Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kinijit and democracy

(By Ethio-Zagol)
Some political parties can afford to suffer more turmoil than others. When you are Kinijit, even a little problem exacts too high a price. Kinijit is a big-tent party where differing ideologies and doctrines are conveniently stitched by two common pillars; deliberative democracy and Ethiopian unity. It is also a party which has faced external existential threat since the first day it was created.  Its credibility-the most important component of its power-takes a dive when there is just a little challenge to the internal accord.  Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree! Deliberative democracy is assailed in Kinijit.


The deliberative conception of democracy reconciles three seemingly irreconcilable principles of democracy; deliberation, political equality and non-tyranny. Reconciling these three principles has always been the central problem in democratic theory and practice. Political philosophers call that "The Democratic conundrum." There is no political party in Ethiopian history which has tried to define and address this problem as Kinijit had done before and after the election. Other political parties freely chose one of the principles over the others; or haven't even cared to choose any of the principles.


As an opposition group in a country where political parties and their leaders have little credit and confidence, Kinijit has got popular support less for its claims of deliberative democracy than its practices. During the election period, I had witnessed a growing procedure in Kinijit where members regard each other with equal respect and concern (as equals). In debates and discussions, they put forward views that others have reason to accept (not merely the views which one considers are compelling). And in the end, once the decision was taken, it was accepted as authoritative and the ultimate basis for cooperation. This procedure captured ideals of deliberative democracy. There was no time during that period – except in the case of the Lidetu saga - where any sense of self-importance and tyranny was existent even for the sake of sloganeering.


Now an equation - X = Kinijit; X representing a single person or group of persons who are far less than half of the party's council -  is creeping into the party's  discourse and procedure of decision making.  Political literatures are awash here and outside of Ethiopia tabulating and debating the value of personalities, and how without them, the party, and even the movement, is doomed. Decisions are becoming less and less the basis of cooperation than division. Tell me… what then has Kinijit to offer if deliberative democracy is turned on its head? I care enormously to the party that has given me hope and aspiration, and to the movement, I have sacrificed my security, property and freedom. I will be the first one to stand up and be counted in the fight to protect the Kinijit ideal of democracy from the recent assault.   


(My respect for all of the leaders who suffered in the EPRDF dungeon is boundless. I have worked day and night for their release. But my bonds are principles, not individuals.)



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Anonymous said...

Tell us who are these X individuals. Is it not He and his Clique who are disrupting in the aftermath. What and who constitutes the party. I knew there was a collective decision under one leadership. Why the mess now. What do you think of the remark made by Kedir Adem. Let it brew for it will soon clean up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you as usual EZ,

I am 100% with you, I agree with all what you said. CUD should be above individuals.

Anonymous said...

I would be very careful in choosing my words to bring the issues surrounding Kinijit at the moment. The idea/principles of kinijit are more embraced than its leaders. Not bad for the survival of the party.
Some of your concerns were seen on Kinjit's meeting of past Sunday at DC.
A would be strong party needs to shave form inside out, to have a clean face of democracy. Ego, lack of knowledge to the higher calling and personal motives
are exhibited by few individuals as expected. Don’t forget this is a party
Not more than 3 or 4 years old. But it has already established a root which can trigger
growth and maturity any time.
I believe Kinijit shall overcome all the negatives through time.

(No need to call names )


Anonymous said...

Great Job EZ,

This notion of one person single handedly trasformed the party inside and outside of Ethiopia, is far fetched, to say the least. Even-if that were to be true, we don't need a one person party like Beyene Petros's several party names that he has/had headed. We don't need a one man country. No matter how holly that man may be. People who can not abide by demcractic priciples within the party, will be deadlier when they comaand their own "AGAZI" and have tanks to send. We don't need leaders whose eyes and ears are open only to people whom they agree with.

I think it's better to fight it out now than have the Kihedu and/or Beyene syndrome repeats in a critical time.

From Dallas

Anonymous said...

It is not about collective or individual leadership. what is going on behind is a different and dangerous plot organised by some individuals. If there was an honest feeling from those that are for the time being referred as " collective leadership group", why would any one of them failed to show up to wellcome their chairman at the airport? why would on earth Birtukan failed to answer a simple yes-or-No question when asked if the group would like to wellcome thier leader?
comeon guys, this is what has happend first and this shows that there is a plot behind. The old guy is honest and straight, he is not articulate like others, but he deserves much respect and wellcome as he is the one and only one who made kinjit such a strong party.

If it wasn't for his brave leadership, everyone of them including Dr Birhanu would have been sitting bynow in parlama next to Lidetu. He sacrificed his life, he left his medication behind and travelled from USA to ethio to save the group joining parlament. we should never forget things.

Those who call him dictator, shame on you. I do belive in collective decision but what is happening now is beyond that. It is all a cover up!!!

Tamagn, an artist, is getting more respect than this brave leader, what a shame!!! Hope they will come back to the right track soon with all of them together. I hate diaspora, apparently I am one of them, we all are good for nothing people. They all were good together back home. they came here and people divide them and they derailed.

Dr Taye,shaleka,endargachew,etc... I am sorry to say, all losers! who knows, we might see tomorrow Tamagn running for Kinjit leadership position. amazing.... and too sad......

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ethio-Zagol,

as indviduals it is our duty to fight against the rule of law. This priciple has to be used also for KINIJIT.

I feel sorry, when i see haow the daispora speaks for or against the delegation of the party memmbers. We have to speak as democrats and not only wish democrat leaders. we are the base for a democratic party.

I hope the leaders will overcome their problem.

Anonymous said...


I say this with the utmost charity... we don't pay you (so to speak!) to give us theory and slogans. Everyone knows that process and institutions are more important than individuals' whims. No need to repeat these basic principles ad nauseum. The question is: What is the exact nature of the conflict, such as it exists, within Kinijit? Was there a vote which some refuse to respect? What exactly was it? Are we stuck on procedural questions? Give us the facts, and then we can apply our ethics and principles. Don't worry, we capable of properly interpreting the facts once we have them!

Till then, let's refuse to operate within the realm of rumour.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that EZ. I concur fully!

"While democracy in the long run is the most stable form of government, in the short run, it is among the most fragile." -Madeleine Albright

Anonymous said...


Come to the point. What is the problem within and around Kinijit? all of ypu talk in secretive and vague way, what is going in Kinijit? who is doing who? and what? Come clean and say it openly the issues, and individuals damaging kinijit. Your Democracy blabla is meaningless. come clean and say it. No one dare to openly tell the tell so fare. That is not leadership at all.

Anonymous said...

tell it as it is, we are with you just because you have stood for democracy, justice (and also have been a top source of reliable news for almost all of us) though we don't even know who the hell you are.

Anonymous said...


I don't think Tamagn gets the attention in a poltical sense rather being a comedian or Azmari, what ever you call it. I don't panic on such envents.

Anonymous said...


You are our source information and allowed the blog to work as it supposed to. Thank you. I don't care who the hell you are

Anonymous said...

These days are so confusing what to write and talk, the humbleness and back door disagreements are surfacing now, so for us we know what the collective leadership is doing, and to tell what they say is being a partisan, so why don't the chairman show up on pro democratic media and tell us his disappointment. We still have a respect for him and I can ever never agree on the big lie of rumor on c'oup d'etat, Dr. Berhanu was 1st forwarded to lead the party during its merger and upon his first public appearance he corrected I am not the chairman, Eng. Hailu is the chairman.
For anon@6:57, Kibirt Wzt. BERTUKAN ANSWERED IT CORRECTLY I AM PROUD OF HER. Ende wetat poletikegna (even she is not by her nature a politician, but her heart forced her to die for Ethiopianism during this critical time) esasalatalehu. But she pinned it on the point. Its upto anyone to understand or not what she said but she told it diplomatically and correctly, Go and listen, there is no yes and no in politics but you tell what you think diplomatically. Virtually she referred, if he didn't communicate, they wouldn't go for his welcome, so whats not clear is vague for me. I am sure you all wolves who wished her to say NO, would love to replicate these two single words and make a big news out of it. She is yelij awaki, ermachihun awtu. Whats even the big deal if they didn't go to welcome him, they have been together the whole time. They have tried their best to convince him to lead the delegation but he declined (as he was telling at DC, he is ready to run faster and hence his sickness might be a simple excuse all the time - for me). All of a sudden he decided to follow them, wouldn't it be fair to communicate them his arrival to any one of the ad-hoc or his compatriots than people who wanted make him like a hostage? In my deep thought Gash Hailu is like a "king" and hope of the country for my heart, but only as far as he let my soul to respect him that way. We still want to live with his grace and courage for the party. I doubt whether that would take us long if he continues to show us his back.
We shall not really be in a hurry to be divisive but all the responsibility lies on him and on the delegates too. Had it been a matured democracy, Eng. Hailu would have been out by now, believe me but this is not the situation where we are in now. Considering the fragile situation of the party back at home, there is only one way for the leadership to exist as unison or open the play ground for the regime to kick the party out of the game as it was longed. Considering the infant maturity of the party and its democratic principles, the leadership on the visit shall think twice before a very quick decision, making every thing like a race won't benefit anyone. But more importantly, the chairman has to be accommodative than his surrounding feudal thinkers and other non-kinijit personalities.
EZ we all share your feeling, KINIJIT was not at all thought for not practicing internal democracy.

Anonymous said...

now KIL group is in the lead so Ethio-zagol is trying to act pro-unity UNDER KIL LEADERSHIP!!!



Anonymous said...

So what did really happen..??

Lets see the facts...

1. Kinijit leaders were released from Kality
2. The trip to North America and Europe was planned
3. Eng Hailu agreed to lead the delegation to USA
4. The mission of the delegation was set and it included "solving the issue with the money collected and hijacked by Shaleqa Yosef"
5. The news about the money was heard in USA and caused shock waves in Shaleqa's camp.
6. The Shaleqa group aided by EPRP started campaining to hijack Eng Hailu Shawel from the delegation.
7. Eng Hailu Shawel was succesfully blackmailed and hijacked and so he changed his mind about the trip to North America
8. The Kinijit Central Committee passed a resolution to go ahead with the planned trip to North America
9. The delegates except Eng Hailu Shawel chose to respect the Central Committee's resolution and came to North America
10. Hailu Shawel made several announcements that he will travel to Germany not to USA
11. Hailu Shawel suddenly changed his mind again and came to the USA
12. The rest of the delegation understandably were pissed off with his behaviour and chose not go to welcome him.

...That is what happend.

Kinijit belongs to the Ethiopian people not to individuals!

AleQa Bru

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow citizen,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your brief but very through analysis of the current "apparent problem" which has created very unpleasant atmosphere among all Ethiopians who dream a democratic Ethiopia. Moreover, the fuel which is added by extremists who are always playing against the will of people has created some kind of confusion. I am posting this message to encourage you disseminate this information for the needy. Because the number of people who have the access for the internet is very small. I think translating and disseminating this info with the traditional media like Radio (VOA,DW) might be a better option. Please keep your good work going

Thank you

Ewnetu Yineger (

Anonymous said...


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Ethiopia: Diaspora driven division of CUD party overwhelms Chairman

Published 09/17/2007 - 3:49 p.m. ESTRate This Article:

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Jimma Times staff

Chairman of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) opposition party, Eng Hailu Shawel, suddenly confronted the deep division between various CUD support groups that seem to also drive further divisions inside the party leadership from Ethiopia. Also called Kinijit, the CUD party has previously faced a major split as one of its founding sub-parties, UEDP-Medhin, broke away two years ago.

After the release of its leaders, the CUD was expected to carefully tackle the deep hostility between CUD support groups and chapters in the Diaspora before it addresses internal grievances between the remaining sub-parties. However, during an interview with the Ethiopiawinet Radio, Chairman Hailu Shawel described the rift inside the party’s leadership as well as the uncontrollable duplication of political chapters, each claiming to be the real representatives of CUD over others.

According to Hailu Shawel, Vice President Birtukan Medeksa denied his recommendations to initially solve the Diaspora divisions before addressing general problems of the party. Hailu said he asked Birtukan “why didn’t you give me response when I sent a program stating that our issue should be to reconcile the kinijit (CUD) support groups first and that we should assign Saturday and Sunday for this purpose?” with no response. Hailu continued that “She (Birtukan) even tried to say

she didn’t receive my message but I knew she received the message and the three people I forwarded it to can also be a witness to this.”

Regarding the much talked about CUD delegation meeting, Hailu said “whether it is the organizers of the meeting or its speakers, no one ever invited me to it.” Describing the works of Al Mariam, Tamange and Dr. Solomon, the Chairman of CUD said “These people have a problem. They don’t communicate with me.” He stated “there was nothing, no phone, no email, nothing. So their connection with me has stopped long time ago. They don’t have a mandate to control the delegation tours and activities around North America. The mandate covered only their organizational duties to set up receptions not to go around with the delegates everywhere and not to monopolize all the chapters.” Confirming the unwarranted-ness of wars between Diaspora groups, who often appoint themselves over others, Hailu shawel said “all chapters are independent.” However, during the interview, Hailu endorsed the Kinijit International Council (KIC) led by Dr. Taye, saying that the council is important to bring order and unity.

The now Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP) enjoys deep support from Ethiopians from Addis Ababa, the Amhara regional state and the Southern Nations, Nationalities’ & Peoples’ Regional State (SNNPRS). However, a large percentage of its parliamentary seats in the capital city are said to belong to the UEDP-Medhin splinter group.

A recent press release by the official CUD website,, warned Diaspora Ethiopians not to associate themselves with the meeting organized by the Berhanu Nega and Vice President Birtukan Medeksa CUD groups. The press release claimed that these CUD factions “used propaganda” and “exploited Hailu Shawel’s name to collect money” from CUD supporters attending the meeting rejected by Chairman Hailu Shawel. Recapping the internal tensions facing the CUD party Hailu Shawel said “when I was received yesterday in the airport, I felt that many people were worried. Many asked me if kinijit (CUD) is going to be fractured and destroyed. What I want to tell these people is that in Ethiopia, Kinijit (CUD) is not divided and will never be divided.”

Anonymous said...


Come on!!! Time is up my friend. You can not cheat us any more. No matter how wrote them or no matter what spoke them in front of ignorant audience, we know the words of the woyane infiltrator Andargachew's words very well.


Anonymous said...


I salute you my friend EZ!!
It is indeed about democratic principles and internal and external party democracy.
We will never accept a chairman with a status of a King. It seems Ato Hailu is trying to have the last word above "kinijit lay lay mekerbet decision". Where did he get this feudal sentiment ? from Haile sellassie or Mengistu; after all he was his minister.
Now, he has to resign immediately or the Lay lay Mekerbet must immediately remove him from his post.
Long live democracy !!
Long live ethiopia


Anonymous said...

Deliberative, deliberation and more deliberative. Did you just learn the word?

In stead of launching yourself into your own version of orwelian newspeak, why don't you tell us what you wanted to say in plain English, or Oromigna if you prefer?.

If you can't, I will say it for you. You are infavour of the mutiny, or if you will, the coup. You want Hailu shawl gone and replacedy by Birhanu Nega. Now, was that really hard to say?

Deliberation? what?... was that supposed to be a crank? Did anybody, or the book you just skimmed over, tell you about "discipline", at all?. I bet you just stopped at the first fancy word that caught your eyes.

So, was that why you called your interview with Prof. Gizachew Shiferaw "revealing" when he said "No one is indispensible"? What a bunch...? You didn't say it but he told you about the impending revolt, didn't he?

Look, I am not taking sides, but from the way this professor giving an interview to an anonymous blogger bashing his own party leader, I take hints.

Of course, it is a fait accompli. Hailu shawl is deposed. what is left is formal announcement.


Anonymous said...

On the huge D.C meeting no leaders of kinijit head on tackle outstanding problems killing the organizations. They talk the talk and collected some war chast money but said nothing to inform the people the open secret wars going on among the leadership. What ever it is problems could have been addressed and been told rather than kept secret. That shows lack of leadership and consiprcy as the main outlay of Erthiopian politics. If kinijit need leadership change and see Hailu is unfit, then the organization has every right to replace him. But to ignore it and pretend otherwise is no way to go. once more the people of ethiopia is let down by their selfish and rutless leaders. It does not matter one is Eprdf or kinijit they all come from the sam river. glory for ethiopia

Anonymous said...

well my comment about the recent fiasco is this. the kinijit leadership including hailu and the others should have sorted out the issues behind doors .trying to play it out for everyone else to see is a dangerous course and disgusts their supporters. if they are really smart that is what they should do.regarding the websites and some greedy and opportunistic diaspora politicians they are gonnabe more of a liability than being useful for kinijit. the medias and the feudalistic diaspora politicans SHOULD NOT be allowed to run the business of the party!!!!!the diaspora wanna be poiticians are toothless lions that can't do things on their own.they are trying to control kinijit with a remote control. the entire kinijit leadership should not succumb to this divisive elements.if they can't really do this their competence is really under question and kinijit as a party might not deserve the respect and trust of the people have put behind it. peace adios!!

Anonymous said...


Of all kinds of people I hate, it is hypocrites like you. After campaigning for months in a slick way to oust Hailu Shawel from the leadership of CUD, now you are trying to wash your hands and be like Pontius Pilate. I am sorry to say but you are both Judas and Pilate regarding this.

In amazement, we watched you for many months glorifying Berhane Mewa, Andargachew Tsgie and Berhanu Nega and not a word about Hailu Shawel.

And not even a word about Bertukan Mideksa whom you guys are using her now as a front -- only to sacrifice her later like a lamb. Vintage Meles.

Listen, I am not anybody's tifozo least of all Hailu Shawel's. As a matter of fact after I read Berhanu's book I was leaning my support toward him and Bertukan.

But after Berhanu's group insulted and disrespected Ato Hailu this past weekend, I was totally upset. I listened to his interview with a local radio and I was very sad when I heard about the mistreatment he received from his subordinates and from news websites like Ethiopian Review. But you were the slickest one.

I used to respect EZ because I thought that it played a fair game in journalism. I was wrong, and how! These days you cannot trust anyone.

Was it my eye or wasn't it so-called VOA journalists who had the front row seat at the Sunday's Kinijit meeting? That is another sad thing. VOA which used to be respected by millions of Ethiopians for its obejectivity and fair treatment of everyone, now seems to take sides like you. VOA had already shown its bias against Hailu Shawel and sided with the likes of Andargachew and Berhane Mewa group for months now.

As someone here has already suggested, the die is cast and what remains is only the formal handover of authority from Ato Hailu to Berhanu Nega. The job of undermining his autthority is already completed, courtesy of EZ and others.

But mark my word!! If you think that Ethiopians in the Diaspora will be united under this kind of Kinijit, forget it. It is not going to happen.

Is that what you wanted? The split of Kinijit?

Anonymous said...


You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news
from ER
Saving Hailu Shawel from the Shaleqa mafia

The effort to save Kinijit chairman Hailu Shawel from the Shaleqa mafia is intensifying, as some in the group started to get concerned about Ato Hailu's legacy and their own reputation. A group led by Ato Solomon Bekele and Dr Gashu Habte within the shaleqa circle have now locked horns with the Dr Taye side over Ato Hailu's role in the Kinijit delegation that is currently visiting the U.S. Dr Taye and his boss, the shaleqa, are hell-bent on preventing Ato Hailu from joining the delegation. Meanwhile, Ato Solomon is able to arrange a meeting between Ato Hailu and Kinijit North America officials led by Ato Aklog Lemeneh today. If Ato Solomon's and Ato Aklog's effort succeeds today, Ato Hailu will appear this weekend in Boston with the Kinijit delegates... - more details shortly

Anonymous said...

It is the advantage of every one in the Party to work this one out, before the deligates return home.

Anonymous said...


Thanks, I can't agree more. Well said my dear. I share your view 100%. To my Diaspora colleagues: Please hands off from policy making on behalf of Kinijit. Let Kinijit decides what is best for our people. Let them make peace with Woyanne if that is what it takes for the future of the county. Don’t make me wrong. I am one of those who say “no to Woyanne at all”, but let the Ethiopian people judge this leaders of Kinijit based on their performance. Let us give them room to breath. These days their room is narrower than the Kaliti cell. The solution should come from within Ethiopia, not from Diaspora. Our (Diaspora) role shouldn’t be in crafting policy, but only facilitating plain field for oppositions. Let our people back home judge them on the field we facilitated. After all, the rise of “berbere” price doesn’t affect me as the rise of gasoline in the USA affects me. The rise of the price of “ berbere” may add few $$ on which I send to my family back home, so let us give a room for our family to decide on their future fate.


Anonymous said...

It is unreasonable to say the majority of us are intellectually challenged?
Most of the CUD leadership that came oversees are bunch of power thirsty, comfort looking, short sighted individuals. It is one thing to oppose TPLF/EPRDF but it is another thing to idolize and blindly support an opposition. Why are all the top leadership came to US? and lower level leaders to South Africa? If these people were not selfish, they would divide the group appropriately (i.e The president somewhere, the vise-president to another place, and so on). However, they all seem to make the decision on their own. The other major issue is , why didn't these people (leadership) spend sometime with their constituency before they come here? Have they even held a meeting with the CUD members who were not imprisoned?
If we continue to do what we did, we will get what we got. There must be a change in our mentality if we want to go forward. Otherwise, I see a much worse future for us.
Very disturbing!!!

Anonymous said...

There problems should have been resolved back home, it should not have been brought to the Diaspora. The question of why it was done this way is quite interesting are some feeling that the Diaspora is more important than the people that voted them as leaders. Please do not give the excuse that they could not meet in Ethiopia. That is what the struggle is about and the comittement to fight tyranny to bring change.

EZ you talk about a council, we are all aware that the orginal council was not called or consulted and a new counsel defacto established of released Kaliti comrades. As much as I respect all who have suffered in Kaliti should not the correct procedures be adhered to. Why the double standard?

I feel Kinijit's problem started in Prison, and that and was spread into the Diaspora and at present infecting all of US this has to stop. If our "YOUNG" leaders want to take over it would be prudent of them to wait till the organization had gotten it's full status reinstated or finalized or is this a pay back to Meles for their so called freedom. We may be naive but not stupid.

I had never wanted to take side in the Diaspora's fall out but I can see beyond the shroud of secreacy and conspiracy and it does not look good. Sorry I disagree with your one sided opinion. Of course you have a right to support your young friends. But that is not the answer or solution to Ethiopia's difficulty. As you tried to say it is not about Berhanu Nega also, he has a long way to walk and prove himself, his past was not rosie as you his friends would like us to believe. Show me your friends and I can tell who you are. He has not been in the political arena long enough to show us who he is and what he is made off. So it would be prudent of him not to think so high of himself before proving what he is capable and willing to deliver. We know talk is cheap and Melese has proven that a fast mouth is nothing it is integrity and courage that make a leader and he has not yet proven himself.

Anonymous said...

Some claim that Ato (or whatever title they may give them) is the "peoples' choice". Do they really know how that person was assigned to that position? When was he on the ballot for presidency? Please somebody wake them up or tell them how the system works. This ain't some kind of association where one puts as the peoples' choice via manipulation and correspondence with sister organizations. Enough said?

Anonymous said...

From EPRDF insider:

"The demise of the CUD coalition is not imminent but fait- accompli. The split is not about to happen but it already has occured. Hailu Shawel is not about to confront the Berhanu faction, he already has confronted that group. The group asked him to step down from his Chairman postion and he refused. Everything we are seeing is not something that is developing but something that already has happened.

No amount of public debate in Washington Radio Stations, Convention Centers, Hotel Conference rooms or even Churches will shape the outcome of the current fight. The fight has already taken place. The consequences already felt and the split has been solidified. What we are witnessing now is the outcome of the differences between these parties which have already gone its full life cycle. What we are not witnessing now because we are focusing on past events is what is currently happening within the Berhanu Nega/ Birtukwan Mideksa & Hailu Araya circle. Although their is not a sniff of it in the air, you will see this unnatural Union disintegrate because of serious political differences and ambitions. Time will prove this statement true.

In the mean time don't waste your time watching this current civil war develop anticipating a unified CUD. The reality is the Civil War has ended and the CUD has split into at least two factions. The CUD politicians today are not trying to reconcile but trying to gain the support of the Diaspora for their respective factions. CUD is Dead."

Anonymous said...

EZ you can say whatever you like the fact remains HAILU SHAWEL IS THE CHAIRMAN OF THE PARTY, HENCE THE PEOPERLY ELECTED ETHIOPIAN LEADER. Just because you are trying to flatter us with nonsense doesn't mean we give that very fact. He is our leader and he has the vested interest of Ethiopia and the people all around Ethiopia except Tigrai have given him their voice so he can represent our interest. According to the KINJIT PARTY rule (constitution), the chairman has indespensable power to hire and fire anyone member of the KINJIT PARTY members. If the current WOYANNIE infected spies do not like this rule (constitution) then they can go back and gather all the 60 members and have the party constitution change so that their concern can be included by amending the party constitution.

Whatever you say in the name of KINJIT will have you appear before the court during our purging session. You better shut up and let the WOYANNIE INFACTED members of KINJIT heal their infection. They too do not have the right to mention KINJIT as they do not have enough voice to create 15 person power to disqaulify 45 people's opinion and consent.

Any one mentioning KINJIT is mentioning HAILU SHAWEL, because KINJIT = HAILU SHAWEL. because without a leader the party does not exist, and the leader for now is HAILU SHAWEL. Like it or not that is the fact.


Anonymous said...

The problem is not only power competition!! There is a also a profound difference in their political views but the rhetoric of deliberative democracy is a covering phrase!!

Dr. Birhanu’s speech ( in audio n° 6) clearly shows that:

-He is for AFD
-He is ok to work with anti-unity elements as far as they believe in democracy
-He is for ethnic self determination including secession if that is carried out in a democratic way
-He advocates that unity is not worth to fight, it is not an idea to draw us together! What is important is to have a democratic government in a virtual country! He accepts any group capable of destroying the country if it is elected by the people! [don't forget that Hitler was elected by the people]

If his aspiration was to have democracy and freedom in a virtual country, why they created the coalition (Kinijit) only with those parties struggling for Ethiopian Unity??? Were not there ethnic based parties & liberation fronts who struggle to have democracy and freedom so that they can secede from Ethiopia by a referendum like Eritrea????

He said that once a democratic “virtual country” is formed, we (parties and the people) should accept the people’s decision. It is curious but the position of Dr. Birhanu is close to TPLF than the other parties united under the kinijit banner! The only difference between Dr. Birhanu’s and TPLF’s view is that TPLF is not democratic so that it blocked the referendum it accorded for Eritrean independence for others (Ogaden, Oromia, Sidama etc)! This view is shared by ONLF and OLF too.

According to the logic forwarded by Dr. Brihanu, it should be acceptable for Ethiopians if TPLF organise a referendum for Ogaden, Oromia, Sidama etc today. This is because referendum is part of a democratic governance and the goal is to reach there (but not necessarily a united Ethiopia). In fact, the liberal ideology orthodoxy will oblige to accept it !!! In the 60’s student movement, ethnic politics was advocated to its extreme form (upto secession) by Walellign et al just for a communist ideology orthodoxy! Today, some advocates of liberal democracy are doing the same error which can be more disastrous!!

Anonymous said...

anonymous @10:49 AM (AKA ER/Elias)

You are a snake and deplorable individual. Sometimes I feel having you in this democratic struggle is such a huge liability. You are for sure unstable and deranged. The democratic struggle that Ethiopians conduct is better of NOT having individuals like you in our midst. You thrive on controversy and conspiracy.

You are a coward too. Did anyone notice, in ER comment entry that you cannot submit an opposing view? You cry about democracy, and yet you censor comments you don't like. The delay after one clicks the Submit button is conveniently designed to censor. You think posting and reading your own comments 100 times makes your points valid? You are a fool who thinks like a dork. The readers are more sophisticated to know who is who.

You may think you are doing a great job by running around websites and posting all these emotional shallow articles, but The bottom line is low lifes like you are insignificant

Anonymous said...

Hallo anonymous from 1:10 PM,

if OLF and ONLF and the likes stop their teror act against the civilians, and take the responsibility for the massacre they commited, they have the right to particpiate as a party. It is up to the ethiopian ppl. to dicide for/or against unity.
That is what Dr. Berhanu said.
It is in our hand to the best for our country !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 1:22 PM,

Just watch his contradictory view in this vedio (after 8:45 min)

Anonymous said...

Look below what Aiga forum wrote. I think Mr. Hailu is making big mistake by delineating himself from the other group and the final result is going to be a suicide for Kinijit, an organization of the people but stuck with hundered and one problem that should be resolved in no time. I strongly suggest the North America group to include Hailu or at least share information with him and focus on resolving problems before any thing.

I am very much disappointed and feeling hopeless as things start to unfold in relation to the crisis within Kinijit. Many who make money and live comfortably by forging division should well know Ethiopians, even the blind Diaspora are not going to continue to throw their hard earned money. But I very much regret for those who gave their life for this party and its principles. But Glad they are not alive like me to witness its disintegration. There are chances to save this party if Hailu starts to think and behave a little bit from his part and the Birtukan group also be patient and accommodating especially given that Hailu is sick. Now is the time for the party leaders to demonstrate their mighty competence. Gash Bedru, you also need to behave and I am confident if your party continue to exist, you will definitely take one of the top positions eventually but be patient and do not work against your party.

God save Kinijit, thus the hope of the most suffered people on the PLANET EARTH!!

Aiga forum:
"The extreme Diaspora was adept in making a name for itself out of imprisoned people but it has to give it up for the new hustlers – political ARADA – NON FARA, from Addis who showed how to hassle with a walking and breathing colleague. They held the public meeting today acted like Heroes and passed each other a deligue of praise and ---raised some money. while Hailu "The buldozer" Shawil was shut out and forced to air His grievance on Mirchaw’s Radio betrayed by a person who coined the phrase – “kinijit Menfes new” – what a fitting irony, and on the reception organizing committe, Al Mariam who returned to California and Tamagn who ventured to Europe but managed to show up to a fundrasing on todays meeting.
Shawil endorsed KIC and warned the coup plotters they won't succeed. The gloves are out the mud sling has started. This day goes to the ARADA..tomorrow is another day."

Anonymous said...


You are analysis is garbage.

We heard the truth directly from the CUD leaders. They behaved like children and they are not wise at all.

The only person who acted properly is Eng. Hailu Shawel.

What is more shameful is that the Nega group brought their ugly loundry at Washington DC and perform it with the guidance of Elias Kiflie.

Some excerpts of the Coup De Ta speech:

-"We have only leaders but not a leader". Eng. Giazachew Shif. - a new pholosphy to let the Arat Kilo palace be occupied by 30 Cabinet Minsters.

-"We don't need to be extermists". By Berhanu Nega. A phrase borrowed from Meles Zenawi - to lable Hailu Shawel as a terriorist.

-"Collective leadership but not dictatorship" By Birtukan Med. An attempt to replace one leader by five delegates. etc.

The five star fools not only embarassed their supporters but also themselves.

The target was Hailu Shawel but mistakenly they shoot at themselves.

Case closed. Either Hailu fix the CUD or it is dead. What do you expect when Andy and Elias are in charge?

EZ, don't waste your time to sell Nega and Andy - since they fire themselves from the CUD nobody want them.

Anonymous said...

Eng. Hailu Shawel, Collective Leadership, Washington DC. Turmoil at the CUD.

Taken from

The embattled president of the CUD, Eng. Hailu Shawel, finally arrived in Washington DC, Saturday Sept. 15th at Reagan International Airport. On a wheel chair – he tried to calm down the situation by making a statesman remarks: “CALL THE TALK OF DIVISION AS WERIE”. The restless crowd was overjoyed to see him – some carrying a placard of his photo, others singing and some crying.

“I saw him coming out OH MY he is on a wheel chair” said a middle-aged woman, but then she couldn’t control herself - overcome by emotion she breaks down.

The five star delegates whom he was suppose to lead and the Ad Hoc committee that was responsible to organize the reception was visibly absent. The fearless, straight talker and charismatic leader seems lost control of his troops and the party. The CUD leaders are in disarray giving unnecessary interviews where ever and when ever they want with out any consequences. It seems no one is controlling them. As they said it they lead themselves collectively. In the multi party system of Western Democracy, unless the leader step in and enforce the rule, party members sometimes behave worst than six graders and that is what happened to the CUD.

Yes indeed, you feel sad for this great man, who spent much of the early 2000 traveling across the country at the back of a horse, on foot and by a rusted Land Rover to teach the helpless victim of oppression about their human right. He paid dearly for standing up for the poor people of Ethiopia and their vote to be respected on the May 2005 election. It is a blessing to have a handshake with him.

Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw and the vice president Birtukan Midkisa seems the worst offender of party discipline - her interview on the VOA September 14th & the secretly recorded teleconference with Elias Kiflie and friends posted on is a case in point. Medikisa who was appointed the vice president of the CUD at age 31 obviously needs a great deal of experience and the CUD is not a good place to learn on the job. To be specific she has only a 2.6 years experience in politics and this crisis is her first test on the job and to me she failed miserably. The young lady is playing in the hands of experienced and masterful intriguers. For example in the secretly recorded teleconference, Elials Kiflie, the editor of Ethiopian Review made a lengthy speech against Hailu Shawel. At one point, uninterrupted, he said “Ato Hailu is going in a wrong way —no doubt he is at fault —-and for all the sacrifices he made at least one of you from the delegates must be present at the Airport to receive him.” He said this at the presence of Birtukan Midkisa in the teleconference and she didn’t raise her voice to defend the President whom she was suppose to support in case of something like this. Uncharcterstically to a person in a Vice President position she closes the teleconference by saying: “we are starting to investigate the financial status of the Kinijit Support group by talking to the Auditor”. Any layman will tell you, if you want to resolve the problem of the Diaspora conflict that is not the place where to start. Instead talking to the Shaleqa Yoseph group and the two CUD envoys should come first. This shows how the Diaspora activists are basically in charge of the crisis.

For us outsiders - it is mind-boggling. The division of the CUD leaders is not a policy matter related to the vital interest of Ethiopia, It is not about sovereignty, it is not about land privatization, it is not about how to deal with the incumbent government and party registration - it is rather about the ugly and silly division of Diaspora Support Groups.

Right after their release from the notorious Kaliti prison - Some of the good Ethiopians have warned the CUD leaders to look at the Diaspora case differently and slowly. Some have even went the extra length of explaining what the role of the Diaspora community will be in helping the CUD. While the good Ethiopians were lending their advise, the Diaspora group lead by Ato Andargachiew Tsigie, Ato Berhane Mewa and Dr. Moges G/M in collusion with amateur journalists and internet news operators like Elias Kiflie of ER, Dawit Kebede of EMF, and Abebe Belew of Addis Voice have been engaged in a most divisive and dangerous campaign. What is surprising is that the CUD leaders fall for that. Our perceived wise leaders are not wise at all.

To have a balanced view of the situation I urge readers to listen to Eng. Hailu Shawl’s September 16th interview posted on Having a different point of view is the backbone of democracy and helps to build a strong party but the CUD leaders handled it catastrophically by alienating (instead of engaging) the party leader. I am afraid this will severely damage if not destroy the CUD party that so many have died. The first mistake was to consider the Diaspora Squabble as a major issue for the party and start dividing based on it as a subject. They could have taken care of business at home first - before they hastily travel abroad. The CUD is not a registered party in Ethiopia.

The rift between the leaders is enormous. As witnessed by the thunderous speech of Dr. Berhanu Nega and his colleagues at the Washington DC town hall meeting of Sept. 16th, with out his deep knowledge of the group who is against him in the party, the leader Eng. Hailu Shawel seems the target of the five star delegates. One by one they made a speech by selectively using words such as “dictatorship”, “Extremists”,” structural democracy” but they never said who is the dictator and for what reason he was labeled as such. For those who are interested, the usually tight VOA Amharic program has an extensive coverage of the town hall meeting in its Sept. 17th edition.

Collective leadership is the new terminology. It is the favorite word of Ato Andargachiew Tsigie the former member of Kinijit International in the Diaspora. But no one articulated it other than Eng. Gizachew shifraw, a high ranking CUD official and member of the five star delegates - he said, “there are only leaders but not a leader“. An early attempt to effectively terminate the role of Eng. Hailu Shawel, the President of the CUD. Perhaps if the CUD party has formed a government based on the result of the 2005 election then we would have had about a dozen of cabinet ministers sharing and acting with Eng. Hailu Shawel as a prime Minster of the country. This is something unheard of even in the old communist countries of Easter Europe. The Five star delegates have a lot of explaining to do about this new terminology called “Collective Leadership”.

What a tragedy! Of all the places - Washington DC with the largest Ethiopian Community in North America - is a hot spot for Ethiopians. Leave alone politics - the social life is unbearable in that city. WERIE travels like a wild fire and the back biting and bickering is evidently reflected at churches and in every community level. But unfortunately the five star delegates choose the US Capital to be their new frontier against one of their own.

We have warned all along for the CUD leaders that to take extra precaution in dealing with the Diaspora crisis. As we have said, once their feet are dragged into it then there is no way out. It will suck the hell out of them. The flame that was put on by Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw is now engulfing everybody including the much respected and hope of a future Ethiopia Dr. Berhanu Nega. Nega is in flame and so is the CUD. The fire can only be extinguished by Hailu Shawel’s extended hand.

Who said politics is boring? After the May 2005 election Lidetu Ayalew and Elias Kiflie of Ethiopian Review teamed up against Dr. Berhanu Nega during what was known as “the Lidetu Crisis”. Now it looks like it is Berhanu Nega’s turn to team up with Elias Kiflie against Hailu Shawel in the current CUD crisis. Very interesting indeed!

This is not the end of the world, instead it is another learning experience and obstacle in the long journey of struggle for freedom and democracy.

The Crisis can be considered the best millennium present from the CUD to Melese Zenawi. By design or coincidence, the only person that will come out as a winner of this crisis is Ato Melese Zenawi , the Prime Minster of Ethiopia. Dressed in white, jiggling on the dancing floor from one end to another, Zenawi had a splendid millennium party in Ethiopia. In his own way he answered the favor by recognizing the 3000 years existence of Ethiopia as a nation.

Like millions in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora, I was carried away by high expectation of the CUD party and its leaders. I was excited to see my country and its poor inhabitants to finally get what they deserve: freedom and democracy. I was naively lead to believe a bright and dedicated group of people has finally emerged to help the helpless and the extremely impoverished people of Ethiopia. I was wrong. I think that may not happen in my lifetime. I am devastated.

I will take this opportunity to urge the KNA to allocate all the funds collected in the Diaspora in the name of Kinijit to the family of the 193 people died after the post election massacre. They have lost their loved ones and they will never see them again - as for Ethiopia it may have to wait for another bright generation to finish the job that so many have perished.

Ethiopia will prevail.


Anonymous said...

Oh, My God! All that are posted here are so biased to one or another group! All are bickering! One can't read more than a sentence and all the hate spiffs out! What a useless people, what a helpless country! What about Ethiopia! Where is the trumpet of unity! and democracy! and coalition! and all those bravadoes of promises! The present leaders of the old order and half blends of the authocratic politics have no hope for the country! Have no vision beyond their temporal gains! Lord help Ethiopia! History be the judge! Probably, the hopes of Ethiopia are not yet born! Let our children see that time and let it be that they will noty languish in despair, as we do now!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Most of you amaze me as all you are looking to do is wallow in your own defecation. You write passage after passage of nothing but the obvious or your own bigotry
Let the leaders handle their issues your opinions are just that opinions. Most of you are just a bunch of weregnas. This is the only place you think you can affect some kind of POLICY. go back to your shai and buna bet talk
Thank goodness our country was run by Korat people not YENTERS like most of you


Anonymous said...

“I will be the first one to stand up and be counted in the fight to protect the Kinijit ideal of democracy from the recent assault.” EZ

X=Kinijit (individual or collective leadership). It is Kinijit vs. Kinijit, I think the recent assault you refer to depends on what some understand it to be Individual power vs Collective leadership.
Beside ideological differences (liberal democracy vs Social democracy), Chairman vs collective executive delegates to the US, KIC vs KIL in the diaspora, AEUP vs Kestedemna etc., THE ASSAULT DEPENDS WHICH SIDE YOU STAND WITH.

“(My respect for all of the leaders who suffered in the EPRDF dungeon is boundless. I have worked day and night for their release.
“But my bonds are principles, not individuals.” EZ

It is a very powerful statement and I believe it should be that way. The difficulty for some people is the fine line between betrayal of principle and many other factors that draws them to individuals. Some times to consciously differentiate ,have the courage and the integrity is not every body’s consistent strength intentionally or otherwise.

In the recent future, could you be more clear about the PRINCIPLES you mentioned.
The recent turning point of what could have been, was your interview with Kinijit’s organizational executive and PR, Ato Gizachew Shiferaw. He is currently a member of “the collective leadership gelegation”. From his very title and some of the contents of that interview, I would have expected at least Ato Gizachew to be in a position to represent the delegation in welcoming the chairman at the airport. Do individuals lose their assigned responsibility, voice and right in collective leadership?. including even the PR? At least for political diplomacy?.
Can you please write some thing about collective leadership in the future?. Some of us are some what lost.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ! You have said it all and there isn’t much to add.
All Ethiopians, both in the Diaspora and at home, revere and respect Eng. Eng. Hailu Shawl for his dedication, sacrifice and all he has done over the years for the organization while it was still in obscurity. He single handedly introduced the entire rural population to the concept of democracy by using his own financial resources and we all are grateful for that. We also remember the strong will and determination shown by the CUDP chairman in the fall of 2005. He willingly cancelled a very critical medical treatment, knowing full well that he will be jailed if he returns to Ethiopia which could cause irreparable damage to his health. Now that is sacrifice!

Now that said, once again Hailu Shawl needs to show courage and determination so that he is not held hostage by people of dubious reputation whose only intention is to create smoke and mirror around this delegation so that; they won’t be held accountable for the embezzled hundreds of thousands if not millions. He should break away from these mafia and join his colleagues and lead the delegation and start the healing process both here and at home. He has to distance himself from KIC and retarded Shaleqa clique and join his comrades.

The KIC & KIL crowd needs to understand that they are defunct and no one wants to have anything to do with their divisive politics. The so called Ethiopiawinet radio linchpin, a one time Dergue cadre, needs to understand that these are different times and the Dergue era is over and there is no hope in hell of resurrecting it. There are those misguided souls that are openly suggesting that the word of Eng. Hailu should be the law of Kinijit and I don’t think Ethiopians are willing to give that kind of power to anyone single person since that will eventually lead to a one man dictatorship and tyranny.

I also agree with many of the suggestions above, that the CUDP delegates should refrain from giving interviews and views to any microphone shoved into their face. They need to get their acts together and give a consistent message across all platforms and they need a single spokesperson to coordinate all this. I wish the Prof. Al Group had enough financial resources to hire a PR professional to handle all that since it is obvious the delegation sorely needs it.

Anonymous said...

Your comment about the current kinjit situation is very touchy. It is thoughtful and well analyzed statement.I really admire your positive and constructive critics to the well being of kinijit. I hope your message will be fruitful!!
I was a little worried at the begining but I did not think this will lead to a split of kinijit. I am still hoping the chairman will come to their sense and join the rest of the deligation!
Thanky you EZ and God be with you!!

Anonymous said...

EZ cut the crab, please don’t lecture as about democracy and Ethiopian unity.

Why CUD seems incapable of handling differences within its party rank?

It is up to CUD to mend its fence and restore its unity. Otherwise, as the book said, it would be no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trodden under foot by man.


Anonymous said...

kinijit is one so stop wasting time writing about kinijit divisions kinijit is not divided halu shawel will soon realise Shaleka and taye are gay couples who are there to loot money and like usual he will make his movie!! but untill then the leaders are doing there thing not hating but showing in practice how it is done the easy way!!! So called EPRP politician can talk but you are dead before u are alive!!! so RIP and don't comeback kinijit is alive and it is kicking it with much love and strong support group everywhere kinijit is one collective leadership is the way for the democratization of ethiopia!!!

Anonymous said...

Ethiopian Review Editorial
Sep 21, 2005

A statement has been posted in the name of CUD on Kestedemena Party’s web site that contradicts Ato Hailu Shawel’s announcement that CUD will not enter parliament. The statement does not bear CUD’s official stamp, and we have confirmed that the CUD council did not authorize the statement posted on Kestedemena’s web site against its chairman.

The Kestedemena Party chairman, Dr Berhanu Nega, who is the campaign manager for CUD, also held a press conference today (Sep 21) and told reporters that Ato Hailu’s statement doesn’t represent CUD. Dr Berhanu doesn’t have the authority to contradict the chairman of CUD. By coming out against Ato Hailu, not only he is violating party discipline, he is also creating confusion and frustration among the CUD supporters, and the public at large.

Of course, this is not the first time that Dr Berhanu tried to contradict the CUD chairman and assuming the role of CUD leader. Since May 15, he has been trying to silence the chairman who has been championing the cause of the vast majority of Ethiopians for past several years. It is absurd why an election campaign manager is given a free hand to destroy the image of the coalition and its chairman. Dr Berhanu, who has appeard in the opposition camp just a few months before the election, has been the source of confusion and division in the CUD. Once again, Ethiopian Review urges the CUD leadership to take a corrective action as soon as possible in order to preserve its creditability.

The people of Ethiopia are with Ato Hailu Shawel. If Dr Berhanu wants to work with the murderous regime of Meles Zenawi, that is his right. But he must not be allowed to use CUD as a cover to advance his own agenda.

The people of Ethiopia have spoken clearly–they don’t want to be governed by the Meles regime for five more years. Berhanu Nega must respect the people’s desire to be liberated from dictatorship now, not five years from now.

Anonymous said...

The person that made a comment at 7:32 pm used a name possibly to defame someone's name. Readers please understand that.

EZ, could you please remove entries that purposely make offensive comments and sign with a known name in the hopes that readers will think of that person negatively.


Anonymous said...


Dr. Berhanu's recent Speech is interesting, specially in its perspectives and many aspects too.....if only the breach, which is brewing under the skin of the "boiling blood"....of some Ethiopians, could be avoided!!!

Any additional fuel this unfortunate plight is I think unnecessary...(There are enough aliens who would take care of such stuffs). Let us all make a pause and give them time to resolve it on their own...
The whole circumstance is in one aspect a legacy problem, on the other it is only indicating that the Ethiopian polity has a lot to do towards maturity...

During the pause, I would rather recommend to all of us to get in touch with some centuries old essentials like that of E.H. Griggs "The New Humanism".
Otherwise, the New Ethiopian Spirit, which came to life with so much effort and sacrifice, would lose its way again. The New Millenium is only a BIG DAY; we can't afford to waste any more time on trivials.

Griggs' essentials, which survived our bitter century of wars and revolutions, are....Beautiful words building musical
notions, living under the surface of any contemporary cultured community... Let us please join this community.....

An Observer.

Anonymous said...

"The person that made a comment at 7:32 pm used a name possibly to defame someone's name. Readers please understand that.

EZ, could you please remove entries that purposely make offensive comments and sign with a known name in the hopes that readers will think of that person negatively"

you are funny, there are millions of yenenh in this world. Is this your first time to use internet?
Yeneneh(again) lol

Anonymous said...

BB group talk about :
- structural/liberal democracy-collective leadership
- Dictatorship
- extremists

TPLF talk about:
- revolutionary democracy – centralized leadership
- Dictatorship
- extremists
- Neftegna (Amhara chauvinists)

Hope BB group will add in its list the last remaining Neftegna (Amhara chauvinism) so that it matches TPLF soon!!!

Anonymous said...

EZ & ER are two WEYANE-INFECTED website financed and paid for by TPLF-CIA (Tigraian-People-Liberation-Front-Central-Intelligence-Agency). We know that and we will work hard to dry the funds coming out of this group.

Berhanu Nega (childish TPLF-Virus-Infacted with attention deficiet problem)
Bertukan Medkisa (incompetent and confused, a female pushed up the ladder to show diversity)
Gizachew Shiferaw (a no body, trying to be a somebody because this is the best opportunity to grab a position for future power base)
Hailu Araya (a scavenger waiting to get a peice of the pie)
Aigaforum, EZ & ER (bad news broadcasters using the term Democracy as a cover)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Berhanu preaches democracy while he himself doesno't know it. Funny enough he failed to wel-come Kinijit leader Hailu Shewal. The bad things is also still the 1960's generation like EPRP is not stopping from destroying Ethiopia. They swear in democracy without knowing it!

Anonymous said...

What hurts us more than TPLF the new Berhanu's preach of democracy and love of people while he do not do it by himself. What a bogus idea it is!

Anonymous said...

As the cloud get clear this is

Is it a chance or is it a dirty deal with the DEVIL

The leader of TPLF wyoyane coming to the US while Ledetu,Merrara Gudina,Beyene Petros and Berhanu Nega lead delegate are in the US smells Bad.

The Great grand generation of Yohanes Melese/TPLF after putting Ethiopia back to precolonial state and dividing and posioning peace loving and tolerant people Ethiopia is here in new york.

Is this a pre planed TPLF Memagles deal with Brehanu Nega cupe detant to prolonge Ethiopian misfortune by prolonging the life of a killer who is going to be tried at human right tribunal for civilina massacure .

Rememmber the whole TPLF structure is resposivel for selling the country territory,masaccre of inocent civilinan ,detention and disapperance of milllions.

We will wait and see

10:30 AM

Government security operatives warned the owner of Lucy Printing Press here in Addis Ababa not to publish a book written CUD council member Tamrat Tarekegn. Tamrat was released from Kaliti prison not long ago.

Meanwhile, book vendors in Addis Ababa are now banned from selling Brehanu Nega's book. Yenetsanet Goh Siked was republished after Brehanu's release from prison.
posted by ethio-Zagol at 9:52 AM on Sep 19, 2007

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