

Anonymous said...

To anonym 11:44am
First growup to be civilized, we are hear not to teach you ethics. Andy never question about originality of the two envoys, he knows them before you. He hesitated to accept the letter (card) which they showed from their back pocket. That card was a yellow sign for KINIJIT and consulted the collective leadership whether that was sent from kaliti, for most of us, unless a lot spinning is fed to the leaders. So sleep well with your nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Annon 4:02,

I don't think Andy knows them before me. I know Shaleqa Admasu from 1991 - the year "the people of the Amhara hizib keyet wed yet" was written by the Deputy Mayor of Addis and memeber of the EPDRF party of Amhara wing. Eng. Hailu Shawel has now confirmed it again that there was no back pocket directive. And I know and trust these two gentlemen, they will never lie and did everything they can in good faith. It is Andy who can not be trusted. The chairman said, loud and clearly that he signed a directive for the establishment of a council. Period.

Andy has the right to hesitate or refuse to accept the directive, but to run around to destablize and divide the leaders is a different story.

Who the hell is he to go out in the media and say: "No collective leadership agreement and it was a work of a dictator". And you are telling me this guy is not working for Zenawi?

Sir, you may have an interest in protecting Andy. But we have a duty of protecting the organization, the CUD leaders and Ethiopian interest.

Anonymous said...

Never misquote people as your nightmare tells, Andy's words are far humble and he never mentioned the last word "dictator" which you labeled to drag him and align with your dirty handed keysi group. He meant collective leadership and that you understand very well I assume, because there are people like you who are sharp in spinning engineering and self ego, some one might have misinformed him. Else he would ever never at least assign some people who were insulting him to join the party in the level of a leadership. That card was yellow, I told you, had all joined by now, you would have clapped alone with your few keysi's. We are so grateful to Andy and the hero 6 ex-KIL, they saved KINIJIT. Hope you got what I meant.

Anonymous said...

Never misquote people as your nightmare tells, Andy's words are far humble and he never mentioned the last word "dictator" which you labeled to drag our hero leader Eng. Hailu Showel and align him with your dirty handed keysi group. Andy meant collective leadership and that you understand very well I assume if you trust democratic principles, because there are people like you who are sharp in spinning engineering and self ego, some one might have misinformed Eng. Hailu while he was in prison. Else he would ever never at least assign some people who were insulting him to join the party in the level of a leadership (one for instance is the recently liquidated keysi chairman). That card was yellow, I told you, had all joined by now, you would have clapped alone with your few keysi's. We are so grateful to Andy and the hero 6 ex-KIL, they saved KINIJIT. Hope you got what I meant. I repeated my comment to clarify the pronouns on the above one, sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:05

No I didn't get your point. It is as slippery as Andy's numerous comments. If the people you claimed to insult Eng. Hailu Shawel & the CUD are your concern -why can't you leave it for the chairman himself & the CUD to deal with it? You are putting your finger in the responsibility of the CUD leaders. Please know your limit.

By the way can you get in details by what Collective leadership decision means? Are you stripping of the chairman in deciding and signing behalf of the party and his deputies? Don't be sippery -Come on break it down - let us here it.

Remember those people whom you are trying to insult were there before you and the group of six surfaced in our movement. We trust them more than we trust you. At least they have never worked with the enemy against our interest.

The disbanded KIL group of six are a menace to our struggle. But you are with in your right to be grateful for their service - you can even award them a medal of bravery for their high flying around the world including to the AU Summit.

Anonymous said...

The more I read "KIL" supporters the more I dread what is taking place in the Diaspora. I have ventured to their Paltalk room and heard their discussions yayek!. I see their comments here and wonder eg. Anon @ 10:31 AM comment seems convoluted and filled with aboslute rubbish then one reades Anon 10:29 PM - and all one could do is shake their head these people are supposedly supporters of who? for sure not Kinijit since they do not seem to know anything about the Organization. With all due respect to the young man Aklog Lemenhe he has been undermined by the Andy's we were under the impression that he was the Chair yet we rarely hear from him or about him yet know we are told that he is the closest to Eng. Hailu more than Shalequa Admassu - Way to go Ethiopian's, and by the way what the MEAD could someone eduacte this cadre so he does not sound like a blundering IDIOT - . Should one then assume that "Andy a la Kestedamena" supporters are being groomed by Andy and company to be the new yes Massa cadre's of Kestedamena who are half witted know nothing but what their masters say just like TPLF/EPRDF where they came from. Is that why the adulation to the intellegence of Andergachew just as TPL cader's for Meles is?

Anonymous said...

What a naive judgment is it to consider such a well thought decision as slippery. Without the difficulty of kality, without the shrewd spun engineers like you disinfoming, our leader Eng. Hailu is all a democratic and such letters with a yellow card are hardly to emanate from him. Collective leadership is well defined by our leader during his first interview on VOA, working together with my patriotic colleagues, if that doesn't help, sorry can't help you more. Stripping off, bla bla, do i smell something like a communist derg here? Such a power to strip is only vested on millions who voted for him and the higher body of the party. I want my individual right to be respected but as you said I know my limit and I am only sharing my view, believe me but this is the majority comment.
It is like what yagere sew calls it "gunch alfa" but for me it is better to have some one who is challenged under fire of the tplf regime like Judge Bertukan, Judge Frehiwot etc than the bergeking admirers whose horizon is only a concentric circle of acquiantances. What a brave response from Eng. Hailu, you are told that there is no kinship, acquaintance, whether 2 years or 30 years all have eqaul values. Andy, Andarge, Gebrye, Prof. Al etc are the people who lined up hours beside us with despite the horrible weatehr, wake up man, were you in your cave smiling on us, "yet yidersalu", your thousand comment will not compensate anything for me.
For me, this was a pioneering moment in Ethiopian history to hand over responsibility peacefully, for the same letter KIL responded ethically (to avoid your wrong terminology dibanded) but your KEYSI felt deaf for it. Indeed, we Ethiopians (including yourself) are grateful for the KIL, so frustrating to think of what it would have been without them. They won the fatigue from the banda and lead the struggle from the home continent Africa, to Europe, America, Australia. What a courage it takes even to address many dictators in Africa - could you do it? You remember where Andy and Gash Gebrye were when your yellow card letter meeting was conducted? Leave me alone now my fellow Ethipian, free your mind from your ego and discuss your concerns under the leadership our recently released leaders. Hope you understand me if I stop my reply to you here. I could ever never buy any of your stalinist "one man" show.

Anonymous said...

Annon 4:52 pm!


Very entertaining Audio clip by Ethiolion. Don't tell me this is a fabrication because it is Andy's voice and we have a back up copy.

Listen how Andy (your hero)demolished himself in hiw own words.

I don't think you have any clue on what you are writting or may be one of the confused (very confused indeed!) crowd of DC.

Aklog or KIL group of six are nothing but TELTAFI rats cloned by the image of Ayele Chamiso.

You walk in the already built house and claim ownership after a little bit of handy paintings. Suerly you will sneak out when running it is difficult because you have done the samething before.

Anonymous said...

Collective leadership is well defined by our "LEADER" during his first interview on VOA, working together with my patriotic colleagues.

Since when Has you "LEADER" worked collectively even with his co- leaders???

Anonymous said...

I believe there was a lot of wrangling and brain washing done by the Shaleka group to convince Engineer hailu, while the he was in detention in Kality and after he was released, that they are the ultimate representatives of the North America Kinijit group. Now the Engineer is out of prison. I belive he had enough time, considering the condition that kiniji North America(I will call it diaspora) is in. Now it is time for him to know the truth and I belive he does know and reach a decision, with his other kinijit prison compatriots, on how to proceed from here on. If they make the slightest mistake, it will be the demise of kinijit, as the main resource and financial support of Kinijit is from the diaspora in North America. If they make the right decesion and get rid of the culprits, which ever it is(KIC or KIL) it will be the end of the Meles Era. Let us wait and see.. I hope God will help them in making a sound and vialble decision.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:05 pm.

KIL is disbanded first by a directive and second by dissolving itself. And of course with out any financial report.

It is now clear who is the culprit. Listen to Andy's interview with Tamagne and also listen to his interview with voice of Ethiopia in Sweden. The Audio clip is posted on titled: Andy in the morning and Andy in the afternoon.

He is a very slippery guy and this time he was caught lieing and double talking.

Kinijit is not an ethnic labratory for the likes of Andy Tsigie.

KIC is the way!!

Anonymous said...

The Anon @1:05 Kinijit will continue to exist and florish because it is of the people. My dear you and your kind did not come into the picture till way after the creation of Kinijit. Your financial support was not nor did it help the coming of KINIJIT. You and yours are the people who came after the fact.

The people who helped in the birthing of Kinijit from its inception finacially, morally, and spiritually all thorough to the election and after are the ones you so flipantly are trying to insult.

We know the truth and are not infantile as most of you are. We have stood by Kinijit when all you guys thought it was funny and ridiculos for them to even think they could make it to the election let alone win it. At least be true to yourself.

You all Johnny come lately did not believe in the possibility or put out the money that you galliantly now try to tell us you are capable off producing for Kinijit. Do you think Kinijit is for sale and that it would be intimidated by your threat of witholding funds.

Where was Andy and Berhane before the money? No one knew them once they thought the money could be shovled they came running... learn to see observe learn before you open the hole underneath your nose.